Liberating women from within

What is another aspect that is supressed in a system like communism? Well, it is: self-esteem. What is the subconscious, the subliminal message that is sent to all people by the communist system? It is, of course that the individual has no worth compared to the state, to the system itself.

This was brutally outpictured by Stalin who was willing to kill any individual. What Stalin did was to a large degree driven by his personal demons and his insatiable quest for power and his constant paranoia of fearing that his power could be challenged. This, by the way, is an inevitable companion of setting yourself up in a position like Stalin had done. He knew very well that he had taken power through force, and therefore he lived in constant fear that someone else would do to him what he had done to others. It can be no other way.

Communism and self-esteem

Yet the greater point here is that although Stalin’s brutal repression was not actually mandated or necessary based on the communist system or the communist philosophy, it is so that no people would freely and knowingly choose the communist system. Therefore, it always has to be forced upon them.

When you look at it from a greater perspective, there is, of course, a certain mindset behind it. What would be productive for the nations of Eastern Europe is, if they would begin to consider the universal elements, namely that there was a power elite behind the establishment of the Soviet Union and the communist system. This power elite had to force the people into submission and they used a certain state of consciousness to accomplish this.

One element of this consciousness is that the communist system, the communist doctrines, do raise up the state and the system to be superior to the individual. This, of course, is a characteristic you see in all of these systems and ideologies created by the manipulators. The Catholic Church was also clearly more important than any individual, for, after all, any individual was simply a sinner by nature and therefore by nature, imperfect. The message that is programmed into the people who live under a communist system is that you have no inherent self-worth. Your self-worth is defined by or is defined in relation to the state, to the system.

If you are part of the system, then you can gain a certain self-importance, a sense of self-importance. Now, we could argue that this is not true self-esteem because true self-esteem must come from within. Nevertheless, there are people in the communist system who gain this sense of self-importance by attaining a position in the system or maybe even by feeling that they are part of a great and powerful empire that is feared by other nations in the world.

During communism, many young people had been brought up, had been programmed, to feel inherently superior to people living in the decadent West.

This kind of self-importance could cause these young people to be perfectly willing to kill people in the West in a war. They did not truly look upon westerners as human beings, or at least they looked upon them as inferior to themselves, as almost non-humans who could easily be killed for the sake of spreading this communist system. There was no way to make these people see what had happened because they were not aware, of course that they had been programmed to have this response.

Confusion in the collective psyche

The communist system can have a dual effect. Those who accept, at least to some degree, the system, can build this sense of self-importance, this sense of being superior to those who are not in the system. They can even feel superior to their own family members who are not members of the party, or who are not believing communists. They certainly feel superior to those outside the communist system.

Now, naturally, there were more people in Russia who adopted this sense of superiority than there were in Eastern Europe, because clearly the nations of Eastern Europe experienced being suppressed by Russia. There was more of a tendency for the Russian people who were put in leadership positions, especially those who were meant to control these other Republics, that they developed this sense of superiority. There were still people in every nation of Eastern Europe who became part of the apparatus who developed this sense of superiority.

However, you have a majority of the people in Eastern Europe who did not develop this superiority because they did not buy into the system. They either did not believe in communism or they felt suppressed by the system. Therefore, even though in an outer way they complied with the system, they never fully accepted the system—they never believed. This meant that these people reacted in the other way, namely by feeling a lower sense of self-worth. They went into somewhat of a state of inferiority, of feeling that they were not important as individuals.

There is a certain confusion in the collective consciousness of Eastern Europe in relation to this. This comes in simply because many of the nations of Eastern Europe very well knew that before the war, and before the communist takeover of their country, they were more advanced, more progressive, more evolved than Russia. Many of the people who had interactions with Russians realized that most of the people in their own nations were actually at a higher level of consciousness, we might say a higher level of recognizing the common humanity, than many among the Russian people. We are talking here about averages. Certainly, there were advanced people in Russia as well. But there were not as many at the start of the Second World War because those who had a higher level of awareness, and had recognized a higher level of humanity, had already then literally been exterminated by Stalin’s henchmen.

Many of the nations in Eastern Europe realized that they were not inferior to Russia; they were actually superior to Russia. After the communist takeover, they were faced with the brutal reality that these people and this nation that they knew were in many ways inferior, now had control over their own nation. This created a certain confusion in the psyche of the nation of how this could happen.

This confusion is still there to this day. It is not something that there is an easy way for people to resolve through dialogue, but you, who are the more aware people, can work on this, for the consuming of these national energy vortexes that have been created as a result of this process. These vortexes are constantly beaming at the people in Eastern Europe that they are inferior, in one way or the other.

