Brief thoughts about Education

No ultimate educational system

For a very long time there has been a tendency among more aware people to think that the only way to renew education is to create private schools that are based on religious or spiritual principles. Yet is going with private schools really the way of the Age of Higher Awareness? 

When you look at history, especially the history of England, you see that private schools can very easily become a breeding ground for elitism. Those who can afford to send their children to private schools tend to have an elitist attitude. They tend to want their children to be brought up feeling that they are above and beyond the general population. There is a value in a public school system that throws together people from all walks of society. The classroom becomes a miniature of what the United States is supposed to be—namely a melting pot where we mix everyone together so that we can get beyond the rigidity of the elitist systems that we have seen in the past. 

There are educators who have a higher awareness and who have some very good ideas for how education can be renewed. Yet if the more aware people keep focusing on creating private schools (that quite frankly do not currently have a realistic potential for spreading across the nation), then you are in essence chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Your energies and your attention could be used in a more constructive – in a more practical, realistic – manner by seeing the private school as a testing ground for ideas that could then be implemented in the public school systems.

This will mean that you will have to create schools that are not based on a particular religious or spiritual belief system, but have found a more universal approach that can eventually become acceptable in the public school system. For it to ever become acceptable, it must be universal and not focused on specific people or specific doctrines or dogmas, or even a specific belief system.

Let go of the dream of an ultimate system

The more aware people who can bring the Age of Higher Awareness need to acknowledge the challenge to be willing to question everything. Even spiritual people can have a tendency to become rigid. They are thinking that now we have found the highest expression of truth, and thus we do not really need to dip into the universal stream, the River of Life, to bring forth an even higher expression, or an even higher application of it for practical matters in society.

There is no standing still. The River of Life moves on. There is no ultimate system of government or education that could ever be brought forth on this planet. When those who are the leaders of society begin to believe that they have found some ultimate system – and that they are the elite who are now seeing it as their job to maintain the system – well, at that point the society begins to stagnate and the collapse is only a matter of time.

Let go of the dream of an ultimate educational system, an ultimate state of the economy, an ultimate political system! It will never happen on earth! It is a dualistic dream projected onto the people by those who are trapped in the manipulative consciousness and are attempting to take heaven by force and establish paradise on earth. In reality, this cannot happen as a static society, but only by creating a society that is constantly transcending itself. You will not be a forerunner for the Age of Higher Awareness by chasing the pipe dream of some static state of perfection in this realm.

It is a challenge to recognize that in a higher awareness society, nothing stands still. Thus, you cannot be attached to anything. You cannot allow yourself to believe that: “Oh if we only achieve this particular state of education, or this particular state of a religious movement, or this particular political system, then we don’t need to be alert anymore.”

There is no stillstand in higher awareness, there is no getting comfortable. Higher awareness is an ongoing process of flowing with the River of Life. When you accept this, you can find peace in constant self-transcendence, rather than seeking to establish the false peace of stopping the growth and maintaining status quo. You think that status quo can give you peace when in reality it is only by being in – and being one with – the River of Life that you will ever find peace. 

Educating children on basic psychology

Why hasn’t society educated children in how to deal with their own personal psychology, overcome their own personal limitations, so that they themselves can have happier and more fulfilled lives? Well, there is only one answer: The power elite does not want people to overcome their wounds because it is through the wounds that the power elite and the manipulators can control people. Billions of people on this planet, even in the richest nations of the world, are leading lives of intense suffering. Not because of physical causes but because of their internal psychological wounds, which causes them to live an entire lifetime in a constant state of inner agitation and suffering.

Why haven’t the rich nations looked at this and said: “Now that we have provided physical, material welfare, isn’t it time we provide psychological welfare? If we really want people to overcome these wounds, then we need to recognize they are more than human, they are non-material beings.” That is why they have the potential to overcome their wounds and manifest a state of consciousness where they are not, as Jesus described 2,000 years ago, houses divided against themselves that cannot stand against the elite.

Jesus actually sought to start a movement that could help people attain healing through the power of higher awareness. People would be willing to look at the beam in their own eye, wrestle with their own psychology and come to that point of inner resolution where they were able to have higher discernment and express it in society without being emotionally and psychologically destroyed by the forces that be. If you take a look at some of the people in history who have attempted to change things, who have attempted to speak up, you see that many of them had their own internal psychological issues. Many did not fulfill their missions because of such issues, many did only a small fraction of what they could have done. Many more never even got started on their missions and therefore are not known to the public.

There is such an incredible potential if any nation would make a determined policy to teach children from an early age how to heal their psychology and find inner peace and resolution. Can you imagine the creativity that would be unleashed for that nation? Certainly, some of the smaller affluent nations are ready to make this commitment for they do not have so many representatives of the power elite that they can stop this. It is really only a matter of the public awareness making a simple shift so that people begin to say: “Why haven’t we done this, it is so obvious that we need to do this?” 

