Envisioning the money system of the Age of Higher Awareness

The very core of the issue of the economy is money itself. The more aware people often have a somewhat ambivalent, or even negative, attitude towards money, being based on Jesus’ statement that you cannot serve God and mammon, or the commonly circulated statement that money is the root of all evil. In its pure form, money is not the root of all evil nor is money actually the mammon that Jesus talked about when he made the remark that you cannot serve two masters. The two masters that you cannot serve are the true master of higher awareness and the false master of the ego. 

Money is – in its pure form – two things: It is a medium of exchange, and it is a way to store value for different times when that value is needed and cannot be produced on a short-term basis. If the money system in the world was still in its pure form as a medium of exchange and a short-term storage of value, you would not have the problems that you have in the economy today. 

After money was created, a different possibility came into being, namely that money could be more than a medium of exchange and a storage of value. Instead of being a means to an end, some people turned money into an end in itself. They saw that by perverting the money system beyond its original intent and design, they could use money not only to gather privileges for themselves (that they could buy with money that they hoard for themselves), but they could go beyond that and use money to further their never-ending quest for power and control over the people.

Understanding the natural economy

There is a power elite on this planet who want to enslave the people and have the people work for them as worker bees to create privileges. What you are dealing with in the economy is two different states of consciousness that are opposing one another. In Jesus’ parable about the servants who received different numbers of talents, you see the principle for how the natural economy works. You are given certain talents through your ingenuity and your labor and your willingness to take initiative. You multiply those talents, and then you receive more in return because you have been willing to fulfill your role as a co-creator. 

As Jesus also said: “Fear not little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the abundant life. When all people take what they have been given – whatever talents that may be individually – and they make the best of it, they multiply what they have. Then, they bring forth more abundance than what they were given. 

This activates the natural law behind the economy so that what you have multiplied is multiplied by the law, and this brings forth even more abundance whereby the total amount of abundance available on this planet is increased. This opens the possibility that the entire economy can grow whereby all people receive more abundance. This does not happen in the way of the communist dream where supposedly all are given an equal share. It happens because the money system and the economy become another tool for the path of individual growth where people are rewarded according to their willingness to multiply their talents. There are three ways you multiply the talents:

  • Through your ingenuity of bringing forth new ideas, new inventions, better ways of doing the same old tasks.
  • Through your willingness to take risks by taking an initiative by doing something that no one has done before—and therefore you cannot know what the outcome will be.
  • By your willingness to put forth the labor that is needed in order to get the economy to run.

These are three legitimate ways to multiply your talents. When you look at history, you will see that the majority of the people on this planet have been willing to multiply their talents in at least one of these ways. The majority, of course, choosing the role of doing the actual labor but yet many other people also being inventors or taking the initiative.

The perverted economy

This is the consciousness of multiplying the talents and thereby increasing the amount of abundance. This is higher awareness. In contrast to this is the consciousness that springs from the manipulators, and it is the consciousness of wanting something for nothing. Or as a variant of that, the perversion of wanting to reap the reward of other peoples’ labor. 

Wanting something for nothing is where you seek to reap without sowing. Wanting to reap the reward of other peoples’ labor is where you seek to control and suppress others and set yourself up above them because you have created the division of separating man from higher awareness. Therefore, all cannot be equal, for only through the connection to higher awareness can you have true equality. 

When that connection is lost in a civilization, you inevitably open up for the creation of an elite who will then suppress the people and reap the rewards of the labor of the people. This is what you saw in the feudal societies of Europe, with a noble class who had the physical power to suppress the people and make them work for them. When people are physically suppressed, it is very difficult for them to fail to notice that they are suppressed. When the feudal societies collapsed, there were those among the elite who realized that this was not the ultimate way to suppress the people. There was a much better way to suppress and control the people, namely in hidden ways so that the people did not realize they were suppressed.

What is real money?

Some among these manipulators realized that with the growing economy that actually resulted from the collapse of the feudal societies – giving rise to better trade and the Industrial Revolution – the creation of this new medium of money gave them an opportunity to control the people by controlling the money system. They realized that the money system, if they could manage to pervert it, would give them incredible opportunities for suppressing the people and stealing the value of their labor—without the people understanding what was happening. This has now been going on for a long time, and the people still are not realizing how the value of their labor is being stolen through a manipulation of the money system.

