Freedom from the self-validating system of the human mind

Many people across America go to their Christian churches. Little do they know, little do they understand, little do they suspect that the church they go to represents an almost complete perversion of the teachings Jesus gave 2000 years ago, let alone the teachings he stands for today. They do not suspect that Christianity is a disguised form of Satanism because it raises up the consciousness of Satan above the consciousness of Christ.

Now what is the consciousness of Satan? Well, it is the consciousness where you think you know better, you think you know best, you know better than God, you know better than Christ. One example is Peter who knew better or thought he knew better, what should or should not happen to Jesus in regards to the authorities. This is the consciousness that became the foundation for the Roman Catholic Church, and it has been the foundation for the Roman Catholic Church for 1700 years. It is also the foundation for the vast majority of non-Catholic Christian churches. It is a consciousness that has not been challenged, that has not been understood, it has not been identified. It hasn’t, so to speak, “snapped into focus” where people can see this and see how that consciousness permeates the Christian religion. Of course, it also permeates other religions and other aspects of society.

How can you have a country where you have a democratic political system, but an anti-democratic religion that is the dominant religion in that country, Christianity in one form or another in America? Well, what is the connection here? The more aware people can grasp what is the central feature of the satanic consciousness, the consciousness of antichrist, the duality consciousness.

The self-validating system of the dualistic consciousness

There has recently been a major hurricane that made landfall in America, and every year in a certain season, in the center of America there are many states where they experience tornadoes. What is it that happens in this kind of weather phenomenon? This is actually quite well known and studied by scientists. You have an area of the ocean where the water heats up. Gradually, this creates movements in the air and when they reach a certain critical mass, they form the beginnings of a hurricane. The winds swirling in the hurricane are pulling up heat from the ocean, which increases the wind speed and as the wind speed increases, it can pull up more heat from the ocean, which increases the wind speed even more. In other words, you have a self-feeding, self-reinforcing system that can then start moving across the ocean, and usually does not dissipate in power until it either reaches land or it reaches a cooler part of the ocean, where there is no longer the heat that drives it. 

This is what you need to see about the duality consciousness. It is not exactly the same as the physical phenomenon, of course, but the point is that it starts slow. It starts by people accepting one lie, then another, then another, but there comes a point where there is a shift in people’s minds and now they are blinded by, they are taken over by, the dualistic consciousness and now their minds become these self-reinforcing, self-validating systems. This happens because these people create a perception filter, a subconscious database that evaluates any idea that they are presented with. It evaluates, “Is this idea in alignment with my basic beliefs, my basic worldview, or is it out of alignment with it?” And then of course it imposes a value judgment on top of that. If it is in alignment with my worldview, then it is good. If it is not, then it is bad, it is evil, it is of the devil and the consciousness of antichrist might even call such an idea antichrist. This is the old saying of the pot calling the kettle black, but that is one characteristic of the consciousness of duality.

What drives this? It is that you have people who make this shift and now they believe they are right: “We cannot be wrong.” It does not matter what their outer belief system or religion or political ideology is. This is not exclusive to Christianity, although it is of course a great irony that Christianity, which claims to represent Christ is taken over by the consciousness of antichrist. But the feature here is: “We belong to a special group of people. We have the truth, we have the right belief, the right system, the right philosophy, ideology, religion, what have you. And we cannot be wrong, because our religion or ideology cannot be wrong.” Why is this the consciousness of antichrist? Because it is a trap that stops growth. How can there be growth when you think you know everything? You have the absolute system, the absolute ideology validated by the highest possible authority, whether it be God himself or the scientific method or historical necessity or whatever validations people have come up with, or rather that the manipulators have come up with throughout the ages. You think that you have the absolute so there is no need to look beyond it.

This is the definition of a self-reinforcing, self-validating system. People have created, first of all, the belief “I cannot be wrong.” Then they have most often in their subconscious minds this perception filter that filters any idea that comes to them, evaluating, is it right or wrong? Is it true or false? Is it of God? Is it of the devil? Is it of Christ, is it of antichrist? How can they ever get out of this state of mind? How can people get out of this state of mind? Anything that could help them get out of that state of mind is filtered out as being of the devil so they can ignore it or they can argue against it. They can come up with arguments against any idea that could free them from this self-reinforcing closed system that their minds have become.

