Illusions of Identity

Consider for a moment the question: “What is war?” War can be said to be the antithesis of life. Then, what is life? Life is an opportunity to expand self-awareness. 

When you look at a human life, one physical body, it may seem insignificant when you consider the amount of people that are in embodiment right now, the amount of people that have been in embodiment in the past and have died, and how easily people can die, how easily many people can die, how easily millions of people can die in a war. From a cosmic perspective, one life is not insignificant because that life represents a unique opportunity for that particular lifestream to expand its self-awareness. Given that this lifestream is a part of the whole, then that one life is significant for the whole. 

The whole can be said to be what? Ultimately, it is higher awareness, and then it is all beings in the higher realm who form the hierarchal structure, the pyramid of life, out of which you are a part. You are one individual lifestream, and you are, so to speak, at the lowest level of the pyramid of life. You have volunteered and have decided to descend into the most dense sphere because you realize that the density of this sphere affords you an opportunity for growth, and thereby you are helping the whole to grow. This means that a physical life on planet earth has a cosmic significance because it is an opportunity for the whole to grow. 

Thou shalt not kill

This is the real reason why the command was given: “Thou shall not kill.” This is the real reason why it is an unconditional command. This is the real reason why the beings of higher awareness never defined any conditions based on which it becomes acceptable or even desirable to kill other human beings. 

Free will must be allowed to outplay itself. There are many things you can do to interfere with or force the free will of other human beings. (This is not saying they are lawful.) The one thing that you definitely are not allowed to do according to the law is to take the life of a human being in embodiment. This not only interferes with free will but it also cuts off the opportunity to exercise free will for what would have been the remainder of that lifetime. 

It is not that it is lawful to force others, but as long as they are in embodiment, they still have the opportunity to make certain choices that they will no longer have once the physical body dies. The soul and the lifestream lives on, of course, and it can still grow even though it is not in a body. It can still make choices based on that embodiment, even based on the way it died, but it is not the same opportunity as it would have been to remain in embodiment. 

Hardly anyone on this planet has grown up with an awareness of what has just been said. Most religions do not even give you this awareness and this understanding of the value of life, the purpose of life. Certainly, materialist philosophies of any persuasion cannot do so. This is why so many human beings on earth are susceptible to the lies, the deceptions, the manipulations of the manipulators in the identity realm. These beings rarely work directly with human beings because most human beings are attuned to either the astral plane or the mental realm. There have been a few people in embodiment who have been able to attune to the manipulators in the identity realm. They have received ideas directly from these beings in the identity realm, and they have been incorporated into various philosophies both political, religious and so-called scientific philosophies. 

Ideas from manipulators in the identity realm

There have been many of these, but let us mention a few. Christianity, of course, started with the teachings of Jesus. He had attained a very high level of Christhood and was able to receive pure teachings. The problem was that, because of the technology of the time, not everything that Jesus said was passed on accurately before it was written down. There were many things that Jesus could not say because of the limited awareness of the people at the time. 

Nevertheless, Christianity did start out with a pure foundation, but that foundation was severely distorted after the formation of the Catholic Church. St. Augustine, who is considered one of the primary church fathers, was an example of a person who was able to tune in to the manipulators in the identity realm. Other church fathers were able to do so to a lesser extent. The whole idea of original sin was not invented by Augustine but was channeled by Augustine, as we might say with a modern expression, by him tuning in to the manipulators in the identity realm. 

They were the ones who came up with the idea that human beings are fundamentally flawed because they were created that way by God. This is an idea that could not originate with God or with the beings of higher awareness because they know the reality described above. You are an extension of the entire hierarchy of self-aware beings that reaches all the way back to the Creator. Therefore, you cannot be created in a way that is fundamentally different from the rest of this hierarchy, and certainly the entire hierarchy is not made of flawed beings. The beings of higher awareness know that they were not created as sinners. Therefore, they also know that human beings are not created as sinners. You are created with free will and with a point-like sense of self-awareness, which you can then expand upon. 

