Fear as a Cause of War

When you are in embodiment, it is almost impossible that you are not affected by the dualistic consciousness. This consciousness hangs as a heavy cloud, as an almost impenetrable veil, as a fog around this planet. It affects the minds of almost all people who are in physical embodiment, blinding them to the deeper reality of oneness. 

The struggle is inside your mind

In some cases a lifestream has gone into a self-reinforcing, downward spiral. When you are in such a spiral, you are struggling against something. You are perceiving that this something – against which you think you have to struggle – is outside yourself. The beings of higher awareness see the reality that the struggle is inside your own mind. What you are really struggling against is not a reality outside yourself but a perception of reality. This requires a delicate understanding. 

When two nations go to war, there is a struggle between them. You cannot simply say that they have no enemy, they have only made up the enemy in their minds. There is, of course, an outer enemy that is attacking them or resisting them, but this is because both sides are caught in the duality consciousness. Yes, there is an outer enemy, but what they are fighting is not really the outer enemy. Both sides are fighting the mental images, the perception, of the other group of people. This perception is entirely dualistic, and it covers over the fact that both sides are part of higher awareness. This is how it needs to be understood: You are fighting a perception. 

When you begin to understand this, you realize that your only real way to stop war is to free people from the dualistic perception. If a lifestream has gone into a downward, self-reinforcing spiral, that lifestream is unreachable for any teacher. The beings of higher awareness cannot simply appear to such a lifestream and give that lifestream a teaching that will suddenly convert it and help it see the errors of its ways, so to speak. 

The turning point in a downward spiral

When you have gone into a self-reinforcing, downward spiral, the spiral has to reach some kind of extreme point where you have had enough of the struggle and the fighting. You open your mind to the possibility that there is an alternative. Then, you can begin to see that the alternative is that, instead of struggling against outer enemies, you begin to look at yourself, your own mind, your own perception. You begin to look at the beam in your own eye, instead of the splinter in the eyes of your brother. You begin to realize that, if your life is to change, you have to change. Your mind has to change. 

The question is: “How far down in consciousness does the lifestream have to go before it reaches this turning point?” Higher awareness allows forces to outplay themselves because it is necessary for all of the lifestreams involved to have that extreme experience. As soon as people have reached the turning point and are now open to any kind of higher teaching, then the beings of higher awareness are there with a teaching that can appeal to them at their current level of consciousness.

Raw fear as a cause of war

One cause of war revolves around what we might call “raw fear.” The first fear we will talk about here is the fear that you will physically be attacked by others. This is a feeling, but it is very tied to a potential or even a real physical threat. You live on a planet where war is a common occurrence. There have been many situations in history where one group of people have been faced with an enemy who had built a physical army and who were threatening them. In many cases, there has been a real physical threat that has given rise to this fear. It has sometimes become so intense and taken over people’s minds to the point that they have attacked first because they were so sure that their enemy would attack them. 

There are also examples where one side has been afraid of the other side and has built up their army to avoid an attack from that side. The second side has then used this as an excuse for building up their own army because they feared that the first side would attack them. You have seen situations where two groups of people have actually gone to war based entirely on their perception that they would be attacked by the others. Once you have entered a spiral of fear, you are simply looking for something outside of yourself that can validate the fear. 

If you go into these situations where two groups of people have feared an attack from the other, you will see that, in all cases, they would say that their fear was based on the reality of the outer threat, the actions of the other people. They would say that the physical situation came first, and the fear came second. It may seem like this in the actual situation, but when you know about reincarnation, when you understand that conflict has been happening on this planet for a very long time, then you see that it is never so that the physical conditions come before what is happening in the three higher octaves. Fear never actually springs from the physical condition. Fear happens at a higher level of manifestation than material conditions. 

Non-material energies come before material conditions

The stream of energy that upholds the entire material universe comes from the realm of higher awareness, flows first into the identity, then into the mental, then into the emotional and then into the physical. When the energy flows into the identity level, it is given a certain matrix, a certain form. It then flows into the mental, but the mental cannot override the matrix set at the higher level of the identity body. Likewise with the emotional and the physical. Even though there may be an actual physical enemy that seems to be threatening you, your fear came before the enemy, or the enemy would not have arisen. Or perhaps you would not have seen the other group of people as an enemy. In all of the situations we are talking about, a group of people had, over several lifetimes, built up fear in their emotional bodies. It was this fear that actually precipitated the outer enemy. Of course, once people are trapped in fear, they cannot see this. They would deny it if one explained it to them. 

