Perspectives on the conflict in Syria

When you look at planet earth from a higher perspective, you can scan the earth and the energies on earth. It is almost as if you take one of these maps that have seen created by scientists where you can look at various criteria, and you can color the map by certain colors. For example, you can scan the temperature of the earth, and you can see where there is warm air or warm water or where the earth itself is warmed up and where it is cooler. When you look at the earth right now and look for where is the greatest concentration of negative energy, you can of course see certain zones around the planet. Right now there are a number of these, but let us consider two:

The first one is the situation in Syria and in the Middle East in general. The question on many people’s minds is: What should the international community do about Syria? What should they have done? Should they have done more than they have done? Should they have done something to stop the fighting, the massacre, the torture? Should they have stepped in and stopped the killing of parents in front of their children, the killing of children in front of their parents, the deliberate torture of those who oppose either this side or that side? What should the international community have done about Syria? 

The answer from the perspective of higher awareness will no doubt shock many people, but the answer is that the international community should have done nothing. This may shock you because it makes it sound like the international community should not step in to stop the horrendous conditions just mentioned, but that is not actually what is being said. You may look at the outbreak of the civil war, and you may look at the atrocities that have happened since that war started, and you may say that the international community should have stepped in to stop these atrocities and this fighting. 

When saying that the international community should have done nothing, is this saying that they should do nothing to stop these horrendous abuses of human rights and human lives? It is saying that the civil war in Syria, the outbreak of fighting, was not the start of the problem. The problem, of course, goes much further back. If you look at history, you will see that there have been quite a number of countries that have made a transition from a totalitarian form of government to a democratic form of government without any or without major bloodshed, and certainly without a civil war.

A peaceful transition to democracy

What do we of the beings of higher awareness want to see? Well, they want many nations around the world to make the transition into a democratic form of government, and they want this to happen without bloodshed. If it cannot happen without bloodshed, they would rather have the transition to democracy be delayed until the people and the collective consciousness of the nation are ready to accomplish this without bloodshed. Look at the history of the world. Look at the major conflict over the last century, the so-called Cold War between the Soviet Union and the West. If this cold war had become a hot war, it would have been a horrendous war. 

The beings of higher awareness wanted to see the dissolution of the Soviet Union and wanted to see the countries that were forced into that Soviet Union, or forced into the Warsaw Pact, become free and have democratic governments. The beings of higher awareness want to see Russia have a democratic form of government. Yet, this does not mean that they wanted to accomplish this so badly, and at a certain time that they were willing to have a third world war in order to destroy the Soviet Union. The beings of higher awareness were and are patient. They take the long view. 

When you see a situation like you see in Syria where civil war breaks out, then you know that that situation is not what the beings of higher awareness want to see. They would then rather maintain a totalitarian form of government until the people are ready, until the collective consciousness has been raised so that this can be accomplished without bloodshed. 

A deeper cause of the conflict in the Middle East

Look at Iraq. Here comes the oldest democratic nation in the world, one who prides itself on being a proponent of freedom, liberty, justice and democracy. The United States decides that it is going to step into Iraq and remove the totalitarian dictator. Certain leaders believe that if they do this, there will automatically be freedom and democracy and harmony in that nation. But, as you clearly see, this has not happened to this day, and the reason is that the people are not ready for it because they are still too divided amongst themselves. 

The situation in the Middle East goes back millennia. The collective consciousness has been created over a very long period of time by people embodying and re-embodying in the same karmic circles over and over again. It is arrogant for western democracies to believe that they can step in and fix the Middle East by imposing their version of democracy upon that region. It cannot be done ever. This is not to say that there cannot be democracy in the Middle East, but it can never be a western-style of democracy. It must be that the people in that region find their own form of self-government, and it certainly cannot be imposed upon them from without. 

This should be the one thing that has been proven by the Middle East over thousands of years: These people will never learn from someone else. They will only learn when they have made the same mistakes so many times that they have finally had enough and say: “We want more than this.” Certainly, there are many among the population in the Middle East who have already come to that point and who have said: “We want more than this.” But they have not come to the point of realizing that this can and must be achieved without violence and bloodshed. They have not been willing to admit that the violence and the bloodshed and the conflict is an expression of their own state of consciousness, the divisions in their own state of consciousness. 

As long as they have not come to that point, there cannot be a peaceful transition to a democratic form of government. It is not possible. This is what you see in Syria. Can you name how many warring factions there are in Syria? Most of you cannot because there are so many that it is hard to keep track of them. This shows you how deeply divided the collective consciousness is, and this is the real problem. 

What was the real vision behind Islam? It was to give them a spiritual framework that could unite the Arab people so that there would no longer be this senseless and ceaseless fighting of brother against brother. No people on the planet are more divided than the Arab people. This is what needs to be acknowledged, and then it needs to be addressed, both in a secular and a spiritual manner. 

How totalitarian governments arise

When we say that the international community should have done nothing about the situation in Syria, we are not simply meaning that they should do nothing to stop the fighting. It means they should have done nothing to start the fighting in the first place. 

You have seen several nations now where there have been civil-war-like conditions. You saw it in Libya; you are seeing it in Syria. When you have a totalitarian form of government, you have a government that exercises great control over its citizens. As part of this control, this government will do everything in its power to prevent that a group forms that has the numbers and the weapons to challenge its power. 

When you do see the formation of a group in a totalitarian country that is able to wage a civil war against the totalitarian government, then you know that that group did not arise just within that country. It has been supported, perhaps even created, by forces outside that country. It has certainly received weapons and money and other forms of support from outside forces. The civil war in Libya, in Syria, and the potential for civil-war-like conditions in other countries, can only come about because there are forces outside those countries who are actively and aggressively interfering. 

You know very well some of the forces that are active and have been active in Syria. There are some of them that you do not know very well, but certainly, you know that Russia has had interests in Syria. You know that the United States has and has had covert operations in Syria. You know that militant Islamic groups of various persuasions have operations in Syria and have an agenda of creating a militant Islamic state, even turning the entire Middle East into a militant Islamic state. 

When you ask what the international community should have done about Syria, the answer is: “Nothing. Nothing now, nothing in the past.” Let the people in Syria sort out the situation in Syria. As long as the people in Syria are not able to make the transition into a democratic form of government without bloodshed, then it is better for the people of Syria that the dictatorial regime remains, in order to create some kind of stability and law and order.