Overcoming the Lack of Nurturance

If you look at the entire communist sphere of the time, if there was one word that would characterize this time, could we not say (although other words could be used also) that certainly one word to describe the communist era was a lack of nurturance.

Truly, how many people who lived under the communist system felt nurtured? Nurturance is, of course, a concept that has many levels, many layers, many aspects but look at the practical, material aspect of life. How many people living under the communist system felt they had enough physical, material nurturance to sustain their lives in a reasonable state of abundance? Surely, there may have been some among the elite who had greater material privileges than the average citizen and they may have felt relatively nurtured, because when they compared themselves to what those who were not in the elite had, then they felt that, after all, they had more than others.

Of course, even those who were in the party top could feel nurtured only because they did not know that their level of material affluence was lower than the average workers in many western countries. It was a relative sense of nurturance but, of course, one might say that most people on earth can have only a relative sense of nurturance. Why then, is it that people have a relative sense of being nurtured where if they are truly honest with themselves and go within their hearts, they realize they are not fully nurtured. They must use their outer minds to compare themselves to others and then they say: “But I have so much more than other people have and therefore I should feel nurtured.”  Of course they do not say this consciously but this is the subconscious mechanism that makes some of the rich people in the world feel that they should be content, they should feel they have enough. Look at how many people, even though they may have billions of dollars as some little bits and zeros on a computer somewhere, they still do not feel it is enough and that they want more.

Lack is built into the system

You might say that what capitalism has proven beyond any doubt whatsoever, for those who are willing to look, is that no matter how much money and material possessions you accumulate, it is never enough, you never feel completely nurtured. We can, of course, look at the communist system and see that, from its very inception, the lack of material nurturance was built into the system. If you look at a communist economy, you can see that it simply is not possible that this system could ever produce material affluence for all of the people living in the system. Even though communism promises good conditions for the workers and equality among all, there simply is not enough material goods produced for all.

It cannot be done in a communist system, as you see clearly by the lack of goods on the shelves of the stores. Those of you who grew up in a communist country know that there was a lack and there were rumours going around that; “Oh, this store has bread today.” Then, there was a long line and some people stood in line for hours, and when you got to the store, they had run out of bread.

You realize that it simply is not correct that you can look at Russia during communism and say: “Oh, there was nothing wrong with communism as a system. It was just the way the Russians implemented it that meant that there was a scarcity.” This is simply a lie. There is a fundamental flaw in the communist system and you cannot patch it up, change it, create a milder version of it and still produce enough material abundance for all of the people who live in a given country. It cannot be done.

The desire to see your effort rewarded

Now, we may look at the capitalist system and we may say that in a capitalist system you have some of the same basic weaknesses that you have in the communist system. However, in the West during the communist era, and today as well, you have never really had a strict capitalist system because capitalism has never really matured to the ultimate consequence where instead of the state owning the means to production, one huge monolithic corporation owned the means to production. Because you had a slightly different situation where the system in its ultimate form was not forcefully imposed upon the western nations, you actually still had some freedom. This meant that in the West it was possible to produce enough material goods that all people could have a certain standard of material affluence.

Of course, you still see even today in the most affluent nations that there are some people who live at a poverty level but this is not because the system or the society cannot produce sufficient goods. It is because they are not equally distributed and therefore you have poverty. In the communist system it was not possible to produce it because there was not enough freedom for people to express one of the deepest psychological mechanisms that human beings have, which is that you want to see that when you make an effort, you are rewarded according to your effort. This is what was systematically discouraged and beaten down in the communist system and that is why it simply could not produce enough material goods that people could feel materially nurtured.

The vast majority of people in the Communist system did not feel that they were nurtured in a material way and, of course, because there was very little, if any, spiritual content in the Communist countries, they did not feel spiritually nurtured either in most cases. There were, of course, exceptions because there were, in every nation, some people who were able to receive nurturance from the only place you can really receive it, which is from inside yourself.

