Europe can once again become a birthplace for new ideas

Many people have believed in the past that if they could only defeat this particular manifestation of evil, then all would be well on planet earth. If they had only understood the reality of the inner teachings of Christ (that there is no way to defeat evil by fighting it, but that we must turn the other cheek), how much bloodshed, how much warfare, could have been avoided on this continent. When one is on a continent such as Europe, it is necessary to recognize that this continent does indeed have a past—a long and somewhat bloody past. So, for the people of Europe, who are embodying here today to rise above that past, it is indeed necessary to look at the past, to learn the lessons from history. For has it not been said, that unless you learn those lessons, you are destined to repeat the mistakes of history.

And how many times have we seen that outplayed on this continent, where one conflict sets the stage for the next. And where the emergence of one power elite created a conflict that then, when they became the established power elite, attracted the opposite polarity and a new conflict was born. Ah, what a pattern, what a pattern has been repeated so many times, that it is nauseating if one looks at it.

There is only one conflict on earth

When you do look at it, there comes a point where you go beyond it—you go beyond that sense of hopelessness and despair. For when you dare to actually look at what has been going on – when you dare to look at why it has been going on – you see that even though there is a seemingly endless stream of conflicts on this planet and this continent, there really is only one conflict that has simply been repeating itself over and over again in different physical circumstances.

And that conflict is, of course, the conflict between the power elite and the people. It is the conflict between the manipulators and those who are rising beyond duality. These manipulators honestly, seriously, sincerely – or should one just say naively – believed that they were smarter than God and knew better how to run an entire universe. And so they fell into the duality consciousness, ended up on earth, have embodied here over and over again ever since. And they have repeated the same old pattern of seeking to attain ultimate control over the people in the mistaken belief – the absolutely naïve belief – that that could prove God wrong and prove themselves right.

As if (when you consider what you know today in the modern world about the vastness of the material universe) what happens on one little planet such as earth would actually prove higher awareness wrong—the awareness that strung the Pleiades, that strung the galaxies. How could what happens on this little planet ever be significant in the grand scheme of things? But such is the intense blindness of the human ego—that it actually believes that it has the power to change the fate of the universe. What folly, what folly.

Higher awareness cannot be mocked

This is what must be seen by the people—that it is completely, utterly naïve to believe that higher awareness can be mocked by human beings. And only when you have that realistic sense of reality of the Law of higher awareness – the actual, absolute immovability of the law – only then will you see that you need to escape that illusion. And you need to stop following the blind leaders, those who are trapped in that illusion. For if you do not stop following them, then you are like a ship without a rudder, that is being carried by the current down the Rhine and will be wrecked on the Lorelei Cliff, as a representative for the rock of Christ. 

For do you not see, that the very force that is at work in the second law of thermodynamics is the Rock of Christ, that breaks down all closed mental boxes? It breaks down all closed systems and reduces them to the lowest possible energy state, for without the constant infusion of the life of higher awareness nothing is sustainable. And thus, those who chose to cut themselves off from the eternal stream that is the life of higher awareness, well then they have only a certain time. Their days are numbered, and there does indeed come a point, where they are ready to be taken because they have had enough opportunity to be expressed.

The need for aware people

But then there is that condition that someone must be raised up to the level of awareness out-pictured as a perversion by these self-centered, egotistical beings. And unless there is someone who dares to step forward and accept that they are representing higher awareness – accept that they are a son or daughter of higher awareness – unless that happens, well then they cannot be taken.

There are a number of these beings, who have had their lawful opportunity, and they are simply being sustained on this planet by the fact that nobody has dared to claim their higher awareness. Which, of course, is the very plot that they have engineered from the very beginning—even while Jesus still walked on the earth. And they attempted to set the stage, thinking that they could kill him physically. And then, of course, when that did not work, going to Plan B and killing his teaching and example—so that no one dare to step forward.

