Do the Ukrainians want to be free from Russia?

Ukraine is facing many choices, not only now and on a daily basis, but certainly when the war is over. Higher awareness wants to help the people make one of these crucial choices that will determine the future of the nation.

Higher awareness is, of course, not blind to the suffering that people experience on earth. It is in no way blind to the immense physical suffering that has been put upon the people of Ukraine by this war. People have been killed, people have been wounded and thereby handicapped for life. People have been tortured, people have been raped and people have lost loved ones, lost their houses, lost their families, sometimes entire families, lost their jobs, their way of living and it is very understandable that this not only gives them physical scars, but emotional, mental and identity-level scars, psychological scars. Higher awareness will work with people at inner levels as they are open to assistance to help them heal these immense wounds.

Deep division in Ukraine

What can help Ukraine as a nation, make a crucial decision to move forward rather than backwards? When you look at Ukraine as it was not so long ago, you see that this was a nation that was deeply divided. You had a certain segment of the population that still remembered the Soviet past when Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union and you had a certain part of the population who, while not necessarily identifying themselves as Russians, certainly feeling more like Russians than Ukrainians and leaning towards Russia, perhaps even wanting Ukraine to be part of Russia or to have closer ties with Russia. There were clearly those who wanted Ukraine to become closer to Russia instead of becoming closer to the West.

Part of this was, of course, engineered by Vladimir Putin who did not start his attacks on Ukraine as an independent nation when he invaded Crimea in 2014. He started almost as soon as he became president of the Russian Federation. He has done many, many things to undermine unity in Ukraine, to turn people towards Russia with simple propaganda, lies and promises that could never be fulfilled. And this then created the situation where from a certain perspective, Ukraine was ungovernable. It was impossible to satisfy the two opposing polarities in Ukraine—those who wanted Ukraine to become closer to the West and those who wanted it to become closer to Russia.

Change of view on Russia in Ukraine

What has happened now is, of course, that there is still a certain percentage of the Ukrainian population who have not changed their attitude or their view of Russia but there is a much larger part of the population who have completely shifted their view of Russia. Many of the people who before were either positive towards Russia or were neutral towards Russia have now shifted their attitude and many of those who were western leaning before have also shifted their attitude.

Now, when you look at the immense human suffering that has so far been perpetrated upon the Ukrainian people by the Russian military and special forces and mercenaries and foreign fighters and what have you, it is from a human perspective, quite understandable that many people have a deep anger and resentment, even hatred towards Russia and even the Russian people, certainly the Russian military. And it is clear that this is a growing phenomenon that is likely to become more intense, more widespread before the actual fighting stops. You might say: “Well, are you somehow trying to say that we should show mercy towards the Russians and forgive them? You acknowledge that we hate the Russians, we are angry with the Russians because of the immense atrocities they have committed against us, but are you still trying to say that we should forgive them?”

No mercy to the Ukrainian people

Well, actually, this is not saying that the Ukrainian people should show mercy towards the Russians, but it is saying that if the Ukrainian people want the best possible future, they need to show mercy towards themselves. And you might again say: “Well, have the Russians shown any kind of mercy to the civilians they captured, held captive for weeks and tortured, beat with iron pipes so that their bodies were blue all over? Did they show mercy to the women they raped, often by numerous soldiers raping the same woman? Did they show mercy to the people they forcefully displaced and took to Russia where nobody knows where they are and nobody has heard from them? Did they show any mercy towards the Ukrainian people?” And from a human perspective this is understandable again—they have not shown mercy and Putin shows no signs of being willing to show mercy, neither on the Ukrainian people nor on his own soldiers.

What do you want?

