Exposing the war-time economy

Let us consider another cause of war, which is war caused by the desire for material gain. This is a complex issue. There is not just one but many undercurrents. Beginning with the most simple one, you have throughout history seen many cases in which wars, or at least aggression on a larger scale, has been caused by the desire for physical plunder. You have seen many groups of people, from the Vikings to the Huns to the pirates, who have waged war or aggressive acts in order to physically plunder those who had greater wealth. 

This has to some degree been fed by or spun off from the warrior culture. There has been this culture of educating young men to be good warriors. What did they do with their skills when there were no nations where you could have wars between nations? The warriors would sometimes go out and use their skill for material gain. This is the simplest cause of war over material wealth. There is a direct, visible link between the act of war and the plunder. In the modern world, things have become much more complex. There is no longer always a direct, physical link – or at least not a visible link – between an act of war and the gain of material wealth.

Exposing the industry of war

On a more complicated but still fairly visible level, we can talk about what has been called the military-industrial complex. It is quite obvious that there are large corporations around the world that make money out of making the technology used for war. The so-called defense industry is huge. It has enormous political power in many countries. It has enormous power, either directly or through somewhat indirect means, in that it provides jobs for people. It also has enormous hidden power where it has bought influence through lobbying, bribes or whatever. 

This needs to be exposed. It needs to be stopped. When you have a defense industry where the industry itself, the profit of the shareholders, the jobs of the employees, are dependent upon making war materials, then the industry wants to continue making war materials. Not only that, it wants to increase its profits by making more war materials, more sophisticated, more expensive weapons. This ties in with what has already been said, namely that there is no ultimate weapon that could ever be developed because everything has a counter measure.

There are many examples of how the military-industrial complex has presented a new weapons system to the politicians of one country or one side. They have deliberately only presented this weapons system, but from the very beginning that they developed their weapons system, they already knew what the counter measure would be. They had plans for that also, but they are presenting only the one weapons system. They are presenting that this has some ultimate capability compared to existing weapons systems. They get the politicians to buy it because they think that this will give them an edge, perhaps, that it will give them the kind of superiority that might prevent a war. 

Sometime later, the industry, perhaps through other companies with which they have no obvious connection, starts developing the counter measure. Now you have an arms race, whereas the promise of the first system was to end the arms race. This takes place over and over again, all in the name of profit. This is easy to see. Companies make money on making war materials and other forms of technology used in war, and they sell it to the governments who are responsible for the armed forces. 

This is an industry with many branches. There are companies that make money by providing food to the soldiers in the armies or cleaning the toilets on the army bases or doing a number of other things that are not directly related to building and selling war materials such as weapons. You see how big this industry is. You also see that when we reach the goal of ending war on this planet, then this entire war industry will disappear. 

There are many people in today’s world, both those who are directly involved with the war industry but also the politicians who see that the jobs of their constituents depend on the war industry, who cannot even conceive of a world without such an industry. They will say: “Where will the jobs come from? How will we even survive without this industry?” Let us consider this. 

Prospering through the Law of Multiplied Return

We have talked about the cosmic mirror. You project out something, and the cosmic mirror reflects it back to you multiplied. The very simplest illustration of this principle is that you take one grain of wheat and put it in the ground. It grows to become a plant that provides twenty or more grains of wheat in return for the one you planted. This is the principle described by Jesus in his parable about the servants who were given talents. Two of them multiplied it. One of them buried it in the ground and did nothing with it. This describes the eternal principle of how the beings who have taken embodiment interact with the matter realm. 

You are the co-creators. When you take an action that is aimed at raising up the whole, then the matter realm will by law multiply your action. When you take an action that is not aimed at benefiting the whole, then the matter realm will also multiply your action. This can be difficult to understand, but you simply need to make a switch in your consciousness. Whatever you send out, will be returned multiplied. 

If you send out something that is aimed at producing more for everyone, then you will get back a return that gives more to everyone. If you send out an impulse that is aimed at producing more for the few and producing less for the many, then you will receive back an action that actually takes from the whole. When you take a positive action, such as planting wheat in the ground, the matter realm will multiply this by producing many more grains of wheat than you put in the ground. There will be more grains of wheat available on earth. When you take an action that does not multiply, that does not benefit the whole, then the total sum of what is available on earth will be lowered. 