You understand that, in the original pure state and in the original vision of higher awareness, you would never descend into a state of consciousness where you could even entertain the idea that there was something wrong with you. It is entirely possible to start with a point-like self-awareness and expand it to the full awareness without ever going into the negatives of seeing yourself as wrong, flawed or a sinner. You can grow to full awareness by having an entirely positive experience. You start out with a certain self-awareness and you expand upon it, build on to it and spiral upwards without ever seeing yourself as having failed, as having made a mistake, as having sinned. 

Consider rationally the reasoning of the manipulators

There is no necessity for going into this negativity. This is a complete invention of the manipulators. It was invented a long time ago, but for earth it is focused in the beings in the identity realm. They are the ones who have come up with the even more subtle idea that something has gone wrong with God’s creation. This is their very operational idea, as we might say, their modus operandi. This is their primary idea. They truly, at least some of them, believe that there is a flaw in God’s design, that God somehow made a mistake. They also believe that someone needs to correct that mistake, and that someone is, of course, them. 

Consider this logically and rationally, even though there are some limitations to logic and reason. When you understand what the manipulators are saying, you understand that the core of their argument relates to free will. The mistake that God made was to give self-aware beings free will. Beings with free will have the option to go against the growth process of the entire cosmos. They can choose to rebel against self-transcendence and the growth in consciousness. By giving beings free will, God gave them the potential to go into the duality consciousness and see themselves as separate beings, rather than connected to the whole. This is what the manipulators say is the flaw in God’s design. 

Now use a little bit of reason and logic here. Free will is free. The manipulators are not disputing, at least not at the identity level, that you have free will. They are saying that it is the problem. If free will is truly free, as they do acknowledge, how can there be a mistake on God’s part? Yes, it is a potential that you can go into duality, but it is not a necessity. What God has truly done by giving you free will is that God has said: “The goal of life is to expand your self-awareness, but you decide how you do this.” We might say that, ultimately, the goal is to walk a path that leads from a point-like sense of self to an omnipresent sense of self. God has given you complete freedom as to how you walk that path, how you define your own path. Yes, you can choose to go into separation and duality. Yes, there are certain consequences of doing this. It becomes a self-reinforcing, closed circle. It is much more difficult to get out of it once you have gone into it, but you can get out of it. You can never quite lose the ability to step outside of your state of consciousness and attain pure awareness. The manipulators become almost completely trapped in a downward spiral. The beings of higher awareness are not trapped in that downward spiral. They can confront them with the reality that there is something outside of their own spiral, and this gives them the opportunity to step out of it and to, thereby, walk the path back to oneness. 

God does not distinguish fallen and not fallen

There are those who will say that once you have fallen into duality, you have fallen and there is no way back. This is not the case from God’s perspective. We have considered that there are beings who have fallen into duality and beings who have not fallen. This is not even considered by God. It is not that the idea is not true or correct. It is just that it is a perspective based on the fact that you live on a planet that is so heavily dominated by the fallen consciousness, by the duality consciousness. There is a contrast between the fallen consciousness and the Christ consciousness, between those who have fallen and those who have not. From God’s overall perspective, God does not even see this. 

The Creator only sees that the manipulators have chosen a certain path. It does not really matter to God in which direction they are going, whether they are going with the flow of the entire cosmos or against that flow. If they awaken, they can still come back to oneness, and now they have what you all have, a certain individualized perspective. Yes, certainly, on a planet like earth, the manipulators have created tremendous suffering for others and for themselves. Certainly, it is not necessarily the path that God would have envisioned or that the beings of higher awareness would have envisioned for any lifestream. It is still a path that can lead you back to oneness—once you awaken from it. 

Why is this so? It is so because whether you take the upward path or the downward path, what are you doing? You are starting out with a point-like sense of self. You then define a wider self, and you define a wider self and a wider self. Each time you go from one sense of self to another, the former self dies. Whether you are conscious of this or not, you are saying: “I am not this.” Do you see the essential realization here? Growth, life, self-transcendence is a process whereby you look at your present self, and you say: “I am not this.” It does not really matter what your present self is. You still grow in only one way, by coming to the realization: “I am not this.” You may be a saint, you may be a sinner, but the way to transcend and go beyond is still to say: “I am not this.” 

