How Ideas Are Used to Justify War

Let us consider another cause of war, we might say another justification for war. One can make a distinction between the causes of war and then the justification for war.

Much of what human beings would see as the causes of war, based on a superficial or materialistic view, are simply camouflage. They are the conditions that are used to justify going to war, but the real causes of war are at a much deeper level, namely in the minds and mindset of the manipulators. This mindset we will address in a coming discourse, but for now, we will look at one of the elements that are used to justify war, one of the elements that are used to get people to go to war. This element is the use of ideas. Ideas, of course, take many forms, but why is it necessary to use ideas to get people to go to war?

The complexity of the physical body

The worldview that the beings of higher awareness seek to give you is that you are not human, material beings. You are non-material beings who are inhabiting, on a temporary basis, a human, material body. This means that you do have the potential to take command over the body, to master the body. It also means that if you do not exercise this potential, the body may take command over you. 

The human body is a very, very complex creation. You may have heard various figures of how there are more neurons in the brain than stars in the universe. There are many other such facts that can be used to describe how complex the human brain is. You may have heard how many cells there are in the body and how complex the different systems of the body really are.

It should be obvious that with such a complex machinery, there are certain rules or laws that are working in the body. The human body is an organism that can in some ways be compared to a machine controlled by a computer. When we talk about your four lower bodies or the four levels of your mind, we are talking about an identity body, a mental body and an emotional body. There is also a level of the physical mind that is very much tied to how you, as a non-material being, interact with a material body on earth.

There are elements of this soul vehicle that you take with you from lifetime to lifetime. Therefore, one can say that this soul vehicle is not produced by or part of the material body. There is also an aspect of the physical body you are wearing right now that is unique to this lifetime, to this body. This aspect is still a mind, although not a self-aware mind. It is so complex that one can compare it to one of these supercomputers that has taken on an almost human-like intelligence. This does not mean that researchers or scientists will be able to create artificial intelligence, as many dream of doing. They will be able to create something that mimics it, but they will never be able to create life that has self-awareness, for self-awareness comes only from higher awareness.

The complex programming in the physical body

There is an aspect of the body that contains a very complex programming. This is programmed into the physical body. You can override this consciously, but for the vast majority of the people on this planet, they are not able to do this. What they can do is override the programming in an unconscious, unaware manner. They are overriding the programming, but they are not consciously aware of what they are doing. They have, so to speak, been tricked into overriding the programming. Where this plays into the understanding of war is that one of the deepest programmings in the human mind-body is that of survival.

You do, of course, have a programming aimed at preserving your specific physical body. If this program perceives a threat to the life of your body, it will do whatever necessary to preserve your body, including killing the body of another human being. This is self-preservation. For most people in the modern world this program rarely comes into action. It is not a program that controls your normal day-to-day behavior when you are not in a stressful or life-threatening situation. It simply lies dormant, as the program you have created for riding a bicycle only gets activated when you get on a bicycle. 

There is another program that is aimed at preserving your species as a whole. This program is aimed at preserving the whole of the species rather than individuals. It is more important to preserve the species than a given individual because the species can survive without a particular individual, but if the species itself becomes extinct, then, of course, no more individuals can exist.

When the body’s programs clash

The human mind-body has two programs that can very easily clash with each other. There can be a conflict in the psyche of an individual when it comes to the entire concept of killing other human beings. You can be in a situation where there seems to be such a threat to the life of your body that you will kill another human being. There is a deeper more powerful program that prompts you not to kill other human beings in order to preserve the species.

The human mind-body is programmed in such a way as to strongly discourage killing other human beings. This is a very deep and very powerful program in the body. When you add to this the fact that you are a non-material being inhabiting a physical body, you see that, as long as you have some intuitive sense of being connected to a greater whole than yourself, then you have some sense of the oneness of all life. You may not use this expression consciously, but you do have a sense that life is a whole. If you see yourself as a non-material being, you would not want to kill another human being because you realize that you are part of the whole and so is that other person.

There is a disconnect between the reality explained here and a very popular idea that is floating around in the collective consciousness. This idea is in part based on the observation of history and in part based on the theory of evolution and its idea of the survival of the fittest, or as the popular saying is: “nature red in tooth and claw.” The idea is that, for the human species, killing is almost normal, almost natural. You must kill in order to survive. You may even have to kill those of your own species in order to survive. This is an idea—not a reality. 

