Manipulators are not the fittest and thus cannot survive

Let us look beyond the concrete situation in South and North Korea or even other Asian countries. You can look back in history and realize that the situation you have right now in South and North Korea is not actually unique in history. The outer characteristics may be unique, in the form that you have a communist system in North Korea and you have the business conglomerates in South Korea, but if you look behind the concrete specific situation, you see a pattern that can be seen in many previous ages, not only in Korea but in many of the nations in east and South East Asia. You will see that many of these past societies had a very high level of organization, also had a high level of corruption. They also were very hierarchical societies that gave special privileges to a very small elite at the top of society.

There is a certain awareness in the souls of all people that life is supposed to be a certain way and that there are certain manifestations that are not supposed to happen. Of course, one of these subconscious aspects of awareness that are found in all people is that the essence of life is free will. The essence of growth is that you exercise choices but in order to exercise choices, you have to have options. If you live in a society where you are born into a certain station in life and if your parents were peasants, you have no option other than to become a peasant, then the soul will know that it has not been given, by its society, the proper options for exercising its free will. There simply isn’t the freedom, the availability of options, for the soul to choose a path in life that will lead it to maximum growth in that lifetime. Instead, the soul only has the option to mechanically fulfil the station defined by society and this does not lead to maximum growth. The soul knows that this is not right.

What you see is a very strange phenomenon in such societies. Those who are at the lower levels of society come to the acceptance that there is nothing they can do within the structure of that society. They need to accept their station and although they are dissatisfied with their station, they cannot see how to revolt. Then you see a certain middle class of people who feel that they have an opportunity to exercise certain options. They have certain options available to them for improving their lot in life. They cannot do this by working within the official system, even though they have a certain station in life. Even if they carry out that station to the best of their ability, they have no possibility of advancing to another station. They can only live the life that their station defines by following the official rules.

They see that, through corruption, they can change their lot in life within certain boundaries. They might get more money than they get paid by the state in that society so they can live a more comfortable lifestyle for themselves and their family. They might be able to give certain favours to certain people who can give favours to them or their family. There is a strange phenomenon where people’s natural drive to improve their lives can only be expressed in these hierarchical societies through corruption. This is something that then deceives the middle class of the people into thinking that this is not so bad after all and therefore they also have no drive to reform the system.

When you go to the highest levels of society − the elite that is sanctioned by the system itself (whatever the system may be) − you see that some of those are actually also deceived into using corruption to improve their lives. Others of them are, of course, manipulators. Anytime you have a highly structured society, a hierarchical society that has a small elite at the top of the pyramid, then you will have manipulators who occupy all of the top positions. We might say that those in the top ten percent of the ruling elite in society will be manipulators. This, of course, must not be confused with when we talk about the top ten percent as the aware people who have the highest level of psyco-spiritual development. We are talking about those who are on top of the pyramid in terms of exercising power in a particular society.

A hierarchy of manipulators running society

You have seen many societies in history where virtually all of the people in this ten percent of the ruling elite were manipulators. There is a peculiar phenomenon that takes places in such a ruling elite. The manipulators are beings who are trapped in narrow, fear-based self-interest. There are some manipulators that you can say they do not have a personal self-interest, in the sense that they are actually fighting for a cause or working for a cause. It is, of course, not the cause of higher awareness, not the cause of raising up all life. It is a cause, such as, for example, proving God wrong by causing destruction and by causing people to destroy their creativity and not exercise their Christhood.

There are also manipulators who have a certain desire to attain power, great power over others. Then, there are some manipulators who have a desire for great wealth, great privileges and a very comfortable, sensual, pleasure-based lifestyle. You can talk about roughly three classifications of manipulators: those who are working for a destructive cause, those who want power and those who want pleasure.

When you have a country where all three of these categories of manipulators exist in the ruling elite, then you will see a strange phenomenon where they work out a silent, unspoken agreement between them. There is an acceptance of a hierarchical structure. If there is a manipulator who is working for a destructive cause, then that being will always attain the top position. There is usually only one such being in embodiment in a given society, for they find it very difficult to coexist in the same society. There are few of these manipulators in embodiment at any given time, for many of them exist in the identity realm or even in some of the lower realms of the astral realm. There are few also in the mental realm.

When one of these beings is in embodiment in a certain society, it will always attain the top position because it has this unfailing belief in its right to rule and it is extremely aggressive and ruthless in destroying anyone who stands in its way and in the way of its cause. It is very rare that those who are below this manipulator in society actually believe in the cause, but they accept it because they see that they can use it to get what they want. This means that you have certain manipulators who want to exercise power and they realize they can get this power by playing along with the top manipulator who is working for a cause, thereby that manipulator, always a man, will give them power over others, the power they desire.

