Nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so

Let us consider what is happening in the mental realm, the mental octave, and how it relates to the creation of war. In the astral plane, things are dominated by demons, entities or even the manipulators who appear to be demons. Their primary goal is to steal energy to sustain themselves because they are constantly at a deficit. They are constantly in danger of running out of energy. Their secondary goal is to destroy everything that can possibly be destroyed. 

The manipulators in the mental realm

In the mental realm, you do not find what you will call demons in the same way as you find it in the astral plane. You do find beings that have been created by manipulators and that are just like the computer programs that form the core of the demons in the astral plane. The beings in the mental realm do not appear as demons because they are not outwardly angry. They are programmed to promote ideas and beliefs that appear to be benign, and they can be quite deceptive. There are many, many people in the world whose minds are taken over or dominated to some extent by these entities in the mental realm, and they do not realize this. 

There are also many manipulators in the mental realm, and they seek to control or dominate human beings in embodiment. The entities in the mental realm do what they are programmed to do and have no self-awareness. The manipulators do have self-awareness, and they have a higher level of self-awareness than those in the astral plane. The primary goal of the manipulators in the mental realm is to control human beings, and their primary means for attaining this control is to make human beings believe in ideas. 

The ideas of the manipulators in the mental realm

There are many types of ideas promoted by the manipulators in the mental realm. There are the more obvious ones, such as a particular religion, philosophy, branch of science or political ideology. There are also some very subtle ideas that are not generally recognized as a particular philosophy. The most subtle idea promoted by the manipulators in the mental realm is the concept that the ends can justify the means.

The manipulators have defined the epic struggle between good and evil, in whatever form good and evil are presented by a particular thought system. It follows from this that there is an overall end that needs to be achieved. This might be the establishment of an ideal society through a particular political ideology or even an economic philosophy. It may also be the establishment of God’s kingdom, either here on earth or in a higher realm, where all people have been saved and have entered that realm, rather than going to hell. Whatever the particular form may be, the idea is that the establishment of this ideal condition is more important than the individual human being. There is an overall, collective goal that is more important than the individual human being. In its extreme form, this means that it is acceptable to kill individual human beings in order to achieve the collective goal. In more milder forms, you see societies that use various forms of force or control on individuals in order to achieve the collective goal. 

There are many who will say: “But is it not necessary to keep the individual within the boundaries of the collective?” Well, yes and no. The manipulators create a condition, and then they present themselves and their ideas as the savior that can save people from the condition they have created. It is true that the human ego and the separate self can create chaos that makes it impossible to maintain a society. It is often portrayed by various philosophies that you only have two options: either you have a controlled society, or you have the total chaos of anarchy. These are not the only two options. They are the only two options in a dualistic system defined by the manipulators, but they are not the only options. 

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Whenever you have two people together, a whole is created that is more than the sum of the parts. This is a basic idea that it is important to understand. You are created as an individual being. You have a higher individuality anchored in your higher self and you have individual free will right now focused in the Conscious You. You have an outer self, your four lower bodies, that may have a personality that differs from the individuality in your higher self. 

The whole idea of co-creation is that you are not a separate being. You are a co-creator. This has two aspects: the Alpha, the Omega, the vertical and the horizontal. The Alpha is that you are a co-creator with your higher self and with the beings of higher awareness who created the earth; the Omega is that you are a co-creator with other co-creators. You have individual, co-creative abilities. You can reach up to your higher self and allow it to express itself through you. You can be the open door for the higher self, and thereby you can co-create alone. Two people can create more together than any of the two could create alone. More importantly, what two people can create together is more than double what they could create alone. What three people could create together is more than triple what they could create alone. 

Vertical and horizontal oneness

“Whenever two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” These words were spoken by Jesus, but they are really an expression of the universal Christ mind, the higher awareness that multiplies everything. When two co-creators come together in harmony (because each of them has a certain connection to the higher self), then higher awareness will multiply their creative efforts beyond what they can bring forth directly from their higher selves. For this to happen, there must be a certain harmony between two or more people. This is why you get the consideration of the individual balanced with the collective. 

