Human beings can affect the environment positively

Imagine watching a movie with beautiful images of nature. You see cute polar bear cubs that climb out of their nest for the first time. Certainly, you feel love and compassion for these beautiful animals. Do you realize that the mother of those cute bear cubs – in order to feed and raise those cubs – has to go out and kill a seal, who also has young that will then starve to death if they are not eaten by the bear? You see the wonderful caribou that migrate over the Alaskan tundra, and then you see the wolves stalking them. You feel compassion for the young caribou and wish it could escape the wolf, and you feel a sense of terror and regret over seeing it be eaten.

Yet this is how nature currently functions on this planet. What has been done on this planet is that humankind has been sold a pack of lies—worse than a pack of wolves. One of these lies is that nature is something that is inevitable, that is beyond human comprehension, beyond human power to change. The way things are, are simply the way things are and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. Well, this is a lie, perpetrated by the manipulators who have sought to control humankind. There are certain groups of people on this planet who are spreading these lies and serving as instruments. Yet if you only focus on physical conspiracies, you will not grasp the full picture, and thus you will not be able to make and facilitate the shift in consciousness that needs to occur.

What they want you to believe is that you, the people, have no power to change the big things on earth including nature and what they have come to call the balance of nature or the ecosystem. How many of you were brought up to believe that nature was beyond the influence of human beings—except through technology? Certainly, you were brought up to believe that your consciousness could not change certain basic, fundamental things in nature. You could not change the fact that there are birds or animals of prey on this planet who must kill in order to survive. This is something that either God created that way or it just evolved by chance and thus, either way, it is beyond the power of human beings.

The truth about the balance of nature

On the one hand, you have been brought up to believe in the very subtle lie that human beings have no ultimate power over nature. At the same time, you have been brought up to believe that human beings can destroy nature and can only destroy nature. After all, there is nature and then there is human beings, and somehow there is a disconnect between the two. You have been brought up with the naive belief that the planet was once an idyllic place where all the animals lived and there was no humans to destroy and pollute.

Therefore, you should feel bad about being a human being on this planet. You should voluntarily submit yourself to the lie that there are too many people on this planet. It is part of the greater propaganda, and it shows you how they want you to believe that on the one hand you have no ability to influence the big picture and the balance and order of nature, but on the other hand you are an alien creature in nature who can only destroy. They are trying to sell you on the next lie of global warming. Well, if humankind has the ability to influence the planetary weather through global warming, then does this not disprove the claim that humankind has no power to change the order of nature?

When you start realizing that humankind does have a destructive capability that has reached global proportions, is it that difficult to take the next step and realize that perhaps humankind has an even greater power—that is greater than the power of technology? This is the power of consciousness whereby humankind has both the ability to destroy and the ability to uplift and to purify this planet, bringing it back to the original purity but even going beyond and co-creating the Age of Higher Awareness on earth.

Look at nature and look at the animal species. Consider why the balance of nature, as they call it, requires that an animal population must be kept at a certain level by animals of prey in order to avoid growing so large that it depletes its own food supply? What is called the balance of nature – where certain animal species must be held in check by others – is really not a state of balance, is it? If there was truly balance in nature, then there would be no risk that a population could grow too large for the food supply in the area where it lived. If there was truly balance on this planet, there would be a higher regulatory mechanism that would keep animal populations at the ideal level so that there was no need for disease, famine, starvation or animals of prey.

What you have been brought up to see as the balance of nature is the unbalance of nature. Where did that unbalance come from? Well, it came from man. It came through the minds of those in the manipulative consciousness. The state of certain animals being hunted and killed by others is a dualistic state where some must be killed so that others can survive. This is clearly duality for those who are aware of what duality means.

You have only two options. Either this imbalance evolved spontaneously or it was created by God. Certainly, there are many religious people who are deeply confused, thinking that God must have created lions and wolves. Yet, does it really make sense that in paradise there were lions and wolves? Does it really make sense – as you have seen from early childhood the pictures of Noah’s ark – that Noah brought lions and wolves onto the ark? Just imagine for a moment being stuffed in a small boat along with wolves and lions and trying to keep order. This is simply not a realistic scenario. Even on a humorous note, if you believe the Bible literally, then Noah brought two of each animal onto the ark. Well, which species was he going to sacrifice so the lion could get its next meal? There were only two goats so he couldn’t feed them some of the leftovers, he had to feed them the only two. This simply makes no sense whatsoever.

Did God create the imbalance in nature?