When money is used correctly as a medium of exchange, then you have only the amount of money that is needed to exchange the total amount of goods and services that are produced by a society. There is, so to speak, a one-on-one relationship between the amount of money and the amount of something that has real, actual value, be it goods or services. Or even, in the case of gold money, that the gold itself has a certain value. You see a direct relationship between money and something that has real value. 

When people multiply their talents, they can, as a result of that multiplication, accumulate a certain amount of money, which they can then choose, if they will, to store for times when they may not be able to make the money. Even this is legitimate, as long as the money was created as a result of providing a real service to life, be it an invention, taking the initiative, or performing physical labor. There is nothing wrong with then storing that money, although, of course, when it is put to use in investing, then it will help the economy grow. Thus, savings should really only be a temporary thing and should not mean that the money is permanently taken out of circulation. Money is indeed meant to flow and thereby help the entire economy grow.

When there is a direct correspondence between money and something of real value, well, then it is not possible to create money out of nothing, money that has no real value associated with it. This means that even though the money supply can grow, the value of money is not degraded, for you still only have the money needed to buy goods and services. Therefore, you can have a society that has a steadily growing economy and a steady increase in the money supply without having an increase in the prices of goods and services. What is the need of such an increase when you do not have excess money that has no correspondence to real value? You still only have the amount of money needed to exchange goods and services, which means that the value of the money – what you can buy for that money – will remain constant.

When money is disassociated from real value

Perhaps it is even possible that as productivity increases – as new methods for producing goods and services cheaper and with less labor are invented – well, then prices can actually decrease. Or you could say that the value of your labor goes up so that you can buy more for the same amount of labor put in. Thus, everyone experiences an increase in abundance. 

This is the natural economy. You see in nature that if you take even the theory of evolution, as flawed as it is, it does point out the very fact that nature itself has a built-in force that produces greater and greater abundance of life forms, more complex life forms and greater numbers in different species so that every niche in nature is filled and there is nothing wasted. Nature has a built-in force that leads towards greater abundance for all life. 

How do you then get away from this natural economy? Well, you do so very simply by perverting the money system so that you disassociate money from something that has real value. This has been done in various societies – starting in Europe – over time. Why did this happen? Well, if you look at the history of this, you will see that it started with some of the kings in Europe who needed money to wage war with each other. They needed excess money, more money than could be raised through the production of goods and services. 

War cannot produce something of value. It can only destroy something of value. Even though there are those who will say that war leads to economic growth, this is actually a fallacy. War can only lead to a loss through the destruction of something that has real value, including the killing of soldiers who could have otherwise been put to productive work and therefore produce something of value instead of killing each other. The kings of the European continent were the ones who in their greed for money (more money than they could tax from their subjects) set the stage for the emergence of a money system that was perverted. 

Even though the kings of the Middle Ages and later had great power, even they had a fear of their own people. They knew that if they raised taxes in order to finance their wars, well, then the people might actually revolt against them and they might lose their power and privilege. They saw that they needed to find some other way to finance their wars, and they entered into an unholy alliance with the emerging bankers of Europe. They started out as the goldsmiths who stored the excess money that people had legitimately earned. They stored the gold in their vaults, and they started realizing that they could make money out of lending that gold and charging interest. Since it was very rare that all of the people would demand all of their gold at the same time, they started lending out the money that people had deposited in their vaults, even though it was not theirs to lend, and you see the beginning of the banking system. 

The kings of Europe were open to the suggestions of the bankers who suggested that instead of having money that was based on gold or silver – thus the money had an inherent, indigenous value – you created a new type of money, called fiat money. This was money by decree where the king issued a law that this newly created money was now the legal tender, the legally approved form of money in society, and all people had to accept it as payment for goods and services. Thereby, the bankers could create this money, lend it to the king who could then use it to buy the goods and services needed to finance his war.

The deception of fractional reserve banking

You see now the beginning of a money system where there is no longer a direct correspondence between the amount of money and the amount of goods and services. There is now a disconnect between the money and something of real value, which means you can now create excess money. You can create money that is not the result of someone multiplying their talents. It is literally created out of nothing by the bankers lending money, charging interest for it, but actually lending more money than they have reserves for in their vaults. This is the emergence of the system called fractional reserve banking, which is what your banking system in the United States and most of the civilized world is based on even today. 

You see now the emergence of a money supply that is disconnected from real value, which means that the kings and the bankers can now increase the money supply beyond what is needed to trade goods and services that have real value. What happens when you increase the amount of money? Well, suddenly there is more money in circulation, and what does that mean? It means that the first people who get a hold of the newly issued money, those people who did not have to work for it, they can now spend it. In so doing, they will inevitably bid up prices of goods and services, including real estate. They increase prices, which gradually filters through the economy until the prices of all goods and services have gone up. 