In the original design, the harmony between two or more people is not achieved horizontally; it is achieved vertically. If you have established a certain connection to your higher self, then you know that you are not a separate individual. You are part of a larger whole. If your partner in co-creation has also established that connection, then the two of you will know and experience a certain oneness between you. 

The horizontal harmony and oneness between you will be a natural effect of the vertical oneness. You will both be open doors for the flow of higher awareness. This flow, this River of Life, will ensure that there is balance between the individual and the collective. Once you have the vertical oneness, you do not have to use force to establish horizontal oneness or harmony. 

This is something that the manipulators cannot do because they do not have the vertical oneness, the connection to their higher selves. They have blocked that oneness, and their only way of achieving any kind of harmony is to achieve it horizontally. Of course, the manipulators are in the consciousness of separation. This means they can never come together with each other as equals. They are always playing the game of establishing a rank. There always has to be someone who is the leader, who is on top, who is the most powerful. 

This is a safety mechanism that makes sure that the manipulators could never take ultimate control over the earth. Whenever one dictator gains power, there is sure to be another who will oppose that first one so they can never really come together. You will see, for example, that even though Mao and Stalin were contemporaries and both claimed to be working for the spread of communism, they could not cooperate. This is the way it has always been with the manipulators. 

There may be temporary alliances where each believes they are getting something and each believes they are manipulating the other. This is not the kind of oneness that activates the flow of higher awareness. Even when the manipulators manage to cooperate, they can still only make use of the energies that are already in the material spectrum. They cannot activate the multiplication of the Law of higher awareness. 

Seeing through the perversions of the manipulators

The manipulators are not necessarily creating completely false ideas. They are often observing how things work, and then they are perverting them. Thereby, it becomes easier for them to fool the people on earth, especially those who have some higher understanding and connection. As a more aware person, it is relatively easy for you to see through a completely false idea. It is much more difficult to see through an idea that is a perversion of a true principle. 

You may have an inner, intuitive sense of the true principle, but your outer mind is not quite able to see how it has been perverted slightly by the manipulators. As an aware person, you have a deep, inner belief and knowing that it is constructive and necessary for you to come together with others. You have a deep belief in the collective and the need to establish some collective body on earth. You are relatively easily deceived by ideas that say that the interests of the collective should override the interests of the individual. 

As a more aware person, you are often willing to come into a spiritual movement and follow a spiritual teacher or leader. You can often see that, in order to achieve a goal (for example, removing war from the earth), you need to set aside some of your personal interests. This is natural and normal for you. What the manipulators are doing is a perversion of this inner knowing where they seek to force people to come together. This is not done with respect for your higher individuality. The whole idea of the manipulators is to get you to shut off the creative flow through you so that you are not freely expressing the energies from your higher self. You are only expressing energies in a perverted form. They have been lowered so that they are no longer vibrating at the level of love but now vibrating at the level of fear. 

When you are connected to your higher self, you have no need to force, you have no need to suppress your individuality. You may still, as an aware person walking the path, need to suppress certain aspects of the outer personality, the outer self, the separate self, but you do not need to suppress your higher individuality. The manipulators want you to suppress that individuality. In some cases, they want you to also suppress the human individuality, but in other cases they actually encourage people, at least some people, to express that human individuality. This depends on what they are seeking to achieve. 

The whole idea of the manipulators is that in order to achieve a collective end, you need to suppress your higher individuality because you need to live up to a standard that they have defined. You have an inner, intuitive sense that it is necessary to come together with others in a state of harmony. The manipulators use this intuitive sense, but they pervert it by saying that you have to submit to this outer organization or thought system. They are seeking to force people to come into a state of “harmony” through sameness. 

How the manipulators seek control through sameness

Sameness is not a goal of higher awareness. Each co-creator, each self-aware being, is created with a unique individuality. You are meant to expand upon that individuality and continue to do so until you reach higher awareness. You do not reach higher awareness by suppressing or destroying your individuality. It is not correct, as some spiritual teachings say, that the goal of life is to walk this difficult path until you reach nirvana, and then the self disappears and there is nothing left of you. This is not the goal of life. The goal of life is that you multiply what you have been given and expand upon that individuality until you reach higher awareness. You can then express that individuality in full measure. 