You need to step away from the literal interpretation and realize there is a deeper reality here. The deeper reality is that God did not create the current animal species that are found on this planet, nor did he create the state of imbalance that you see. This was created as an outpicturing of the state of consciousness of humankind. The presence of intelligent human-like beings on this planet goes very far back, much further back than acknowledged by any mainstream religion and even by science itself. The fact of the matter is that almost every aspect of nature on this planet is an outpicturing of the duality, the imbalance, the inharmony in the collective consciousness of humankind. This goes for earthquakes and natural disasters, it goes for diseases in your physical bodies, diseases in animal populations, it goes for the entire idea of overpopulation that necessitates diseases or starvation, it goes for poisonous animals of any kind, all kinds of parasites that prey upon humans and animals. All of this is an outpicturing of the dualistic state of consciousness.

Consider this from different perspectives. For example, in the farthest north, it is so extremely cold that an animal species has had to adapt to this by growing very long fur and by developing a life cycle where the mother hibernates for several months during the winter, then gives birth to her cubs. She brings them out in the spring because the summer is so short that they have no opportunity to grow big before the next winter unless they start as soon as they can leave the nest or the den. You see the extreme that nature has gone through to adapt to these conditions. Consider the extreme conditions that are found in the collective human consciousness. These extreme patterns are embedded even in nature herself, and this shows how deeply certain thoughtforms, certain ideas, certain beliefs, certain attachments are embedded in the collective psyche.

For each animal species you see on this planet, there is a group of people – you cannot identify them by outer characteristics but only by their consciousness – who have in their consciousness the very thoughtforms that have precipitated that animal species in its extreme form of adaptability to some state of imbalance on the earth. These people are very attached to these thoughtforms. They are not about to give up those thoughtforms, at least not until we have a dramatic shift in consciousness.

The only way to keep balance in nature

The balance of nature is really not a state of balance but a state that is created by humankind’s collective consciousness, engaging in duality. When you engage in the dualistic consciousness, it is inevitable that you create a problem. Then, in order to deal with that problem – to somehow cope with it instead of solving the problem – you use the duality consciousness to create a further complication—something that is even more complex. One problem leads to another, and the problems build upon each other until you have this complexity that seems so overwhelming that most people give up and say: “How could we possibly change these conditions?”

What is the alternative? Well, the alternative is to reach beyond duality, to reach for higher awareness and allow it to flow into every aspect of life on earth. The imbalance of the human consciousness has created certain animal species, that will tend to grow in population until they deplete their food supply and thereby either die out or are drastically reduced in numbers. Therefore, the human consciousness has created animals that prey upon these other animal populations to keep some state of balance. The human consciousness has even precipitated diseases that keep animal populations in check.

Higher awareness is the perfect regulatory mechanism

If humankind, or at least a critical mass among them, would reach for higher awareness and allow it to flow through them, then this higher awareness would become the perfect regulating mechanism that could regulate every aspect of the environment. This would include overcoming all earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, all disruptive weather patterns. Indeed, higher awareness can create the perfect climate that allows the growth of the maximum amount of crops that will then feed the maximum amount of people. 

Higher awareness would make it unnecessary to have diseases, parasites, famines or any of the so-called regulatory mechanisms that you see in nature. Higher awareness is the one perfect regulatory mechanism that has no side effects but only causes everything to grow and become more. 

The same holds true for human society. If a critical mass of people are the conduits for the regulatory mechanism of higher awareness, then there will be no competition for jobs. Higher awareness will make sure that only the number of people apply for a specific education that are needed to fill the jobs that are out there. Higher awareness will also make sure that the economy is in a constant state of growth that will give jobs to every human being, or at least everyone who is willing to work.

The economy and all aspects of human society have become unbalanced because of the dualistic state of consciousness. This happens especially because of those who are the most trapped in that state of consciousness, namely those who form a power elite. They have become so trapped in duality and separation that they believe that they – in their separate sense of identity – know better than God how things should be done on planet earth, or even in the entire universe. They have set themselves up as those who know best.

In their duality, they inevitably create imbalances that lead to problems. Then, we have the ongoing pattern of an established power elite creating a problem and an aspiring power elite coming up, claiming that they can solve the problem created by the old power elite even though they are still in the consciousness of duality. Therefore, they must inevitably create another imbalance that leads to another problem, and so on ad infinitum. 

What can be done to break this cycle, to break this spiral? Well, the only thing that can be done is that the more aware people, those who are loyal to the cause of freedom, awaken to who they are, awaken to their potential and decide to hold attain higher awareness and work for the awakening of humankind. This has an Alpha aspect where you raise your consciousness and pull up on the collective consciousness. It has an Omega aspect where you speak the truth that you know and demand change in society.