To simplify this process, if you have a certain amount of goods and services and you have a certain amount of money needed to trade those goods and services, well, if you doubled the amount of money by creating money that is not backed by precious metals or other things of value, then eventually – in fact in a short period of time – this will result in the prices of most goods and services also doubling. Or at least, they will go up to some degree to adjust to the fact that there is now more money in circulation.

Inflation steals the value of your labor

What has happened in this process? The value of the labor of the majority of the population has now been reduced because you still only work x amount of hours, and you are still paid x amount of whatever the monetary unit is. But you need more money to pay for the goods and services you need in order to survive. 

This then leads to a spiral where in the beginning of the Industrial Revolution – when this new money system started becoming the norm – the people who did the actual work, the value of their labor was degraded to the point where they could hardly maintain a living. This necessitated that the workers started organizing into labor unions who then demanded higher wages, which then the employers were forced to pay. In so doing, they created a spiral where, again, those in the power elite simply created more money out of nothing to pay the higher wages. For a time the workers were happy, but as the filter-down effect on prices took place, then again the value of their labor was degraded. This has continued to the present day.

How the people uphold the system of the elite

If you compare what an ordinary laborer is paid today to what a laborer was paid a hundred years ago, you will say the laborer today can buy more goods and services and has a higher standard of living than they had a hundred years ago. This is true, but why is this true? 

It is true because part of the money that was created out of nothing has been, so to speak, absorbed into the system through the fact that people have continued to multiply their talents. They have taken initiative, they have brought forth new inventions, better methods for fabrication, and they have become more productive in their work. The average worker today can produce much more than the average worker could a hundred years ago. Those people who are still functioning in the state of consciousness of not wanting something for nothing – but being willing to work to earn a living – well they have, so to speak, underwritten the system of the elite by adding real value to the economy. 

This has prevented the inflation created by an increase in the money supply from reaching such proportions that the economy literally would collapse because the money had no value. You have indeed seen this happen in certain circumstances, such as Argentina and Germany, where you needed a wheelbarrow full of paper bills in order to buy a loaf of bread because the money was worth next to nothing. In fact, there have been periods where the money itself literally was not worth the paper it was printed on. It was cheaper for people to light the fire with money than to use the money to buy firewood.

Inflation is a hidden form of taxation

The money system – the fiat money system based on fractional reserve banking, based on creating money out of debt – has a built-in inflationary factor that inevitably will cause the system to collapse. Those who are in charge of such a money system cannot contain their greed. The king will want more money, the bankers will want to make a greater profit, and why not when all they need to do is roll the printing presses and print more money? They inevitably become blinded by that greed, and they set the economy into an inflationary spiral that will destroy the economy—if it is not balanced by the real people performing real labor, creating real goods and services. Therefore, they increase the amount of services so quickly that the money supply, the money system, does not collapse, does not go into the tailspin of an inflationary cycle that cannot be stopped.

Even though you can say that the average worker, the average citizen, is better off today, this is true—but this is only true because they have been willing to multiply their talents. Through the money system, the people have not reaped the natural reward of the multiplication of their talents. Through the increase of the money supply and inflation, they have, in fact been taxed. Inflation is indeed a hidden form of tax where the people do not realize they are taxed. They do not see on their tax bill or their paycheck that x amount of dollars have been taken out of their paycheck. What they do not see is that the value of the money, and thereby the value of their labor, has been reduced.

Concentrating wealth in the hands of the elite

If there had been a natural economy over this last century and more, then the standard of living that you see today would have been even higher. If that economy had been truly natural, then you would see a state where there would not be any poverty left for any people in the Western civilized nations. Indeed, you would also have seen a worldwide economy where the standard of living would have gone up tremendously in what you today consider the poor nations—where, indeed, so many people must exist on less than two dollars a day. This would not have taken place in a natural economy because the value of the abundance would have increased so greatly that there would have been enough to pull everybody up to a decent standard of living. 

The power elite – through the perversion of the money system, and through eroding the value of the fiat money that they have created – have managed to actually delay the natural growth in the economy and the manifestation of the abundant life that should have come about by now—if it had not been for this intervention of the power elite. What has happened instead is that the first people who can spend the newly created money – the money that has no correspondence to real value – they can buy goods and services with that money at (close to) the old prices. Only as the new money circulates through the economy, will prices go up. 