This is a dark cloud that hangs especially over the European continent. Certainly, every other continent has its own version of what suppresses the people, but here on this continent of Europe – because the Catholic Church was here, because Christianity spread here first – there is indeed a stigma that you can do or say almost anything you want to do or say—except that you are the Christ or a representative of the Christ on earth. For the very beings who have embodied the consciousness of anti-Christ have claimed that as a monopoly for themselves.

It is indeed time that people wake up all over Europe and realize this is a complete lie. It is a complete and utter denial of the very mission of Christ, the very mission of Christ to free the Christ in every human heart and to make every human being acknowledge their higher potential. This has always been the goal of Christ, this will always be the goal of Christ, and it is time that the people on this continent wake up.

The responsibility of Europe

By the very fact that the Catholic church originated here and spread its teachings here, you have on this continent a responsibility to the rest of the World to set this right; to change this dynamic and indeed overcome the dualistic polarity between the orthodox, traditional, mainstream Christian churches on one side, and materialistic, atheistic science on the other? You are the ones who have the potential here on this continent to bring forth a new kind of universal, spiritual teaching, that goes beyond traditional religion and goes beyond materialistic science—freeing the people to accept that they can be spiritual beings without fitting into the mold created by traditional religion. It is indeed okay to accept yourself as a spiritual being and accept that you have a potential to reach – directly in your heart – for that higher reality, that goes beyond the human ego and the duality consciousness.

There is a need for a universal spiritual teaching that appeals to the heart and the intellect at the same time. Yet it awakens something beyond, awakens that very fabric of people’s beings to stand up and recognize, that they have always known that there must be a higher awareness somewhere—that it cannot all be just a matter of which group or which ideology or which authority is right over another. There must be a way to settle questions, to know what is right in a higher way—to know what is reality in a way, that cannot be distorted by the human intellect and its ceaseless, meaningless argumentation for or against this or that, without ever coming to any conclusion.

The need for a universal approach to spirituality

This then is indeed your opportunity to bring forth this teaching on this continent – to bring it forth in many different versions – that there is a universal spiritual reality that transcends religion in its traditional sense, but gives life a deeper meaning, answers the questions about life that most people have. And indeed, it can also provide the key to solving the many problems you see in government and politics and international affairs. Where unless there is a recognition of a higher awareness, you simply cannot escape the dualistic game of one nation or one person or one king thinking he is right over all others—and therefore automatically being at war with those who think the same about themselves and their nations.

The United States is a melting pot for many people from many different places in the world, many of whom came from Europe. Beyond that, Europe itself was and is a melting pot, with people from many different parts of the world? For the European continent has been infused and invaded with peoples from many different backgrounds. The plan of higher awareness was to create a United States of Europe, where you had the seed for the emergence of a greater understanding amongst people, so that they could unite in a higher sense of identity based on that universal spirituality. And when this did not come to pass in the Middle Ages – despite the fact that higher awareness had brought forth the ideas that led to the enlightenment – then higher awareness had to go elsewhere.

But this does not mean that Europe is forever shut off from fulfilling that role; for there is always a potential to go back into it. Many of the more aware people have volunteered to embody on this continent precisely because you wanted to be part of the awakening that has the potential to occur at this time. You are awakened yourselves, and do you not realize the motto of higher awareness is, “What one has done, all can do?” And when you have proven in yourself that it is possible to grow up in a European society – and be programmed with the anti-spiritual messages from both this side and that side – but nevertheless still come to an awakening to a universal form of spirituality—well, if it possible for you, it is certainly possible for others as well.

You have dominion over the earth

You are not human beings—unless you think you are. For then higher awareness must bow to your free will and allow you to think that the power elite has power over you—while in reality you are the co-creators. You are the ones who have been given authority by higher awareness to have dominion over the earth. The manipulators were never given the authority to have dominion over the earth. They may claim that they were given that authority—some of them believing that the entire material universe was created for their sake; but this is not the case. It is simply another reasoning of the duality consciousness. They were never given authority over this planet. YOU were given authority over this planet.