It is the manipulators who want you to believe that the goal of life is to destroy what you have been given. A few may believe this because they have an intuitive knowing that it is necessary for them to overcome the ego and the separate self, but that is not the same. The manipulators want you to believe that if all human beings entered nirvana, they would all be the same. The reality is that you would all be different, beautiful facets of the diamond of the mind of higher awareness, each shining with its own sparkle and radiance. 

The manipulators want people to become the same because then they are easier to control. If everybody is the same, then it is relatively easy to predict how everyone will behave and this is the basis for control. It is not that beings in the astral plane do not seek to control people. They do, but for them the purpose of controlling people is to either steal their energy or get them to destroy themselves and each other. In the mental realm, the manipulators seek to control people because it gives them a sense of power. They are addicted to having power. This is because you descend to the mental realm from the identity realm by lowering your consciousness. 

Why the power of the manipulators is limited

As you lower your consciousness, it is inevitable that you feel disempowered. This is one of the reasons the demons and manipulators in the astral plane have such anger because they constantly feel disempowered. They constantly feel at a deficit. Of course, when you go into the emotional octave, your consciousness is lowered even more than in the mental. That is why the beings in the emotional realm are so angry. They are angry because they have accepted that there is nothing they can ever really do to go beyond a certain level of power. They can seek to steal energy from human beings, but they know that they cannot rise beyond the vibrations of the emotional realm. 

The manipulators in the mental realm have not quite gotten to that point of accepting the limitations of their power. They are so deceived by the intellect, and its ability to reason for or against any idea, that they believe they can manipulate the universe into functioning according to their ideas. The beings in the emotional realm have given up this belief. They realize that there are certain things they cannot change so they seek to achieve power within the boundaries that they know are immovable. 

In the mental realm, the manipulators do not believe there are any boundaries that are immovable, any laws of nature that they cannot manipulate. They think everything is susceptible to being argued about, to being argued against. They think that if they can define the right idea, they can force the universe to comply with that idea. This is why they are willing to go to such lengths to force people to conform to ideas. It is why they have come up with the notion that establishing the dominance of a certain idea or thought system is so important that it justifies the killing of almost any number of human beings. 

The manipulators do realize that if they kill all human beings on earth, they will have no one to control and then they will have no sense of power. The manipulators in the mental realm do realize this. The manipulators in the emotional realm and the demons there do not realize this, and they have no limit to how many people they will kill. It is only a matter of what they can get people in embodiment to do. 

The manipulators in the mental realm do have a limitation, and that is why you will see that their goal is to establish the dominance of a certain thought system without going into the completely uncontrollable killing of human beings. Whereas the beings in the emotional realm will kill without reflecting upon it, the beings in the mental realm do have a desire, a philosophy or a goal to limit the human population. 

It is impossible to achieve total control

The beings in the mental realm are, first of all, concerned about controlling human beings. They walk a very uneasy balance because they face certain challenges to them establishing control. On the one hand, the more people that are in embodiment, the more people they can potentially control. This will give them a greater sense of power. On the other hand, they have experienced that the more people there are in embodiment, the more difficult it becomes to control them. There is always one or a few individuals who refuse to submit to their control. They are facing this constant challenge of how to control as many people as possible, while at the same time keeping the population at the level that they can control given their current power, which is to some degree dependent upon technology. 

They believe that with the advent of modern technology, they will have much better means for controlling a larger population. The mass media has been largely taken over by the manipulators, and they use it as a means for control. The educational establishments of the world have been taken over by the manipulators, and they use them as a platform for introducing the ideas that they think will allow them to control people. Whenever you go into duality, you can create an idea, but someone else will create an opposite idea. You now have two groups of manipulators who each believe that they are promoting the only true idea and that it is their job to destroy those who promote the opposing idea. 