There can be those who consider themselves very spiritual and religious people and who have built a spiritual sense of self, and this may actually prevent them from ascending. They are so attached to this spiritual self that they think they have to take it with them into heaven, and they will not let go of it. Even if you have qualified for your ascension, there still comes that point where you have to look at the self that brought you to that point, and then you have to say once more: “I am not this.” Then, you can rise to the ascended state. 

There is no condition whatsoever that could ever exist in an unascended sphere, even in the deepest levels of hell, that could prevent a lifestream from transcending that condition. Yes, the fallen consciousness becomes a self-reinforcing downward spiral. Yes, you cannot pull yourself out of it by your own power, but this does not mean you cannot transcend it by coming to see that this is just a self and that you are not this. 

You are not a sinner or an animal

This is important for aware people to understand because it allows you to see through some of the illusions projected on humankind by the manipulators in the identity realm. There is, of course, the illusion that you are a sinner, that you are somehow flawed by nature because God has created you that way. This is, we might say, the Alpha illusion. The Omega aspect of the same illusion is that you are nothing more than an evolved animal, that you really are an animal, that you are an entirely material being. Your personality, your sense of self-awareness, your consciousness is a product of mechanical processes in the physical brain and will be extinguished when the brain ceases to function. When somebody flips the switch and turns off the light in the brain, then you are supposedly gone. 

Consider how much this has limited people and is still limiting people today. Consider how many people grow up feeling they are sinners. Their entire lives are revolving around compensating for this condition that God has supposedly put upon them from the very beginning. What good and perfect God would come up with the idea to create you as sinners who are fundamentally flawed by design and, therefore, condemned to suffering until God’s son supposedly comes down and has mercy upon you, saves you and takes you to heaven? What would be the purpose of this? How could this help you grow in self-awareness? 

Why the manipulators don’t talk about separation

Then, there is the deeper sense that you are not only a sinner or a material being, but you are a separate being. This people readily believe because it is an effect of going into the duality consciousness. You start seeing yourself as a separate being when you step into duality. The manipulators do not even need to come up with a philosophy that defines this. In fact, they have not done so. You will notice that there is hardly a philosophy on earth that talks about you being “separate beings,” as something that is unavoidable. It is only the beings of higher awareness who talk about the idea that you are a separate being. 

Why do the manipulators not talk about this? Because they do not want to even put the idea in people’s minds that you are separate beings. Why not? Because when you say that you are a separate being, you are at the same time saying that there is an alternative, namely that you could be a not-separate being, a connected being. The manipulators at the identity level do not even want you to know this as an option. They do not want you to even be able to question separation, and that is why they do not have any philosophies that define separation as unavoidable, necessary or beneficial. 

Do you see how subtle the manipulators can be, how manipulative, how calculating? What they are really trying to say with various philosophies is that you are not a spiritual being. Even many religions portray you as not being a spiritual being by saying that you are a sinner or that you are flawed or limited in other ways. 

Even many modern so-called New Age movements are centered around a guru who supposedly has special qualities. This is, again, an idea created by the manipulators. There is one person who has special qualities, therefore, you should follow that guru because he or she is so special. In defining this, you are also automatically putting yourself down as not having the same inherent qualities as the guru. Are not all men and women created equal? Are not all self-aware beings created with a point-like self and the opportunity to rise in awareness? How can one guru be so fundamentally different from you? How can thinking that the guru is fundamentally different from you help your growth in self-awareness? 

It cannot, but it can help you follow the manipulators. Of course, if this is the experience that you need to have on your way back to higher awareness, then by all means pursue it. Those who have had enough of pursuing that experience and who are ready to step up to a higher level can say: “I do not want one of these fallen gurus. I want the beings of higher awareness as my guide, as my teacher, as my guru.” 