Over the past century and more, you have seen a greater and greater concentration of wealth under the control of a smaller and smaller elite. You now, literally, have ten percent of the population in the United States who control the majority of the wealth in this nation. Even the top two percent control the majority of that wealth. This, of course, is not the natural economy where there is abundance for all.

How today’s “kings” finance their wars

You need, as the more aware people, to educate yourself by studying at least the basics of how the money system currently works. You will see that this is an absolute perversion of the natural principles. This is nothing more than the power elite – those who are trapped in the duality consciousness – seeking to control the people through the money supply. One of the original bankers that created this system said that if you allowed him to control a nation’s money, he did not care who made the nation’s laws, for he knew that the nation could be controlled through the money system. 

Even in today’s world this is still going on. In the United States, for example, you have the unholy alliance between the federal government – which is at least a federal agency – and the Federal Reserve, which (which most Americans do not know) is not a federal agency. Therefore, it is not answerable to the people in a direct manner by the people being able to vote. What is happening here is that the government of today also faces the situation that they want to spend more money than they know the people are willing to pay in taxes. Where to do they get the money? They create it, or they let the bankers create it out of nothing, thereby eroding the entire value of the money supply—and thus taxing the people without the people being aware of this. 

Take a modern example of this, and imagine that President Bush in 2003 had said to the American people in his State of the Union Address: “I have decided to go to war against Saddam Hussein, and my people tell me that this will cost each American family 2,000 dollars over the next year, so expect to see an increase in your tax bill.” Would the American people have been very positive towards such an announcement? Many of them, surely, would have revolted against this—a war that they from the beginning were not really sure was necessary and would rather have avoided. What did the president do? Well, he simply set the money machine in motion and the Federal Reserve created the money out of nothing, lending it to the federal government so that they could spend it to buy the goods and services that were needed to start the military invasion in Iraq.

The magical money machine

This is not only done for war. It is done for many other aspects of the economy where the government wants to spend more than they think the people are willing to pay in taxes. They simply camouflage it as inflation so that the people pay it anyway but now they do not notice and thus they do not object. 

Of course, the bankers and those in the top financial elite, they make the money off of it. You, the people, not only have the degradation of the value of the money but you also pay the interest of the federal debt. Or perhaps you do not pay it, but your children or grandchildren might end up paying it—unless, of course, they continue the scheme indefinitely. The bankers are not necessarily concerned about having you pay back the debt—as long as you keep paying the interest and allowing them to create more money out of nothing so that they can keep their money machine rolling.

There is a connection between war and money. Even though the kings were open to creating fiat money to finance their wars, the bankers quickly realized that there was no better way to earn a profit than to set nations against each other in Europe so that they went to war. Once two nations are committed to war, well, is it not so that suddenly they feel a need to spend whatever money is needed to defeat their enemy? They spend more money than they ever would have done in peacetime. 

Who makes the money off of it? Well, certainly the bankers, who in many cases in Europe financed both sides of the conflict and also opened the weapons plants that produced the weapons used in the conflict. They made a profit all around, while the people paid not only with their blood in the war but also with their sweat and blood as they worked to produce the real value that was needed to keep the system going.

The modern form of slavery through money

This is a form of slavery that is far beyond the physical slavery that you have seen with people being sold into slavery. Again, this was a physical slavery that the people were surely aware of. The slavery that you are under is a slavery that most people do not understand. They cannot object to it because they do not even know. They just notice that they have to work harder and harder, and they do not understand why this is so. They do not muster the will to be more and to educate themselves as to why they have to work harder, as to why it seems their dollar is not stretching as far as it used to. 

You have the situation that everything that happens in the material realm is an outpicturing in matter of the consciousness of the people. The people themselves – by not being willing to take responsibility for their society, for their money system – well, they draw unto them those who are willing to pervert the system and take advantage of the people. This becomes a vicious circle that only has two potential outcomes. Either the people wake up, educate themselves, and demand the return to a natural economy with a sound money system. Or the power elite will inevitably keep increasing the money supply in their greed and their blindness and even their pride where they think they will never have to suffer the consequences of their actions. They are so used to the people bearing the consequences of their actions that they think they can get away with anything. 

You cannot expect the power elite to stop this downward spiral. If the people do not put on the brakes, then it is just a matter of time before the money machine will run amok. You see this with a train that runs faster and faster and faster until the wheels start coming off and everything flies apart and the whole system collapses. Then, you will be faced with the necessity to return to a sound money system.