Decreasing the total amount of wealth through war

If you have an industry that is aimed at producing goods that are not war materials but have a positive purpose, then that industry will create a return from the material universe that will increase the total amount of wealth available on earth. If you have an industry that is aimed at producing war materials, then that industry will not generate a positive return from the matter realm. On the contrary, it will generate a return that will deplete the total amount of resources. You have heard the very old statement that, after having waged war for a time, people realized that it was enough, and they beat their swords into plowshares. When you produce plowshares and use them, you are increasing the total amount of wealth. When you produce swords and use them to kill, you are decreasing the total amount of wealth. 

There are entire nations or states in the United States where the politicians believe that their nations or their states are dependent upon the military-industrial complex, the war industry. They will say: “How can our economy survive if we do not have this huge defense industry?” The reality is that the defense industry is not producing something that increases the total amount of wealth on earth. It is producing something that decreases that amount of wealth. When the war industry is redirected at spending its resources and ingenuity on producing something that is good for the whole, then the economy of that nation or that state will actually grow. There will be more jobs and more wealth produced when you abandon the military-industrial complex. 

This will be difficult to see and accept. There will be a transition period that will seem somewhat chaotic. The fact of the matter is that the military-industrial complex is only producing jobs on a temporary basis. It is not producing an upward trend. If you look at the world today, you can see that there is much more wealth in the world than five hundred years ago. What can account for this increased wealth? 

It is the fact that, through the increase of knowledge and understanding, people are now able to produce much more life-supporting activities than they were able to five hundred years ago. It is not the man-made production itself that has increased the wealth; it is the return current from the universe. With men, this is impossible, but not with higher awareness, for with higher awareness, all things are possible. When you put one grain in the ground, twenty is returned. When you take a simple action aimed at benefiting the whole, the return is much greater than your action. This is simply a natural law. There is no beating it. There is no circumventing it. You can create the illusion that you have circumvented it, but this will only be on a temporary basis. 

The connection between money and war

This leads into the topic of one of the more subtle connections between war and material gain or, rather, monetary gain. Many people are aware that there is a connection between war and money, but very few people on this planet understand this connection. The reason for this is simple. The people who understand the economy generally do not have a sophisticated spiritual understanding, and the people who have a spiritual understanding generally do not have a sophisticated understanding of money.

You cannot fully understand money without having a spiritual awareness. You cannot understand money and the role of money, and especially the connection between war and money, if you do not incorporate the existence of manipulators who are not thinking rationally but have other motives, other ways of thinking. 

Money has always been linked to profit. Most economists tend to think that people are acting rationally when it comes to money. When they spend money, it is because they want to make a profit. If they do not make a profit, they will not continue to spend money, or so the economist reasons. This is not the case with the manipulators because they are not necessarily spending money to make a direct profit. They are often spending money for some other goal that cannot easily be understood in terms of rational thinking. 

Conspiracy theories and money

Many of you are aware that there are various conspiracy theories that talk about the banking system, the secret bankers, the monetary elite, and how they have manipulated the money systems of the world. What will be given here is not a conspiracy theory in the traditional term. It goes beyond conspiracy theories. The reality of the matter is that there is no conscious conspiracy that rules the world. There is an unconscious conspiracy, but that is not really a conspiracy. It is simply a number of manipulators in and out of embodiment who are so trapped in their downward spiral that they cannot even see that it is leading to their own destruction. 

The issue of money is truly very complicated. Why is it so complicated? Because the manipulators have, both deliberately and unconsciously, made it very complicated. They have made it complicated so that they can hide what is really going on from the general population. This is not encouraging you to go out and study all of the conspiracy theories out there. The reason for this is that it will simply overwhelm you to the point where you will not know what is up and down, day or night.

This is partly because many of the conspiracy theories are deliberately created by the manipulators or those they have hired to create conspiracy theories that either muddy the waters or that discredit the conspiracy theories that have some merit. There are some manipulators who would have preferred that the conspiracy theories never emerged and never found a medium where they could be spread around the world, namely the Internet. When they could not stop this, they took the other measure of creating unreal conspiracy theories in order to confuse people, to overwhelm people, and to discredit the conspiracy theories that do have some bearing on reality. 

A Golden-Age perspective on money

Let us consider a very simple explanation of money. It has been said many times that money is a medium of exchange. This is not what money is, but it is what money should be. Money should be a medium of exchange.

