Brief thoughts  about Corporations

Out-innovating the multi-national corporations

There is the potential for a shift in the way you look at the economy and you look at the major players in the economy, first of all the big multi-national corporations who now have an iron grip on the economy of the United States. As an example, in the state of California, what brought most of the immigrants to this state was the gold rush. What was the driving force behind that? Well, there is always a higher and a lower potential. The lowest potential was the dream of easy money so that you could just walk out in the woods and pick up gold nuggets so that you could live the rest of your life without working. Beyond that was a higher potential of equal opportunity for everyone. Whether you were rich or poor, educated or not, you had the opportunity to find gold. It sort of equalled the playing field where no one was particularly better at it than others, at least in the very beginning.

This is the higher dream upon which California is built, the dream that everyone has the potential to make a go of it, so to speak, to create something—a business, bring forth a new idea, a new innovation that makes the old economic order obsolete. Do you not see that it is no coincidence that the major growth of the computer industry has happened here in this state? Do you not see that this was an entirely new level of economic activity that at first the old established corporations could not quite fathom—because it was so different from their paradigm, their business model, that they saw no value in it.

Did you not see it again with the whole dot-com cycle that also was centered in this state, again an entirely new way to look at wealth, an entirely new way to approach the economy. Surely, the power elite is quick to move in and seek to establish control, but that is precisely what this state has the potential to challenge by rewarding innovation over control.

Recently, the legislators in this state have seen the potential of the research in alternative energy and have taken certain measures to stimulate that research. They see that this would be a boon to this state that could potentially create an entirely new industry, an entirely new growth sector. What you always see in a new sector is many small companies that spring up because they have an innovative idea. Then, after a time the big corporations and banks move in and take over and start consolidating. 

You can simply keep outrunning the control by continued innovation. True innovation is an expression of higher awareness, and it cannot be put in a box, it cannot be controlled. If you keep innovating, you can out-run those who are seeking to stop innovation in order to maintain their grip on the market or the economy.

Do you not see this outplayed in the company Microsoft who from its very beginning has been more concerned about destroying competition than allowing new innovation? Innovation is the key to breaking up the old patterns, the old mold, that keeps the economy and all aspects of life in a society stagnant so that you stop innovation, you stop growth.

Rethinking corporations

In the feudal societies of Europe, the power elite of the time – the king, the noble class and the churches – had clamped down on innovation by controlling peoples’ thoughts as well as their outer situation. No one dared to come up with new ideas because they would probably contradict some Catholic doctrine and thereby send them to hell. Nobody had the time, the energy or the resources to make a new idea become a reality, for they had to slave to make a living and sustain their physical bodies.

This is the total opposite of a free society. Higher awareness has the potential to bring out so much new innovation in all fields that the old established power elite will not be able to control it or to hold it back. It is not a matter of only innovating in terms of bringing forth new products and new technology. It is also a matter of innovating in terms of bringing forth new concepts, new ideas, new ways to look at the old perspectives, new ways to look at business.

In the Age of Higher Awareness, everything needs to be rethought. We need to rethink the basic element of the United States’ economy, namely the corporate entity that has become bigger than any human being can control. It therefore becomes a beast in itself that has no respect for the value of human life, no respect for the overall purpose of this nation, no respect for human rights. It will mindlessly override all human rights in order to make a bigger profit for the shareholders, who are not part of producing the goods that are produced by the corporation.

Rethinking the stock market

There is a great need to rethink corporate ownership, to rethink the stock market. Is it right that you can have a stock market where people buy based on speculation rather than the actual value of the company whose stock they are buying? Is this not a complete disconnect that once again gives an unfair advantage to those who have, and makes it impossible for those who have not to ever come up. 

Over the last decade or more there has been a change where many more people have begun to invest in the stock market through pension funds. Even though there are more middle class people that have greater wealth, the gap between rich and poor in this nation has increased more in that period than at any previous time.

You still have a bigger gap between the rich and poor, and you still have an underclass who will never – under the current system – have any opportunity to become part of the economic growth. There is a great need for a rethinking of the entire structure, the foundation, of the economy. 

Obviously, this is not about socialism or communism. It is about an entirely new economy where there is neither state control nor corporate control. Innovation is the driving force, the innovation that comes through higher awareness. The role of higher awareness is to break up the old patterns that keep people trapped and prevent them from moving on with the River of Life that is the ongoingness of higher awareness.