Naturally, there are many among the Russian people who have also felt inferior because they felt they had no worth to the system. Even in Russia there is a certain confusion: “How could we have this supposedly superior empire and yet the empire, the state, put no value on me as an individual? So how could I at one point, on the one side, feel superior to those outside the Soviet Union while at the same time feeling inferior to the state that claims to be my own state?”

Overcoming the lack of self-esteem

What would be constructive was if the nations of Eastern Europe could continue the process of looking at what was actually suppressed during the communist era and then recognize: “Our self-esteem was suppressed and how can we change this? How can we overcome this burden that many people still carry with them individually and that is certainly there in the national consciousness? Can we potentially step back, look at our country, look at our actions today, look at our attitudes? Can we discover that there are some actions we take today that are a result of our lack of self esteem?”

One example is Poland. In the last several years, under a new government, they have made many statements and taken certain actions that are aimed at boosting the self-esteem of the Polish people in relation to Europe. However, if the Polish nation would be able to step back from this, they could realize that this is not truly a desire to raise up Poland to its rightful place in Europe. It springs from this national sense of inferiority that was instilled during communism, and it is simply an attempt to compensate for this.

Unfortunately, this attempt has little affect because the nations of Western Europe tend to look at what Poland is doing as immature, and in a sense they cannot quite understand why Poland is being so forceful about this. It does not have the effect that the Polish government desires, and the reason for this is, of course that the Polish people can never gain self-esteem by being recognised by other nations. They can gain it only finding it within themselves, and this, of course, applies to every other people in Eastern Europe and the rest of the world.

What kind of beings are we?

The word “self-esteem” holds a key. Where can self-esteem come from? Well, only from the self—from within. This then, means that if the nations of Eastern Europe want to truly promote self-esteem among their people, they will have to do something that the West has not been willing to do. You have to recognize that many nations in the West are in a kind of vacuum, in a kind of stalemate, and are in certain ways paralysed because they have not resolved the enigma presented by traditional Christianity and scientific materialism.

The enigma of what kind of beings are you. Are you created by a God who, for inscrutable reasons, created you as sinners or are you the result of a process of evolution? Naturally, this enigma is also present in most European nations where you had the Christian influence: in many nations, the Catholic influence, and in some, the Eastern orthodox, and the others primarily Protestant. You nevertheless still had the Christian influence of sinners and then you have communism, which takes an entirely materialistic view, and therefore states that you are not spiritual beings.

What the nations of Eastern Europe could do was to say: “Well, the West has so far been afraid to tackle this issue. We do not have to be held back by this, perhaps we can do what the West has not been willing to do and perhaps we have a greater impetus because we have been so suppressed by the materialistic ideology of communism. Therefore, we need to step back from this and look at whether there is a different way to look at this question of what kind of beings we are than Christianity or materialism? Is there a universal alternative whereby we can resolve this enigma?

A universal approach to life

It will be quite possible to formulate such an alternative. It can be done in various ways, but certainly, in every nation in Eastern Europe and elsewhere, there are creative people who will be able to receive from higher awareness universal ideas adapted to each country and their culture that will help them actually establish and develop a new way to look at what kind of beings we are, what kind of purpose we have in life. Part of this is, of course that we are beings who actually have self-awareness and because we have self-awareness, we can step outside our normal everyday self. We can consciously decide to change, to improve, to raise ourselves up so that we become more aware, more evolved beings than we were before.

This, of course, is also the only true way to develop people’s creativity so that they can bring forth new ideas for the nation. Creativity can only come from within, but if you do not know what is within you, how can you truly connect to it and bring it forth? It is quite possible to come up with a philosophy that gives you a more universal view of what kind of beings you are, what kind of potential you have. It therefore demonstrates that there is a need to understand human psychology, the very factors in psychology that are holding us back from realizing our potential. How we can actually help our own citizens and also our children from an early age, develop their inherent creative potential.

For some nations, this will be a difficult process. Poland is one of the nations where this will be most difficult because of the very strong Catholic influence. There is right now a virtual battle going on where it is a question of: “Should the Catholic church in Poland claim the same dominant position in society that the communist party apparatus had before the fall of communism?” There are many who are aware this would not be a step forward, but there are also many who are so trapped in this that they think that this would actually be the right way to go for the Polish nation. Many of the nations in Eastern Europe have become so secular that there is not really a strong movement to re-establish Christianity as a dominant force in society, and therefore they will find it easier to look for this more universal perspective.