You can go to the Middle East today, and you can see that there is great fear between Jews and Arabs. Each would say that it is the other group that has caused the fear. Each group would deny that the fear, their own fear, came before the other group. They would say: “But the other people have always been there.” No, they have not always been there. They have only been there as long as you can remember, and you do not remember a time when you were not trapped in fear. 

Forgetting who you are in duality

Once you become blinded by the duality consciousness, you no longer remember how it was when you were not blinded by duality. This is one of the reasons it is so difficult to extricate yourself from duality once you have stepped into it. It is the veil, the energy veil, that blinds you. The lowest kind of fear that precipitates war is the fear of being attacked by a physical enemy. Of course, this very physical fear has an emotional parallel. It is what in individuals is called paranoia where you see people who fear an outer enemy that is not there. 

You will see in psychological institutions around the world that there are people who are so trapped in this paranoia that they cannot function normally. They are so afraid of something that they cannot carry on their normal lives. Some people are afraid of the sky falling. Some people are afraid that somebody will steal what they have or that somebody wants to kill them. Again, such a fear (over lifetimes) can precipitate the outer condition. 

Why is it so that you need to precipitate a physical condition as a result of what you have allowed to build up in your three higher bodies? You are a non-material being. One of your tasks in the physical octave is to realize and acknowledge that you are higher being who cannot be trapped in or even permanently altered by what you experience in the material world. 

You came from a higher world. Your higher self is beyond the material realm with its four octaves and cannot be affected by what happens to you in the material world. We have explained that the Conscious You is a non-material being and cannot be altered by what you experience or do in the material realm. Your task is to be here and be a co-creator and acknowledge that you are a co-creator and not let anything change you. 

When you go into duality, you forget this. You forget who you are. You forget you are a spiritual being. Then you go into the state of paranoia of fearing some condition. The question now is how you can be free from the fear? The answer is that you can be free from the fear only by experiencing the condition you fear. Then, you realize that the condition was not as serious as what you feared. 

Becoming free from fear

It is, of course, possible that you can become free by realizing that your fear was an illusion, was a product of your perception. This does not happen to the vast majority of lifestreams until they have experienced the physical conditions that they fear. Once they have experienced such a physical condition a sufficient number of times, then they realize that it was not as bad as what they feared. 

They begin to see that reality is never as bad as their own inner feeling and expectation. Then, they can take the next step and begin to realize that this must be because what happens in the psyche is more important to their life experience than what happens at the physical level. They can begin to realize that they are actually psychological beings.

If they are psychological beings, that means they are not physical beings. Why then do they have this extreme fear of physical conditions, if these physical conditions cannot really touch them? Then, they can gradually begin climbing to the point where they can take responsibility for themselves and get out of the paranoia at the emotional level. 

World history has seen examples of especially some dictators who have had such extreme paranoia that they have taken their nations to war entirely because they feared the attack of some enemy. They have also in some cases started campaigns to eradicate other groups of people out of paranoia, a completely irrational fear.

The outcome of raw fear at the mental level

When we go up to the mental level, we see that the extreme outcome of raw fear is the desire for revenge, the desire to punish other people. This is where you have an idea, and it can often be a very sophisticated idea. It can be based on a political ideology or even a religious teaching. Even the teachings of Christianity have been perverted to justify revenge and punishment. Even though Jesus told people to turn the other check, to not resist evil and to forgive seventy times seven, there are people who have managed to take his teachings and pervert them to the point where they felt that their version of Christianity justified them seeking revenge and seeking to punish other people or even groups of people. 

The idea that someone deserves to be punished is always based on some epic concept of a battle that is going on. There is an ideal condition that should be manifest on earth, and it is not manifest. The reason it is not manifest is that there are these other people who are opposing this ideal condition. It is justifiable that these people are punished for opposing what you see as the ideal condition. This may be from the very personal level where you feel that you have been wronged by one other individual. You seek revenge against that person or you seek to punish that person. It may also be taken to a larger scale. For example, there are people who believe that all of those who do not belong to their religion will go to hell and suffer for all eternity. There are other people who have believed that these other groups of people who have done something wrong, deserve to be punished. 