Right there, you see how it is impossible for the manipulators to ever achieve the control that they are seeking to achieve. They, of course, do not understand this, and you would not be able to explain it to them. You will be able to understand it for yourself, and you will be able to explain it to other people who have some intuitive knowing. They just need to be given the right teachings in order to see the fallacy of the reasoning of the manipulators and the futility of their efforts to establish the ideal society through control. Control, truly, can never establish a permanent society on earth. 

In the past, you have seen certain empires that achieved a high degree of control for a time. You will also see that, for example, the Roman Empire was in a constant state of struggle. The same was true for the Soviet Union, and the same can be said to be true for the modern so-called capitalist societies. Communism was a thought system defined by the manipulators but so was capitalism. 

These are not the only two options for developing an economic theory. This should be seen by the fact that they are both elitist in nature. In a capitalist system, the established capitalists can control the economy and keep others down. In a communist system, this has simply been taken to the ultimate level where the state controls the economy. The small elite that controls the state controls society. The alternative is, of course, to have a critical mass of people who have established a connection to their higher selves and can serve as the open doors for bringing forth the ideas and the flow of energy from higher awareness. It is the one, indivisible awareness that is in control of the economy, and that way you will have sustained growth in a society. 

The Roman Empire faced a very difficult, or rather insurmountable, problem because they could only sustain themselves by continuing to expand their territory. There came a point where they could not expand any more, given the technology of the time. The size of the earth is adapted to making it impossible for the manipulators to take complete control here. No matter what technology you develop and how good communications technology you have, you will not be able to control the entire earth. Through higher awareness, you do not need to control from a horizontal level because you have oneness at a vertical level, which makes control unnecessary. 

Doing what is best for you

You do not need to control people if they know that what they are doing together is what is best for them individually. People will do what is best for them. One can say: “If people knew better, they would do better.” When they know what is best for them, they will do it. 

The essential problem of the manipulators is that they do not want people to do what is best for them. They want them to do less than what is best for them so they can take advantage of them. Right there, you have the central dynamic faced by the manipulators in the mental realm. They need to fool people in order to maintain control. Therefore, they need to keep coming up with ideas that can fool people. 

The problem they face is that when an idea is implemented, (as, for example, you saw with communism), all of a sudden it faces the test: “Can it create a sustainable society?” If the idea is out of touch with the oneness of higher awareness, then the society cannot be sustainable, as you saw with communism, as you saw with the Roman Empire, as you have seen with other dictatorships. You will also see this with the modern democracies with their so-called capitalist free-market economy, which is not free. 

There will be limitations. The second law of thermodynamics will do its work and break down all structures in closed systems. A closed system is one that does not have the flow of higher awareness. Any system created by the manipulators cannot, by definition, have a flow of higher awareness. 

How can a system be sustained over time? Only if you can manage to get people who still have some flow of energy from their higher selves to believe in the system. When these people believe in the system and see it as a benign goal, they will feed their energy to the system. This can uphold the system for some time. 

Exposing the deceptions of the manipulators

That is why it is important for you to use these teachings to free yourself so that you do not believe in any of the ideas and systems created by the manipulators. You do not give your energy to sustaining them. It is also extremely important for you to make the calls for other people and the general population to be cut free from the lies and deceptions of the manipulators. It is important for you to make the calls for the entities in the mental realm to be bound, consumed and taken from the earth. It is important for you to make the calls for the judgment of the manipulators in the mental realm so that they can be taken from the earth, and the earth can be freed from the weight of these beings. It is also important for you to make the calls for the judgment of those human beings in embodiment who are completely taken over by the manipulators in the mental realm and will not let go of this. There are people who need to be removed from the planet in order for the earth to rise to a higher level. Making calls for this is lawful according to the Law of Free Will when your calls are based on the vision of higher awareness and not the vision of your outer self.

It is also important for you to make the calls for the exposure of the lies and ideas presented by the manipulators and also for the exposure of the institutions that have become dominated by the manipulators. The media establishments all over the world are largely dominated by the manipulators and their ideas. This does not mean that the media is not “free” in the sense that it is independent of political parties or political ideologies. In many parts of the world, there are some very subtle ideas that are dominating the thinking of people in the media world. This is not here promoting a conspiracy theory. Of course, you can look at who owns the mass media and see that there are a few people who own the media in the so-called free world, but this is not talking about a small group of people who can control everything. 