The power elite wants to abort higher awareness before it can manifest. That is why there are so many things in society that are going on, and are allowed to go on, that are specifically designed to magnify, or at least prevent the resolution of people’s psychological limitations. Education truly is one of the most prominent examples of this where you have again the power elite creating a division.

A higher approach to education

The power elite, seventeen centuries ago, took over the Christian religion. When they became aware that the Christian religion could no longer dominate the intellectual life of Western societies, they instantly started to create the opposite: Scientific Materialism. This is another dualistic polarity like capitalism and communism.

Since then, they have now managed to create a society that is divided. There are still many people who hold on to traditional Christian values and there are many people who are equally intent on promoting the materialistic worldview. You now have democratic nations who have a complete inconsistency for they cannot decide what kind of people they are ministering to from their governments. They have a Constitution that is based on the idea that all people have rights, but you cannot have rights unless they are given by a higher authority. If rights are given by the state, then whoever runs the state defines the rights that are given to the people. Then you do not have democracy, you cannot have democracy.

If you have a democratic nation that recognizes that people have rights, yet at the same time this nation will not recognize that people are non-material beings, then you have an inconsistency. Why will they not recognize that people are non-material beings? First of all, there is the opposition from Scientific Materialism, which says there is nothing beyond the material realm so people cannot be spiritual beings. Then there is the fact that you have the opposite polarity, also defined by the power elite, which makes people think that if they do recognize that people are spiritual beings, then we go back to the old days of being dominated by Christianity. No one wants that, so society is stuck in a no-gods land where they do not know what to do.

There is an alternative to traditional Christianity and to scientific materialism. It is a universal form of spirituality. When societies begin to recognize this, then they can begin to create an educational system that from a very early age teaches children what kind of beings they are: You are psycho-spiritual beings. You have the potential to overcome the limitations in your own psychology; the limitations that go back many lifetimes. Whatever you have experienced in your childhood in this lifetime, does not determine who you are because you brought a lot with you. Even what you brought with you does not determine who you are for you have the potential to rise above it.

Then you proceed to give children tools to rise above this. When you create and educational establishment like this, within a generation you will have an entirely new approach to society. You will have children who were brought up with an understanding of their own psychology and the potential to master their psychology. In many cases, they will have a sense of purpose and know that one of the purposes of life is to precisely attain self-mastery.

Psycho-spiritual welfare

Just imagine what will happen when those children begin to have children. What we see today is that most parents export their own unresolved psychology onto their children, which is why you see so many dysfunctional families. Is it really so hard to look at the fact that most affluent nations have more and more psychological, family and social problems, more and more dysfunctional families, more and more divorces, more and more shipwrecked children. Is it really impossible to look at all of this and say: “Why is this happening? We need to understand why this is happening.”  Then you realize it is because when you have reached a certain level of material affluence, it is necessary for society to step up and look at the psycho-spiritual welfare of its members. This becomes the goal of that society if it is to transcend itself instead of becoming subject to the second law of thermodynamics, starting to disintegrate from within and from without.

Today, you have hardly any child that was not negatively affected by the unresolved psychology of the parents. You have children who grow up with psychological wounds, having no idea how to deal with them and therefore exporting them to their children as well. You see how these psychological wounds are inherited from generation to generation. Over several generations they can actually begin to affect what you call the genetic makeup so that children are born with a  predisposition to have mental problems, mental diseases. 

Many among the current generation are born with these, what we might call “dangerous” or “explosive” tendencies that predispose them to have attention deficit disorder or some of the many other diseases that are common today, including schizophrenia in many of its subtle forms.  Society looks at this and they think that nothing can be done about it, but the reality is that when you are willing to raise your awareness, you can rise above your so-called genetic predisposition. You can then reverse the trend so that you can pass on better dispositions to your children. Within three or four generations, all of these explosive predispositions can be completely eradicated from a society so that children now are not born with a predisposition but only have to deal with a psychological makeup that they carry with them in their souls from lifetime to lifetime.

Authoritarian education programs people

Much education is not aimed at giving the students higher awareness but is aimed at programming their minds to accept a certain worldview that is defined by the manipulators. How will we ever bring forth a greater awareness of higher principles unless it involves education? In many cases, it must start with education. It must start by recognizing that the current educational model in many countries is based on an outdated mindset of an authoritarian structure that leads to one person or a few people being at the top and everybody at lower levels having to conform.

