Let us rise above the fighting over land!

Unless some are willing to look at the beam in their own eye, to process through it, not only in your own consciousness, but in the collective consciousness of the continent, how shall the collective consciousness be raised? And if the collective consciousness be not raised, well then how shall we transcend the patterns of conflict and war that have torn apart this continent so many times in recorded history.

How can people claim ownership of land?

What is “my land?” Is it a physical manifestation, is it a physical place around which you can draw a border, or is it more than that? One of the major causes of war on this continent – and indeed throughout the world – has been the fact that so many people have allowed themselves to feel ownership of a piece of land. And in order to protect that land – or to expand it by moving a line on a map a few kilometers this way or that – they have been willing to kill untold numbers of their fellow men.

What folly is this, that human beings develop ownership of a piece of land and call it theirs? Does not the entire planet belong to the earth Mother? For is not the entire planet an out-picturing in form of the earth Mother herself? So who can draw a line on a map and say, “This is now our land. We own it, and if someone wants to move here, we will kill them before they kill us.”

Why does this sense of ownership develop? Well, there are two reasons, as there are two reasons for everything. One is the personal reason of the ego of each person that needs the sense of security and being in control. And when you feel that you have a piece of land that is yours, personally yours, and you can draw a border around that land, then you begin to think that no one can take it away from you, and so the ego feels secure and in control. And on a larger scale, a group of people will develop a national identity, draw a border around a piece of land, and then again, their collective ego will feel a sense of security and control.

But there is a greater issue behind the human, conscious level. Namely, the mental, emotional and identity – there are manipulators who are plotting to control this world, and control the people thereon. And how do they control the people on earth? Well, they do it primarily through the divide-and-conquer method, the divide and conquer philosophy, the divide and conquer strategy.

Truly, the people on earth are meant to manifest oneness through higher awareness. And when they do so, well there will be no room for darkness and duality on this planet. For how can there be warfare, when all people see themselves as one? Who can be foolish enough to see their right arm as an enemy, and cut off that right arm, when they truly realize the arm is part of their body and without it the body will suffer, potentially die?

You can only kill another human being when you do not see yourself as part of higher awareness and therefore cannot see other people as part of that same body. So in their strategy to prevent the emergence of the consciousness of Oneness on this planet, the manipulators have plotted to divide humankind.

And certainly, there are many ways they can do this, but one of the primary ways is precisely to divide them up in groups that live on a particular, well-defined piece of land with borders around it. And then make them believe that they have some kind of obligation to defend that land, or to expand it by killing other people when necessary.

How to look upon and deal with the power elite

This is one of the primary strategies of those who control humankind. It is not truly the power elite on earth who is consciously and deliberately doing this, for they simply do not have the sophistication or the awareness to plot such an overall strategy. And the reason is that those who are in embodiment are, of course, susceptible to the mechanism that when you are in a physical body, you experience everything from inside the material realm, and thus you lose the larger perspective.

So even though there are various power elite groups who are plotting behind the scenes, they do not have the awareness to consciously carry out the overall strategy hatched in the minds of those who are not in physical embodiment. Thus, the embodied power elites simply act as puppets on a string. They are pulled hither and yon by those beyond the physical whom they have made their masters.

There are indeed many among the power elite who are completely attached to a particular plot of land, and who are willing to wage war with those in the next country who have also formed a power elite in that country. And that is indeed why this planet has not been taken over by one, centralized power elite—for they are warring amongst themselves and cannot come together in oneness. They will never be able to come together in oneness as long as they cling to the consciousness of separation, the consciousness of duality. And were they to rise above that consciousness of separation, well what would happen? Well, they would enter the path and come closer to higher awareness and thereby leave behind their need for power and control.

Consider the planetary history and the history of Europe from a greater perspective. There is no desire to induce any sense of fear or hopelessness or even anger or animosity in you against the power elite. In fact there is a very good reason why the talk about the power elite is not being too specific, for higher awareness has no desire to see the most mature and balanced people enter into a dualistic struggle against particular individuals or groups or institutions on earth.