Process of perpetual self-transcendence

You may say, well why should they get out of this if they are right? You look back at history and you see how many groups of people have been in this state of mind and they all thought they were right. But you look at history and you ask yourself, how many of them have survived? Have they not all, sooner or later had to change? What is the difference between the mind of Christ and the mind of antichrist? Well, the mind of Christ is one, one with God first of all, one with life itself, the process of life and therefore, it knows that life is perpetual self-transcendence, life is change, change is the order of the day. You look back at history, do you not see change? Do you not see that many of these empires that would not change with the times, well they were left behind by the times because “the times they are a changing” as one American singer put it.

You realize that even if you do not believe in science and evolution, you can look at history and see there is a process that drives change. It is even a process with a clear direction, which is why the world has moved from exclusively dictatorships to now many democracies. From having less freedom of the people to now having more freedom, or at least many of the people on earth, from having less affluence, to more affluence and so forth. If you cannot see that there has been progress in the world, well then your mind is the typical example of a closed system that will not see anything beyond its worldview. The reality here is that free will gives people the possibility of going into this consciousness of antichrist, the consciousness of duality. As the result of going into this, and it is not that they have to, but on earth most people have done so, as a result of going into this, their minds become closed systems and they can, for a very, very long time, stay in that closed system.

The way out of the closed system of the mind

What is the way out? Well, there are two ways out. One is the School of Hard Knocks, where actual physical events on earth take place that challenge people’s worldview, their mindset, and force them to see that their view of the world is not in alignment with the actual physical reality that they cannot any longer deny because the knocks have become so hard. So, this is one way, the School of Hard Knocks. It has freed many people from the closed systems of their own minds. But it has not freed all and it has not freed them yet to the ultimate degree, and for that matter it cannot free them to the ultimate degree because in order to be completely free of the consciousness of antichrist, once you have gone into it, you must experience that there is an alternative to the consciousness of duality. There is something outside your mind that your mind cannot control, cannot pull into its worldview, as Peter attempted to pull Jesus into his worldview. This something, you may call it Christ or Buddha or Krishna or the Holy Spirit or higher awareness or whatever you want to call it, but this something cannot be pulled into the consciousness of antichrist, it will not conform to it.

That is why those who encounter it, those who acknowledge its existence, they now have an alternative to the consciousness of antichrist. They have a frame of reference from outside the closed system of their own minds and the collective mind of the culture in which they live. This becomes the leaven that raises, if they are willing, the whole loaf of their consciousness until they are free from all aspects of that consciousness of duality. This is the role of Christ, of higher awareness, to provide that leaven, that alternative.

The narcissistic leaders with closed minds

What does this have to do with democracy? Well, you have many, many people from many different walks of life, psychologists, historians, philosophers and even many people who have no particular occupation, who are beginning to become aware of the phenomenon of narcissists and sociopaths and so on. This is, of course, brought about by the very public display of leaders who have this narcissistic personality disorder that have no empathy, no concern for the suffering of other people produced by themselves. There is a growing awareness that there is this type of people in the world and that they are actually the archetypal example of the extremes of this consciousness of duality.

You will look at Vladimir Putin and you see very clearly that his mind is a closed, self-reinforcing, self-validating system or at least it was before he decided to invade Ukraine. Since then, his mind has been greatly shaken. He hasn’t fully recognized this, acknowledged this consciously, but his mind has been shaken because things did not go in the physical reality the way he thought they would go in the “reality” of his mind. The physical world did not want to conform to the closed system of his mind. 