Denying your Christ potential

The manipulators will deny the reality that you are an extension of the Creator’s being, that you are an extension of the beings of higher awareness, that you are a spiritual being, that you are a son or daughter of God. They want you to deny, first of all, your Christ potential. 

What is the Christ? The Christ is basically a state of mind. It is the one mind, the indivisible mind. The mind that always knows that, regardless of appearances on a dense planet like earth, the underlying reality is that all life is one. Higher awareness is everywhere. Nothing can be separated from God’s creation. 

This is what the manipulators do not want you to realize for yourself. It is okay that you are following a guru who supposedly has Christ consciousness, but you are not allowed to claim it for yourself. That is why they defined these false gurus who do not have Christ consciousness but who may claim to do so or to have some other superior state of consciousness, be it enlightenment or whatever it is. 

There are many false gurus in the world, and there have been many false gurus throughout time. Some of them have, indeed, been able to tune in to the manipulators in the identity realm. They have fulfilled the function of leading those astray who may be close to having the potential to manifest personal Christhood. By following one of these false gurus, you deny that potential because you are always looking to the guru as being the only one who could attain that superior state. 

How the manipulators create a false path

The manipulators in the identity realm have been very clever at creating a false path. They know, as Abraham Lincoln said, that: “You cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” From time to time, someone begins to awaken, and then the manipulators do everything they can to lead that someone onto the false path. This leads that person to seek to raise up the separate self to a state of perfection where it supposedly becomes acceptable to God. Therefore, God is almost forced to allow him to come into heaven. 

This is what some of the manipulators in the identity realm are believing about themselves. They honestly believe that if they can get enough people on earth to follow their false ideas, then God will be forced to acknowledge their superiority and allow them not only to enter heaven but to also have power over the unascended lifestreams on earth and other planets. Some of them have dreams of being the master of the entire universe. That is why some of them have a certain anger against the people on earth who will not comply, who will not follow them blindly, and support their dream of being the undisputed masters of this planet. 

Manipulators in the mental realm and identity realm

The manipulators in the identity realm have done everything they can to distort people’s identity. The purpose is to prevent you from claiming your Christhood while you are in embodiment. They want to do everything possible to prevent you from following the example of Jesus. The last thing they want is for ten-thousand Christed beings to step forward, to claim their Christhood and express it publicly. What will they do to prevent this? Absolutely anything in their power. 

The manipulators in the identity realm have a very high degree of control over the manipulators in the mental realm. They have a somewhat lesser degree but still a high degree of control over the manipulators and the demons in the astral plane. Some of these demons are so far out into anger and destructivity that no one can really control them, but it does not matter because the destruction they are into actually supports the agenda of the manipulators in the identity realm, at least to some degree. 

The manipulators in the mental realm face a certain challenge. They want to control people so there must be people in embodiment to control. They cannot kill them all in a war. This is faced also by the manipulators in the identity realm, and that is why they do sometimes look at the demons in the astral plane as being beyond their control. They look at this as a threat because their goal is not necessarily to kill all people on earth. Their goal is to control them but, if they cannot be controlled, then they are perfectly willing to kill them, even kill all of them. This is a subtle difference between the manipulators in the identity realm and those in the mental realm. Those in the mental realm do not want to kill all people because that would defeat their desire for control. The beings in the identity realm are not driven primarily by a desire to control people on earth. They are driven by a desire to control God. This, of course, is impossible, but they cannot see this, and you could not explain it to them.

The authority rests with people in embodiment

The central question for you is: “Have I had enough of war on earth?” Have you come to the point where you look at war and you say: “It is absolutely unacceptable and intolerable to me that war continues to happen on this planet. I will no longer accept war on planet earth.” The manipulators will do everything they can to prevent you from coming to that point because they also know that you who are in embodiment have the authority.

The manipulators in the identity realm are in a certain sense feeling high and mighty because they feel they have immense power, knowledge, insight and ability to control. They have a mastery of controlling and deceiving, and this makes them feel very powerful. On the other hand, they also know the reality of the law that they do not have any authority over planet earth because that authority rests with the lifestreams who are in physical embodiment. They may be able to control, manipulate and deceive you, but they also know that if you were to free yourself from that control, then you have the authority to call for them to be bound and taken from the earth. The beings of higher awareness would instantly execute that authority given to them by you. 