It is an idea created by the manipulators and projected into the collective consciousness. Both your non-material identity and the programming of the physical body make it extremely difficult for a human being to kill another human being. This is simply part of the self-preservation of the species that in many cases overrides the self-preservation of the individual.

War is not an individual conflict. If you are in a situation where your physical life is threatened, then the program aimed at preserving your physical body will kick in and may cause you to kill another human being. If you are a soldier and you are on a battlefield, then you may have your life threatened and the program may kick in and cause you to kill an enemy soldier who otherwise would kill you. The question is: “How do you ever get yourself from a normal human life to the rather extreme condition of being on a battlefield? What motivates you to go there? What prevents you from objecting to going there?”

The deeper, more powerful program that programs you not to kill other human beings works directly against the entire concept of war. In order to get human beings to engage in war, the manipulators have had to find a way to neutralize the program that is aimed at preserving the species and to inflate the importance of the program that makes you kill in order to preserve yourself. The program aimed at preserving the species would say it is wrong to assemble an army and to attack another country because this works against the preservation of the human species. The manipulators must find a way to neutralize this program and then over-inflate the individual preservation program so that you think that this other group of people, this other nation or this other race is a direct threat to your survival. Now it becomes acceptable or necessary to kill them.

Humans are not designed to kill their own species

One of the many ideas that are aimed at accomplishing this goal is the idea that it is natural or normal for human beings to kill each other. You can look at human history and see that it has been normal for human beings to kill each other. It has been “normal” in the sense that it has been common. It has not been normal in the sense that this is what human beings are designed to do, because human beings are designed not to kill each other in order to preserve the species.

When you look at animals, you will see, as the idea of “nature red in tooth and claw” shows, that animals are constantly killing each other. There is a so-called balance in nature, where carnivores must kill herbivores in order to prevent the herbivores from becoming too numerous so that they destroy the food supply, or at least this is the interpretation of nature that has been floated by the manipulators. The deeper reality is that what you see in nature right now is not a natural condition. It is an unnatural condition that only came into existence after manipulators started embodying on earth.

This statement will contradict everything you have been brought up to believe by both religion and science. Religion says that the world is not very old and was created instantly by an almighty God. Science says the world is older, but it still says that, even though the planet is billions of years old, there has only been human life on this planet for a few thousand or tens of thousands of years. Certainly, there has only been civilized life for a handful of millennia.

This is completely out of touch with reality. Human life, intelligent life, has existed for a very, very long time on this planet. This means that human beings have had an influence on what evolutionary theory sees as completely natural processes. The fact that you need carnivores to prevent the population of herbivores from getting too big is a reflection of the imbalance introduced by human beings. There can be balance in nature without animals killing each other because nature can be completely controlled by the flow of higher awareness. The need to maintain a “balance” in nature by killing is a reflection of an imbalance, and such an imbalance is introduced only by the human beings who incarnate on earth.

They are the co-creators, and they are the only beings who are capable of creating imbalance. The beings of higher awareness who created the earth in its original design could not create imbalance. They created a completely balanced planet, and it is only the descent of human beings into the duality consciousness, and especially the incarnation of manipulators, that has led to the current state of imbalance. You have grown up to see the current state of imbalance as normal, and you do not realize how extreme of an imbalance it is, compared to the original state of this planet.

War is neither natural nor normal

It is neither natural nor normal for human beings to kill each other. It is especially not natural and normal for human beings to engage in large-scale killings of other human beings, such as what you see in war. War is not an invention of the original inhabitants of the earth. War was not introduced to the planet until the manipulators were allowed to incarnate here. This did not mean that human beings were not killing each other on a smaller scale. There was a certain competition among various groups, but war as you see it today was not invented by the original inhabitants of the earth. It was introduced here by the manipulators who taught the original inhabitants to wage war. It was also the manipulators who introduced the ideas that justified war and made it seem necessary, even natural, even honorable. 