This is where there is a problem with most conspiracy theories. There is a limit to how much physical control you can establish, and the manipulators in the mental realm realize this. That is why they are seeking to control people through ideas, and this can be very effective. For example, there are many of the nations in Europe where, not so long ago, most journalists were educated in institutions that were dominated by a dialectical mindset. This was not necessarily openly communist or Marxist, but it was based on a certain mindset of needing to always be critical of everything and to only accept what could be proven with material means. This neutralized the intuition of these journalists. 

The limitations of the intellect

Very few people have understood the nature and the limitations of the human intellect. The manipulators in the mental realm have understood this. They have understood how to take advantage of it when it comes to controlling human beings. They have not understood how their own intellects are controlling themselves, and you could not make them understand this. 

The intellect is a relative faculty. You can come up with an argument with the intellect, but you can always come up with a counter-argument. How do you then get anywhere? How do you know what to do, how to act? There are people (and some of them are sitting in educational institutions around the world, being the intellectuals and the scientists) who are paralyzed by their intellects. They are so good at arguing for or against, arguing both sides of the issue, that they do not know what to believe, or what is true. They are paralyzed and can do nothing. The question is: “How can you actually get anything done in a society dominated by the intellect?” 

You can when you have an overriding idea that people have been programmed not to question. This creates a filter so that the people say: “But this we know is real so this we do not need to argue against with the intellect. The arguments that go against what we know is real, we can push aside and ignore.” What does this do? It gives an incredible control to those who have defined the standard for evaluating ideas, the standard that you use to say what we need to question and what we do not need to question. Who do you think has managed to define these standards around the world? Well, the manipulators, of course. How could you ever free yourself from the influence of the manipulators once you have gotten into this system? You could do so only by questioning what you have been programmed not to question. 

Many people are not able to do this, but if you got the idea that you needed to question the establishment, then how would you really do so? You could easily go into the closed circle of the intellect and just come up with arguments without having anything decisive. This is partly what happened to the youth movement, the protest movement, in the 1960s. They were based on the idea that they needed to overthrow the old authoritarian control of educational institutions. Once they started dismissing some of the old established ideas, they came up with so many different counter-ideas that they did not know what to believe, what to accept or what to act upon. 

Escaping the quicksand of the intellect

What is the only way out of this closed circle of the intellect? It is to use your intuitive faculties to establish a connection to your higher self and the beings of higher awareness. When you have a direct mystical experience, you experience that there is something that is real. You may very well experience that there is a state of consciousness that is more real than your normal state of consciousness. That is how you know there is something that cannot be controlled by the intellect and the manipulators. There is a reality beyond the mental level. Only by connecting to the reality that is beyond the mental level, will you be able to free yourself from the control at the mental level. Is this not obvious? 

If it is not, then consider what happens if you fall into a hole of quicksand. You are floating in the sand. There is absolutely no firm point that you can hold on to and pull yourself out of the sand. The more you struggle, the deeper you sink. The only way out is that someone outside the quicksand throws you a rope so that you have a firm point to hold on to, which then allows you to pull yourself beyond the quicksand. If you do not have that, you cannot escape the quicksand of the intellect. It has never been done, even by the biggest intellects on the planet who, in most cases, have been manipulators. It is only through a direct experience that connects you to higher awareness that you can escape the quicksand created by the manipulators in the mental realm. 

There is no other way. You may feel something in you that says: “But there must be another way. There must be a way to come up with an ultimate argument.” Here is where you need to be very careful. You have an intuitive sense and the manipulators will pervert it in order to trap you. You have an intuitive sense, as an aware being, that there is something that is real. Once you have an experience that there is something beyond your normal state of consciousness and that this something is more real, then you have a rope that you can use to pull yourself up. What the manipulators will do is to pervert this sense that there is something that is real by saying: “There must be an ultimate argument that can convince all people that this idea is right.” 