There can be this breakthrough of this sudden awareness where many, many people see that these are the kinds of leaders that we have had throughout history. These are the kinds of leaders we have today and when you look at dictatorships you see that almost all dictators are, or have been, these kinds of people: the narcissist, the sociopath whatever you call it, even a combination of psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists as some are beginning to talk about. The reason for this is that their minds are more closed than most other people. What can happen here is this shift where people realize that progress in the world has actually happened because most people have opened their minds to new ideas, ideas that go beyond the old system, the old culture, the old religion, the old political ideology and so forth. People can then make that shift of realizing that there is this dynamic where there are those who actively oppose progress because their minds are closed, and then there are those who are working for progress because their minds are somewhat open.

This can lead to recognition that those who feel they are dedicated to progress need to look at themselves and say: “How open are our minds? Are we really open to new ideas or do we have certain beliefs that are limiting us?” This especially is necessary for scientists who need to recognize that what is limiting science right now, is more than anything, their philosophy of materialism, the ideology of materialism, the religion of materialism, the political philosophy of materialism. It is holding back scientific experimentation and scientific breakthroughs, so this needs to be discarded. But there also is the other side of this, which is the recognition that democracy is a fundamentally different kind of government than a dictatorship because it does not allow the concentration of power in the hands of one or a few people.

In a dictatorship, there is always a concentration of power. And in a dictatorship, it is most often so that those who are the most ruthless are the ones who grabbed the power. When one says ruthless, this needs to be qualified because these people will not see themselves as ruthless, they actually see themselves as being the ones who have the biggest vision and who are right. Putin, at least until fairly recently, considered himself to have the greatest vision of Russia’s future and he considered himself to be absolutely right in that vision. You see many other leaders who, likewise, have been absolutely convinced that they had the right vision. So they thought they were right. That is why it was justified that they came to power and that they use whatever means where necessary to grab that power, to maintain that power. This is again the consciousness of Satan: “I am absolutely right. I cannot be wrong, and therefore, it is acceptable that I use whatever means I deem necessary to strike down any opposition that could challenge my being right. Anyone who claims I am not right, I can use whatever means I find necessary to destroy them and their challenge to my sense of rightness.”

This is of course, what you see in Putin, in Stalin, in Mao, in Kim Jung-Un, in Donald Trump—although he did not use the same means as these other people. He still used certain means to destroy, put down, invalidate and run out of office those who did not agree with him and his vision that he is right. This is what needs to break through in democracies. It is especially what needs to break through in America because America needs to ask itself: “Why did we allow a situation where a person like Donald Trump got elected? What happened there? What was it in the collective consciousness of America that made it possible that such a person could be elected as president and could do what he did, not only while being president, but also after he lost the election? How was this possible? What is it in the national psyche that caused this?” And it is very much this sense among many Americans that we are right, we are the greatest country on earth. This is not limited only to Christians, but it is certainly very much concentrated in the Christians of America. “We have the only true religion. We are the only ones who will be saved. We are right, we have a right to impose our vision on America.”

When you recognize that certain of these dictatorial leaders have narcissistic personality disorder, you must say that the Christian movement in America has narcissistic personality disorder. It believes it is absolutely right. It does not care about the consequences for other people. It must impose its vision on others, regardless of the human cost, the human consequence. That is why for example, it wants a ban against abortion and it is unwilling to look at the situation of women who are affected by this. Narcissists will not look at the human consequences. But it is one of the central principles of democracy that you do look at the human consciousness, you do look at humanity and therefore you treat people as humans. You cannot take an issue like abortion and reduce it to whether it should be legal or illegal. There are so many other aspects of this entire debate regarding the human consequences that need to be incorporated before you can make a better decision.

Polarization in the political life of America

What has happened in the United States over the last several decades? We have seen this polarization in the political life. Many will be able to see that if you go back 30 or 40 years, it was a regular occurrence that laws would be passed by Congress and the Senate by a majority that crossed into both sides of the political spectrum. Many times the senators and congressmen could cooperate. They could form a group who all agreed from both sides of the divide, which was not such a big divide back then, that this was what was best for America. This was what was best for the people. So, you saw this bipartisanship as a normal occurrence back then. But it has, to a large degree, disappeared because of this polarization. And why has this polarization happened? 

