Brief thoughts about Free Energy

Free energy technology is meant to free people, not enslave them

It is true that part of bringing in the Age of Higher Awareness is to bring forth new technology, new knowledge, new economic philosophies and systems, new political philosophies, new spiritual and religious philosophies. Yet, while these are necessary and are indeed the Omega aspect of bringing in a golden age, no amount of technology, knowledge, political reform or social programs or religious programs can ever bring in the Age of Higher Awareness.

For the Age of Higher Awareness is not a mechanical age and cannot be brought in through mechanical means. It is an age of higher awareness. Higher awareness has no desire to see the flame of freedom be perverted through the very technology that was brought forth in order to give people freedom to pursue their growth in awareness—instead of spending their time and energy on eking out a living from the dry soil.

Thus, the release of new technology will be measured very closely to the increase of awareness among the more aware people on this planet. The technology that can revolutionize energy production and thereby every aspect of industry and life on this planet, is ready to be released. But that technology will not be released until a critical mass of people have manifested a critical degree of discernment, so that they can hold the balance that can prevent that this new powerful technology will be misused for war and control, as we have seen every other technology released to humankind be misused by the power elite.

When you look at technology, you see how it is being used over and over again for the purposes of control, for the purposes of suppressing the people and concentrating power, wealth – even freedom – in the hands of the elite. This cannot continue, and thus it has been determined by higher awareness that if, indeed, it is necessary that the world will go through a major energy crises or a major war over oil, then this must be allowed to happen so that the people can be awakened to the dangers and the limitations of technology without higher vision.

Yet, higher awareness would much prefer to see a scenario where those who are the most aware people will make that last effort to heal your psychology, to expose your ego and to manifest and express your higher awareness, whereby you can hold that balance, so that before a major energy crises – leading to a third world war – will occur, higher awareness can release the technology that will make oil obsolete in a matter of a couple of decades.

Freedom has many facets, and certainly one aspect of freedom is to have unlimited, free energy available for the development of every aspect of human society. Just imagine that on a remote island in the middle of this huge lake you could have a form of technology that produces electricity without burning fossil fuel. Thus, even on a remote island, you could build a thriving city, even a thriving spiritual retreat, for you would have independence from any monopolies of energy.

It will indeed be an essential part of the Age of Higher Awareness that there can have golden age societies in locations where it is not now feasible for them to survive. Thereby, the more aware people can withdraw themselves from the hustle and bustle of civilization and build retreat centers that can hold the balance and allow people to escape from the cities, renew themselves, raise their consciousness, and then go back into the cities to administer to those who are not yet awakened.


Free energy and the desire to serve life

How could free energy ever become a physical reality if it was monopolized by some multinational corporation that wants to use it to control the world and blackmail all nations of the world? How could this ever be free energy? Free energy cannot be monopolized, cannot be forced. What would it take for people to be able to receive the knowledge of how to use this unlimited energy? It would take that they step up to the attitude of simply wanting to serve life. They are not doing it for personal gain, for personal recognition. They are not doing it for fame or fortune, for the Nobel Prize or whatever. They are doing it because they desire to serve life. 

So many people in the world are scientists, inventors, visionaries. They are to some degree open to new ideas, new ways of looking at things, but they still have a motivation that is ego-based. They have some motivation of gaining for themselves, or even gaining for their nation or proving a certain ideology or certain thought system. This is not going to allow them to receive these new ideas and this new technology. It takes this completely selfless service where you are not motivated by any earthly desires. You actually realize that you can have your reward on earth if you want or you can have your reward in a higher realm. 

The reward you can have on earth will always be limited, but the reward you have in a higher realm is much greater. You can come to the point where you say: “I am going to focus the rest of my time in embodiment on serving life, and I will have my reward after this life.” That is the attitude that is truly selfless service. You can have it only when you are at peace with yourself because you realize there is nothing on earth that is ultimately important to you. There is something you want much more. You want to rise higher in awareness, but you also want to fulfill your Life plan while you are in embodiment and make the most of the incredible opportunity that it is to be in embodiment.

Moving away from force-based technology

In the Age of Higher Awareness you will see the emergence of a new form of technology, based on a new state of consciousness that is not forced-based. Look at so much of the technology you have in the world today, especially in the field of energy. Look at how it is force-based. Take oil; how was oil created? Organic life gathered, died and was put under pressure until it became a liquid, black substance. How is oil extracted? By force, by drilling into the earth. How is it refined; again by force. How is it used to power your cars? In an internal combustion engine, where the force of an explosion forces the pistons to move. Force, force, force—everywhere force.

Contrast this with the statement made by Jesus at the beginning of the previous age, “Fear not little flock, for it is your father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” This is the antithesis of force-based technology and a force-based economy and a force-based world. Certainly, there is a potential that humankind will one day reach a level of collective consciousness, where they do not even need technology but can manifest their needs directly through the powers of the mind. Yet that stage is some ways off. It would be a potential towards the end of the Age of Higher Awareness, if the age unfolds to its highest potential. But until then, there will be a need for technology—a new form of technology, however that is not based on force but is based on a higher understanding of nature, of the material universe and of the higher laws behind it. So that people can work with life, with higher awareness, with nature—and therefore develop technology that will truly allow you to produce energy without burning any fuel whatsoever.

This is a real possibility in the not-too-distant future, but it will require a major shift. First of all, it will require humankind to begin to question the power elite consciousness. For higher awareness cannot release technology that, at the current level of consciousness, would instantly be monopolized or suppressed by the power elite. Higher awareness cannot release this technology until it can be sure that it will benefit all people equally, and will not be used—not only for profit but even for political control purposes by the power elite.

You may think that they are already certain forms of technology in existence that have been suppressed by the elite—no denying that. But there is technology in higher awareness that is far more advanced than anything that is even dreamt of, save by a very few individuals who have attuned their consciousness to the potential for the Age of Higher Awareness. And that technology will enable you to produce unlimited amounts of energy without having a centralized production facility or even requiring a centralized distribution network. And therefore, it cannot be monopolized by any corporation or any country.

It is truly liberating technology, for the reason why humankind has been limited to force-based technology is that humankind has been under the power elite consciousness. The consciousness of the manipulators, of course, cannot conceive of a non-force-based technology. But even if they could, they would not want it, for force-based technology is precisely what allows them to monopolize technology. For those who can conquer the force, or the right to use force, can also gain a monopoly.

No ordinary family can build a nuclear power plant in their backyard. And this is another example of the complexity of force-based technology that requires such huge and complicated plants that they can only be built by governments or huge corporations—and therefore, by their very nature, are open to being controlled by the power elite. The higher technology is so simple that it can be built by anyone and that you can have a generating plant, a small plant, right in your own home that can meet all of your energy needs, without requiring you to ever pay the oil companies, or the electric companies, or the gas companies ever again. This is the kind of technology higher awareness desires to release. It is in existence in the higher realms, but until the consciousness shifts, it will not be released.