Recognizing the manipulators

Now take these concerns to a more universal level and look at the situation of the Communist system in Russia, Eastern Europe and other Soviet Republics, even in China. Ask yourself: “What does the Communist system actually demonstrate? What does this say? Where did it come from? Why did it appear on earth?”

Communism is an invention of the manipulators. You cannot truly understand communism and the background for the appearance of communism without knowing about manipulators. You may describe them as a power elite but you need to recognize something. If you are to understand communism and capitalism, and any other absolutist system, you must understand that there are certain people in embodiment who are different from the majority of the human beings on this planet. They are different in their mindset, in the way they look at life and in the way they look at other human beings—or we should say “human beings” because these people should not actually be called human beings.

Whenever you set one group apart and say they are not human beings, it can easily become an encouragement for discrimination and putting certain people down. Yet you cannot free yourself from the manipulators without realizing that they are different, that they have a different mindset and a different agenda. It cannot be done. If it could have been done, surely it would have been done long ago on this planet. Many civilizations have come and gone and, surely, if it had been possible for humanity to separate themselves from the manipulators, it would have happened in that long time span. It is not possible unless you identify them and see that they are different.

It does not mean, of course, that you need to go into a dualistic struggle with them. It does not mean that you need to forcefully identify specific individuals and kill them. You need to recognize that there are some people who do not think the way, feel the way that human beings think and feel. First of all, they do not relate to human beings the way human beings relate to each other.

Marxism based on a specific mindset

What you recognize here is that when Karl Marx formulated the theories of Marxism, he was not basing this on a study of human nature but on the study of the nature of the manipulators and what the manipulators had done in the economies that had existed until that time, such as the feudal societies of Europe and the early industrial era. In a sense, he had certain insights into the psyche and the modus operandi of the manipulators. Therefore, he could see certain of the tendencies of capitalism and he attempted to set up an alternative (that, in a sense, defined both capitalism and communism) and then create another system.

Regardless of the promises made by the communist system, it never was the goal of Marxism to set the workers free from the manipulators. Marx represented the aspiring power elite of manipulators who wanted to overthrow the established power elite of manipulators and take a position as the rulers of society. It was never the goal of Marxism to free people from being ruled by a small elite of manipulators.

Manipulators do not feel nurtured

Manipulators will always attempt to set themselves up as a privileged elite and how do they do this? Well, they can only do it according to their consciousness. When you go into the dualistic consciousness, you are cut off from any connection to your higher self and therefore you cannot receive light, energy from your higher self. You have created the barrier, you have created the iron curtain, between yourself and your higher self. This also means, instantly that you as a manipulator can never feel nurtured. The only way to truly feel nurtured is to feel that there is a flow of energy from a higher source, whether you identify it as your higher self, God, angels, or beings of higher awareness. You feel a flow of energy from beyond the material octave through your four lower bodies. This is the only way to truly feel nurtured.

The manipulators cannot feel nurtured this way. Their only way to reach some sense of being nurtured is to compensate for the loss of their flow of energy from their higher selves by taking energy, psychic energy, from other people. In other words, instead of receiving vertically, they must seek to forcefully get horizontally what they cannot receive from above. This is the basic modus operandi of the manipulators, always seeking to take by force in the matter realm what they cannot receive directly from higher awareness.

The essence of centralized systems

This is the essence of the Communist system. The system inserts itself between the people and higher awareness, between the people and their source. The system forces itself in there and forces the people to pay some respect to the system. If they are not loyal to the system, if they cannot be made to believe in the system, they must at least submit themselves to the system.

Of course you have a similar mechanism in what you normally call a capitalist economy, where people are tricked into accepting certain limitations for themselves. Especially those who belong to the working class, or the middle class, they accept a certain station in life. They are bought off by a certain comfortable material lifestyle and they are tricked into thinking that they cannot reasonably strive for more.