The study by the RAND Corporation about income inequality says that over the last 40 years there has been a great growth in the income inequality in America. And at the same time, you have seen this growth in the polarization, the partisanship, the gridlock. Do you really think that these two are unrelated? Do you really not see that there is a financial power elite who are all narcissists, who have managed to manipulate the government into deregulating the financial industry, giving them free reign to concentrate wealth in their own hands? They do not want this to be exposed to the people. They do not want the people to know about this and stand up against it, and what have they done? Divide and conquer, divide the people.

You will look at the current situation in America where you have this division exacerbated by Donald Trump and his presidency and his reaction to the election, where there are families that are divided so that the people who believe in Trump cannot and will not talk to the people who do not believe in Trump and the other way around. You have so many people who cannot talk to those who are on the other side of this divide. There is no dialogue. There is no interaction. And what do you see when you have two groups of people who cannot communicate? Well, differences are exaggerated, tensions grow and it can lead to all kinds of violent outbursts, such as attacking the very house of American democracy and many other things.

The tendency to respond with violence

Americans have a certain tendency that if they are pushed too far, they respond with violence. You can see a greater tendency in America, not only with the mass shootings, but also with demonstrations that turned violent, than you will see in many other democratic nations. You will recognize that this is an untenable situation. It is a dangerous situation. It is a situation that Donald Trump did not produce alone.

Certainly, Putin has done whatever he could to fan these flames but it really goes back to a divide created by the power elite, going back to the 70s and 80s and beyond, where they have very slowly, very methodically, created this division among the people. Christianity has played a role in this going even further back, where the Christians have come to see themselves as: “We are the ones who will be saved. We are the ones who are right and all others will go to hell and are possibly of the devil.” You see that this goes very, very far back but nevertheless it has been exaggerated over the last several decades.

The alternative to the confrontational mindset

What is the way out of this situation? How can America move beyond it? Well, only when a critical mass of Americans see that there is an alternative to this. There is an alternative to the mindset that is polarized, that is confrontational because that mindset is the mindset of antichrist, of duality. Whenever you have two people who are absolutely convinced each of them, that they are right and the other is wrong, you know they are both trapped in the consciousness of antichrist. They have both created a perception filter based on the fundamental belief: “We are right and anyone who disagrees with us is wrong. We cannot be wrong about this. We are Christians. We cannot be wrong about Christianity being the only true religion, about we being the only ones who can be saved.” 

The only way out is that a critical mass of Americans experience that there is an alternative to this state of mind. They encounter the Christ consciousness, the higher awareness. They do not have to know or call it the Christ consciousness they just have to have that experience. There is something beyond this.

It will help if they come to see that this is a tendency in the human mind that you can see throughout history, and it has created more havoc than anything else on the planet. Therefore, they can see that when the mind becomes a closed system there will be polarization. There will be confrontation. There will potentially be warfare, revolution and disaster. And if we are to avoid this, we need to smarten up. We need to realize that this is a tendency in the human psyche. They do not have to know that it really is not a natural thing for the human psyche, but they have to identify that we can see this in history and that democracy is an attempt to avoid this because there is freedom of speech, there is free communication, there is not the concentration of power in the hands of a few people and so forth.

This has been filtering through the identity, mental and emotional levels and it is ready to break through in the physical where more and more people come to see this and realize this polarization has gone too far. We need to stop this. We need to do something to stop this before it goes really, really bad in a physical way. There is a potential for many people seeing that there is an alternative to the state of mind that has become a closed system, a self-referential system. And really, the essence of democracy, in order to make it function, is that the mind, the collective mind must not be allowed to become a closed system.

Take the Declaration of Independence: “All men are created equal. They are endowed by their creator with inalienable rights.” What does that mean? It means that a country based on this foundation must not allow itself to become a closed system because it is not the people or the government or any group that defines the rights of the people. It is some authority beyond the human mind that defines the rights of the people. What happens when you are polarized, when two groups of people are polarized? Look at the people who broke into the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. Did they respect the rights of other people to be different from themselves? Did they respect the political institutions, the political process that has, after all, enabled America to survive for centuries? They did not respect this in their minds because they were so sure that they were right, that it was acceptable, even necessary, to use violence to enforce their vision upon the nation. Well, this is exactly what the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are meant to prevent.

