No more war on the Korean Peninsula

There are manipulators both in and out of embodiment who believe they have control over the earth. They believe that whatever can happen, they can control it and nothing can really surprise them. When enough people unify through their individuality and when you unify with higher awareness, then the manipulators will not be able to control it. It will be a factor that they cannot deal with because there is no way to control it from their level of consciousness and they are not willing to transcend their level of consciousness.

Even if they were willing to transcend their level of consciousness, there, of course, would not be a way to control the flow of higher awareness. For it is entirely within the Law of Free Will that a group of people stand up and say: “No more, we do not accept this manifestation in the physical realm.” Therefore, you can affirm that there shall never again be war on the Korean Peninsula.

There are those who will say that these are empty words, but they are not empty when they are endowed with the fire of your heart. Those, of course, who do not recognise the fire of the heart will not be able to see why the words are not empty. Let them have their way, let them go their way, and you go the higher way of oneness. Oneness with each other and oneness with the bings of higher awareness whereby we will change the earth so that those who will not come up higher will have to go to another planet.

Therefore, this planet will be free from the consciousness that has caused so much division, so much conflict, so much warfare. It shall be no more on the Korean Peninsula, and therefore those people who are trapped in the warring consciousness have a last opportunity to let go of that consciousness.