However, there is a very simple mechanism. How can you improve your life? Can you improve your life by changing other people or can you improve your life only by changing yourself? The question is, what do you want? Some will say this is way premature to give us a discourse like this. But it is not premature to talk about this even though the war is still ongoing because we have to sow seeds in the identity, mental and emotional bodies so that when the physical fighting stops, the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian collective consciousness, is prepared to deal with this issue and to, in an ideal situation, make a shift in consciousness, a shift in attitude. And the question is simple: Do you want a better future for the Ukrainian people, a better future than they have right now, but even a better future than they had before the war? Do you want a better future for the Ukrainian nation?

If you do, there is only one way to achieve this. You must separate yourself in consciousness from the consciousness of Russia and the Russian people. If you do not separate yourself in consciousness, how can you physically break free from Russian dominance? If you want a future for Ukraine where Ukraine is not dominated by Russia either by overt force or by covert force, you must raise the collective consciousness of the Ukrainian people above the collective consciousness of the Russian people.

Mercy is freedom from the past (and Russia)

The Ukrainians before the war were ahead of the Russian people in terms of humanity and in terms of the collective consciousness. But you need to recognize that in order to stay ahead, you need to look at this and say: “We have seen what the Russian people or the Russian military at least and the Russian leadership will do to us, to our people. We cannot allow ourselves to be like them. We cannot allow ourselves to sink to the same level. Even in order to defeat them militarily, we cannot allow ourselves to sink to the same level of inhumanity and disregard for life. Because if we do, how can we free ourselves from them?”

There is a connection between consciousness and physical events. Consciousness comes before the physical manifestation. If you want to free yourself from Russia physically, you must free yourself from the Russian people and the Russian collective consciousness by raising your own consciousness. And how can you do this? Only by showing mercy to yourselves. Only by looking at yourselves and saying: “What is the greatest act of mercy for the Ukrainian people? What would be the greatest manifestation of mercy for us the Ukrainian people, who want a future as a free independent nation?”

Well, it would be that you raise yourself above the Russian people but how can you do this if you hate the Russian people? How can you free yourselves from those that you hate, that you feel anger towards, that you blame for your own situation? The collective consciousness will say: “Well how can we not blame the Russians for invading our country, destroying our infrastructure, killing our people? How can we not blame them for this?”

But again, what kind of future do you want for Ukraine? Do you want a better future for the Ukrainian people than what the future is likely to be for the Russian people? And if you want a better future, you need to raise your own consciousness and how do you do this? Well, look to the Middle East—look where there are, what you today call nations, but which used to be tribes or peoples that have been feuding and fighting for hundreds and thousands of years. This group hates that group and that group hates this group and therefore, they are karmically tied to each other and have been so for so many generations that no one can remember when it started.

You all know about the links between the Russian and Ukrainian people which goes back a very long time but the question is, do you want to continue being tied to this spiral or do you want to transcend it? How can you transcend it? Only through mercy. What does that mean? It means you cannot look backwards. Gradually, in time many among the Ukrainian people, even many who are today abroad as refugees will be able to pick up these ideas. If you want to be free of Russia you must be different from the Russians. You cannot be the same as the Russians in consciousness and at the same time become free from Russia. It cannot be done. It is impossible.

The question is right now you have a tremendous spiral that has been created, a tremendous vortex that has been created in the emotional body of the Ukrainian collective consciousness. It is anger and hatred towards Russia, the Russian military and Putin. Again, from a human perspective, not only understandable but unavoidable. But the question is: “Is this what is best for you? Is this what is best for you in the long run?” If you want to be different from Putin and the Russian power elite, consider what Putin is doing. Consider his worldview and why he invaded Ukraine.

He is looking backwards in time. He has created in his mind the idea that something was better in the past and he is trying to recreate it however he sees it. His mind is so confused, incoherent, inconsistent and it changes all the time, that there is no point in even putting words on what Putin is thinking. He has this vague idea, but the basis of it all is he is looking back towards the past. There was a paradise lost. Now, how anyone can associate the Soviet Union with paradise is perhaps beyond what many people can comprehend, but nevertheless, there it is. If you want to be free of Putin, you cannot think like him. You cannot look back to the past and say everything was better before the invasion and you cannot allow yourself to be pulled into this vortex of anger and hatred which can become self-reinforcing. You must break it. You must look at the situation as atrocious as it is and you must decide: “Do we want to go forward or backwards? Do we want to be free of Russia or do we want to be tied to Russia indefinitely?”