The irony is that you have even seen religious people who believe that they have been wronged by another group of people. They have desired revenge against this other group of people, but they have had a religious teaching which told them: “Thou shalt not kill.” They have used other aspects of that religious teaching to reason, to build the perception, that these people had wronged God and God’s plan for the world. Therefore, they deserve to be punished. Surely, God would punish them in hell, but while they were still here on earth, someone needed to help God punish these people. The people then felt that God had justified what was simply their own desire for revenge against others. 

Having enough of the struggle

The human ego truly does not like to have its perception of life challenged or disturbed. It does not like to have its plans for control shattered. When people have gone into the downward self-reinforcing spiral, this spiral needs to come to some extreme where they have had enough of the struggle. What makes the spiral come to an extreme? It is that two groups of people struggle against each other. They see each other as enemies. 

How do the beings of higher awareness see two groups of people who are struggling against each other? They see them as substitute teachers for each other. They would like to give each group a higher teaching, but they cannot because they are blinded. They therefore desire them to, as quickly as possible, get to the bottom of their self-reinforcing spiral so they can be turned around.

The beings of higher awareness, of course, cannot do this because they do not go against free will. They allow them to struggle against each other. Thereby, they become substitute teachers for each other. Your enemy is really doing you a favor. Why, then, do you seek revenge? Why do you seek to punish your enemy? 

Why do you not seek to use your enemy as a motivation for looking at yourself so you can transcend the consciousness that precipitated the enemy? If you do not transcend that consciousness, you will just attract another enemy in this or in a coming lifetime. Obviously, people blinded by duality do not grasp this line of reasoning, but the more aware people do. Therefore, you can do energetic work for the consuming of the entities, the demons and the manipulators who are precipitating these spirals. 

The outcome of raw fear at the identity level

When you go to the identity level, what do you see as the outcome of fear? You actually see that there are people who are so consumed by hatred against other people that they are ready to kill them as soon as they get the opportunity to do so. Hatred is one aspect of fear-based emotions. 

There is a form of hatred that is, of course, entirely emotional. It has no reason. It has no justification. It just hates. There are demons and entities that are created out of the hatred that has been expressed on this planet for a very long time. You cannot reason with these beings. They have no reasoning ability. They simply hate human beings. Some of them even hate life. They hate anything that changes, anything that grows in a positive direction, and they are programmed to destroy it. 

There are also human beings who have become so blinded by the beings in the higher octaves, even by those in the identity realm, that they are almost completely driven by hatred. Their entire attention is geared towards hating another group of people or, perhaps, only one individual. Their minds are completely focused on how wrong the other person is or the other group is. They might even be completely focused on how they can destroy this enemy that is doing such terrible things. 

This can happen at the personal level where people are in a so-called love relationship. It ends and one or both partners go into the state of hating the other partner, camouflaging it, perhaps, even with some seemingly benign motivation of having to expose what the ex-partner is doing as being so wrong in an epic way. It may also be on a larger scale where you define that this other race, such as the Jews, are threatening your country or even civilization. Therefore, they deserve to be exterminated. You may go and look at these examples of mass killings found throughout history and you will discover that even though there may have been reasons for this, there was also an element of pure hatred.

Hate as a driving force behind war

What do people really hate? Do they hate the other group of people? Nay, they hate something in themselves, in their own psychology. Because they are not willing to look at their own psychology, they are entirely focusing their attention outside themselves. In order to keep their attention focused outside themselves, so that it does not accidentally stray into looking at themselves, they project that these other people have done something so terrible that they must be exterminated or punished. All of their attention is directed towards destroying the other group of people so that there is no attention left over for looking at themselves and asking some critical questions. 

This was the case for the Germans during World War II. Those who were trapped in the perception filter created by the Nazi war machine were so blinded that they did not ask critical questions, such as: “Why do we need to kill the Jews? What good will it do? How will it positively affect Germany?” They were convinced they did not need to ask such questions, let alone ask questions as to whether or not it was right according to their professed religion. 

People can be blinded by this hatred and do things that are atrocious without reflecting upon it. When suddenly the bubble bursts, then people have an opportunity to ask the questions. Some do; some do not. Germany as a nation has been willing to at least look at its past and ask some critical questions. 