Today, it is much more, and this is really the central, one might say the only, problem with money. In a, shall we say, natural or golden-age economy, money serves only one function: It is a medium of exchange. This means very simply that there is a direct connection between the money and something of real value, such as goods or services, that needs to be exchanged among people. Money exists for one reason only: to make it easier for people to exchange goods and services. As long as money is seen only as a way to exchange goods and services, then money is not evil and is not the root of all evil. You have heard the saying that money is the root of all evil. This is not correct. The correct understanding is that when money becomes more than a medium of exchange, then that is the root of all evil. This is, of course, a figure of speech, for there are certainly other causes of evil than money. There are many evils that follow when you disconnect money from something of real value and make it more than a medium of exchange. 

In an ideal economy, money is created and destroyed on a continual basis. Money can be used to store value but only temporarily. Money is used only in direct relation to something that has actual value, inherent, intrinsic value. In an ideal economy, you never allow money to gain intrinsic value. As soon as you allow money to have value in itself, that is disconnected from real goods and services, then money will start to take on a life of its own. Pretty soon, it will own you. 

Has the world ever had such an ideal economy? Yes, in what you call more primitive societies. In almost all more sophisticated civilizations, money has quickly taken on a value of its own. As soon as this happens, there will be a small elite of the population, namely the manipulators in embodiment, who will see the potential for making money off of money.

In what we can call an ideal economy, you are not making money off of money. You are making money off of producing something that benefits the whole, be it goods or services. This is what we earlier said corresponds to you taking a physical grain of wheat and putting it in the ground, thereby producing twenty. When you are doing something that is aimed at creating value, then you are activating the natural law that multiplies what you are creating. Thereby, you are raising up the whole. You are increasing the total amount of wealth in the world. When you are making money off of money, which you can do on a temporary basis, then you are not within the law that raises the whole. Instead, you are decreasing the total amount of wealth in the world. 

Becoming rich by taking from the whole

This will seem contradictory because a very few people have become so rich that they can go out and spend more money than most people can imagine spending. How can one say that this decreases the total? It does because it not only takes money from other people, but it also takes money out of the economy as a whole.

You can look at the increase in wealth over the last five hundred years. You can see that the world is so much richer today than it was five hundred years ago. Then, you can look at how many billionaires there are in the world and you can say: “How could these people accumulate so much money if they were taking from the whole?” There are more billionaires in the world than ever before, but look at the so-called third world. There are more starving children than ever before. There are more people living beneath the poverty level than ever before. How can you say that the total amount of wealth has been increased to its maximum potential?

The billionaires in today’s world have become rich because the manipulators have created a totally false economy that allows the concentration of wealth in the hands of a small elite. The fact that this elite has become larger than it was five hundred years ago does not mean that the economy is functioning better than it was five hundred years ago. It is the same principle as you saw in the feudal societies where ownership is concentrated in the hands of a small elite, and they have more than they could ever need for personal spending. The price is paid by the many who have less than they need to survive. In an ideal economy where the Law of the Multiplied Return is allowed to function, then all people will have enough. There will be no poverty. There will be no starvation. This planet is designed by the beings of higher awareness to sustain ten billion human beings in embodiment. When the Law of the Multiplied Return is functioning unhindered, the planet can easily feed, clothe and give an abundant life to ten billion people. 

The fact that there are not ten billion people in embodiment proves an imbalance. The fact that two-thirds of the world population are living beneath the poverty level, while there are more and more billionaires who have more money than they could possible spend on personal consumption, proves this imbalance even more clearly for those who are willing to open their eyes and see. 

Questioning the concept of interest

The entire economy of the world today is a false, manipulated economy created by the manipulators. One of their primary means for creating this false economy is the idea that you can create money and then lend it out with interest. 

This idea of interest has become so ingrained in people’s minds over the last several hundred years that hardly anyone questions it. You are so used to thinking that if you want to start a business and need to get a loan from the bank, then the bank will only give you that loan if you pay them interest so that they can make money on giving you the loan. What is the purpose for you starting a business? It is to produce goods or services that are aimed at raising the whole. Why, then, should you have to pay interest? In an ideal economy, society would say: “Does this person have the talents, the skills, the attitude, that will allow him or her to run a successful business?” If the answer is “Yes,” then society would provide you with the money to start that business. Society would know that you starting the business would activate the Law of Increased Return. Your efforts would be multiplied by the universe, and the entire society would benefit from this. Society would gain a greater return on your investment than the interest you now pay to the bank. Why then, would society need to have a private bank lend the money to you and gain interest when society would benefit more from lending you the money without interest?  