The manipulators know they are walking a fine line. They are walking on a knife’s edge. They even know that, by seeking to deceive you, they are actually increasing the opportunity that you will awaken. The more they go to extremes in order to keep up their deception, the more visible their deception becomes. Hitler, Stalin and Mao were allowed to go to such extremes because they became substitute teachers. Whatever the manipulators do, they must go to greater and greater extremes, and this makes their deception and its consequences more visible. 

What you need to understand about the manipulators in the identity realm is that on the one hand they might appear to be very benign, very advanced, very masterful, very powerful. Certainly, they are very skilled at using the intellect and coming up with reasoning and ideas. You would not necessarily look at these manipulators, if you could see them, and see them as the typical warmongers who are out to create war. You might very well think that they are peaceful. You might think that they are actually seeking to create an ideal society on earth by promoting a false Christianity.

Look at how, for over a thousand years, the Catholic Church held the Western world in an iron grip with its doctrines and dogmas. What was the claim? It was that this is the only true way to salvation and that, therefore, the Catholic Church was promoting the eternal salvation of people on earth. The Catholic Church was almost entirely the brainchild of the manipulators in the identity realm so how could it be fulfilling that purpose? Yet, it was making the claim, was it not? 

Then look at another brainchild of the manipulators in the identity realm, that of Marxism, Communism. Again, it was claiming to establish an ideal society on earth. Another offshoot was Darwin’s theory of evolution in its original form, the idea that you are an evolved animal and then the idea of the survival of the fittest. The entire materialistic mindset that followed it was also the brainchild of the manipulators, claiming to liberate the minds of human beings from the dogmas and doctrines of the Catholic Church. Who created the dogmas and doctrines of the Catholic Church? Oh yes, was that not the manipulators in the identity realm? Who is now claiming that they want to liberate you from those dogmas and doctrines by giving you materialism? Oh yes, that is also the manipulators in the identity realm. 

Seeing through the smokescreen of a benign cause

Have you had enough of being like a bull with a ring in your nose, being pulled around by these manipulators? Then, the beings of higher awareness are offering you the path to freedom from the manipulators, the fallen mindset and the consciousness of duality and separation. A systematic path that can take most aware people on earth to a state of freedom from duality and freedom from the manipulators. 

The beings of higher awareness are also seeking to take you to the point where you are not only pursuing your personal freedom. You are also seeing that you, by raising your consciousness to a certain level, can claim the authority to make the calls and set other people free as well. You have the potential to be one of the forerunners for removing war from the earth. You need to understand that in order to really, truly remove war from the earth, we have to remove the manipulators and the consciousness behind war. 

That is why you need to step up and look at the manipulators in the identity realm. You need to see that, even though they are putting on a facade of working for a benign, beneficial cause, this is all lies. This is all a smokescreen. The manipulators in the mental realm would not kill all people on earth. The manipulators in the identity realm would, indeed, kill all people on earth if they could not control them. Why is this so? Because the manipulators in the identity realm have the overall agenda of wanting to prove God wrong. How do you ultimately prove God wrong? You do so by proving free will wrong, by proving that free will leads to disastrous consequences. 

Manipulators are insensitive to human beings

The manipulators think that, if they can get all human beings on earth to enter a completely self-destructive spiral, then they will have ultimately proven that free will has such drastic consequences that it must be a mistake. As explained, this can never work, but the manipulators cannot and will not see this. The manipulators in the identity realm, who otherwise appear benign, benevolent and masterful, still have such anger against God that they are ultimately willing to kill all human beings on earth. They are willing to have them kill each other and even to destroy the entire planet in order to prove their point. 

If you look at the manipulators – beginning with those in embodiment, those in the astral plane, those in the mental plane and those in the identity level – you can see a very strange, almost contradictory phenomenon. You cannot reason with someone like Hitler because their minds are closed. The demons in the astral plane are so trapped in anger that there is no reasoning capability there. The beings in the mental realm are so trapped in the intellect that you cannot cut through. 