Then, there are the manipulators who want pleasure or money and they see that they can fall in line with the two classes above them whereby they will get privileged positions that allow them to get all the money they need to buy the pleasure they want. You see the formation of this silent, unspoken rank between the manipulators. This is something you can see in several modern societies.

One of the prominent examples is Germany in the 1930s where Hitler, of course, was the top manipulator who was working for his destructive cause. Then, below him were a group of people who had high positions in the Nazi party or in the armed forces and they were the ones who wanted power. Few of them truly believed in Hitler’s cause but they saw that if they supported him, as he needed to be supported, he would give them power over their area. Even though you had several manipulators who normally would have been in a rivalry to get absolute power, they were able to align themselves under Hitler and therefore stop their internal rivalry, put it aside, while he was there keeping them at bay. Beneath those manipulators, there was a class who took up positions in industry and business and banking, and they were the ones who wanted money to buy pleasure and privileges for themselves and their families.

Manipulators in Korea

You will, of course, see a similar pattern in other societies, but the most common pattern you find in most societies is one where there is not a manipulator who belongs to the class that is working for a destructive cause like Hitler. You find only one or several of the type of manipulators who want power for the sake of having power. In some cases, you will see that several of these beings can also create a rank between them so there is one at the top and others who put themselves underneath that one. You will also see in many cases that the manipulators who want power form different groupings, for example people who lead different corporations, different companies, who are in a certain state of competition.

Then, of course, you will in all cases see a group of manipulators who are simply in it for the money and the privileges and pleasure it can buy them. They are willing to do whatever those above them in rank tell them as long as they can get money. What you will also see is that, in some cases, the manipulators who want power can find a way to accept a certain rank or a certain position amongst themselves even when they are competing for power.

You will see in South Korea how some of the very powerful families behind the business conglomerates have been manipulators and still are manipulators in embodiment. They have found a way so that even though they are competing by making the same products, they are not directly seeking to destroy each other. They are accepting that they must all have a certain piece of the cake because they realize that instead of seeking to destroy each other so that one conglomerate takes over and eliminates or takes over the others, and therefore gains the top position, it is more important for all of them to maintain the current structure that allows them to take advantage of society and of the people. This way they can extract power and wealth beyond what they could achieve if they went into war with each other so that one of them would be destroyed and another would emerge as the only one.

Here, of course, you have the structure of certain people who want power but you do not actually have a manipulator at the top of North Korean society who belongs to the class that are working for a destructive cause. You actually have a being who belongs to the class that wants power, for he simply does not have the vision to even work for a particular cause, as there is no real cause that has meaning to him, not even communism or Marxism.

When you have this awareness and when you use it to do energy work, you will see that changes will begin to happen. Suddenly, the government of South Korea will begin to be more successful in reforming the big business conglomerates and creating a much more diversified economy. You will also see that gradually changes will begin to happen in North Korea where those who have power will start a greater rivalry amongst each other than you have seen so far. This is indeed one of the factors that could create change in North Korea by destabilizing the system so that there is no one who can maintain control over it. When the centralized control begins to slip away so that one person at the top and the few people that he trusts beneath him cannot maintain power, then you can begin to see changes happen.

A new type of business

Consider a vision of the type of businesses that you need to see emerge, not only here in South Korea but in many other nations in Southeast Asia and, of course, in all nations around the world. You have the theory of Charles Darwin about the emergence of life through a process of evolution that is based on survival of the fittest. We have before talked about the limitations of this theory but let us consider it again.

The basis for the theory of evolution is that all beings who live on earth must find a way to adapt to their environment. Those who are best at adapting to their environment, are the most fit and therefore they will survive. It is not that this theory is completely wrong in the sense that you do see this process taking place in nature. When it comes to human beings, it simply cannot explain the phenomenon that any astute observer can see in society.

The deeper reality is that the situation you have seen in many societies of the past is not a natural phenomenon that was created as the result of an unconscious evolutionary process. It was an unnatural phenomenon created through a conscious evolutionary process that was affected by the manipulators. The manipulators have created such a state of imbalance on earth and they have done this through their unbridled, unrestricted aggression, their willingness to exercise power and to destroy anyone who challenged them and to suppress or even destroy the people below them.

This has created a situation where you have had many societies in history, and you have societies today, where the only way to get ahead in that society is to be extremely aggressive and extremely ruthless. This is what you see in the emergence of communism in Russia where the Bolsheviks won the Russian Revolution because they were the most ruthless, the most willing to kill. They maintained their power and they maintained Russia as a communist nation because they had a virtually unlimited willingness to kill their fellow human beings.