Take note of the fact that Jesus Christ himself did not enter into a physical battle with the power elite of his time, be it the leaders of the Jewish religion or the Roman empire. Surely, there were those who wanted him to be the warrior king who would free Israel from the Romans and bring the power of God into battle. But Jesus knew full well that he was meant to set forth a higher example, and bring forth a teaching that is beyond duality.

Being aware of the power elite without giving them power

You need to be aware that the power elite exists – and do the higher awareness work to remove some among the power elite from earth – but you do not need to focus attention upon this. When you put attention on something – with a negative emotion such as fear or anger – well, you misqualify energy. And that misqualified energy is then directed by your attention towards the people against whom you feel anger.

And what happens to that emotional energy? Well, even though it might affect the people in some way, the forces behind those people will suck up that energy and use it for their nourishment. So you see, it is indeed true – as some among the New Age people have said – that what you resist persists, and what you place your attention upon, you magnify. But it is only true if you place your attention upon something with a negative emotion, or a sense of hopelessness or despair.

You need to find the middle way of higher discernment, that allows you to recognize that there is a power elite on earth, that they have influenced society in many ways, and that you need to be consciously aware of this and expose it where appropriate. But you do not enter into the dualistic consciousness, where you personally think you have to fight that elite and do battle with them. For you realize that it is not truly the physical elite that is the problem. The real problem is a state of consciousness, namely the false beliefs and ideas, and the forces beyond the physical.

When you realize this, you realize that the real enemy is never people, it is indeed a state of consciousness. And it is even treacherous to say that there is an enemy, for in reality there is no enemy. For when you are centered into higher awareness, you realize that the consciousness of anti-christ is not your enemy. For you are not really concerned about the consciousness of anti-christ in the sense that you believe it has any power over you and therefore you need to fight it to protect yourself against it.

You have followed the call of higher awareness to come to the point of surrender, where the prince of this world comes and has nothing in you. The duality consciousness comes and has no elements of duality, no illusions whereby it can control you and force you to enter into that dualistic struggle, whether it be over land, whether it be over which religion is right, or whether it be over which nation is superior to another.

Nation states in the Age of Higher Awareness

Find that delicate balance. For when you look at the history of Europe, you will see that what is missing is the balance, the balanced approach to life based on higher discernment. For every time there has been war and conflict on this continent, has it not been because two groups of people had both become imbalanced? And therefore, one group had gone to one extreme, one group had gone to the other extreme, and they now defined each other as enemies. And then the negative energy started building and building, until a critical mass was reached that overpowered the minds and emotions of both groups of people until they locked horns in a physical battle.

And they would not give up until either one was conquered or until both were depleted to the point, where they actually began to see the ridiculousness of continuing the struggle. Indeed, the potential for Europe is that a critical mass of people will wake up and say, “We have had enough of this dualistic struggle, including the dualistic struggle over land.”

What does this actually mean? Does it mean that there should be no individual nations and that all of Europe should be one nation? That is not necessarily the case, although it is clear that when we move into the Age of Higher Awareness, there are certain nations that will disappear as separate nations because they will realize that the birth of their nation was born out of the duality consciousness and was not designed from higher awareness.

There are certain nations in Europe that are truly designed by higher awareness to express a certain national quality and individuality. But there are also nations in Europe that were not designed by higher awareness, and that do not truly have a separate national identity. They have a separate national identity in the physical realm because – through the dualistic struggle, through the duality consciousness – they have developed that mortal national identity, that mortal sense of self that makes them define themselves in opposition to other nations or other groups of people.

As the Age of Higher Awareness progresses, there will be a redrawing of the borders, a melding together of some of the nations in Europe. For there will be, indeed, an awakening where two groups of people who today are separated by a border will come to see that they have more in common than what sets them apart. And thus they will come to say, “Why are we maintaining this artificial division between us, when we could indeed attain more by coming together in oneness?”

This will require a dramatic shift in consciousness, but it is not nearly as dramatic as the shift between the Catholic mindset, the Catholic world view, and the new scientific world view that was born during the Renaissance. This continent has shifted before, and it can and will shift again. People can forget about any national identity, instead embracing and reaching for a higher identity, namely that of Sons and Daughters of higher awareness who are beyond human divisions.