You truly cannot gain through war because, even though you may reap a temporary, material gain, the consequence is that you lower the overall wealth and abundance found on the planet, and this will in the future hit you as well. It has sometimes been said about the debt that has been accrued by many Western nations that you are mortgaging your children’s future, but when you know the reality of reincarnation, who are your children? Your children’s children might be you in a future lifetime. By going to war, by destroying resources and life and lowering the level of abundance on the planet, you create an imbalance for yourself that you will have to experience in a coming lifetime. There is no way around this. 

It is neither natural nor normal in a higher way for human beings to wage war. What does this mean? It means something very interesting that you need to be aware of. Warfare was not normal human behavior before the manipulators came to this planet. One can argue that right now it is almost normal human behavior. Certainly, this is what the manipulators are arguing, but do you see what they are doing? They are using a condition, a state of imbalance, that they have created in order to define a new norm, and then they use the new norm to justify perpetuating the condition. This is how the manipulators work. This is the essence of the duality consciousness. As the serpent said to Eve: “When you eat of the forbidden fruit of the duality consciousness, you become as a god, knowing good and evil.” The meaning is that you are now defining what is good and what is evil.

This is what has sometimes been called the “privilege of formulating the problem,” and the manipulators are very skilled at capturing this privilege. They define what is the problem or define what is the “normal” way to solve such a problem. Thereby, they can define that this other group of people is “the problem” and the normal, inevitable, honorable, desirable or God-ordained way to solve the problem is to kill those human beings, preferably exterminating them completely from the surface of the earth. You, as the more aware people, need to look beyond this programming and see that this is not normal. “The Emperor has nothing on.” Killing, especially large-scale killing, is not normal, is not natural, is not God-ordained, is not honorable, is not justifiable, is not beneficial to anyone—including yourself.

The effect of the duality consciousness

What makes it possible for human beings to override the very deep programming in the mind-body that programs them not to kill? Most people cannot do this consciously, but they can be manipulated into doing it without being aware of what they are doing. This is done primarily through ideas but ideas of a special kind. These ideas are all based on an underlying idea, namely, that there are two opposites that are mutually exclusive. One of these opposites is desirable and the other is undesirable. The option that your group represents is the desirable one, but it is being threatened by the opposite, which will destroy it unless you destroy the opposition first. Destroying the opposition means destroying the people who are promoting the idea that is opposing your idea. You may even be aware that they claim to be the rightful ones, that you are the bad ones and that you are a threat to them.

This is the effect of the duality consciousness. You can have two groups of people who both believe that they are being threatened by the other, and they have to take aggressive action against the other. If two groups of people go to war, and both of them claim that they are not the aggressors but that they had to go to war in order to avoid the aggression from the other group, then is it not obvious that they are both blinded by dualistic logic or serpentine logic. The serpentine logic is dualistic logic. It is not logical in a higher sense. It is not logical when seen from higher awareness.

Creating opponents through serpentine logic

When you step away from a situation and you look at it from the outside, it is not difficult to see that Group A and Group B are both reasoning that they are threatened by the other. If they both claim to be peaceful and non-aggressive, then, in reality, none of them can be threatened by the other if this claim is true. It cannot be logical and rational that they would have to go to war against each other, if both of them are as peaceful and non-aggressive as they claim to be.

You can see this very clearly from the outside, but once you step into the perception filter, the thought bubble, created by the serpentine logic, you will not be able to see this. You are not seeing your own actions from a neutral or objective perspective. You are not seeing that they are illogical. Neither are you, of course, seeing the other side’s actions from a neutral perspective. You can only see the opposing side as a threat. You can only see your own reasoning and behavior as logical, rational and justifiable because you have to defend yourself against the opponent and its aggression.

So many times in history the manipulators have managed to get two groups of people to engage in a war based on this particular deception. They both believe they are threatened by the other. None of them can step outside the veil of illusion that has been created by the manipulators and see that this cannot be true, rational or logical. 

There is even the larger logic that, if you truly are peaceful, you cannot be threatened by an opponent. If you are sending only peace into the cosmic mirror, the cosmic mirror cannot reflect back the opposite of what you are sending out. It can only reflect back what you are sending out multiplied.

