How small shifts in people’s consciousness can change the course of humanity

It is important that humankind begins to acknowledge and grapple with the topics of dictatorships, fanaticism and elitism. Truly, the decade of the 2020s will be marked by the question of whether mankind at large will begin to free themselves from the influence of the small power elite, primarily made up of manipulators. This does not mean that in the next ten years people at large will recognize the existence of manipulators. But they will, if all goes to the highest potential, certainly begin to recognize the influence that elites have had throughout history. They will begin to see that in every society, there has been a small elite that has dominated the population and that the population has allowed this to happen.

A shift in the economy

As more and more people begin to realize this, there will come a series of shifts beginning in the more advanced modern democracies, so that people will begin to object to the rule of elitism. This will begin in the economy in the more affluent democratic nations, so that people will demand an economy that functions for the benefit of all people. Instead of what you have today, an economy that functions for the benefit of a small elite.

This will require quite a challenge to many of the economic theories that have been put out there throughout history and that are out there today. Because it will require people to come to see that these theories are actually defined by the elite, in order to allow the elite to continue to dominate the population while hiding their influence. Therefore, what needs to happen here is that people become more aware of this hidden influence of the elite—the deception that is behind all forms of elitism. The more aware people can provide the impetus that will turn the tide, that will turn the current of the river, that will turn the course of the ship ever so slightly so that it starts pointing in a different direction.

How the world changes

There are many situations in the world where there has been a gradual build-up of energy, of consciousness, at the identity level, the mental level and the emotional level. This has led to a scenario that has not yet become physical. Because this has not yet become physical, the scenario can go in different directions. There are different outcomes that could potentially happen. This is very parallel to what has been described in quantum physics where you cannot at a certain point predict the outcome with certainty. You can only predict it with probability. So it is in many of these situations in society.

This is where the work of a relatively small number of people can have this tremendous influence, of shifting the equation with an amount that might seem to not be important at all, to not be significant, to not be decisive. And it may not be decisive right then and there, but everything that shifts the equation turns the rudder of the ship a little bit. You know that if you turn the rudder of a ship with just a tiny amount, eventually it will be a big difference between where the ship is going and where it would have been going if the rudder had not been turned by that tiny degree.

Higher awareness has a perspective that you do not have while you are in embodiment. It looks at a particular situation as the potential is right now, and in the short term there are certain scenarios that could be outplayed. Say there is a situation where the lowest possible scenario is a war. The higher outcomes are different ways to deal with the conflict. Even if that situation does produce a war in the short run, from the perspective of higher awareness even though the outcome may be a war now, this could happen in various ways. There could be various equations at the identity, mental and emotional level that in a longer perspective can change the situation dramatically and set societies on a new course. So that even if in the short term it seems that the highest outcome did not come to pass, we can still turn the course of the ship so that in the long run it goes towards a higher outcome.

Interdependent originations

It does not take very much to change the course of a society, a civilization, humanity, even the planet. It does not take all that much. Why is this so? It is because everything is connected. It is the teaching given by the Buddha 2,500 years ago about the “interdependent originations.” Where everything is the constant flow, a constant flux. There are no separate events in the world. You look at planet earth and what do you see throughout history? You see that because of the illusion created by the duality consciousness – the illusion of separation – people, groups of people, countries, civilizations, races have had this sense that they are separated from other people. They can live the way they want to independently of others. They can do to other people, other groups of people, something that harms those people but it will not harm themselves.

The reality is that the entire planet is an interconnected whole. All people are interconnected through the collective consciousness. What affects one group of people, will affect the whole. Which means that when a small number of people raise their consciousness, it will also affect the whole. This is why you see that even a small number of people making doing energy work and raising their consciousness, will change the entire equation, the total equation of the planet.

If you could see how this looks from higher awareness, you might say that it looks like a very intricate interplay of light waves, energy waves. They are not separate waves, they are all interconnected. The only image that you might have at the physical level is that of the ocean, where you have all of the waves that may seem to be separate from a very narrow perspective. But as soon as you step back a little bit, you see that they are all part of the ocean, so they are all interconnected. If there is a current in the ocean such as the tide that raises the ocean in certain areas higher, then the waves must follow that. In other areas, the water level goes down and the waves must follow that. So you see that there is this constant interplay. Any change that happens on the planet will change that interplay, will change the equation.

There are of course many situations where a certain outcome is about to break through to the physical. But it can manifest in a variety of ways. This is where the difference between one way and another, can be very, very small. In fact, so small that in some cases, just one person changing his or her view of the situation can cause a different physical outcome. Now if that person has a certain level of higher awareness, then even if the person is not in a position to make decisions, a person can still shift the equation. In other cases, there might be a person who is in that critical position to make a certain decision that might set a society on a different course. That person alone shifting his or her mind can therefore change the outcome, manifest a different outcome.

In the next decade, people will become more aware of the choices that you make when you are in embodiment and the consequences. And how a slight change in your awareness about a situation, can cause you to make a higher choice that leads to a higher outcome.

How conscious are people of the choices they make? How aware are they of the choices, the options, the consequences and the often very small difference between this choice and that choice. Yet even though it seems like there is not such a critical difference, they can lead to vastly different outcomes. Especially the people in the democratic nations need to become more aware of this during the coming decade.

There is a certain element of higher awareness, which revolves around becoming aware, more aware, of the choices you make. You become more conscious of your choices. You become more conscious of how easy it actually is for your mind to switch a little bit so that you make a slightly different choice and you may think with the outer mind: “Well, what difference does it make whether I do one thing or the other, whether I choose this or that? They seem to be almost the same.” But a small turn of the rudder can change the final destination of the ship, or it can change the course of the ship as it travels a certain distance. These small shifts in consciousness can make a tremendous difference on your personal lives, on the course of nations or humanity as a whole. This is what people need to become aware of in order to exercise their higher discernment.