These people, while claiming they were defending the Constitution, were violating everything that the Constitution is based on and they could not see it. This is not about changing these people’s minds, it is about helping a critical mass of Americans see this mechanism because that will shift the collective consciousness so that more and more people will wake up and say: “This cannot go on. We cannot allow this to go on. We cannot allow something like this to ever happen again.” We are not talking here so much about the physical outcome as the shift in consciousness. And the shift in consciousness can happen very quickly because it has been underway for a long time by the efforts of many people who have been open to ideas from higher awareness. America is not a lost cause by any means. America is moving closer to a breakthrough, a shift in the collective consciousness where people will begin to see that the division, the animosity is not sustainable. And therefore, they need to look at this consciousness that “We are right, we cannot be wrong.”

Filtering out anything that challenges your worldview

You take a look at so many of these people who have been convinced that they were right. What do they always do? They look for evidence that validates what they believe is right. They believe that the election was stolen from Trump. They go on the Internet, they research, they “do their own research,” and they find websites that say exactly what they want to hear: “You are right. You are right about Trump and Trump is right. Trump cannot be wrong, and you cannot be wrong about Trump.” This is what they want to hear. They filter out any information that challenges it and focus only on what validates it. This is the same with many other people. All of the Christians in America are doing the exact same thing. They look only at things that validate their Christian beliefs. They filter out anything that challenges it. They would filter out the Living Christ if he walked the earth. If Jesus walked the earth today, they would filter him out and still call themselves Christians and still be convinced that even after having rejected the Living Christ, they would still be saved.

People can come to see that you can prove any point if you only look at evidence that validates it. If you discard all evidence that challenges it, you can prove anything you want. And as long as you have this level of debate, the people will be divided and America will be weaker. The people will not be able to come together and overthrow the power elite and therefore have better lives, the lives that they should have had if their income had not been stolen from them by the elite.

The only solution for America is a shift in consciousness

Many people in America are in a very difficult situation after the corona crisis and now with the higher energy prices. They have difficulty making ends meet. They see their lifestyle eroded. There is no practical solution to the situation. The only solution is a shift in consciousness. And it is not the broad majority of the people that need to shift their consciousness, it is only a critical mass of those with the highest level of awareness that need to shift and then the nation will shift.

What has happened in terms of the view of Russia, in Europe and in the United States? You saw there was this blindness concerning Putin before the invasion, where again, people had a certain view and they thought it was right that Russia would eventually change by itself if they were treated like a civilized nation. They filtered out anything Putin said or did that challenged this and focused only on what validated their view. But now this has shifted, at least in most nations in Europe and the United States and most democracies around the world. They have shifted and recognized that this is not in alignment with reality. This has been a tremendous shift in the collective consciousness and it can lead to many other shifts. It is not an impossible task. It is not even an impractical thing. It is the most practical thing, because nothing can change in the physical until there has been a change in consciousness. Consciousness comes before the physical manifestation.

This is actually what Jesus was trying to teach people 2000 years ago, with the very limited abilities he had at the time in terms of people’s understanding of themselves, of consciousness, of the world. But many people today are ready to realize this, to make that shift and realize that there must be a shift in consciousness. There must be a shift away from that consciousness of antichrist that is a closed system and towards a more open-ended consciousness, where you are open to higher ideas.

There are certain cycles. There is a certain idea that is brought forth, and it creates a change in society but that idea can only take society to a certain point, then there needs to be another higher idea that comes in to take society further. The idea of democracy, as it has been understood so far, has taken societies as far as they can go. The only thing that can take societies further is a greater understanding of psychology, human psychology, the psychology of the narcissists, the closed systems, how the mind becomes a closed system and how there is a potential to rise above this. This shift in consciousness is the only practical solution to the problems faced not only by America, but many other modern nations. It is, for that matter, the only solution to the problems faced by all nations, whether they are democratic or not. But it is clear that the democratic nations are in the best position to implement and embrace these changes.

