Question your role in the reality simulator

How can you come to see through the inferiority-superiority, or the superiority-inferiority, dynamic? Indeed, when you are in the consciousness of duality, you cannot be at peace. It is simply impossible, and why is it impossible? It is impossible because one dualistic polarity cannot exist without the other.

You cannot take one dualistic quality or polarity and have it exist alone, independently, separated. It can only exist in a relationship, in a bond, with the opposite polarity. This means that when you go into the consciousness of duality, you will have both polarities in your mind. They will pull your being in opposite directions, and that is why you can never be at peace, truly at peace within yourself. 

If you are a person who is trapped in feeling superior most of the time, you cannot escape the fact that you are superior only compared to some who are inferior. Thus, you need to defend your superiority, or even expand it indefinitely in a race that never ends. It cannot be any other way. 

If you are the kind of person who is primarily dominated by inferiority, you still cannot escape superiority. You know that there are some that are superior to you and they might be suppressing you and you might find the need to fight against them. Or perhaps you are not fighting, but you are dreaming about one day rising to the status of superiority. 

If you look at many of the old folk tales and fairy tales found on this earth, many of the modern books, many of the modern movies, do you not see that they are geared to the dynamic that has dominated this earth for a long time? Namely that we have a small elite who is superior and a larger population that is inferior. You see many of these stories that portray a person that is first unworthy, unknown, of a low estate or treated unjustly and then something miraculous happens and the person is suddenly elevated to a superior status. This is the dream of those in inferiority, but it is also the dream of those in superiority: to keep the people believing that one day some miracle could happen and they might be raised to a status of superiority. 

Instead, the reality is that if you are willing to start taking responsibility for yourself, you can follow a systematic path that will not raise you to a status of superiority, but that will take you out of inferiority and out of superiority. You will raise yourself into the abundant life that comes directly from within and is not dependent upon the appearances of this world.  

The corporate race for superiority

Look how the corporate world has deceived people into thinking that the only way to make money in this world is to get an education, get a job, find your little box in the corporate hierarchy and then stay there without rocking the boat. But there are always alternatives. Do you not see that the corporate world has one primary objective? When a corporation reaches a certain size, a shift often occurs. It now feels it has attained a position in the market and now it becomes more concerned with defending that position. 

When you look at corporations worldwide, you see that the majority of them are more concerned with either attaining a monopoly or defending what they see as either a monopoly or a secure position. Thus, there comes a point where a corporation actually wants to shut down innovation. Therefore, the purpose of the corporation is to suck in the potentially creative people and squash their creativity so the people feel that they have to suppress it in order to fit into the corporate box.

The alternative is to be an innovator, to be attuned to the golden age matrices. You can be a recipient for one of the new inventions, one of the new ideas that is needed to advance the Age of Higher Awareness. Thus, you surely will receive a monetary compensation, for you are multiplying the talents, and life will not leave you without the means to continue your service to life.

Indeed, there is always an alternative to status quo. When you fit yourself into one of these boxes created by the duality consciousness, then you cannot be at peace. There will always be something that pulls you towards the opposite extreme. If you go into the corporate world and you think you are just a menial low-level employee, then you will be pulled to rise higher and higher in the hierarchy. Then, there comes a point where you have risen higher in the corporate hierarchy and now a shift begins to occur and now people feel that they have to defend their position. They feel threatened by those below them, who they know are as anxious to get up as they themselves were before they attained that position.

Most people are paranoid schizophrenics

Do you not see that as long as you are trapped in the dualistic consciousness, you are paranoid, you are schizophrenic. There is no way around it. The fact of the matter is that what the psychological establishment labels as paranoid schizophrenics are only people who have taken to the extreme a malady that affects 99.9% of the people on this planet. Most people are paranoid schizophrenics, it is just that some forms of paranoid schizophrenia are so common that they are considered normal. 

There comes a point where someone has to stand up and say: “The Emperor has nothing on.” It has to be acknowledged that if you truly want peace, you must step out, step beyond, the dualistic polarities, for you cannot find peace there. This is what the Buddha attempted to explain in the Four Noble Truths. The first Noble Truth is commonly seen as saying that life is suffering, but the deeper reality is that as long as you are in duality, life is suffering.