Imagine you were willing to look at this simple fact and say: “We perceive that we are threatened by an opponent. What is it in our collective consciousness that has sent a signal into the cosmic mirror that has been reflected back in the form of this opponent?” If you were willing to look at yourself and pull the beam from your own eye, then you would not have to fight that opponent. There would be other ways to resolve the situation without going to war.

So many times in history, even in recent history, you have seen nations go to war, claiming they had no other choice. There was no other option than going to war because of what the enemy did, said or thought. There is always an alternative to going to war. It is simply that you cannot see it, and the reason you cannot see it is that you will not look at the beam in your own eye. The reason you will not look at this is that you will not realize that war is caused by the idea that there is an epic struggle and that you represent good and the other side represents evil. You will not see that this is an illusion and that you do not represent good in an unqualified sense and your opponent does not represent evil in an unqualified sense.

Your side, your nation, your group, is made up of individual human beings. They have flaws. They have opinions. They have limitations. The enemy is also made up of individual human beings with flaws and limitations. How can you claim that you are fundamentally different from and superior to the enemy and therefore it is justifiable that you kill the enemy? If you are willing to look at the beam in your own eye, you cannot make this claim. You cannot believe this. When you see a nation, such as Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union or China, that claims to be fundamentally different because of its ideology and fundamentally superior to another group of people, then you know this nation is trapped in the serpentine logic and the dualistic mindset. This nation has been sucked into the epic struggle between two opponents.

The epic struggle between “God” and the devil

The epic struggle was not created by God. The epic struggle has no necessity. It has no reality. It is an entirely artificial creation that is completely created by the manipulators. You may say: “But so many of the religions in the world say that there is a God and there is a devil. And the devil is opposing God, threatening God’s plan and God’s kingdom.” The reality is that the devil is the manipulators. In their arrogance, in their blindness, in their pride, they have made themselves believe that they are powerful enough to be the opponent of God and to threaten God’s plan. This would be comparable to a flea thinking it could control an elephant, only God is infinitely greater than an elephant. The manipulators have no power to threaten God.

You know, because you have been brought up to believe, that the earth is a very, very small speck of dust in an infinitely large universe. There was a time only a few hundred years ago when people believed that the universe was much smaller than it is. They believed the earth was the center of the universe and was extremely important to God’s plan. This was, again, an idea created by the manipulators in order to make themselves, the beings on this small earth, appear to be so important.

You know very well that the earth is very, very small compared to the rest of the universe. You also know that, even though the earth exerts a gravitational force on the moon, there is absolutely no chance that the gravitational force of the earth could affect faraway galaxies. It is ridiculous to believe that the earth is the center of the universe and that the earth has some cosmic significance for the entire universe. 

There is no devil, there is no force of evil that has any chance whatsoever of threatening God or God’s plan for the unfoldment of the universe. This is another idea floating around in the collective consciousness on earth. There is, however, a certain reality in the sense that there is a devil that opposes a god, but the deeper reality is that both the devil and the god that is being opposed is created by the manipulators. It is not the real God that is being threatened by a devil. It is a false god, created by the manipulators. It has gained some power because it exists as a demon in both the emotional, mental and identity realms. This god, this finite god, can be threatened by a finite devil because this god is created out of the duality consciousness and it must have an opponent. Again, the manipulators have created a false god and its opposite, the devil, and they are using the existence of these two opposing demons to create the idea of an epic struggle that justifies an ultimate war.

The epic struggle throughout history

You have seen this epic struggle take on many different disguises. A few hundred years ago, you saw it in the form of the Crusades where there was this epic struggle between two religions, Christianity and Islam. Both of these religions claimed to be based on the Old Testament. They claimed to be worshiping the same God, the God who gave the Ten Commandments, one of which is: “Thou shalt not kill.” They both believed that the same God who gave this command was so threatened by the other religion that he had set aside his unqualified, unconditional command not to kill and would not only validate but reward you for killing the other side. Your opponent was supposedly such a threat to this almighty God that he needed you to step in and do his dirty work for him by killing these people.

In more modern times, you have seen another version of the epic struggle, namely the tension between communism and the so-called free world. You may have grown up in the West and been conditioned to believe that communism was a threat to the West. You may have believed it was justified that the West opposed the communist expansion by building a big army and by engaging in the Cold War, building nuclear weapons that could kill the human population several times over in order to prevent a takeover of communist forces. 