The idea that a private bank needs to create money, lend it out and charge interest is an idea created by the manipulators. It has one purpose and one purpose only: to concentrate wealth in the hands of a small elite, those who make the interest. There is no other way to look at this. The manipulators have deliberately made the economy so complicated that hardly anyone can understand it. If you start studying the modern economy, you will be overwhelmed by the knowledge, by the theories, by the different aspects of the economy, but it is really very, very simple. 

How the artificial money system was created

Today, you have an economy that is entirely designed to allow a small elite to exploit the general population through money. They have control over the creation of money. All of the monetary instruments you see out there have only one function. It is to camouflage the fact that a small elite controls the money system. In an ideal economy, society will control the money system because society would see that nothing is more important for the prosperity of that society than a naturally functioning money system. 

What has allowed the manipulators to create this artificial money system? It is very simple. The answer is one word: war. What you have today is a wartime economy. This started in the Middle Ages in Europe where you had individual kings. These kings were manipulators in embodiment. They had what the manipulators have (and which we will look at later) a desire for power, raw power. They wanted to expand their territory so that they could say: “I am the greatest king in the world.” Doing this costs money, and here is the central dilemma. 

Let us use the Middle ages as an example because the economy was more simple back then, but the same principle applies today. You have a king who has an ambition of expanding his territory. Not so far away is another king who is also a manipulator in embodiment and does not want to give up his territory so that the other king can become mightier. The first king knows that he has an opponent. When you go into duality, you will always have an opponent. The king is now faced with the question of how he can assemble an army that is large enough to conquer the neighboring territory and defeat the other king. 

The concern is very simple here. You have x amount of people in your country. They are right now fully occupied by producing the goods needed for their survival, even for your court and your palaces that are not really part of the naturally functioning economy. How can you create the production capability to produce the weapons and take the soldiers away from producing food and educate them? Where is the money going to come from to do this? 

Taking money from the economy to fund war

When you are producing plowshares or growing crops, you are producing something of value. When you are producing cannons, sabers and rifles, you are not producing something that grows the overall economy. You are producing something that has the purpose of destroying something of value, be it human beings or property. Weapons have a destructive capability when they are aimed at war. The simple fact is that, if you create the production capability to produce the weapons and the army, you are taking value away from your country’s economy. 

How can you do this? It is almost impossible to do. The more sophisticated the economy of a country becomes, the larger the country becomes, the more difficult it becomes to take money out of the economy to produce an army, the more difficult it becomes to take production capability out of the economy to produce an army. 

How can you overcome this problem? You can do so through money—when you disconnect money from the exchange of real goods. When you take money to a level where it is no more a medium of exchange but has intrinsic value, then you can create more money than the goods produced in your country. When you have created money that is not needed, that is not a medium of exchange for real goods, then you can use that money to buy something that your normal production capacity cannot produce. 

Camouflaging the snowball of debt

When you do this, you will still take some people away from the normal production capability. This means that the young men you take away from the farms are not producing food. There will now be a lack in your economy. There will be a deficit because the real goods are no longer being produced. How can you, then, make this work? Very simple: You cover over the deficit with the money you have created out of nothing. You camouflage the deficit. You make it seem like there is no deficit, but, of course, there is a deficit. What you are doing is to push it into the future. 

You have now created what we might compare to a snowball. You know that every time you push a snowball one revolution, it gathers more snow and it becomes bigger. You have now created a snowball of debt. The first kings did this to wage war. When the debt had to be paid, they just pushed the snowball further into the future, whereby the snowball became bigger. 

Who was it that gave the kings the idea that they could do this? There are different classes of manipulators. There are the ones who are driven by a more direct primitive quest for power, and they were the kings. Then, there are the ones that are more sophisticated, and they became the bankers. The kings were often controlled by manipulators in the emotional realm or the mental realm. The bankers were controlled by manipulators in the identity realm who had a hidden agenda. The more sophisticated manipulators took advantage of the more primitive manipulators to create an economy that furthers their ends. 

You may say that at a certain level there is a motive that has some rationality to it, that human beings can understand. The kings had a motive of expanding their territory, their power. The bankers had a motive of making money or, perhaps, even gaining the power to decide who was going to war. There are bankers who have given loans to two kings. They have also created weapons factories and produced the weapons, sold them to both kings, and then created the spark that made those kings go to war with one another and use up all of the weapons. The bankers were sitting back, making the money and enjoying the power that they were really the ones ruling the world. 