The flower can begin to unfold. And suddenly, there is another type of awakening in Europe—that if we are more than sinners, if we are more than highly evolved animals, if we truly are spiritual beings, well then we can no longer define ourselves first and foremost by our national identities. We must now define ourselves as spiritual beings who are part of the Body of higher awareness.

And thus, the national identity suddenly takes on lesser importance, and comes in its rightful place as being of lower authority than the higher identity. And this is what can then start a new current in the collective consciousness, where suddenly the rigidity around national identity and specific borders begins to soften and fade. Until people begin to question, “Why should we continue these old patterns of having a fixed opinion about other people, just because they live in a particular nation that we have traditionally seen through a specific filter, which we now realize is dualistic in nature and is but an illusion?”

The key to understanding among nations

This is indeed one of the greatest problems that causes conflicts among nations. It is the human ego’s tendency to generalize, to look at the members of another nation, not as individual human beings but as a sort of non-humans that all fit into the same label. Which is what makes people reason that all citizens of the neighboring country are bad or evil people who are out to get them, and therefore we must defend ourselves by killing them all.

Once you enter into that state of consciousness, how can there be understanding or even communication among different nations? For you will not be able to communicate or attain understanding with other people, unless you see them as unique individuals instead of judging them all based on some illusory national identity that you have created in your own mind—and that might be completely out of touch with the reality of who these people are.

It is up to the more aware people to realize that you are, of course, all unique individuals. Which means that there are unique individuals in every nation. And thus, it makes no sense to say that all Englishmen are like this, or all Frenchmen are like that, or all Germans are like that. For truly, within a nation of millions of people, there are people of every type of individuality. They are all individuals—they are good people, they are not so good people, they are selfish people, they are altruistic people.

They are found everywhere, for when you realize you are more than the physical body – more than an animal, more than a sinner – you realize that you do not belong on this earth. You did not come forth out of the earth, whether it be out of the dust of the earth, whether it be out of the animal evolutionary chain. You came from higher awareness, so you are truly beyond all these outer human divisions. And therefore, you see yourself without seeing yourself through the filter of human divisions, and thus you can see other people without seeing them through that filter.

When this begins to happen in greater measure – as it has already started to happen in Europe – well then a momentum will be built and a shift will begin to occur. And that is when people will begin to realize, that those of the neighboring country are people much like themselves. They are different in some ways but they are not different in fundamental ways. Because at the deeper level of your being, well your neighbors are Sons and Daughters of higher awareness as you are. Surely, they have their ego-based state of consciousness, but when you are willing to recognize that your nation also has an ego-based state of consciousness, then you see that you cannot allow yourself to fall prey to the illusion that your ego is not as bad as the ego of the next nation—and therefore it is justified that you assert your ego by killing the others.

Hypocrisy at the national level

It is like two little boys sitting in the sandbox and they start arguing. And in order to trump his case, one boy says to the other, “My dad is stronger than your dad!” and the other says, “No my dad is stronger than your dad!” And they keep arguing like this, and many of the arguments among human beings are really born of a situation where one person says, “My ego is better than your ego!” and the other says, “No, my ego is justified. Your ego is bad but my ego is Okay!”

And that is what happens even on the national level, where a people are so blinded by their ego-based national state of consciousness, that one nation believes it is perfectly justified in taking the stand that this other nation is bad and therefore they should go out and kill them or conquer them and suppress them or control them. For by suppressing them through force and violence, they would actually be doing God’s work and they would be improving the planet. Look at how many times a nation has seriously believed that it needed to fight a war in order to bring peace. What folly is this? How can anyone who has an ounce of higher discernment ever believe that you can bring peace through war?

Then look how this has been a scourge on this continent, even to the point where the most devastating war the world has seen in recorded history, the Second World War, was labeled by some in Europe as the War to end all Wars, where they seriously believed that they needed to fight this war in order to bring a permanent state of peace.

How can this ever come about? Peace can come about only when people look beyond the outer divisions, where they refuse to be so ensnared and focused and attached to the divisions that they are pulled into the dualistic struggle against those who are different from themselves. Indeed, as the awakening begins to happen, as people see beyond this, people will come to see that it is unnecessary to maintain large armies, to fight against their neighbors. For they will begin to see that their neighbors are not their enemies for they are so like themselves that it makes no sense to fight them.