You see also in the West, especially in America, how unrestricted capitalism can lead to the formation of these large corporations that seek to establish a monopoly. They are very ruthless in destroying any business that might compete with them or in suppressing new ideas and technologies that might challenge their monopoly position.

Flaws in the theory of evolution

When you look at this and compare it to the theory of Charles Darwin, anyone who is willing to look at reality can see that Darwin’s theory simply cannot explain this phenomenon. If you were to apply the theory to human society, then you must say that it is not simply the fittest, those who are able to adapt to their outer situation that will survive. It is the most ruthless, the most aggressive, the most destructive. Then you are left with a very delicate question of explaining how those who are the most destructive in the short run can be the ones who survive in the long run. This cannot be explained by the theory of adaptability and the survival of the fittest.

You are, of course, also left having to explain how an unconscious process of evolution based on random genetic mutations could create an entire class of human beings who are so ruthless that they are willing to kill such large numbers of their own species. How can this secure the survival of the species? How could this particular trait arise as a random genetic mutation and how could it be selected for survival for so long without eventually being selected out, as unable to secure the survival of the species?

The greater truth that you can, of course, learn from higher awareness is that the manipulators are not the most fit because they are adapting to a certain situation. They have actually created the situation in the past. They have created these societies where only the most aggressive can get ahead. They also have the ability to adapt to that situation because they still have greater aggression than the vast majority of the population who simply would never exercise this level of aggression in order to get a position in society.

Communism and capitalism are not natural or inevitable

This is an entirely artificial situation and therefore neither communism nor capitalism is an inevitable stage for society to go through. Neither is communism or capitalism justified by the laws of nature or by any other principle created by God or created by nature or defined by the laws of nature. It is an entirely artificial phenomenon that is created by a small elite and has only one purpose, namely to allow the elite to always maintain a privileged position at the top of society.

In the Age of Higher Awareness that we are rapidly moving into, this situation in society simply cannot survive. It cannot survive for a variety of reasons. Part of it is that the beings of higher awareness, the overseers of the evolution of earth, have decided that this will no longer be allowed. There are a great number of lifestreams who have volunteered to take embodiment at this time so that they, from their authority of being in embodiment, can recognize and accept and do energy work for this phenomenon to no longer continue. You can serve to be the physical anchor points for the judgment of the manipulators who are upholding this very unbalanced state in society.

Those who are astute observers will see that in the Age of Higher Awareness it simply will not be possible to get ahead in the global competition if you maintain a society that allows a small elite to take such power and such privileges away from the general population. Again, there is the necessity to find a new structure for society that is neither communism nor capitalism but transcends both. You have a broader form of ownership so that all people are sharing in the ownership of the means of production. They are not owned by a small elite of capitalists. They are not owned by the state. They are owned by all of the people who are giving their labour to produce what society is producing.

This can be done in various ways and higher awareness will find ways to bring forth the ideas to the people who have the knowledge to receive them and to implement them. You, as the more aware people, can do energy work for the clearing of the opposition to the descent of these ideas through the four levels of the material universe.

From survival of the fittest to prosperity of the kindest

In the Age of Higher Awareness you will see a great change in the international political and economic landscape. You will see that there will be a new current flowing. Those nations who can tune in to this current and make the necessary changes, will grow in political power and strength and in economic power and strength. Those nations who cannot or will not tune into this change, will decline in political, economic and military power. Even the nations who may seem to be very powerful today, will decline if they do not tune in to this.

You may look at what is considered by many to be the greatest, most powerful nation on earth, namely the United States. If the United States does not make progress in terms of tuning in to the golden age current, then you will, within two to three decades, see the United States lose its current position as the most powerful nation, economically, politically and militarily. You will see other nations emerge who know how to tune in to the new current and who are willing to implement it.

The main current that will dominate the Age of Higher Awareness is that a society serves its own people. This is the consciousness Jesus demonstrated. You recognize that you are part of the whole and that your enlightened self-interest is to raise up the whole, to serve all life. Therefore, you realize that the purpose of a society is to serve the people and allow those people to express their creativity.

Thus you can see now that for more than a century, the power elite in many societies have used Darwin’s theories to justify their power and their privilege. They have promoted the idea of survival of the fittest, but this idea is dead. Its time is up. It has long ago lost its usefulness, and in the Age of Higher Awareness, the idea of survival of the fittest will be replaced by another idea, namely, the prosperity of the kindest.