Embracing the Age of Higher Awareness

Most of the more aware people have an unrealistic expectation of the Age of Higher Awareness. You think that it can be defined in some final, absolute plan and that higher awareness has a firm and fixed plan. You think higher awareness is looking for you to fill in the pieces here and there, as if you were robots who just surrendered your free will to higher awareness so that you could be the worker bees to fit into the puzzle and thereby gradually assemble the puzzle. But you see that is not the vision of higher awareness at all. The is an overall vision of what could be the Age of Higher Awareness, but it is not a fixed vision. There is infinite room for individual creativity in that vision. There is no final plan! It is a living, breathing plan.

Understanding the plan for the Age of Higher Awareness
When hearing the term “Age of Higher Awareness,” you might envision a society with beautiful buildings, perfect government, abundance for all people, gold in the streets or whatever grand illusions you might have come to believe. And you may think that this is the golden age—some outer manifestation of some opulence. But you see, higher awareness is not disconnected from the cause of Christ. For what was the true purpose of Christ? Was it to save people, and force them or somehow get them into the Kingdom of God, even though they have not removed the beam in their own eye and overcome the consciousness that got them out of that Kingdom in the first place? Nay! The purpose of Christ was to raise everyone up to higher awareness, so that they could express their creativity.Higher awareness is completely one with that purpose.

It is not the plan in the Age of Higher Awareness first and foremost to bring forth some material condition in this world that lives up to some standard of opulence and perfection. The and foremost goal is to raise up as many people as possible to express their in-built creativity, and thereby, allow higher awareness in them to unfold, and through that unfoldment then bring forth some physical manifestation, according to their creativity. This is the goal, the primary goal.

Higher awareness is not concerned whatsoever about creating beautiful cities with golden streets. It is concerned about raising up beautiful individuals with the golden age consciousness that shines and cannot be tarnished by anything on earth, for it retains its shine no matter what it goes through. And therefore, it always transcends current conditions, multiplies the talents and takes it up higher. And that is the Age of Higher Awareness.

It is not that you will come to a point – ten, a hundred or a thousand years from now – where you will say: “Ah, now the matrix for the Age of Higher Awareness is finally manifest. And now, we will just enjoy it forever.” The Age of Higher Awareness is not a closed vision, it is a process of the unfoldment of creativity that can go on forever—or at least until the earth is raised up into a higher consciousness.

This is the vision for the Age of Higher Awareness, and humankind has reached the turning point. There is an unprecedented potential to lock in to this creative flow, started with Jesus, manifesting then the fullness of higher awareness that was the goal of the past age. But then not only manifesting it individually, but starting to allow that creativity to be expressed through you in bringing forth new solutions that will raise up all life into the abundant life.

See the unique opportunity you have been waiting for

Never before has there been such an opportunity to lock in to that vision, that creative flow—that is higher awareness, that is the ever self-transcending awareness. This is a unique opportunity in the known history of earth. This is not said to cause you to feel burdened or frantic. It is said to spur you on to look at yourself and say, “What is it in my own psychology that is preventing me from allowing higher creativity, higher light, higher wisdom, higher vision to flow through me? What is it that keeps me separated from that River of Life?”

And if you will do this, you will find that there has never been a greater opportunity to actually gain clarity—and if you are willing, then you WILL gain that clarity. Higher awareness will certainly assist you, both by giving outer teachings and outer tools, but first of all by working with you individually, so that you may come to see that last hang-up and immerse yourself in the creative flow that is higher awareness.

This is your opportunity, this is your moment, the moment you have been waiting for, some of you for 2,000 years. For you volunteered to come into embodiment with Jesus to be part of the cycle of Pisces. And yet you were led astray, you lost the vision, you became part of orthodox Christianity, embracing it in various ways until you finally started seeing beyond it and thus find yourself willing to consider a very unorthodox vision of Christianity. Many of you came to assist humankind embrace the opportunity of Pisces, embrace the potential for manifesting Christhood. And then, giving forth that example, where not one person alone is the Christ, but many other people dare to express their higher awareness in their individual ways, so that it is no longer possible to deny or to idolize the Christ.

This is the time you have been waiting for. And there has been something that has been holding you back, either because you were not ready individually or because the collective consciousness has not been ready until now for people to go out and express their higher awareness. For people would not have been able to even handle that. It would have been so alien to them, so that they would have had a strong reaction against it, as you saw the reaction against Jesus.

But times and cycles have passed, where it is now time, it is now possible to express that higher awareness, to be the Living Christ in action—it is time to let your light shine. It is time to internalize the truth and shout it from the housetops, even the housetops of the internet or any other means of communication that is sponsored for this very purpose. And you can quickly see, not only an inner awareness, but also an outer awareness spread around the globe and manifest the victory of raising a critical mass of people to the point of recognizing the reality of higher awareness. And then, seeing how it can be used to bring forth a new vision, a new society, that does not have all these problems that everyone knows – or almost everyone knows – should not be there.

And you will know this in yourself—how you have not been able to understand how this can go on and no one can see it. Well, cycles have not been there, the collective consciousness was not raised to the critical level. But it is now time, where more and more people are ready to be awakened. But they need examples, they need the truth.

They need those who are willing to stand up and take whatever reaction comes. For you are not looking for approval from anyone. You are not looking for recognition. You are the sun shining your light, and it is of no consequence to you what people do or do not do with the higher awareness that you bring. That is up to their free will. But you have chosen to use your free will to be the sun and to express that light. Let your light so shine before men that they may know, that this is the light of higher awareness shining through you, and that that light may be so strong, that they will come to see that that higher awareness is also in them. Choose to be a part of that Flow of Life!