Brief thoughts about Creativity

A huge leap from present conditions to the Age of Higher Awareness

What needs to happen on earth in order to bring in the Age of Higher Awareness is such a huge leap between where the planet is today and where the reality of the golden age is at, that most people could scarcely fathom it in their present state of consciousness. Yet you still have the potential to quickly come up higher, so that you can begin to fathom the vision for this planet and for this continent of Europe.

If you are willing to transcend yourselves, higher awareness can begin to impart its vision for this continent and for this planet to those who are willing to come up to the level, where they can fathom that vision without being blown away, without being thrown into fear or doubt or skepticism, saying that this could not possibly happen, this is unrealistic, this is just another Utopia.

Even though the vision from the book Utopia will never come to pass exactly as it was at the time – it does not mean that the concept of a utopia is unrealistic or impossible. It is indeed possible. But it is only possible through self-transcendence. And it is only possible when there are people in embodiment who are willing to transcend themselves, so that their minds can become the conduits, the open doors, for transferring that vision from higher awareness to the material realm, where it can be expressed in a way that people can understand. They can then begin to see that perhaps it really is possible to transform society so radically, that within a few decades it can make a leap that is as great as the leap from the feudal societies to industrialized nations with a democratic form of government.

Think about how great that leap was. Do you think that if you had gone to some person living in the Dark Ages before the advent of science, before the Reformation, before the Inquisition, and had told them about the age of technology and the age of democracy, do you think that they would have been able to grasp that vision and accept that possibility? They would have rejected it out of hand as being complete daydreaming, completely unrealistic and so far out that they would not even think about it. And this is exactly the problem that higher awareness has had throughout the ages. Higher awareness needs people in embodiment who are willing to come up higher, so that they can fathom the vision that most people on this planet are not yet ready to accept. So they can be the forerunners for seeing that there is a better way.

Consider the saying: “Ours is not a better way. Ours is merely a different way.” Although there is some truth to that statement, the danger of looking at it that way is that there is a belief that every way is a valid way and every way is just a different way and all the ways are equally valid. But there is indeed a better way. This does not mean that there is only one way or that there is only one religion or one organization or one teaching that is the only true one. But it does mean that there is a higher way and there is a lower way. And there are many versions of the lower way. And there are many ways to reach the higher level. And it is not just one organization that will bring about the Age of Higher Awareness.

For truly, it can only happen where there are people who realize that there is a better way that is beyond duality, that is beyond gray thinking – in which every way seems to be valid – and that is beyond black-and-white thinking – in which it seems like there is only one true way and all that are different must be of the devil. Someone must reach for the higher way, the better way, and challenge the consciousness that keeps people stuck in the lower way. Someone must be willing to come up and recognize that there is the possibility of transcending all these limitations that most people think are impossible to overcome. And you have the potential to do this. But you must do it by first looking in the mirror and realizing that you can overcome your own limitations.

Individual expression in the Age of Higher Awareness

There is no pre-made plan for the overall structure of the Age of Higher Awareness, but within that structure there is much room for individual creativity. As a concrete example, there may be a certain building and it is in the overall plan that such a building be built for it symbolizes something that is important for the collective consciousness, but the specifics of the actual design are not important. Here is where there is room for individual expression, and this, of course, goes to all levels of society.

There are certain overall ideas, for example for education and how children can be taught even at the kindergarten level, but it does not mean there is only one right way to do this. There are many ways to express these principles in creating specific types of kindergartens, specific types of schools. It is not so that all schools around the world teaching will have a common curriculum, or be built a certain way or have certain principles. There is much room for individual expression, there is much room for schools that focus on developing the children’s technical or scientific abilities or others that focus on sports, others that focus on musical or creative ability and many other things including for example service. Where is there a school that focuses on helping children know how to give service to life?

To avoid complicating this further, the point is this: Alpha and Omega must be in polarity for the Age of Higher Awareness to manifest. This goes for all levels, from the overall level of a society to your individual psychology and your relationships with your spouses and children. Alpha and Omega, not only vertical but also horizontal. This is the idea, the overall idea. Ponder how to apply it to all aspects of life and realize that you have the capacity to contact your higher self. The more aware people have attained enough oneness that you can obtain specific answers from within yourself when you have the knowledge and expertise. Recognize that you have the knowledge, you have the chalice through which higher awareness can flow, but what you need to do is focus on being the open door for the flow of higher awareness rather than thinking the flow of awareness can only flow through someone else who has some special status that you do not have.

When they are at your workplace having a discussion about a specific problem, then you can be the open door for an idea that comes from higher awareness. This will bring not just a new solution but an entirely new way of looking at this area, an entirely new approach that is transcendental and clearly comes from the immaterial awareness flowing into the material.

Materialization: matter-realization. Matter realizing itself as awareness. Matter will never realize itself as awareness in the sense that matter does not have self-awareness. Because you are in embodiment, you can be the matter realizing itself as awareness, therefore being the bridge between matter and awareness so that the matrices of higher awareness can be realized in matter. This is the alchemical key to the Age of Higher Awareness. This is true alchemy, not that you seek a secret formula or a secret ingredient that will mechanically produce as a certain result. You seek to be the open door for higher awareness to produce change in matter. It is not that you find a magical formula that you turn water into wine or lead into gold; it is that you allow higher awareness to do it. You then recognize and accept that you cannot force higher awareness to mechanically reproduce the same result over and over again for the Spirit bloweth where it listeth.