It is the dualistic polarities (the pull between them) that turns you into a house divided against itself and that causes you to not be at peace. There are, of course, many different definitions of suffering but if you go below the surface appearances, is it not so that suffering is caused by non-peace. If you are not at peace, you are suffering. The moment you attain inner peace, your suffering is transcended even if the outer conditions are still not ideal. If you have peace of mind, you are not suffering and this is why you see some people at old age, when their bodies begin to show wear, can still find inner peace. 

How to attain inner peace

Indeed, it is very rare when you look at the earth to see those who are at peace with themselves. Higher awareness would, of course, love to see all of the more aware people attain this inner peace.           

But you will not attain it until you come to the point of being willing to look at yourself and say: “I am not at peace, am I? No, I am not at peace, but then why am I not at peace? What is the feeling I have, what is the reactionary patterns that pull me out of peace? Why do I react this way, what is the deeper belief behind my reactionary patterns, the deeper belief about myself, about life?” If you look closely, you will gradually come to greater clarity where you see these very subtle beliefs that you have. An expectation of what life should be, and life is not that way so you suffer because you strive towards that opposite polarity where life is the way you think it should be.

There comes a point where you have to ask yourself: “Will I forever be chasing my expectations, will I forever be seeking to make the universe conform to my expectations?” Or will I stand back, look at my expectation and say: “Is it the expectation that is keeping me trapped in suffering and not the outer conditions?” When you come to that realization, that is when you truly start the path to higher awareness.

The reality simulator of earth

What is planet earth? Well, some of you are familiar with an old television show called “Star Trek.” Some of you will know that in the spaceship “Enterprise” they had something called a “holodeck,” and when you went into the holodeck, a computer would simulate a completely artificial environment. While you were inside the holodeck, the environment seemed completely real to you. So planet earth is simply a reality simulator.

We have talked about the cosmic mirror. We have said the base energy will take on any form projected upon it. But the purpose is to give you the experience that you have said you wanted based on the mental images you have formed in your mind and have projected into the cosmic mirror. 

One side of the purpose is to give you that experience, give you the return of what you are sending out. The other aspect is to make what comes back seem completely real. The effect of this is that if you are not taking responsibility for having sent out the impulse – as you cannot do when you go into duality – then you will believe that what you are experiencing on earth is a completely real world created by some external source, be it an almighty God in heaven or natural processes.

Do you see the point? You believe this a real world and therefore you can believe that this is not the result of your state of consciousness and that your state of consciousness cannot do anything about this. You think you cannot transcend these outer conditions but that you must submit your Spirit to them and that you must adapt to conditions, rather than taking dominion over the earth and exercising your potential to be a co-creator.

Awakening from simulated experiences

There is nothing wrong with this. This is the outplaying of free will. Free will gives you the right to go into duality, to go lower in consciousness. When you go below the self-centered level of consciousness, you begin to believe in the illusion that the world in which you live is a real world that cannot be changed by people’s state of consciousness. This is one of the two types of experiences that a reality simulator is designed to give you.

The first experience is an immersion experience. You are immersed in the world created by the simulator and you believe it is completely real. You believe it has power over you, not only physically but even power over your Spirit so that you must adapt to it. 

Go back 2,000 years when Jesus walked the earth. The vast majority of the people on this planet, as the vast majority of the people today, were completely absorbed in the immersion experience. What did Jesus come to show, what did the Buddha come to show, what did PadmaSambhava come to show, what did all the spiritual teachers come to show? 

They came to show that the immersion experience is not the only experience you can have inside the reality simulator called earth. The other type of experience you can have is an awakening experience where you begin to awaken from the sense that the world in which you live is real, is unchangeable. This is when you start the upwards path of going through the illusions, gradually attaining mastery over the seven energies that make up the entire material universe. At the 96th level you do have some mastery of mind over matter so that you do no longer believe that matter is real or that matter has power over your Spirit. 

Become aware of reactionary patterns

All who read this have shifted. You are no longer completely absorbed in the immersion experience, you have shifted into the awakening experience. It is only a matter of how you have progressed in the process that leads you from total immersion to total awakeness. 

By becoming consciously aware that this is the process in which you are engaged, you can make it much easier for yourself. You can begin to look not only at your reactions, not only at the beliefs behind the reactions but you can begin to ask yourself: “Why does this seem real to me? Why does it seem real that this or that condition has power over me? Why does it seem real that I have to become upset when other people do certain things, is it really necessary? Do I really have to always react this way?” 

You can try with the outer mind and the outer will to force yourself to change that reactionary pattern, and you may have some limited success with this. But the far more mature approach is to keep questioning until you come to the point where suddenly there is this subtle shift, and now the very condition to which you used to react, simply no longer seems real to you. 