What happens in any society that has a centralized, absolutist form of government (could be the Roman Empire, the old Egyptian Empire, whatever you have), any system where the manipulators form an elite that are ruling the people, you have the same mechanism that the manipulators have inserted themselves between the people and their source. This means that the people have somehow submitted themselves to the system, to the status-quo, to the norm. They are not consciously aware that they are receiving energy from a higher source and they are not consciously daring to express and direct that energy.

This means that people are only subconsciously receiving energy. That is why the manipulators can then manipulate and deceive people into taking some of the energy that they receive from their source, qualifying it with a fear-based vibration and thereby the manipulators can steal it. Or the people give it to them voluntarily through various mechanisms. The manipulators are receiving this energy that the people have received from their source but the people have also qualified it with a vibration of fear that the manipulators can absorb. Of course, they cannot directly handle receiving or absorbing love-based energy.

This is the basic dynamic in any system created by and led by the manipulators: Somehow the people are prevented from consciously knowing that they have a higher source. The Catholic Church was from its inception set up to make sure that people could not follow the example of Jesus where he demonstrated that: “I and my Father are One and the works that I do, I cannot do alone, it is the Father within me who is doing the works.” Instead of him setting the example of what all people could do, the Catholic church made him an exception, all the rest of you are sinners and cannot do what Jesus did. You see many versions of how the manipulators have done this.

The basic human desire

The basic human desire is to make an effort and see that effort rewarded. Well, in a higher sense, the basic desire is that you know you are receiving light from your higher self, you are expressing that light in the material world and you are expressing it in a way that helps raise the whole. Then, as your reward for this, you do not receive primarily a material reward but you experience that the flow of light from your source is multiplied because you have used what was given before to magnify the whole and therefore you receive more. In that constant interchange, the figure-eight flow (where the more you give, the more you receive from above) this is how you feel ultimately nurtured.

When that flow has been either reduced or completely aborted or when you are not consciously aware of it, you cannot feel completely nurtured. That is why nobody, or at least very few people, in the communist system felt nurtured. The lack of physical, material nurturance was simply a symbol for the lack of spiritual nurturance. Even in the West many people did not feel nurtured. Even though they had greater material abundance than their grandparents, they would still strive for more. Many people in the West have now become caught in striving for more and more material abundance but many other people have recognized that this is not what will make them fulfilled. Because they do not have a higher teaching, then they are left in a vacuum that leads them to have various kinds of depression, mental illness, various forms of escapism where they seek to escape being conscious in various ways.

You see how the deepest desire that all people have is to feel nurtured. Of course, the material realm is the mother realm. It is the joy of the Mother aspect to give all people material nurturance.” The Father aspect wants all of its sons and daughters to feel nurtured but the Father gives that nurturance through the mother realm in a material way.

In a natural situation, all people would have so much material nurturance that they do not ever worry about material conditions. Material conditions are not a source of worry. You do not have a sense of lack, a sense of poverty, you are not afraid of where your next meal is going to come from or how you are going to buy clothes for your children. All of this, all of these concerns, do not exist when a planet in a natural state.

Why is it that it exists on earth? Well, it is precisely because the manipulators have inserted themselves and managed to either get people to cut off the flow from their higher selves, to reduce it to the point where there is not enough material nurturance or to become unconscious of it so that they do not dare to express their energy, their life force, in a way that raises the All. They seek to raise only themselves or they seek to work for some cause they believe in. They do not dare to freely give what they have received because they do not know from where they have received what they receive. Therefore, many people feel that even though they have some creativity, even though they have some talents, even though they have more life force, more life energy, more creative power, they may only, they fear, have a certain amount of it. They do not realize that this comes from a source that is infinite and it could never run out. As long as you have a connection to your higher self, you could never run out of creative energy. Therefore. you do not need to fear using it to raise the All even if this does not give you any direct, immediate benefit.