But when you did not take that authority, then the manipulators were allowed to embody here. And that, then, became the problem, where the people now became even more embroiled in the consciousness of not wanting to take responsibility and authority. Instead wanting the blind leaders – who claim to have some ultimate authority – to lead them to the promised land—failing to realize, that they would never get to that promised land.

Questioning traditional doctrines in religion, politics and science
In today’s age, there are indeed many people who are beginning to realize, that the Promised Land cannot be found here on earth, that there must be something more to this search for the Promised Land that is integral to every human being. And thus, they are beginning to question, whether one can indeed find it in the Christian heaven, as has been promised now for 2,000 years. Or whether one can ever find it because it doesn’t exist as claimed by materialism or Marxism.

Or is there really more, is it really possible to find it in an entirely different realm, that is not defined by human ideologies or doctrines or dogmas—that are beautiful outward, but inward they are like whitened sepulchres filled with dead men’s bones? For that indeed is what they are made of: dead men’s bones—those who are filled with the deadness of the consciousness of anti-christ and have been bringing forth their false teachings, their ideologies, now for centuries.

Many people in Europe have begun to transcend the entire lure of the Marxist philosophy. There is hardly any false teachings on this earth that is more out of touch with reality than the teachings of Marxism. Although, as with all false teachings, there are some true statements in there, they are perverted to such a degree that it is almost a wonder that any mind could come up with such an intricate perversion. Disguising the truth in something that is so difficult to understand that almost anyone who reads it comes up with their own interpretation. Which, of course, is part of the design—so that all may find a justification for outplaying their own egotistical tendencies, justified by this ideology. As you saw with Lenin and Stalin, who found the perfect justification.

The essential question for spiritual people in Europe
We now have a growing number of people in Europe, who are beginning to question these traditional approaches. They need to go further in that questioning, so they begin to question whether there is any man-made system, that will bring the Promised Land to earth, that will bring the Promised Land to this continent. Is it possible to create a system, that will automatically bring the Promised Land? That is the essential question for the top 10% of the people on the European continent to ponder. 

The reality here is that there is no absolute system. The reality is that you are co-creators. You are meant to bring forth something that you co-create, and creativity is spontaneous. Creativity is NOT a system. Creativity is a spontaneous expression of higher awareness that bloweth where it listeth, and that which bloweth where it listeth cannot be fit into any system. Higher awareness is not a system. It is the River of Life that is constantly – not simply flowing like a river on earth – but constantly transcending itself and becoming MORE in the process.

‘The essence of creativity

This is the key to your own growth, to your own transcendence, and to you finding a way to make an impact on society. Dare to question any and all of the systems, that promise this or that or the next thing. Dare to question it and make people aware, that the real key to progress, the real key to the Age of Higher Awareness in Europe, is indeed creativity. And the essence of creativity is that you recognize you are more than a human being. And you allow your own higher being to express itself through you, as Christ demonstrated 2,000 years ago when he said, “I can of my own self do nothing, it is the Father within me that doeth the work.” And then he allowed that Father to do the work and perform the miracles that he performed, even though they are denied by many today.

Nevertheless, it is not the outer miracles as such that are important but the ideas, the understanding that will bring forth a new and higher society—a new approach to these age-old problems, that have been unsolvable in the past, because they have been approached from the exact same state of consciousness that created them in the first place.

Again, the concepts of the universal mirror and what you project into the mirror is what comes back to you. These are concepts, that people, at least many people, can understand in this day and age. But they need some outer contact, that makes this inner preparation break through into their conscious minds. Where you will see – when you present them with these ideas – they say, “Oh, I always knew that. I’ve been talking about this for years, but I didn’t really understand it in the greater context, I did not see the greater picture. I did not fully understand what I was doing.”

