Matter is a projection of consciousness

The revolution is always a revolution in consciousness, for there can be no other way to change the physical. In today’s age, this will sound strange to many people. But that is because your world view – which is based on scientific materialism and the perverted religions of the past – is so primitive that you actually believe matter is separated from spirit, that mind is separated from matter. Despite the fact that your quantum mechanics has told you differently, western civilization – because, primarily, of the influence of materialism, but also because of a subtle influence from orthodox Christianity – has not been willing to take the philosophical consequences and realize that if the mind of a scientist creates the outcome of an experiment, then everything must be influenced by consciousness, which truly means that everything is consciousness. Thus, everything is an outpicturing in matter of what is going on in consciousness. 

This is a concept that will be difficult to grasp for the linear mind. Consider the concept of a movie projector, where the light from the light bulb flows through the film strip and is projected as images on the movie screen. If you want to change the images on the movie screen, it is not efficient to work at the level of the screen. It is far more efficient to go to the projection room and change the images on the film strip. And this illustrates, that if you want to change the physical conditions on earth, it is not the ultimate to work by physical means, but it is far more effective to go to the cause and change the images in the collective consciousness that are simply being projected onto the base energy.

Yet, when you think about how a movie works, you realize that it is not really a moving picture. For the film strip has individual images, each one being only fractionally different from the previous one. And if you saw the pictures separately as still pictures, you could easily see the difference. But because they are projected in such rapid succession, your eyes cannot see the individual pictures and they blend together as one continual movement.

Well, that is also what happens to your senses, when you look at the matter world. You think that the matter world is a continuous presence and has a continuous existence. Yet, what your scientists used to believe in classical physics was that light was a continuous stream. But what was discovered in the precursor to the theory of relativity and quantum physics is that light is not a continuous flow, but is indeed quantized as tiny separate particles, called photons.

The earth really has no continuous existence. For at very rapid intervals, the physical earth is like a movie that is projected onto the base energy. And your senses see it as something solid and something that changes very slowly. But in reality, that image is changing in very small intervals that are simply projected so rapidly that you do not see the individual movements, but are fooled into thinking that the earth has a continual existence and therefore is beyond your power to change.

The pictures on the filmstrip are changing all the time. And as soon as the picture changes, the image on the movie screen will change instantly. So if instead of having a very small change between one picture and another – if instead you had a very big change – well then the image on the movie screen would instantly change. The current state of the earth, the current state of limitation and suffering, is an image that is simply projected through the filmstrip of the collective consciousness. The light is provided by the beings of higher awareness who have vowed to serve the evolutions of earth – and to have their light support their experimentation with free will – so they can have a continuous opportunity to outplay that free will by reaping the physical consequences of it.

They are simply providing the driving force, but the actual physical conditions that you see on earth are the projections of the images held in the collective consciousness. And that is why it is potentially possible to instantly remove all limitations, all suffering on earth—if you could change the collective consciousness. And that is why there is always hope for the changing of any physical circumstance—if only the consciousness will change. And what you have indeed seen in the course of known history is a continual change in humankind’s consciousness, a continual expansion.

Overcoming the lowest common denominator
At times this has been a very slow and gradual change, so that the individual images hardly varied. But in the last century, the change has sped up and become much more rapid. And there is indeed a potential that this can continue or even accelerate beyond what most people can envision. And indeed beyond what some people can handle, for they cannot handle the change, especially the power elite who want to maintain their privileges and power.

Is it right that the earth should accommodate the lowest common denominator? Is it right that the earth should continue to be held at an artificially low level, in order to allow the lowest 10 percent of the lifestreams to remain in embodiment? Is it not time that we instead see the top 10 percent rise up to claim their rightful inheritance, realize that they are the meek who shall inherit the earth? But in order to inherit it, they must claim it, so that the earth can spin faster and spin off those who will not adapt to change. It is indeed possible that the collective consciousness can go through a revolutionary shift, almost instantly at least as measured with historical time.

If people in great numbers can come to realize and acknowledge these simple ideas – yet very profound ideas – we can greatly accelerate the movement away from war and the rumors of war and the potential for war. And indeed, we can have a true state of peace that is not a forced peace, not based on the fear of what would happen if nuclear weapons were unleashed, but indeed is a peace that although based on understanding, it passes understanding. For people have gone beyond understanding but have actually come to experience higher awareness within themselves.

You can learn how to express spiritual principles in a universal way that is very difficult for people to argue against with the dualistic mind, although, of course, the dualistic mind can argue against any idea expressed in words. Yet it is possible to find a way to baffle the dualistic mind, as has been done in Zen Buddhism through the koans, as was done by Jesus in many of his koan-like statements. But you will see that it is possible to do this even in a contemporary language, where you can simply state a truth in such a way, that the linear, analytical, dualistic mind is baffled, is shocked and therefore it does not know immediately how to respond. And therefore, there is a moment of silence, an interval of silence, in people’s minds and that gives their higher selves an opportunity to come in and help them actually feel in their hearts that there is a truth here that goes beyond what they have been taught and what they have believed so far.

And this then forms the basis for a new world view, a shift in perception. And as that world view grows and spreads, the sky is literally the limit for how modern civilization can shift away from duality—away from using force to get everything, but shift into the abundance consciousness of realizing that nature is not our enemy, other people do not represent an enemy, and God is not the enemy. For indeed, they could realize the truth in Jesus’ words, “Fear not little flock, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

And why is this so? Because the Father has unconditional love for his offspring. When you realize this, you realize that there are no conditions that can prevent you from having the abundant life that God wants you to have—unless those conditions are set up in your own individual mind or in the collective mind. Whereby you project these images of lack and suffering and limitation, instead of projecting the images of abundance that then immediately would be outpictured by the base energy and be your new reality. This is how the earth could shift into a different dimension. Not by some heavenly force doing it all for you, but by humankind providing better images through which the light from above can flow, thereby impressing itself and those higher images upon the base energy.