How to be free of the Soviet Union

The question to consider, not only for Estonia and the Baltic countries but any country that was influenced by or occupied by the Soviet Union is: “Are you happy that you are more free from Russian influence than you were during Soviet times?” If the answer is: “No, we would like to have more Russian influence in our country,” then there is nothing further to say. 

If on the other hand the answer is: “Yes, we are happy not to have as much Russian influence,” then the next question is: “Would you like to be completely free from Russian influence?” If the answer to that is: “Yes, we would like to be completely free,” then there is a simple fact. You have achieved a physical freedom from the Soviet Union and thereby from Russian influence but that is only the physical component. You will not be truly free of anything until you are free from it in the emotional, mental and identity levels of your minds, meaning both the individual minds and the collective mind of your country.

You may not have the direct physical influence that you had during Soviet times, but all countries who were influenced by the Soviet Union are still carrying the past with them. You have not freed yourself from this influence in the three higher levels of the mind. The main reason you have not freed yourself is very simple. You will not be free of Russian influence until you completely and unconditionally forgive Russia and Russians for anything that has happened in the past.

The need to forgive Russia and Russians

The only way to overcome the past is to forgive unconditionally because only by unconditionally forgiving, will you be free in your own mind. Forgiveness is most important at the emotional and mental levels. As long as you have a strong feeling of animosity, anger or hatred towards another group of people, you are obviously not free from those people because you are constantly influenced by these fear-based emotions. Look at the Middle East and how this has been going on for thousands of years, where the fear-based emotions, the anger and the hatred against another race has caused conflict after conflict. Ask yourself very simply: “If fifty years of Soviet occupation or influence from the Soviet Union was not enough for us, then how much longer do we want to carry these feelings with us?”

Higher awareness has no need to make you do or not do anything. Higher awareness only has a desire to set you free, and if you desire to be free, the only way to be free is to be free in your mind. The only way to be free in your emotional mind is to let go of these feelings and the only way to let go of the feelings is to forgive. There is no other way.

Being mentally free of other people

The same in the mental body where you can have anger, you can have mental arguments for what happened, what these people did to us, why they did it and why they should not have done it. You can have this intellectual, mental almost a hatred as well against other people, always trying to find fault, not being willing to see anything positive about these other groups of people.

Again, this is a burden that you are carrying with you and that is affecting you all of the time so you are not free. They may not be physically dominating you, but they are dominating you emotionally and mentally. If this is what you want, higher awareness bows to your free will. If it is not what you want, then higher awareness is ready to offer you all kinds of help to raise yourself above it. Again, it is the hope that the more aware people will be the first ones to raise yourselves above that old mindset.

The only way out is to tune in to your heart flame and then feel the resonance between your heart flame and that of other people. Then you can see beyond the outer characteristics. On a mental and identity level, you need to realize that the human mind has a tendency to generalize and to judge. You say to yourself: “Russia came in and occupied our nation for fifty years and committed all these atrocities.” This is not in any way denying or making light of the atrocities committed. It is only pointing out the choice that you face: Whether you want to carry this with you or rise above it.

The tendency to generalize

You say: “Russia did this to us, the Russians did this to us” and then you say: “Russians are like this, Russians are like that, Russians do this, and Russians do that.” You think that all Russians are a certain way. This is the mindset that blocks communication between people. Now you are no longer treating each other as individuals but you are generalizing. When you meet a certain person from another group, you are not looking at that person as an individual. You are generalizing: all Russians are like that, all Jews are greedy and money-hungry.

Then you think that you can treat the individual based on your judgment of the group and this is ultimately what led the Nazis to send the Jews to concentration camps. It is ultimately what led the Russians, the leaders and those executing their actions, to send so many of your own countrymen to concentration camps. You don’t treat people as individuals, but judge them as a group that is different from yourself. Therefore, you can treat them differently than you would treat those of your own group. This is a state of consciousness. It is perfectly true that the Russians who occupied the Baltic nations and those of Eastern Europe had that consciousness, had that attitude towards you. It is perfectly true that some still have it, but the question for you is, do you want to be free of it or do you want to carry it with you?

Freedom begins in your own mind

If you want to be free of it, you have to realize a very simple fact. Your freedom has to be won in your mind. There is no other way you can be free than being free in your own mind. If you say: “I will change my mind when these other people change,” then you will never be free because you are letting the freedom of your own mind depend on the choices of other people.

If you want to be free in your mind, you have to decide that there is no outer condition that your freedom depends upon. It depends on only the choices you make. Then you say to yourself: “I want to be free of this state of consciousness that these other people have used against me. The way that I can be free is not to change the other people because I cannot. The way I can be free is to change myself so that I raise myself above that state of consciousness.”

Two thousand years ago Jesus told all people: “Love your enemies, judge not that you be not judged, do unto others what you want them to do unto you.” Why did he tell people this? Because he also wanted to set people free and he knew exactly what has been explained here. What is the measure of whether you are free?

You nation’s Life plan

Look at this country, Estonia, or any country. How do you Estonians become free from the Soviet times, from the Soviet influence or from Russian influence if you want to see it that way? You do understand that as a small country you cannot change Russia and Russians. They are beyond your influence. What can you change? You can change yourself. That means you have to change the way you look at Russians and their consciousness. How do you measure whether you have succeeded in making that shift? It is very simple. When you no longer treat the Russians the way they have treated you, then you are free from their consciousness.

This is the brutal reality of life on planet earth. It applies not only here, it applies everywhere in the entire world. There is not one group of people for whom this does not apply. If you want to be free of a state of consciousness forced upon you by others, you must treat them differently than they are treating you. Thereby, you demonstrate that you, no matter what they do to you, will continue to treat them according to the state of consciousness you want to have. When you can do this over and over again, then you are free. Until you can do this, you will not be free.

When you reconnect to the love in your beings, you can meet this challenge. Higher awareness fully understands that there is not a family in Estonia who has not had someone taken off to concentration camps. Higher awareness understands that what it is asking you is not an easy task. But it is a task that you are capable of and that you chose in your national Life plan. It is only reminding you of what you have chosen because you collectively decided that you wanted to once and for all raise yourselves above that old outworn state of consciousness.

This is not forcing anything upon you that you have not already chosen. Grant you, not everybody in Estonia has chosen this, but a majority of the people embodying in Estonia at this time have chosen to agree with this national Life plan before you took embodiment. This is a reminder. It is not asking you to do anything that you did not want to do when you had the higher awareness you had before you came into this lifetime. Therefore this is possible, it is do-able.

There are many other nations that were part of the Soviet block who have similar, although in some cases individual aspects, of their Life plans as a nation. This is reminding you what you have chosen, what you are capable of. Then we leave you with this question: “Do you want to be free of Russian dominance of your nation?” Then we have given you the keys to that freedom. There is no nation who was part of the former Soviet Union for whom this message does not apply.