Acknowledge who you are

This is the recognition you will start to have, when you fully allow yourself to look in the mirror and recognize who you are—not as the limited human being with faults, but as the magnificent spiritual being that you are. You acknowledge that you have a right to be here, you have a right to plant your feet firmly in the soil of this continent and demand that this continent be changed. So that it is fit to receive the birth of the King of Kings—not as coming from the heavens, descending on a throne but as being born as the Christ child in the hearts of millions of people. This is the transformation that must take place.

It has taken place before in some measure with the bringing forth of democracy and many other ideas, such as the entire enlightenment period. Which you might study, in order to see how – after centuries of being restricted by the Catholic Church and its doctrines – suddenly the minds of the European people were freed to bring forth this burst of creativity. And this can indeed happen again in this age. You yourselves can be part of that burst of creativity, and there is hardly anyone who does not have the potential – not necessarily alone, but as part of a group – to be part of bringing forth those new ideas in various areas of society.

Europe is close to a breakthrough

The reality is that Europe is very close to breaking through to an entirely new level of consciousness. You may look at Europe and see the glass as half empty. You may see the many problems and even the smoldering conflicts. But nevertheless, that then is the  parallel universe you choose to live in if you focus on the negatives.

Yet that universe is not the only universe. The motto of all true pessimists is, “I am not a pessimist; I am a realist.” But if you are truly a realist, you are the eternal optimist. For you know that all that is manifest in matter is ultimately unreal. And you know, that the basic energy can instantly out-picture a better manifestation than what you see right now. You know that the power of higher awareness can conquer all things.

Realism is realizing, that although there are people trapped in the lower state of consciousness, there is a higher state of consciousness, there is an alternative. And when you choose to live in that higher universe, then you will pull up those in the lower universes. When the top 10% raise the bar, well then it will also be raised at the lower end—and that is how you pull up an entire continent. The analogy is, that if you pull up one corner of a handkerchief, you will eventually raise the entire handkerchief up, for it is all connected.

People on this continent are connected in consciousness, and it only takes a few who dare to raise themselves up, forming that tip of the spear, and then pulling all the others up with them. Not against their free will, but because by demonstrating that there is a higher way – that there is a higher parallel universe than the one people see themselves living in – you are giving them the opportunity to choose. And the vast majority of the people will indeed do better if they know better. And they only need to see you or hear you speak in order to know better and to acknowledge that they know better and that there is a higher reality.

A sense of co-measurement

We all clothe ourselves in various forms when we come into embodiment, as some of you have done—taking on various characteristics that some may see as flaws or handicaps. The reality is that you are immortal spiritual beings. You are free spiritual beings. You can indeed come to reconnect with that higher awareness, and come to express those magnanimous qualities as some of you already are, although in some cases you are afraid to actually acknowledge this.

It is time to stop playing around and denying who you are. It is time to dare to acknowledge who you are. It is time to acknowledge that you have a Life plan, and all of you have the potential to take on the reality of who you are; to choose to raise your consciousness to live in the highest parallel universe that you are capable of living in—instead of living in the parallel universe into which you were born, and into which your family and friends might want you to stay forever and ever and ever.

This is not hereby saying that you should disown your families, It is simply saying that you need to decide that no matter where your family or friends are at in consciousness, you have a right to raise your consciousness. And if they will not follow you, you do not need to stop having contact with them; you need to respect their choice. But you also need to respect your own choice and your own right to go beyond that level of consciousness and to express it, even if they seem to not want to hear it. For there is some part of their beings that wants to hear it, otherwise they would not have embodied with you. For they cannot pull themselves up, but they knew they wanted to be pulled up, and that is why they decided to embody with you. Though the question is: will you fulfill your role to pull them up, or will you allow them to pull you down? This is another question to ponder.

This is not seeking to create conflict between you and your families. It is only seeking to give you a realistic outlook upon the rights you have to even physically live with someone, even live in a physical relationship with your spouse, but nevertheless you are in a different parallel universe in your mind. And you have a right to be in that universe and to express it.