One could say that giving you teachings expressed in words is almost confirming the idea that there must be an ultimate argument. The purpose of giving you teachings in words is, of course, to give you a teaching that can explain something that cannot be explained by traditional religions or materialistic philosophies. Take note that there is no claim that the teachings in words are the ultimate truth or the absolute truth. You should  never turn these teachings into an end in themselves. You use them as a springboard for gaining the direct, inner, intuitive experience. 

The outer teachings are not an end in themselves; they are a ladder that you can climb until you have a direct experience of higher awareness. If you allow the teachings to become a substitute for the direct experience, you have abused the teaching and done exactly what the manipulators in the mental realm want you to do: Turning them into an end in themselves. The whole idea of taking higher awareness teachings and turning them into a religion and then going out using them as a weapon to fight other religions, is not coming from the beings of higher awareness. It is coming from the manipulators. 

The outer teachings represent the rope that higher awareness is throwing down to you. You can grab on to it and use it to pull yourself beyond the quicksand of the mental realm. You can pull yourself beyond the lies and the deceptions promoted by the manipulators. This is the only way that human beings can escape the deception and control at the mental realm. The only way to escape it is to find some teaching that helps you attain the inner, intuitive experience that there is a reality that cannot be manipulated by the manipulators at the mental level. 

Going beyond a materialistic explanation

It is certainly a hindrance to the growth of this planet and the removal of war on this planet that there are so many of the most aware people who, during their education in universities around the world, have been programmed to accept certain dualistic ideas without ever questioning them. One of the most important lies spread by the manipulators over the last couple of hundred years is the idea of finding a materialistic explanation for everything and accepting only what can be proven through material means. Just look at how many scientists and educators are caught up in this idea and dare not question it. 

An offspring of it is the idea that science does not need to seriously investigate the human mind, to investigate consciousness. This has been invalidated by quantum physics, which has proven that consciousness plays a role in the very fundamental processes that create the matter world. Despite this discovery by quantum physicists, scientists at large have not accepted the consequences and accepted that it is essential to study consciousness in order to reach a new level of scientific inquiry. The manipulators have managed to keep the educational establishments around the world trapped at a certain level. Scientific inquiry cannot rise beyond a certain point because it is held back by this idea that consciousness can only be subjective and that only materialistic proof can be objective. 

First of all, nothing will ever be objective if it involves a human mind when that mind is trapped in duality. You can achieve objectivity through higher awareness, but it must be noted that even this objectivity will be individualized. This is not a problem because your higher individuality is a facet in the diamond mind of higher awareness. Higher awareness has created innumerable self-aware extensions of itself. They each have a unique individuality, but they do not clash or cancel out each other. 

This may seem almost impossible to fathom to the human mind. A crude illustration is that you have billions of stars in the physical universe and that they can engage in the complicated dance of galaxies without destroying each other or the universe. You do see stars that merge. You see stars that enter a new phase. Consider that you do not see conflict at the cosmic level because there is enough space in the universe for all of the stars to co-exist. Obviously,  this is a crude illustration and you can argue against it, but those who are willing can see the greater point. Higher individuality does not create conflict between individuals. It is only the separate self that creates conflict. When people attain a measure of higher awareness, they can work together in harmony without becoming the same, without having to control each other or to conform to a standard established by the manipulators. 

What do you see if you look at the educational establishments of the entire world? What are they, really? Many want to believe that they are institutions for spreading knowledge. You are supposed to go to a university, and you attain knowledge that gives you a foundation so that, when you become a scientist or researcher, you can take science higher. You can take scientific inquiry to a new level. 

If you look at what is happening in the field of science and technology, you will see an almost exponential growth in knowledge. You will see the development of new technology, new methods. If you step further back, you see that this growth in knowledge and technology happens within certain strict boundaries. These boundaries are the effect of the fact that the educational establishments of the world are not institutions for spreading knowledge but for filtering knowledge. The educational establishments of the world are based on the very subtle notion that there is a standard for what is valid knowledge and what is invalid knowledge and that this standard has to be defined in materialistic terms. 