A golden age economy

This will create immense suffering and pain, and thus it would be far preferable to have an awakening among the people. They would realize that when you have a sound money system – where money is tied to real value – you have the foundation for a higher awareness economy. In the Age of Higher Awareness, you will see a steady growth in the amount of abundance available, a steady growth in opportunity. People can see that when they put forth the effort, when they are willing to work harder, they get a return, a multiplication of their return. Instead of simply going into the consciousness that we will go to work for eight hours and be happy with the money we get – or at least get by with the money we get – people see that if they are willing to work harder, they can reap a much greater return. 

They are willing to put in the effort, which then creates even more abundance. You see now a positive spiral where the people are reaping the rewards of their own labor, and therefore they are willing to work even more. Not necessarily that they work harder but that they work smarter and therefore produce even more value. Everything then becomes an upward spiral. 

In the Age of Higher Awareness you would not have billions of people living at the starvation level or living at the poverty level. In the Age of Higher Awareness no one is poor, no one is lacking for food, no one is lacking for a decent standard of living. No one is lacking for the free time to pursue the higher aspects of life according to their own choosing.

Those who do not want to accumulate greater material wealth can still make a living with a relatively small investment in time, and therefore can focus most of their attention, energy, and time, on raising their awareness, their consciousness. As you raise the consciousness, you open the door for the bringing forth of new inventions, new methods of fabrication, new forms of energy, that will allow you again to increase the amount of abundance so that the economy can grow even further. There literally is no end to the growth in the economy in a higher awareness society. The concept of limits to growth is put upon you by the manipulators who want you – the people – to accept limits for your growth, while they, of course, have no intention whatsoever of limiting their own accumulation of wealth, power, and privilege. They have to find a way to get the people to be satisfied with less so that they can have more. 

In the Age of Higher Awareness, the people are not satisfied with less, for they realize that it is the Father’s good pleasure to give them more. It is thereby their birthright to reap the reward of their initiative, their labor. They want that “more” because why not? It is part of bringing forth a better society. 

Poverty is a perversion of higher awareness

Money is not evil, but money in its pure form is simply an expression of the higher awareness. If you did not have money, the economy could not grow beyond a certain level, for it is impossible with a barter economy where you have to exchange one item for another or for a particular service without having the convenience of the medium of exchange that money provides. Yet money must not become an end in itself. It must be a means to the end of keeping the natural economy going, bringing forth greater abundance. 

When you have the perversion of money, instead of an upward spiral of increasing the amount of abundance, you have a situation where you limit the growth so that there is either little growth or no growth. You now have a concentration of wealth in the hands of a small group of people who actually do not want to increase the amount of abundance. They want to concentrate it in their own hands. They do not care that the total amount of abundance is not increased for they do not care that the people live in poverty. In fact, they almost prefer it because then they seem richer in comparison—when the people are poorer. 

It is easy to see today that the feudal lords of medieval Europe – living in their cold stone castles, their drafty castles – were not living with a very high standard of living compared to what even the average person has today. Nevertheless, their standard of living seemed very high in comparison to the majority of the people who lived in very poor conditions. 

The members of the power elite are trapped in the duality consciousness, which is relative and therefore compares everything based on a relative value judgment, based on a judgment of appearances. They are raising themselves in comparison to others, not by actually increasing, not by multiplying, their talents and increasing the amount of wealth. They do it by keeping others down, by limiting the value of their labor, thereby limiting the total amount of wealth. This is the total perversion of natural principles that provide the increase in the total amount of abundance. The justice of the natural economy distributes that among all people so that all can have a decent standard of living and pursue their Life plans as they see fit individually.

The elite does not want the Age of Higher Awareness—for in the natural economy they cannot be the elite. They want to stop the Age of Higher Awareness. They do this by perverting every aspect of society where the people are not awake, are not aware, are not taking responsibility for educating themselves and making their own decisions. Instead, people want the elite to make decisions for them. It is the absolute requirement for the Age of Higher Awareness to manifest that the people wake up realize how every aspect of society has been perverted by the dualistic consciousness, and decide that they will no longer be pawns in this game. They will no longer be the slaves, they will no longer be the worker bees for the elite. They will take back their birthright to be people of higher awareness—those who do not identify themselves based on the divisions created by the elite, but those who identify themselves based on the higher awareness. There is literally no limit to the abundance that can be brought forth through higher awareness.