When it no longer seems real to you, it will no longer have power over you. Do you not see that only when something has an appearance of reality, will it have power over you. Only that which you think is real will be able to convince you that you have to adapt or limit your Spirit according to this outer appearance. Indeed, it is an important step to take, to take some time to look at your life and see what is real. What seems real, what seems like it has power over me and then begin to question those beliefs behind it. Why does this seem real?

For a time you have been immersed in certain circumstances but then gradually these faint little thoughts begin to creep into your mind. If you will make the conscious effort, you can come to see that what is really happening here is that you are beginning to question the reality of your circumstances and your limitations. If you will make a conscious effort to accelerate this process, you can fairly quickly come to the point where now the veils have come down and you realize you have an opportunity beyond this box. You have an opportunity for creative expression.

Overcoming the fear of being nobody

Many people first have to go through a stage where you deal with your fear, the fear that has been programmed into you. What happens when you withdraw from the system, when you are no longer in the corporate boxes? Certainly, the duality consciousness has created a very heavy programming. Do you not see that they offer you something beyond a financially secure existence? They offer you a sense of superiority, but this means that if you withdraw from this corporate rat race, then you are inferior, you are nobody. “What are you doing these days? You quit your job, what are you doing?” Who are you when you are no longer in the corporate little box that defines you and every aspect of your creative expression? 

Some of you will have to look at this fear and look at why you feel this way. Why do you believe these programmings that say that you are nobody or you are inferior if you do not live up to these expectations. This is not hereby suggesting that you should now all go out and quit your jobs. If you become more aware of questioning the beliefs that make your current situation seem real and unavoidable, there can come a point where you do not have to withdraw from your situation as such. You naturally see other opportunities open up and then you shift into them. 

Of course, it must also be said that before you can see the creative opportunities, something in you has to die and that is the consciousness that caused you to identify with your previous situation. You build a certain sense of self, you build a certain identity, a certain role for yourself, and you project the Conscious You into it. But there is a difference between the role and your outer situation.

You do not necessarily have to quit a job or leave your family in order to shift to a higher level. But you do have be willing to look at the sense of identity you have, and then let that identity die, even if your ego is screaming at you that you will be plunged into a vacuum that you will be a nobody that you will be inferior that you will not have any existence. You still have to let that sense of identity die before you can have the clarity of vision, the emptiness of mind, to see the new opportunities into which you can shift. 

A no-man’s land

Sometimes you can indeed get caught in a no-man’s land where you have seen the unreality of your outer situation. You are no longer completely convinced that this is the way things have to be, but you have not yet let go of the sense of identity, the role you had built for yourself. Thus, you cannot see the new opportunity as of yet, and so you have to be willing to question your sense of identity and be willing to do what Jesus said: Those who seek to save their lives – save their sense of identity – shall lose it. Those who are willing to give up their lives for my sake, they will see the new opportunities opening up.

This is indeed the path to higher awareness where you begin to question the reality of the appearances that make you believe that you, as an infinite Spirit, you have to adapt yourself to finite appearances. The most important thing you can realize is: That which is unreal has no power over that which is real. Well that which is infinite has no obligation to fit itself into finite appearances. 

Of course, you are all in a physical body, you all have situations that you adapt to, but Iwe are not talking about outer behavior, we are talking about identification. You are all in embodiment, you all have your families to take care of and this is perfectly right, but you do not have to identify with that role so you think there is nothing else. 

Some of you might have small children and you feel like you never have time for yourself. Nevertheless, if you will look at the sense of identity you have built as a parent, you might find that if you question that identity, there is always time for yourself here and there. Certainly, you will shift your view and you will see that you can find time for yourself even in a busy schedule. It is all a matter of perspective. 

When you are in the immersion experience, you think everything is real and nothing is a matter of perspective. When you go into the awakening experience, you begin to see: “Ah, this thing is not real, this thing is a matter of perspective. And if I do shift my perspective, then either the outer circumstances will change or my approach to them will change. Suddenly my life experience will change where I no longer feel limited by these circumstances.” 

As you go further and further into the awakening experience, you do begin to see and even accept that nothing on earth is real and everything is a matter of perspective, of perception. This is the deeper reality that higher awareness has attempted to teach, depending on the situation and the level of consciousness in which it appeared in a physical form that people could see.