Sacred geometry in multiple dimensions

Just as a visual illustration of what this means, you can look at these past societies and how they have often been laid out in a completely regular grid based on simple geometric forms: the square, the rectangle, the straight line, perhaps the circle but it has been based on these simple geometric forms. Now, if you have studied philosophy, you will know that the ancient Greek philosopher Plato talked about that the world was organized in such a way that beyond the material world was a realm of what he called ideal forms, ideal geometric shapes. What has happened since then is that many people have come to believe that the ideal geometric shapes are the square, the rectangle, the circle, the triangle, all of these lines that are very simple and that can be defined in very simple ways mathematically.

Yet, these are not the ideal geometric forms that Plato was talking about. What the manipulators have done with their mechanization concept is that they have made use of a lower form of geometry, but there is a higher (sacred or divine) geometry that is beyond these very simple forms based on simple, two-dimensional lines.

These are multi-dimensional geometric shapes. Not only do they exist in the three dimensions of width, breadth, and depth, they also exist in the fourth dimension of time, even in dimensions that are not currently known. In order to bring forth a higher form of organization, a higher organizing principle in society, you need to look beyond this simple geometry to a more complex geometry, which you are fully capable of making use of in this age of greater awareness of science and scientific principles. Of course, the technology you have in the form of computers makes it much more simple to perform these complex calculations that were simply beyond the ability of people even a hundred years ago and certainly a thousand or several thousand years ago.

What is this more complex geometry that I am talking about? It can be accessed through the principles of Feng Shui, which seek to work with the natural forms that are there and create a greater harmony. You can take this to a much higher level, and there are people in embodiment who are already working on this and who are capable of bringing it forth.

Sacred geometry beyond the linear mind

As a contrast to show you what is possible you may look at the plan of one of these ancient civilizations and how the buildings were laid out in a very regular grid based on lines and squares and rectangles. Then, you may look at these societies and you may see that in a sense they were highly organized. You may even look at your own societies and your own cities today and see that they are not nearly as regular. You might get the idea that these ancient people had access to some higher level of organization than what you are able to do today. This is not correct.

Of course, this is not thereby saying that current societies are at the highest possible level of organization. If you look at these ancient civilizations and all of the regularity in their plans, you can see that although there was a certain complexity, it was actually not a very sophisticated complexity. If you want an example of a much more sophisticated complexity based on a higher level of geometry than these simple squares and triangles, you need to look no further than your own bodies.

The human body is not square, has no straight lines, has none of these simple geometric shapes that the ancients saw as the ideal because it was all they could deal with, with their level of mathematical understanding. The reality is that the human body is to some degree based on sacred geometry. You will see that the body has symmetry. Even though it does not have any straight lines, yet there is symmetry. This is the kind of higher geometry that I am talking about. It can be brought forth, it can be applied to many areas of society where you begin to realize that there is a higher way to organize things that does not require you to reduce everything to these simple geometric shapes. Therefore, you can begin to free your minds from the linear mind.

The linear mind is very much tied to these very simple geometric shapes. It can only think, it can only envision, in these very simple shapes that it can reduce to the mechanical components that can be handled with simple mathematics. You today, have much more complex mathematics. There is more to be brought forth, but nevertheless it is not a matter of reducing everything to mathematics. It is a matter of realizing that the human mind is not a mechanical device in its higher form.

A society organized for the soul

The human mind has the Christ potential, and the Christ potential is not a mechanical mind. Therefore, it cannot be reduced to simple geometric shapes, it cannot be reduced to mathematics. You may be able to create a building or an entire city that is laid out in a completely regular organized geometric shape where everything is symmetrical, everything is created according to a certain proportion. You have seen the attempts of doing this even in the modern age where you see in North Korea, in China and other communist countries how they have created these huge buildings and building complexes where everything has been reduced to mathematics, to mechanics.

When you go there and experience these buildings, does your soul leap for joy? Nay, it does not, it actually feels uncomfortable in an environment like that. This simple measure should tell you that there is something missing here. What is missing is that you have not realized that the soul cannot be reduced to mechanics. In order to create a society that serves the people that serves the growth of the people, you cannot approach planning from a strictly mechanical or mathematical viewpoint.