You may even have read that it was capitalists in the West who financed Lenin’s takeover of Russia and the creation of the Soviet Union and that it was continued financing that upheld the Soviet Union until it finally became impossible to sustain it. Why would capitalists in the West create a system that completely opposed the capitalism that they had used to enrich themselves? It was because those capitalists in the West were manipulators, and they wanted to create an opponent in order to justify spending on war. They would not only build the weapons but would also provide the financing that fueled the military-industrial complex and the incredible spending that took place during the Cold War.

Do you, again, see the manipulators creating conflict, creating an epic struggle between two opponents that now can justify something that should be seen as completely insane? Both the programming of your physical mind-body and your higher awareness should have made most people on earth see the lie behind the epic struggle between capitalism and communism, the struggle between Islam and Christianity and so many other struggles. They should have said: “But the emperor has nothing on. We will not support this. We will not give up our sons as cannon fodder for this ridiculous quest of the manipulators.”

Why didn’t people do this? Because they had become so blinded by the illusions promoted by the manipulators. As a more aware person, you need to unblind yourself from these illusions and to make the calls so that other people can be set free. You need to make the calls so that the beings of higher awareness can step in and bind the demons and the entities in the astral, mental and identity realms that are continuing to create a magnetic force that makes it difficult for people to see through the illusion and to free their minds from it.

Fanaticism overrides the mind-body programming

You also need to increase your awareness of a very simple fact. You have in the Western world been conditioned to believe that some of the greatest evils perpetrated in history were caused by fanaticism. You have, for example, been conditioned to believe that Adolph Hitler and many of the Nazi leaders (and even many among the German people at the time) had become fanatical because of the ideology of Nazism. You have come to believe that this was an extreme condition that blinded people temporarily and that somehow was punctured when Germany was defeated at the end of the war. You have also been conditioned to believe that the communists in the Soviet Union or China were also fanatical and had a hatred of the West and wanted to spread their system to the entire world. You have in recent years been conditioned to believe that Al Qaeda and I.S. or ISIS are Muslim fanatics who hate the West and who want to destroy the great Satan of America.

You have been conditioned to believe that fanaticism is a major cause of war. This is correct in the sense that fanaticism is not really a cause of war but is the most common way to justify war. It is a mindset that justifies war. We can say that any time human beings are able to override the mind-body programming not to kill, they can do so only by going into a fanatical state of mind.

Take note of what was said? Any time human beings believe it is necessary and justifiable to kill at a large scale, they have been blinded by fanaticism. What did the American president, many among the American leaders and many among the American people believe when they went to war in Iraq? They believed it was necessary and justified to go to war and kill tens of thousands of people. How was this not fanaticism? 

Do you see what fanaticism does? It makes you project that the problem is “out there” in those other people. Therefore, it is necessary and justified to kill them. The common definition of fanaticism is that it is any idea or belief taken to an extreme, to an excess. The real definition of fanaticism is that fanaticism is the mindset that overrides the mind-body programming not to kill. Fanaticism, of course, also overrides your higher awareness of the Oneness of all life, but this is not so important because if you have a spiritual awareness, you will not go into fanaticism. You will not be susceptible to fanaticism, if you have a true spiritual awareness of the Oneness of all life. 

You can claim to be a religious person or even a spiritual person and still become susceptible to fanaticism. You will not think you are fanatical, you will think it is those other people who are fanatical and you simply have to oppose them. Many spiritual and religious people (who claim to be spiritual and religious in an outer sense) have been deceived by the fanatical mindset. If you are a true spiritual person, who has an intuitive knowing of the oneness of all life, you are not likely to be drawn into fanaticism. You will know that you cannot kill another human being any more than you can chop off a part of your own body. 

Fanaticism is a state of mind. It is produced by the ideas promoted by the manipulators, first of all, the epic struggle that takes on a specific disguise. It then defines that, in order to win this epic struggle, it is justifiable and necessary to kill this other group of people. It also defines that winning the epic struggle is absolutely necessary for some reason or other. 