Truly, can it really be said to be too much to ask that a nation that has been suppressed by this communist, atheist, materialist force for so many decades, would step back and look at what kind of view of human beings was presented by the communist system? Therefore, is it not obvious that since this view was programmed into all of us from childhood, that it is still there and we need to make a conscious effort to take a look at it and say: “Is this really the view of humanity that we want to carry with us into the future.” If it is not, then we need to develop a new view. Of course, again, if you truly want to be free of the communist past, how can you be free of that past if you do not examine the very view of yourselves that was programmed into you by communism and consciously make a decision of whether you want to continue looking at yourselves and each other this way or whether you want to develop a higher way.

Since the fall of communism and even to some degree before, higher awareness has been sending these kind of ideas into the collective consciousness. They are already established in the identity, mental, emotional octaves. Right now we are at one of these crossroad points that determine the future developments. There is a potential that the Eastern European nations can go into being more aware of this, being more willing to debate this. Many of the creative people in society will suddenly, without any outer reason that they can pinpoint, see this idea and they will see that it is obvious, it is self-evident, we need to debate this.

Women and communism

You may say to yourself: “Well, which human characteristics have been suppressed by communism?” You could also ask: “Which humans have been suppressed by communism?” There is one group of humans that have been suppressed more severely than any other, and it is women. You must ask yourself honestly how the communist system looks at women. What was the image of women programmed into the collective and individual minds during the communist era? Then, you must examine: “Is this the image of women that we want to carry forward in our nation or do we want to find a different view?”

No nation in Eastern Europe will be able to free itself from the communist past through the efforts of men alone. It cannot be done and the reason for this is very simple. Just look at the Soviet Union, look at the party leaders, how many women were among them? You can recognize just from this very simple, undeniable fact that the communist system was based on a systemic suppression of women.

Then, you can ask yourself why this was so? It was done for a very simple reason that will be difficult to understand for secular people, but you, as the more aware people, can at least know this. It is because a long time ago the manipulators saw that it would be easier for them to manipulate men into going to war than to manipulate women into going to war. Therefore, they decided to create various systems that spoke to the superiority of men and therefore suppressed women.

Men love absolutist systems

Men are naturally a little bit stronger in the masculine, father element that is the outgoing and the desire to do something that has influence on society or the world. There is not inherently anything wrong with this, but when it becomes unbalanced, men can very easily be seduced into adopting the primary philosophy of the manipulators, namely that the ends can justify the means.

Therefore in order to establish a superior system (be it the Christian religion, the Muslim religion, the communist religion or whatever religion), it is justified to kill other human beings. Even if you take a secular view, it is not that difficult to see that the reason why the Soviet system had only male leaders was that there was something in the communist system that appeals to male psychology. It is not difficult to see that men can be more aggressive, more outgoing, more willing to suppress others even more willing to kill others. This can be seen throughout history.

This is not rocket science, as they say. It is just a matter of observing history and looking at it in a new way and recognizing that there must be something in male psychology that means that they can be seduced by these very aggressive, militant, absolutist systems that promise a better world but always somehow, even though supposedly everybody should want the better world produced by this system, still the system has to use violence to convince people they are getting a better world.

You can see very simply how the female psychology would look at this and it would say: “Well, if communism was really such a superior system, then everybody should want and it shouldn’t be necessary to use force to establish it.” Men cannot reason this way as long as they are unbalanced. They can, of course, when they achieve balance. If you had presented this argument to the Soviet leaders, they would have just swept it away as nonsense. Today, the nations of Eastern Europe are fully capable of recognising that the brutal suppression that they experienced from Russia was carried out by men, could only have been carried out by men. The reason for this is there are certain elements of male psychology that makes them vulnerable to being sucked into one of these systems. Of course, it could be necessary, then, to look at what elements are we carrying with us in the national psyche and what attitudes and subtle beliefs do men have that means that we are still carrying this with us?

Debating the roles of women

This can most likely be done by women, and that is why it is necessary for society to begin to debate the role of women. It is necessary to come to this brutal, frank open recognition that during the communist era, women were suppressed more than they ever should have been and it is necessary for our society to look at this and to make an effort to put it behind us. This, again, will require a process that has stages and can be done in different ways in different countries. Nevertheless, all countries need to go through this, of allowing women to have more of a say, of creating a situation where there is more open debate.