How materialistic science is fundamentally flawed

The flow of energy in the universe starts in the realm of higher awareness, then goes into the identity octave, then the mental, then the emotional, then the physical. If you have a scientific and educational establishment based on the idea that only what is proven with materialistic means can give you valid knowledge, then is it not obvious that this science has limited itself in a fundamental way? Only when energies have come into the physical frequency spectrum can they be detected by materialistic instruments. Science in its current form has limited itself to explaining everything that happens in the material world based on observing what has already come into the material frequency spectrum. 

This would be comparable to scientists studying and seeking to explain the content of a movie by only studying the movie screen. They would refuse to consider that the images on the movie screen could be projected from somewhere else. They would refuse to go to the projection room and look at the film strip. They would refuse to go even further back and look at the director and the script writer who came up with the idea for the movie. Is it not obvious that this is a tremendous limitation of the potential of science? 

You cannot understand the cause of war by looking only at the physical level. The causes of war start at the identity level, take a more concrete form at the mental and an even more concrete form in the emotional. Only then do they break through to the physical. The same happens with disease, the same happens with bringing forth abundance. If you want to cure disease, you need to look at all of the four lower bodies of a human being. If you want to bring forth greater abundance and eradicate poverty, you need to start researching the flow of energy through all four levels and finding ways to make better use of it in order to bring more energy into the physical spectrum. 

There is a limit to how much abundance can be brought forth through technology, material technology. There will come a point where the only way to bring forth more abundance is to bring more energy into the physical spectrum. This can be done only through the minds of human beings, not through a technological, mechanical device. The only way to increase the level of abundance on earth is that a critical mass of human beings in embodiment raise their consciousness so they can become the open doors for the flow of creative energy. 

How the manipulators act as substitute teachers

These are the illusions that need to be punctured so that people in the scientific and educational establishments can awaken and cry out: “But the emperor has nothing on. The emperor of materialism has nothing on.” These are the things that you need to be aware of, that you need speak out about and that you need to make the calls about. Then the beings of higher awareness can step in and bind, consume and remove the energies, the entities and the manipulators in the mental realm. Right now, they are there as substitute teachers, and they cannot be removed until they are no longer needed because a critical mass of people have learned the lesson in a positive way. 

There are manipulators in embodiment. Let us, again, use the obvious example of Adolf Hitler. He was in essence a substitute teacher. He was meant to act out a certain state of consciousness to such an extreme that people could finally see that this was too much. How could such a person be removed from embodiment? Only when a critical mass of people in embodiment had learned the lesson so that they could speak out against and explain the fallacy of that state of consciousness through a positive awareness. If people do not have a positive awareness that a certain state of consciousness needs to be transcended, then the substitute teacher comes in to act out that state of consciousness to such an extreme that people can see it that way. When enough people internalize the lesson and now can expose that state of consciousness through a positive awareness, then the substitute teacher is no longer needed. 

This is the reality faced by the beings of higher awareness. They have so many situations where they see that humankind needs to come up to a higher level in some area. They are always watching the balance here. Is there a critical mass of people who are willing to learn the lesson and internalize the lesson into their consciousness? If there is not, then they must stand by and watch how the manipulators in the three higher octaves manage to take over the mind of some person in embodiment so that the person becomes the substitute teacher who can act out that state of consciousness to an absolute extreme, thereby making it – hopefully – visible for more people.

Learning through the school of hard knocks

The beings of higher awareness would love for people to learn in a less dramatic and painful way. They would love to have avoided the pain and wounds created by Nazism. They had a plan that was able to achieve this, but there were not enough people in the 1920’s and 1930’s who responded to those ideas. Therefore, this could not be avoided. The beings of higher awareness are hoping that this will begin to change in this age so that a critical mass of people will respond to higher ideas. Then we can avoid a third world war that could otherwise become a very painful substitute teacher for humankind. 

The beings of higher awareness can only give ideas and then allow free will to do its work. Then, they must stand by and allow human beings to learn the way they need to learn, be it through higher awareness or the School of Hard Knocks. 

The School of Hard Knocks is a very effective teacher. If you do not get the lesson the first time, the second knock will become harder, and the third will become even harder. There will come a point where the knocks become so hard that very few people can ignore them.