The need for nations to question their past

Stalin’s Russia was also driven by hatred. When you look at Stalin himself, you see a person who had extreme paranoia and who would suspect anyone and was willing to kill anyone based on suspicion alone. Behind that, you also saw a hatred of human beings. What you see today is that Russia as a nation has not been willing to ask questions about its past. Russia has not even started seriously transcending the consciousness of the Stalinist era and the Soviet era. You see the same in China where Chairman Mao, the “Great Chairman Mao” as they still call him, was also driven by a hatred against human beings. This caused him to kill even more people than Hitler and Stalin combined. China has not even begun to question this reign of terror, as it truly was. You see the need to do energetic work for nations to be willing to question their past, for it is the only way they can begin to transcend the past and the state of consciousness that precipitated the events of the past. It will surely precipitate even worse events in the future, if it is not transcended. 

When you look at people, such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao and others, can you not see that, even though they may have had outer so-called rational reasons for doing what they did, there was an element of irrationality there? There cannot be a truly rational reason for killing your own people. If you are a dictator who has attained absolute power in your country and you have a desire to extend that power to the rest of the world, you need people to fight for you. Therefore, it is not ultimately rational to kill the people who could potentially fight for you. What drives these dictators to do this? It is that their minds are entirely taken over by demons, by entities and by manipulators in the emotional, mental, and identity realms. 

You may think this contradicts everything you have been taught as you were growing up. You may think that this is irrational, unrealistic and cannot explain anything about the world and how it really works. You may think that there are physical, material causes behind war. Take an honest look at Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other dictators. Then, ask yourself: “What material reason could there be for killing millions of your own people? What material explanation is there for killing on such a scale?” 

You have two options here. Either you agree with the reasoning of Hitler that the Jews were a threat to Germany and, therefore, should be exterminated in order to further the interests of Germany. Or you take the other option of agreeing that there is no rational reason for killing the Jews or so many Soviet citizens or Chinese citizens. If there is no rational reason, there can be no material reason. There was no gain there. What did these three dictators gain from killing so many millions of people? They thought they gained something, but what did they gain physically? It only took up resources that could have been used for their expansive quest. When you begin to acknowledge that there cannot be a physical, material reason, there cannot be a rational reason, then you must seek other explanations. You must take the approach expressed by the author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries: When you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains must be the truth, no matter how improbable it seems to you. 

It is impossible to find a rational or material explanation for killing on such a scale. What remains is the explanation of non-material causes, non-material beings in the three higher realms. It may seem improbable to you, but if you apply the principle given by science, you might shift your perspective. The principle of science is that, even if an explanation seems improbable, one should consider whether it can explain something that other explanations cannot explain. If you cannot find a material, rational explanation for mass killing, then you should consider what this explanation can add to the mixture. The mass killing of millions of people must carry with it an element of hatred against human beings, hatred against life itself. 

The explanation behind extreme hatred

Where does such hatred come from? Which lifestream, which kind of mind, which kind of consciousness, can have such extreme hatred against life and, specifically against human beings? You may think that Hitler had a rationale. You may think he aimed at creating an ideal society and that he thought extermination of the Jews was one part of this plan. You can say he did have a rationale, but the rationale was not rational. You do not gain power by killing. You gain power by keeping people alive and bending them to your will, either by force but even better by deception. 

When you go into large-scale killing, you have lost rationality. This can happen only when your mind has been taken over by beings beyond the material realm. You may ask yourself whether these non-material beings have a rationale, and they would say that they do. Some of them believe that it is their task to prove the fallacy of God’s design of the universe and especially giving human beings free will. Some of them have gone so far into their downward spiral that this rationale has almost faded away. It is there only in the background, and what really drives them now is just pure hatred. 

It can be almost impossible to look at human beings in embodiment and understand pure hatred, but you can find examples, namely the dictators mentioned, but also individual beings that have been labeled as psychopaths or even mass murderers. As explained, everything has a cause in consciousness. You are a conscious being. You can come to a point where you have become so trapped in duality that you have almost lost the ability to reason. There is no reasoning ability left in your mind because it has been taken over by pure hatred. You are not even thinking about why you are killing. You are killing if you have the opportunity to do so. You cannot go into the mind of a being like Hitler or Stalin and find a logical rationale for why they were so obsessed with killing so many people. 