Anytime there is a conflict between two groups of people and anytime that conflict is justified by ideas, those ideas produce the fanatical mindset on both sides. It is never so that one side represents right, good, God, truth or reality and the other represents the opposite. Both sides are in a fanatical state of mind, and this means that both sides are controlled by the manipulators in the emotional, mental and identity realms. There is no other explanation. 

There is no justification for fanaticism

The willingness to kill on a large scale is the very definition of fanaticism. Fanaticism is a state of mind that is neither normal nor natural for a human being or a spiritual being. It is an artificial state of mind, deliberately and maliciously created by the manipulators in order to get human beings to kill each other. There is no other explanation. You can come up with all kinds of subtle reasonings. Perhaps your mind is already churning, coming up with what you have been programmed to believe. There is no other explanation. There is no justification or necessity for fanaticism, and there is no way to kill on a large scale unless you have been blinded and taken over by fanaticism.

You may say: “But Nazism was clearly evil and therefore the free world was not fanatical in fighting the war against Nazism.” This is a complete lie and a smokescreen created by the manipulators. It is a product of your unwillingness to look at the beam in your own eye. What you should be thinking is: “What was it in the collective consciousness in the 1920s and 30s that produced the emergence of Nazism? What was the rest of the world and even the German people sending into the cosmic mirror that came back in the form of Nazism? What was the beam in our own eye that we did not see, that we still have not seen and that we still have not pulled?” 

There are those who have said that the dilemma of war is that in order to defeat the enemy, you have to become as ruthless as the enemy. The risk is that you can become worse than the enemy. You may look at the Nazi leaders, and you may clearly see that they were in a fanatical state of mind. If you were to look objectively at the leaders in England and America who fought the war against Nazism, then you would see that they were also in a fanatical state of mind. It was not as obvious as the German one, but one of the reasons for this was that Germany lost the war. Therefore, to the victor goes the spoils and the right to write history. You have heard the saying that history is written for the winners because the winners write it to make themselves look good. 

You will know that towards the end of the war, the Americans and the British conducted large-scale bombings of German cities. In some of those cities there were no military targets. It was a punishment of the German civil population that killed tens of thousands of women and children. What was the obvious way to cover up this and other war crimes committed by the allies? It was to demonize the Germans and make them seem even worse than they were. 

Fanaticism is always the mindset behind war

This is not to excuse the holocaust. This is not about going into a discussion about who was bad and who was not bad. It is not trying to excuse the war crimes and atrocities committed by the Nazis. It is simply trying to point out that whenever two sides are opposing each other in a conflict, especially if that conflict is seen as an epic struggle between good and evil, then both sides will have become affected by the mindset of fanaticism. Fanaticism can take many forms. It can even appear benign. The Christian Crusaders were fanatical, but they thought they were fighting for God’s cause. So did the Muslims who opposed them. 

The more aware people need to see that fanaticism is always the mindset that leads to war. You can make the calls for this to be exposed for people to see. You can give the authority to the beings of higher awareness to remove those demons and entities in the emotional, mental and identity realms who are feeding off fanaticism and encouraging it so that people will commit further atrocities as a result of the fanatical mindset. 

You cannot push men, women and children into a gas chamber unless you are blinded by fanaticism. Neither can you send hundreds of bombers to bomb an undefended city, killing tens of thousands of civilians, unless you are in the fanatical mindset. It makes you do things that are not necessary in order to achieve the end that you claim to be working towards. You do not see that what you are doing is not necessary, rational, logical or humane. 

This is not trying to say that war is in any way rational. You can step back and say if there is an end that needs to be achieved, such as defeating the enemy, then from a rational, logical standpoint, we would do only what is absolutely necessary in order to defeat the enemy and nothing more. Why would we spend money on things that are not necessary to achieve our end? This is what you could do from a rational evaluation of war. Yet so many times in war, you see that both sides go far beyond what is absolutely necessary, and the explanation for this is that they are blinded by fanaticism. 

The Alpha and Omega of transcending fanaticism

There are two ways out of fanaticism, the Alpha and the Omega. The Alpha way is to recognize and to reconnect with your own vertical oneness to something higher, meaning your higher self, the beings of higher awareness. When you see the oneness of all life in yourself, you see the oneness of all life in other people. You are freed from fanaticism, for you realize that all people are part of the same body of higher awareness of which you are a part. 