In a sense you could say that Hitler was insensitive to the suffering of those he considered expendable, such as the Jews. The manipulators in the astral plane are also insensitive because they are so trapped in anger. They have no consideration for human beings. The manipulators in the mental realm are so trapped in their intellectual, spiritual pride that they also are very insensitive. Even though the manipulators in the identity realm may appear to be the most sophisticated, the most masterful, and may appear to be working for a benign cause, they are actually the ones who have the most extreme insensitivity towards human beings. 

They have no consideration whatsoever for human beings. Humans are just pawns in the game. They are just tools. They are just pieces they can move around on the battlefield. They are willing to destroy the entire planet in order to prove God wrong. Their first agenda is to control everything, but if they cannot control, they are willing to destroy. You need to look at this as an aware being. You need to realize that this is the reality. The manipulators are absolutely unbending. They are completely insensitive to you, to all human beings and to any argument or reasoning you could ever come up with. 

Being reasonable when dealing with the manipulators

The beings of higher awareness do not want you to become angry at the manipulators. Yet you have an intuitive sense of the oneness of all life. You tend to believe that it should be possible to turn any being around, that it should be possible to make everything good. Even what you are being told here can be used in your mind to reason like this. There is no manipulator who is beyond redemption, and they can always awaken. You have to realize that the manipulators in the identity realm, who are attached to planet earth, cannot be awakened from below. They cannot be awakened by any being on earth. There is nothing you could do or say that could awaken them. They have reached a point where, if they have not already been awakened by being associated with the earth, then they cannot be awakened by remaining with the earth. They must go somewhere else and receive a new opportunity. It truly does not matter where they go. This is not essential for the progression of the earth. 

You need to make a decision. Where is your loyalty? Where is your interest. Where is your attachment? Where is your desire, your vision? Do you want to try and save the manipulators in the identity realm, or do you want to make an effort to raise the earth? You have free will. If you are attached to the manipulators, then by all means follow them, but then you are beyond the tools and teachings given here. If you know in your heart that you came into embodiment in order to raise the earth, then you need to step up and realize that this can happen only in one way: The manipulators must be removed from the earth! 

You do not need to be angry or negative towards them, but you need to be absolutely realistic in seeing that these manipulators in the identity realm have had a very long time with this planet. They have had a very long time with other planets. It is time for them to go so that the earth can move forward. If you feel this determination, then you can make the calls and give the beings of higher awareness the authority to remove these manipulators so that the earth can become lighter. More people can wake up and start seeing the false ideas that program them towards war. 

Seeing the fallacy of dualistic ideas

All of the ideas spread by the manipulators in the identity realm can so easily be turned into a justification for war. You can see how the Catholic Church justified war in the crusades and in the wars against the Protestants and how communism justified war and how materialism, even though it may not directly justify war, certainly becomes an indirect justification for war. The idea of survival of the fittest appealed very much to Hitler and was part of his intellectual reasoning for the superiority of the German people and their right to forcefully suppress other people and to forcefully kill those Jews who were unfit, according to their ideology. 

People need to wake up and see the fallacy of these ideas. The most important step in that direction is to remove the manipulators in the identity realm. The next step is to make the calls for the energies and for all of the structure that is below the manipulators in the identity realm to be consumed. For each manipulator in the identity realm, there is an entire structure below them, a false pyramid, a pyramid of death. There are beings in the mental realm that are directly tied to or controlled by the manipulators in the identity realm. There are demons in the astral plane, entities who are controlled by them, and there are people in embodiment. 

All of these levels need to be judged, bound, taken, consumed and removed from the earth. The beings of higher awareness can do this. They can do this in the blink of an eye when they have the authority. Only you can give them that authority—you and a critical mass of other people. You do not need to worry about the critical mass. You need to worry about yourself. You make the choice. You make the call. You give them the authority, and you will have done what you came here to do. You have done all you can do, and no one is asking you to do any more.