Dictators resisting any kind of change

You see in Iran, how they are resisting any kind of change. Why? They believe they are right. They are filtering out anything that contradicts their sense of rightness, looking only at what validates it regardless of the consequences this has for their own people. How can you have this small power elite in Iran who have created all kinds of economic hardship for their own people just because they are absolutely sure they are right? And they will not change. They will not back down. Look at Xi Jinping and his zero covid policy in China creating all kinds of hardships for the people, all kinds of problems for the Chinese economy. But he cannot back down because he has said that this was the superior policy compared to the West and it was his policy, and he is the superior leader of China, and he cannot be wrong. If he changes the policy, it would seem that he had been wrong before and this cannot be. This must not be. Therefore, the people must continue to suffer so that the leader can maintain his sense of being right.

Again, you have an obvious example in Putin. He believed he was right before the invasion. If he now backs down, what will it seem like? Well, he was not right after all. He has for 20 years, cultivated the image that he is the infallible leader of Russia who knows best. He knows that if that image falters, he is finished. He will lose everything that he worked for. How far is he prepared to go to continue to push his ill-equipped army and create untold suffering for the people? How far is he willing to go to send rockets into cities and apartment buildings in territories that he claims are now part of Russia? You have a dictator who is killing his own people, shooting at his own cities or at least what he claims are his own people and cities, and nobody sees the insanity of this in Russia. Or do they see it? Are they beginning to see it? Are they beginning to acknowledge it, talk about it? Because again, a shift can happen.

A shift in Russia has been underway for a long time filtering through the identity, mental and emotional realms brought about by the many more aware people in Russia. Also many, many people who are not spiritual, but who have opened their minds to new ideas, who have perhaps visited democratic countries, seen how different the consciousness is there and who have said: “Well, why should we not have this in Russia? Why could we not have this in Russia?” Again, there is a potential for a shift but as you can clearly see, the situation right now, the practical, physical situation is gridlocked. There is no way out for Putin other than to continue to push. What can change it at the physical level? Well, the only way out is a shift in consciousness so they suddenly wake up and say: “But the president has nothing on. This cannot continue.”

Transcending the consciousness behind the problem

Whenever you have a situation that is polarized, that is gridlocked, where there is confrontation and it seems hopeless to do anything about it at the physical level, that situation is precipitated by the consciousness of duality. There is no way within the consciousness of duality to change the situation. You cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created it. But really, the saying should be, you cannot overcome, you cannot transcend the problem because there is no solution to the problems created by the consciousness of duality. The only solution is to transcend that consciousness, whereby you transcend the problem. Once they saw that the emperor had nothing on, there was no need to change anything in the physical, because all that was required was that shift in perception where they suddenly saw what they did not see before and then the situation is no longer gridlocked. The situation starts moving again, and gradually solutions emerge. New ideas take hold. New initiatives are taken. America can shift very quickly into this awareness of the power elite. And if the consciousness of the people shifts, then the political situation must shift with it. It can be no other way.

Imagine that the Christians in America had heard a sermon on a Sunday morning based on at least some of these ideas. Christians could have been a force for driving progress rather than being a force that stops or withholds progress because they are always looking backwards, wanting to take society back to these traditional values defined by the bible.

Do you really think the people who wrote the bible, whether the new or the Old Testament, thought that it would last for 2000 years or more and that people would embrace it as the word of God and think their societies should be based on this? A few did, but most of them did not. They often had no real vision of what they were doing. Certainly, they did not see it as the word of God that they were writing down.

There is no way out of the human condition, the human dilemma, without contacting that higher state of consciousness that cannot be turned into a closed self-validating system. The consciousness of Christ, higher awareness, is not self-validating because it is constantly transcending itself. Always looking for a new vision, a new understanding, always flowing with the upward movement of the entire universe.

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