Nations abandoning all military force

And this is when it is possible that entire countries can say, “Do we really need a military force anymore?” What could replace the military in some nations? This is not to say that all aspects of the current military tradition should be abandoned, for there is indeed some psychological value in having young people set aside nine months or a year to serve their country—so to speak. The concept is sound; only when serving your country means preparing yourself to kill your fellow men, well then where is the justification for it?

Imagine a situation where all young people were required to give nine months or a year of service in a civil manner, where they were trained to bring forth some kind of service, either to their own country or to the developing countries, the poorer nations. So that every young person was given the experience of learning a skill that they could carry with them for a lifetime and that could enable them – empower them – to give service to other people in some way.

This could take many, many forms, even to the point where you see many nations in Europe who have programs for helping the development in third world countries. Well, imagine that this instead was replaced by a draft, where all were drafted to give forth such a service. Imagine how this could shift the consciousness of many young people who have grown up in a culture where they have no particular sense of purpose or meaning to life. Yet suddenly they are required to learn a valuable skill, and they are allowed to be in a situation where they can see the fruits of their labor, and how it makes a difference for other people who are far worse off than themselves. This could be a wonderful service, a wonderful opportunity, and could surely broaden the understanding and development of international relations beyond what could even be imagined by most people.

Many people will say, “Well how can we abandon the military, when there are those who still have vast armies who are out to conquer us?” This is not saying that all military is abandoned at this point. This must be a very gradual process, and there are certain smaller nations in Europe who truly could say, “We will replace our military forces by such a program of selfless service to other nations.” And thereby they could set forth a matrix, a pattern, and create a momentum that could eventually be expanded.

What would then happen with this? Well, these smaller nations would indeed send an entirely different signal into the cosmic mirror than the signal that has been sent by the nations of Europe now for centuries. For the universe is a mirror, that can only reflect back to you what you send out. And if you look at the history of Europe, what is the message that the European nations have sent into the cosmic mirror? Well, by arming themselves to the teeth, and by seeing themselves as being the enemies of other nations, have they not sent the message into the cosmic mirror that, “We want an enemy to fight, we want to be in a dualistic struggle?” What can the universe do but oblige people and give them such an enemy? 

Imagine what would happen if some of the nations in Europe started sending out the message, “We no longer want an enemy to fight. We want to serve other nations instead of fighting them.” Well, it is inevitable that the cosmic mirror would gradually start to reflect back another reality. And suddenly, the enemies would fade away, and other nations would realize that they no longer needed a military. And therefore – gradually – this could spread like rings in the water. For do you not see the reality that it is the consciousness of feeling threatened that creates the threat. Even to the point where it is the consciousness that has not been transmuted that has created what seems like the threat of militant Islam.

As the European nations have progressed, they have become better at not seeing each other as enemies. But because Europe has not yet fully transcended that dualistic state of consciousness, well they have simply had to go outside the borders of Europe in order to find a suitable enemy. And this is indeed why the war on terror has manifested. Certainly, not only caused by Europe, but also caused by a very similar phenomenon in the United States. Europe has a greater potential right now to begin the process of abandoning and rising above this dualistic consciousness than has the United States or any other region in the world, save for a few countries here and there.

This is a vision of a new Europe, where people are not so hung up on national borders and national identity. Where they do not see themselves as enemies or as competitors with those in other nations. But indeed realize – as is beginning to happen to some degree – that they can attain so much more by working together than they could ever attain by fighting or competing with each other.

Is it not so that division and separation is what takes away your freedom? And the only true way to attain freedom is to come into oneness, where there is no longer division. And thus there is the freedom to be who you are, and allow others to be who they are.

Feel the delicate blossom of the Freedom Flame in your heart, the Freedom Flame that is not in opposition to anything, and thus is not freedom as opposed to bondage, but is the Freedom of Being, the Freedom of Being in the reality of higher awareness. The Freedom of basking in the sun of your higher self, connected to the Central sun of higher awareness. Thus realizing that you came out of that sun and thus you are the sun on earth. Freedom is to Be who you are in higher awareness, and when you are Being who you are, there is no condition or power on earth that can take away that freedom. For you are above it all, and they cannot touch you in your centeredness in higher awareness.