You need to open up for a higher awareness education where there is no authority as such. It is recognized that both students and teachers are walking a continued path of education and that the teachers are not meant to possess a finite closed box of knowledge. A teacher should actually be a person who is learning throughout its entire life and he or she is learning by teaching and is continually growing and evolving and raising consciousness in order to deserve being called a teacher. You cannot educate yourself for X amount of years and obtain X amount of knowledge and think that it will be enough to teach this for the rest of your life. You are constantly educating yourself, and this means that it needs to be seen in the Age of Higher Awareness that as the students are being taught and educated by the teachers, the teachers are also learning from the students and therefore all are growing together.

This means that the old structure of having a classroom where a teacher is standing at the podium, talking down to the students, is long since obsolete. It needs to be replaced by what you see is beginning to emerge in many fields of education, namely a much more interactive structure. It can become much more interactive when the students and teachers are working together on projects that are not simply aimed at stuffing factual knowledge into the minds of the students. It is aimed at advancing knowledge on an overall level by engaging the students in some kind of project where they are either researching some new field or they are seeking ways to give this knowledge to other people. 

Education without materialism

In the Age of Higher Awareness, education will not be a closed box. It will not be so that you have an educational institution that is set apart from society and only those who choose to fulfill the requirements and become full-time students may enter. In the Age of Higher Awareness, an educational institution is seeking to raise the awareness of all of the people in society by reaching beyond the closed academic circles. 

It needs to be recognized that in the previous age an educational institution was a way to bestow a privilege on certain people, but the price they paid for getting that privilege was that they surrendered to the mindset that ran the organization. If you were willing to submit to the materialistic mindset, then you could receive a degree from the university and a well-paid job in some scientific institution. But woe onto you if you questioned the materialistic paradigm. You would become an outcast, as you still do in many fields of science and education. Instead of having these closed institutions that bestow privileges on people, educational institutions need to be much more open and educate people who are not necessarily seeking a degree. They need to seek to raise the general level of education because in the Age of Higher Awareness it needs to be seen that you are educating yourself throughout your entire life. This isn’t just a matter of acquiring factual knowledge or skills but of raising your general level of awareness, raising your consciousness, by knowing about your own psychology and how the human psyche works, how the world works, what works and what doesn’t work based on the higher wisdom. This is the aim of education in the Age of Higher Awareness.

Education focused on wholeness rather than separate topics

Imagine what would happen if you could overcome the stranglehold of religion, especially Christianity and materialism, Scientific Materialism. Imagine what would happen to the educational systems. Now, you have a situation where precisely because of the unresolved conflict between science and religion, most modern democracies feel that they cannot teach their children what kind of beings they are because they have too much of a religious connotation. Imagine you could transcend this and decide that in schools you would not only teach children about their psychology but you would teach children many other things about how life works, how the universe works, how the psyche works. Suddenly, you would have a form of education that is much more directly related to people’s personal lives.

Today, you are coming into a school day with a stack of books on your back, focused on different topics, and then going from one short class to another short class where you are taught history, you are taught math, you are taught this, you are taught that and they seem to have no connection to each other. Instead of this, you would come to school and you would be taught topics that are directly related to your personal life, how you see the world, how the world works. You would be taught this in a way that is not broken up in separate topics but it is tied together. You would be taught it in a way that is not passive but is interactive where you are participating. All of a sudden, all of these topics become alive because instead of learning something without knowing why or learning something for the sake of learning it, instead of being forced to learn something and therefore reacting against this by not really wanting to put your mind on this, you would now have a motivation for learning. 

You would see that the more you actually know, the more you can raise your own consciousness, the more you can find a sense of purpose, the more you can further your own creativity, your own creative expression throughout your life. Suddenly, there would be a totally different motivation for educating yourself. As this is carried into the higher levels of education, you can see that there are these people who will come out in their twenties with an education that is very, very different from the university degrees you get today. Instead of being so completely focused on one particular topic, you have a much more holistic awareness of how life works. You have a sense of connection between what you have been learning and how society works. You would also have a much more direct connection between what you are learning at school and what you are actually going to do after school, whether it be in a work situation or in some other field. There will even be the possibility that children can be educated not to simply find a position in some kind of job, be it for a private company or the state. They can actually be educated into sustaining themselves with some creative endeavor; starting their own company, inventing something, going into music, going into art, going into philosophy, creativity, writing, this or that. 

If you then have the situation where all people have the right to have a basic income, you can see that there a people who from an early age can go through their educational process and educate themselves to go into some creative field. They may not be able to make money perhaps for many years, perhaps not ever, but they know from an early age that they have the economic basis for pursuing and expressing their creativity.

Those nations who will allow this to happen, they will find that they will attract some extremely advanced and creative people. These people will bring forth new ideas, new inventions, that will have a very positive impact on those nations. In the beginning there will be somewhat of a contrast between the nations who can implement some of these ideas and those who cannot. Those who implement these new ideas, will have such a burst of creativity after some time that they will actually leap ahead of the nations who are not willing to shift into a new paradigm, a new way of approaching life.