Obviously, this is not a benevolent rationale, but it is somewhat of a rationale. What neither the kings nor the bankers understood was that they were just pawns in a larger game, and this game was played by the manipulators in the identity realm. They also have a rationale but not a rationale that most people can understand. The simple rationale is that they want to prove God wrong by getting self-aware co-creators to misuse their free will to the point where they destroy themselves, rather than grow in self-awareness. They do this by creating war and by creating debt. [For more about the motives of manipulators, see Cosmology of Evil.]

Interest has intrinsic value; debt does not

The debt neutralizes the natural Law of a Multiplied Return by creating an artificial economy. It is a downward spiral because it is constantly pushing a snowball of debt in front of it that becomes bigger and bigger until it can no longer be paid back. The bankers are not concerned about having the debt paid back. Why would they be concerned about having money paid back that they never had because it was created out of nothing? Their concern is only that the nations continue to pay the interest because the interest is what they can use to grow their own wealth and power. 

Why is it that there is no value in the money, but there is value in the interest? The money is created out of nothing, but the interest is taken from the people and their labor. The bankers provide something that has no intrinsic value, and they get something back that has intrinsic value because it is tied to people’s labor. Thereby, the bankers are indirectly reaping the fruits of the peoples’ labor, as the feudal lords of the Middle Ages were reaping the fruit of the labor of the peasants that lived on their land. The feudal system of the Middle Ages is still in existence, only it has become hidden, invisible, through the veil of the complexity of the money system. Behind this is the larger rationale of creating a self-destructive economy that decreases the amount of wealth and, thereby, serves the end of causing a self-destructive spiral. 

How the manipulators try to stop economic growth

You will ask yourself why the economy has then grown over the past five hundred years. It is because the manipulators do not have total control of the earth. There is an upward spiral created by the beings of higher awareness and the many people in embodiment who are activating the Law of Multiplied return. Many of the manipulators in embodiment would have preferred to keep a closed system, like the feudal system of the Middle Ages, where they were in direct control. They were not able to do this because of the combined efforts of the beings of higher awareness and those in embodiment who had multiplied their talents. 

Today, they have realized that they cannot actually stop the growth in the economy, in the total amount of wealth. Many of them are frantically trying to concentrate it in the hands of a few people. Even this is not successful, in the sense that the number of people who have accumulated large amounts of wealth is increasing. It is no longer a small elite that controls most of the wealth; it is a fairly large elite. Not all of the members of this elite are manipulators. There are, indeed, those who are not manipulators who have been drawn into this quest for money. 

Artificial spending in a false economy

Money is a complex issue, and the more aware people can work for the exposure of the connection between money and war, the very subtle connection. There are connections we have not discussed here because they are too overwhelming for most people. People must come to see the connection of how war was used not only to justify a false monetary system but how it has also been used over and over again to create profits, greater and greater profits, for a small elite. 

In a false economy, you must create artificial spending. In an ideal or natural economy, there is no need to create anything artificial. The vast majority of the people will quickly fall into seeing that when they make an effort, they get a multiplied return. This will cause them to make a greater effort, and thereby, the amount of wealth will be increased for everyone. What you have in a false economy is that people are making an effort, they are going to work every day, but they do not see the increased return. 

They see only a fixed return, namely, what has been artificially defined as the value of their labor. Therefore, they do not make the effort that increases the economy. They only make the effort that keeps them alive and, thereby, sustains the economy at a certain level. In such a false economy, you need to create an artificial need to spend money. You need to create some way to manipulate people into spending more money than they have, more money than can be produced given the state of the production apparatus. What better way to create this artificial spending than war? 

In a war, you are in a life-and-death situation. Either you are destroyed by your enemy, or you must buy weapons enough to defeat the enemy. Who supplies the money to pay for the weapons and who supplies the weapons? They are the ones who will make the profit. Naturally, in the quest for making a greater and greater profit, more and more weapons have to be produced. Every once in a while, those weapons also have to be used. Surely, there is money in having weapons sitting there being maintained, but there is much more money in having two sides who are both blowing up their weapons and, therefore, having to buy more. This is simply the greatest money-making machine on earth. War is the greatest money-making machine on earth. 

