Materialism is an exploitative ideology

When you have an entire society that is based on an idea, and when this idea is more important than the individual, be it the physical survival of the individual or the psychological well-being of the individual, then you have an abusive, exploitative society. Then, the population is being abused. Naturally, you can see societies where, if the people did not agree with a communist ideology, they would be sent to Siberia. Or if they did not agree with a Nazi ideology, they would be sent to a concentration camp. This is a more extreme form, but most of the people in democratic nations who claim to be free (and of the people, by the people and for the people), these people are being held hostage by a small intellectual elite who are fanatically promoting the idea of materialism and ignoring the fact that this does not promote the well-being of the population. These people are so fanatical that they are willing to actually exploit the people, abuse the people, in order to promote an ideology. This is very abusive and it is something that a democratic government has a responsibility to protect its citizens from. When you begin to recognize this, you can see the need to rethink the way we approach society. 

You can even realize that it is not a matter of thinking we have done wrong so far. It is a matter of realizing that the next logical step in this process of raising the collective awareness is that we step up and promote psychological welfare. In order to do this, we, of course, have to understand the psychology. In order to understand the psychology better, we have to overcome the unwillingness of materialistic science to seriously study consciousness, and to seriously consider how consciousness influences not only every aspect of our individual lives, but how the collective consciousness influences society as a whole. We must even explore the possibility that the collective consciousness may influence the physical, material universe. 

The hidden superstructure

By a subtle shift in the mindset, society can be free from the current stalemate and suddenly make leaps and bounds forward, also in the field of science. First of all, progress can be made in the field of psychology, of understanding what kind of beings we are, and what actually makes a person feel good about himself or herself. This can lead to much progress. What the more aware people need to realize is that behind this intellectual power elite that wants to promote materialism and behind the other power elites that seek power or economic control, there are energetic matrices or vortexes in the collective consciousness. 

There is a very, very powerful collective vortex that has been built, going all the way back to Aristotle, up through the Catholic era and into the scientific age where people do not want to look at the whole. This vortex prevents people from looking at the whole, either shutting down their minds or fanatically focusing on understanding certain details and thinking that we do not have to understand the whole, or it is too big for us to understand. This causes people to focus on the material world so they never have time to step back and ask these bigger questions, such as: “Why are we doing this, why are we continuing to do this even though we see that it is not working?” It prevents people from saying: “Now we have been doing this for some time, let us just step back and see what are the actual consequences? What is actually happening as a result of this approach to science and reality? Have we really gotten closer to understanding the universe by looking at the details?” 

Opening for scientific progress

Since the advent of quantum physics, there has not been decisive progress in the field of science, and this should show you that science is focused in the wrong direction. You can also step back and say: “Have we actually achieved anything in terms of promoting welfare and happiness by all of our focus on details and technology and the material world? Have we made people happier by seeking a material explanation for everything?” It is not difficult to see that we have not, and thus could there be something missing in our approach? 

This is not saying that science is completely wrong for focusing on details. Focusing on details is the omega aspect of doing science, and focusing on greater structures, focusing on the whole, focusing on patterns, is the alpha aspect of doing science. What the manipulators have managed to make people do is to forget about the alpha aspect of science by saying that this falls under the area of religion and all you get through your intuition is just superstition, it cannot be proven. 

If you take an old-fashioned newspaper photograph of a rose, by looking at the individual dots, you cannot prove that they make up a rose. By looking at subatomic particles alone, you cannot prove that they make up a universe. Yet you observe with your consciousness that there is a universe. There is a whole but you cannot prove this by looking at the details. All people have the ability to look at a whole, and this is in fact the entire purpose of doing science: not to understand every detail, but to understand the whole. You cannot understand the whole by looking only at the details. You must step back, you must use the intuitive abilities to look at patterns, to put them together and to see the whole. 

The ability to look at the whole can also be manipulated by the manipulators and that is what they attempt to do by creating these ideologies. What is the purpose of most of the ideologies you have seen in this world? They all claim that the purpose is to bring forth some ultimate truth about how the universe works. This is complete propaganda. This has nothing to do with reality. The purpose of the manipulators is to actually present a false theory, a false whole, and say this is how the universe should work, this is how the universe works, and then get people to focus on the idea instead of using their ability to look at how do things actually work. Does the economy work like the capitalists say or like the communists say? Or does the economy work in and entirely different way? Well, it is the same with everything.

What needs to truly happen in society, and what is close to actually beginning to happen, is that more and more people need to step forward and question and say: “Why have we taken the approach that we first create a theory of how we think the world works and then we attempt to prove or disprove the theory? This might have been useful at the time where we had more primitive scientific tools than we have today, but today, we can actually make a leap where we shift into not focusing on the theory, but we focus on observation of how things actually work. We do not observe only the details, we also look at the whole, at the connections, at the bigger picture.”