You need to go into these much more subtle considerations that you see in Feng Shui, but you can take this much, much further. You can begin to create a new form of organization, a new form of city planning, a new form of structure in corporations, in governments and bureaucracies. There is room for creativity, there is room for the unfoldment of the soul. There is created an environment that stimulates the soul rather than oppressing the soul and seeking to reduce it to a mechanical device, which it will never become.

You may look to communist nations and you may look at people who have been brought up in this environment and who from their early childhood have been brainwashed into thinking they live in the most sophisticated society and they should be proud to be soviet citizens. You cannot be fully satisfied in an environment like that. Many people will know from within that something is not right. Those who are not aware enough to even acknowledge that something is not right, will still feel a certain discontent, a certain dissatisfaction. Some of them may be content in their misery because they have accepted that they could never be more than this, but nevertheless this does not mean that they are happy, that they are fulfilled, that they feel like they are living in the best possible society. They may think this with the outer mind but they do not feel it in their hearts.

The abundant life is a creative life

As he said, Christ came that all might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. How do you have life? Only through the Christ consciousness, not through the mechanization consciousness, for it cannot give you a higher form of life. Certainly, those who are living as robots are not truly alive, even though their hearts are beating and their lungs are breathing.

The higher form of life that Christ came to give people is indeed the awareness of the Christ consciousness. The abundant life that he talked about was not simply material abundance but first of all the spiritual abundance, the soul abundance, of knowing that you are growing on the path, you are able to express your Divine individuality, your Divine creativity in serving your society, in serving other people. You are not expressing your Divine creativity for your own personal gain in terms of financial or physical gain, for you realize that the greater value is to be fulfilled in life, to feel that you are being who you are, that you are expressing who you are.

This is the abundant life. It is a creative life. Certainly, it is not realistic that all people will experience this within the next few decades. It is realistic that a greater and greater portion of the people in the more developed societies will begin to feel this kind of inner satisfaction. It comes from knowing that they are exactly where they need to be that they are doing exactly what they need to be doing in bringing forth from within the new ideas that can in some measure bring their society forward.

How higher awareness evaluates nations

This is the ultimate value for any society. If you were to truly look at the nations of the world and see which nations are the most developed in terms of having the greatest number of people who can express their inner beings, who can express their Christhood, then you would see an entirely different configuration than what you see today. You often evaluate nations based on simple numbers, the number of people, the number of the gross national product, the number of the army, the size and the power of the armed forces, the size of the economy, the power of corporations and all of these outer measures. These measures are like nothing when seen from the perspective of higher awareness. They are, as Jesus said, the consciousness of Satan that savours the things of the world and not the things of God.

The nations that will be the forerunners for the golden age will be those who give the greatest creative freedom to the greatest number of people. They allow the new ideas brought forth through this creativity to have an actual impact on society.

This my is the potential that is here in Asia. It is here in Korea, and it will be unfolded through higher awareness that will not be controlled by any institution on earth, be it a Christian church or communist state or some other organization. It is not something that can be forced. You cannot create a mechanical program that educates people in higher awareness and therefore controls the flow of their creativity to support a certain direction in society.

Higher awareness bloweth where it listeth and it will overturn those structures of the high and the mighty. When Jesus walked into the temple in Jerusalem and overturned the tables of the money changers, it was a symbol for how higher awareness will overturn the tables of the money changers in all areas of society, namely those who are seeking to control the people and to actually control society in order to shut out the flow of the Spirit. Higher awareness bloweth where it listeth. It cannot be controlled in a mechanical way and that is why the manipulators are mortally afraid of the flow of the Spirit through the individual.

That is why they will do anything they can to stop that flow of higher awareness through the individual. That is why they have created a false Christianity that denies the Christ in all people except Jesus Christ who is no longer here on earth, meaning that the Christ consciousness has no opening on earth if you believe official Christian doctrines. They also created communism, which of course also denies the Christ in the individual and the value of the individual and raises the state up as the all and in all.

This is what you see in many past societies in this region where they had various philosophies that denied the Christ in all people except maybe a certain leader. Of course, the manipulators would like to deny the Christ in everyone and would like no one to be aware that there is such a thing as the Christ consciousness or the flow of higher awareness. But they would also accept a society where there is awareness of the Christ and the Christ potential but they have set themselves up as the only ones who can be the open door for the Spirit and they have caused all of the population to deny it in themselves.