How hateful beings are removed from embodiment

In a normal human being, there would come a point where they could no longer do what they were doing, whatever it is they are doing. You will see that even soldiers in war or in concentration camps could come to a breakdown where they could not function any more. They could not even follow orders. Not all experienced this, but some certainly did. There should have come a point where Hitler, Stalin or Mao broke down and could no longer continue doing what they were doing. You could argue that Hitler reached this point, whereas Stalin and Mao never did. 

The larger point is that people can be swallowed up by hatred to the point where you cannot reason with them. Why do we of the beings of higher awareness allow such people to remain in physical embodiment? Does there not come a point where we can look at Stalin and see how many people he has killed and see that he is likely to continue to do this for as long as he lives? Does there not come a point where the beings of higher awareness can activate the Judgment of Christ and take such a being out of embodiment? 

The stark reality is that there does not come such a point—unless a critical mass of people in embodiment transcend the consciousness that precipitated a Hitler, a Stalin or a Mao. Once groups of people go into a self-reinforcing downward spiral, that spiral must in many cases be taken to some extreme before they begin to wake up. Two groups of people fighting against each other can become substitute teachers. Hitler, Stalin and Mao were substitute teachers for certain groups among humankind. 

What is to prevent another dictator equally bad or worse from arising tomorrow? Nothing at all, unless a critical mass of people do two things: They must awaken themselves from the consciousness and transcend that consciousness. They must work for that consciousness to be removed from the earth and for those beings in the physical, emotional, mental and identify realms who embody the consciousness to also be removed from the earth. Until there is an act of conscious free will that says: “Enough is enough,” then the law will not allow the beings of higher awareness to remove such lifestreams. This may be a very brutal teaching, but when you look at the brutality of war as it has been happening for thousands of years on this planet, can any teaching given by words be said to be too brutal?

Being aware of but not dwelling on war

The beings of higher awareness are not here encouraging you to dwell on the brutality of war, but you need to acknowledge that all is not good on this planet. The brutality, the atrocities, that have been precipitated by human beings against other human beings as a result of war are almost unfathomable. The more aware people need to realize that there is an incredible hatred behind war. It is time that someone challenges this consciousness and the beings who embody it. If it is not challenged, then what is to stop it from continuing to take over the minds of individuals who will commit the kind of atrocities that you can see in pictures and videos on the Internet of people being beheaded on camera and other atrocities that would have been unthinkable a few decades ago?

Can you not see that there is hatred that is being intensified? This is because at the end of a cycle, things must be allowed to become more extreme so that people can finally see them. You don’t need to see the brutality of war in the sense that you become overwhelmed or burdened by it. You need to see the brutality of war in the sense that you become determined that you for one will take a stand and demand an end to this consciousness and its manifestations on earth. 

Making a positive difference to clean up the planet

The beings of higher awareness hold the vision that the more aware people will awaken and gather the determination to fulfill what you yourself chose that you wanted to fulfill before you took embodiment this time. This is not asking you to accept something that you are not ready to accept. It is asking you to remember what you already knew and accepted before you came into embodiment. It is asking you to remember the vision you had and the decisions you made on how you wanted to come into embodiment on this planet, in this lifetime, at this particular time in order to make a positive difference. 

You make a positive difference by determining that a certain state of consciousness is no longer acceptable to you. Then you do the energetic work that authorizes the beings of higher awareness to step in and consume the energies and remove the beings who, after being confronted with the judgment, will not choose the light. That is how we clean up a planet. This is the only rational way to clear up a planet. You can raise your consciousness, your vision, so that you can grasp the higher rationality that allows you to play the part that you wanted to play before you took embodiment. 

The beings of higher awareness see such a grand and beautiful vision for this planet. They see the earth being purified of the dark clouds of war and of the beings who are dark, who are driven by hatred, who are sniveling in their hatred against human beings, in their desire to destroy this planet completely. You below cannot purify the earth. Those above cannot purify the earth. What can purify the earth is that you here below become all that you already are above so that the earth can be here below as it is above. How do you define yourself? Based on your upbringing, or based on the reality of who you already are above?