The removal of money manipulation

The more aware people can do energetic work that allows the beings of higher awareness to step in and remove those people from embodiment who will not give up the manipulation of the money system and the use of war to manipulate that money system. You can make the calls for the removing of the beings in the astral plane, in the emotional realm, who want to escalate war so they can steal the energy and who want to escalate the debt economy so they can enslave more and more people under this burden of debt and, thereby, also extract their energy. Whenever people are burdened by something, whenever they are limited, there are beings in the emotional realm who can steal people’s energy. A person who is imprisoned and knows it is giving more energy to the beings in the astral realm than a person who is happy and free. 

You can also make the calls for the removal of those beings in the mental realm who are fueling war by providing the justification. Many of these beings in the mental realm are justifying the current economy. They are using their intellectual capability to explain why the economy is the way it is, why it has to be the way it is and how it can be made to function even though it is becoming increasingly clear that it cannot function. You need to make the calls for the removal of those beings in the identity realm who have a deeper agenda of using money to enslave people, using war to cause them to destroy themselves in order to prove God wrong. 

Taking the opportunity without feeling overwhelmed

It will be difficult for many to read this without feeling overwhelmed, but look at yourself and ask yourself why you are feeling overwhelmed. The beings of higher awareness are not asking you to solve the problem of war in an afternoon. This has been going on for thousands of years. In the current cycle, there is a great opportunity to end war by the more aware people making the calls and raising their awareness. You do not have to become burdened, whereby you release or produce negative energy and lower your awareness. You can become determined to make the calls, to increase your awareness and to enter a positive spiral. 

There are many people who study the conspiracy theories and end up being completely overwhelmed and feeling completely pacified. They feel like: “If there is such a conspiracy, if things are so complex and serious, what could I possibly do?” This is not what the beings of higher awareness want. They want you to be awakened to the realization that there is something you can do. There is nothing you can do personally to change these things, but what you can do is make the call and thereby give the beings of higher awareness  the authority to change things on earth. They will respond to your call! 

When you realize that you are not the doer, that you do not have to solve these problems, then you can enter an upward spiral because you are not alone. You are not alone having to fight the manipulators and solve the serious problems on earth. You are in a partnership with the beings of higher awareness. Every time you call for their assistance, you are activating the Law of the Multiplication of the Return. Whatever energy you put into calling, they will multiply the energy and use it to remove the forces of war from this planet. You are in a positive, upward spiral with them. You may say: “But I do not have time to do so much work.” Anything you give is better than doing nothing. Anything you give will have an impact, a positive impact, on this planet. Anything you do will be multiplied and have a far greater impact. 

There is no reason to feel burdened by this knowledge. You should feel joyful, you should feel relieved by knowing these things. By knowing it, you can make the calls. When you make the calls, the beings of higher awareness will do the work. When they do the work, more people will begin to wake up. The entire collective consciousness will be shifted upwards until we reach that point where a certain consciousness of war, and the beings who will not let go of it, can be taken from the earth. This will be a momentous change. 

Building the upward movement to change earth

You might look at the economy and see how complex it is and say: “How could this possibly be changed?” It could be changed so quickly that most people would fail to accept it. Things can shift almost in the blinking of an eye when enough people wake up and demand change. 

This is not a utopian pipe dream but the absolute reality. The tools given by the beings of higher awareness will activate the Law of the Multiplied Return, and this law is sufficient to produce change on earth. Surely, the change that can be produced is in direct proportion to the number of people who use the tools, but nevertheless, when you personally make an effort, it will make a difference, a positive difference. You will, therefore, put yourself in the upward spiral that has been built over a long time on this planet. If you make that shift in awareness (away from focusing on the problems), you will feel that you are part of the positive, upward movement that is changing the earth. 

Lock in to the enthusiasm. It is not based on belief. It is based on knowledge. It is based on experience. It is based on being proven time and time again on this and many other planets. What the beings of higher awareness are presenting in this age, is not something that is a pipe dream or that has just been invented. The program has been proven over and over again on other planets who have been in a similar downward spiral as earth. They have turned things around and are now in an upward spiral. It is by no means an impossibility. It is by no means beyond the capability of the people in embodiment.

There are many people who have embodied at this time specifically to help this transition along. You have embodied because you have the capability, you have the growth in awareness, you have the momentum from past lives. You can tune in to what you already know in your heart and make that leap forward and be positive about the difference that you can make when you activate the Law of the Multiplication of the Return. The beings of higher awareness are the multiplication. They will multiply what you give them to multiply. Therefore, rest assured that the combined efforts are making a decisive difference in removing war from the earth.