Again, you will see that generally women are more open to talking about issues and problems at the personal level than men are. There needs to be this new awareness that, to put it very simply, we cannot free ourselves from the communist past by the power of men alone. If we want to rise above the communist past, we need to give room so that the women can do this, can take our society into a new age, into a new way of looking at life. Women can be allowed to balance the unbalanced male propensities, especially towards violence, towards falling in love with ideas, towards having grandiose plans of doing important work in the world and being recognized by others.

Women do not need this when they are balanced, and therefore they can balance society when they are allowed to do so. You, as the more aware people, can make do the work and hold the vision that women will be emboldened to step forward. There are many, many women in Eastern Europe who are already prepared at the identity, mental and emotional levels, but they have not quite dared to bring this into their physical awareness and to act upon it.

These women can, by your help, suddenly awaken and realize this is my time to step forward: “This is my time to speak out because we have a mission here. As women in a former communist country, we actually have an important and essential mission to take our country forward, to take our country away from the past that was so dominated by men, where women were considered to be inferior, to be second-class citizens and where society did not value, and did not even understand, what women can add to society. We need to drive home this point that women have something of value to add to society and that a society cannot be balanced without equality among the sexes.”

There are some nations (Poland being one of them) that have this strong influence of the Catholic church, which of course has been putting down women longer than the communist systems have. There, you face an even greater challenge but, again, it can be necessary then to look at why is it that the Christian religion has promoted suppression of women? Of course, it goes back to Saint Augustine and this “brilliant” invention of the manipulators that you are all sinners by nature and that the fall of man was caused by women and therefore women cannot be trusted… blah blah blah! It can be necessary to look at this and say: “This no longer has a place in our time. It is outdated, it is obselete, it is pathetic, it is out. WE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS VIEW OF WOMEN ANY MORE!”

Liberating women from within

What will this require? You see already in many nations, including in the Western nations, where women have been speaking out against this discrimination and the suppression and putting down of women. In many cases, they have done this from a position of feeling inferior or having low self-esteem. You see sometimes some very unbalanced expressions of this, including the feminist movement in many Western countries where they basically want to force themselves into the same positions as men. You see many women who have attempted to gain position in the business community by being more male than the men, more aggressive, more outgoing than the men. This is, of course, not what higher awareness is looking for. This would not balance society.

It actually requires that women will be willing to do what many women are already willing to do: look for this universal view of human beings. Go within themselves and find the true self-esteem from within where they are not speaking out from a position of inferiority, they are not seeking to compensate for their own feeling of inferiority. They have been willing to do what women have a much greater potential to do than men, namely examine themselves, their own feelings, their own psychology and say: “Why do I feel inferior to men? That feeling is inside of me. Yes I know it was put upon me from an outside force but why have I accepted it? Why do I still accept it? Why do I allow this feeling to be inside myself? If I really look at it, if I really process it, then I can come to the point where I recognize that regardless of the outer programming I am NOT inferior to anyone because I am actually more than a woman, I am a universal being. I am just expressing myself through a female body in this lifetime but I am a universal being and I have no reason to feel inferior to anyone”.

Once you establish that self-esteem in yourself (which of course applies to all of you as more aware people if you are going to speak out in society), establish it from within, you are not coming out with this subconscious desire to compensate for your feeling of inferiority. You are not seeking validation from anyone.

Think about the irony of the women’s movement in the West. They have often sought to gain validation from men. If there is any attempt, any activity on earth that deserves to be called futile, it is to seek validation from the male ego. It is not the highest view of the feminist movement that you seek to come out with ideas and get them validated by men. It is a much higher potential that you go within, establish your true sense of self-worth and self-esteem and then you go out and you speak from the platform that you are not inferior to anyone. You are not superior either, but you have a realistic sense of who you are. You speak because you know that your ideas are based on higher awareness and they will carry weight in themselves. You actually know that there are some men who will recognize that these ideas are self-evident, they are obvious and therefore, as you continue to speak out, you will gradually build an understanding and a consensus.

Certainly, in the beginning you will encounter opposition from the male leaders of society but you do not need to change their minds, you just need to change the minds of a majority of the people in your society. Once you change the minds of the majority of the people, then you will either change the minds of the leaders or change the leaders. It can be no other way in a democratic society. The leaders will be an expression of the majority of the people, and therefore, if the majority of the people change their minds, then the leaders must follow.

A new form of democratic movement

You do not need to form a political movement in order to do this, you need to form a whole different kind of movement that first of all seeks to promote open debate, more so than seeking to promote particular political changes. In other words, instead of going directly to the political apparatus and demanding change, you approach it in a typical female way by talking directly to the people, building a new awareness, building a new consensus. Then, when the time is right, the political apparatus must follow suit or leave.