The Omega way is to look at it rationally and say: “Is what we are doing necessary? Does it produce any end? What are the consequences of what we are doing for ourselves?” The Omega way is to look at the mechanics of how the material universe works, and the mechanics are simple: action and reaction. Any action you take creates a consequence. When you evaluate the consequences, you start thinking: “Well, is it worth it? Is this what we want to achieve?” Either way, you can free yourself from fanaticism, and make the calls so that people will be freed in both ways. 

There is still much fanaticism in the world, and it is not always “out there.” There is still much fanaticism in the West. After the World Trade Center attacks in 2001, fanaticism in the West has increased and been directed towards defeating this new enemy. This fanaticism goes far back. Certainly, it was there before the second world war and even further back in history. It is a mindset that has been created by the manipulators, and it has been sustained for a very, very long time on this planet. 

Calling forth the Judgment of Christ

We are now in a cycle where the more aware people on earth have an unprecedented opportunity to make the calls and authorize the beings of higher awareness to not only consume the energies of fanaticism but to bind the demons and entities and take them from the earth and dissolve them. You also have an unprecedented opportunity to call for the Judgment of Christ upon the manipulators who are promoting fanaticism, and who will not let it go, so that they can be removed from the earth, both from physical incarnation and from the emotional, mental and identity realms. 

There is a whole class, a whole rung, of manipulators who are ready for the Judgment of Christ. When Jesus appeared in physical embodiment and attained Christhood 2,000 years ago, he said: “For judgment, I am come.” There was an entire group of manipulators who were judged by their killing of the Christ incarnate. The plan behind Jesus’ coming into physical embodiment was to set an example that others could follow so that at the end of this 2,000-year cycle there would be 10,000 people who had attained full Christhood. They could call forth the Judgment of Christ upon the manipulators without them having to be physically killed by the manipulators. 

As said in the book, The Mystical Teachings of Jesus, there are ten thousand people in embodiment who have the potential to awaken and accept or quickly develop their Christhood. Thereby, you can make the calls for the judgment of the manipulators who are ready to be taken from the earth in this age. You will not have to be physically killed; you will not have to have the bloodshed. 

When there was only one Christ in embodiment, he had to allow himself to be physically killed in order to bring about the judgment of the manipulators. When there are ten thousand Christed beings in embodiment, you can make the calls and give the invocations and transcend the duality consciousness. Thereby, you can authorize the removal of the manipulators from the earth, and with them will go their fanaticism and their warring. This is an unprecedented opportunity. 

The purpose for which you came into embodiment

You have taken embodiment because, before you took embodiment, you saw how unique this opportunity was and you felt an inner longing to be part of this movement. That is why you took embodiment on this dense planet in this very difficult time. You did not look at the difficulties you are facing now. You looked at the opportunity. 

You can reconnect to that sense of opportunity. It was not fanaticism you felt. It was enthusiasm. It was joy. It was the joy of seeing what an incredible opportunity there is to take a planet as dark as earth and to lighten it so much that it can quickly accelerate into the golden age that the beings of higher awareness envision for this planet for the next 2,000 years. You saw this. You felt such a deep love, a deep joy, well up from the core of your being that you volunteered to take embodiment. 

You volunteered to take embodiment because you saw that by you awakening to your potential and making the calls, then these manipulators could be judged and taken from the earth. Thereby, their warring and their warring ways would be lifted from this planet, as a dark cloud that has been hanging for far too long. You saw how this earth could be lifted from being the dark star it is today to being freedom’s star that could radiate a new light and bring hope to other planets that are as dark or darker than the earth. 

This is not in any way seeking to convince you of something. It is not asking you to believe anything. It is asking you to tune in to your heart, to the core of your being, to your higher self. It is asking you to acknowledge consciously what you already know in your identity body, what you already understand in your mental body and what you already feel in your emotional body—when you look beyond your normal state of consciousness. 

It is not asking you to follow or believe anyone. It is asking you to tune in to who you really are and accept who you really are. It is asking you to accept your role, your potential, your right and the very purpose for which you came into embodiment at this time. Will you acknowledge who you are?