Freeing Ukraine from Russia

How can you be free of Russia? There is only one way to be free of those who have harmed you and that is to forgive them. Yes, there is a reaction from the collective consciousness not only in Ukraine but worldwide—we should forgive the people who have committed these tremendous atrocities against us. But you see, you are not forgiving the Russian people. You are forgiving yourself. Forgiveness is not an act of letting other people off the hook as the popular saying goes. It is an act of letting yourself off the hook, the hook that the unaware forces have in your four lower bodies when you have not forgiven.

This is not about going into a state of mind where you pretend like the war never happened. It is not talking about: “Oh, we can do business with the Russians. We can interact with them like we did before.” It is about deliberately, consciously, turning yourself from looking backwards, to instead looking forwards. Naturally, you will need to take very determined measures to secure your physical defense and your defense against infiltration and manipulation which may or may not continue from Russia. You need to take practical precautions but, in your minds, you need to do what is necessary with a sense of practical necessity, not with a sense of anger and hatred, not with a desire for revenge, not with a desire to punish Russia or the Russian people, but with a desire to raise yourselves, your own people up to a better life.

If Ukrainians are willing to look at themselves, you can see that there is a reason why you have not been accepted in NATO and the EU. There is a reason in the collective consciousness of the Ukrainian people. You were not willing to make the changes necessary, the changes that were made by other Eastern European nations, the Baltic nations in order to qualify for membership. They were willing to look at themselves and say: “How do we have to change ourselves?”

Now, you cannot accuse the Estonian people, for example, of being consumed by anger and hatred against Russia. Yet Russia committed severe atrocities in Estonia. But what Estonia did when they were free of the Soviet Union, was to go through a period of looking at themselves and saying: “Our only chance of remaining free from Russian domination is to become a member of NATO and the EU. What are their requirements? What do we need to change in order to qualify?” Ukraine did not do that, partly because of the division in Ukraine. But still, this is what you need to do, starting already, as many people in fact, have started considering this. Certainly, the president and his advisors but many others. You need to do it even more when fighting is over and you start building a new future. How can we qualify? And this is where again, you can look at the situation and you can say: “How can we change ourselves so we are not like the Russian occupiers? How can we distance ourselves from the mindset that caused the Russians to commit the atrocities that they committed in our country?”

Insensitivity to life in Ukraine

You have to look at yourselves and see that there are also elements of a lack of humanity in the Ukrainian collective consciousness. There is a certain brutality that has not been transcended fully, although it has started to be transcended. There is a certain insensitivity to life and the most obvious expression of this insensitivity to life is corruption. Sensitivity to life means that you recognize that other people are like yourself and therefore, you do not do to them what you do not want them to do to you. But as you go a little higher in humanity, there starts emerging an awareness in a population of the wholeness, the community, the collective—that we are a group of people who are alike, who have the same rights and we form a whole. And as an individual, not only do you not harm other individuals but you do not harm the whole. 

One way to harm the whole is corruption because this is directly going against the state where all people have equal rights and equal opportunities. You see that when you have people who are willing to circumvent the law, to take bribes, to give advantages to other people who will give advantages to them, you are undermining the progression in the collective consciousness towards greater wholeness, greater unification.

What would be the best for the Ukrainian nation? Well, it would be that you had one unified nation where the people were unified in the common goal of wanting to join the EU and NATO, wanting to build a modern democratic nation that had the kind of prosperity you see in Western Europe. Now, Ukraine has the natural resources to achieve this goal. The Ukrainian people have the willingness to work and the ingenuity to achieve this goal, but it has not been achieved so far because there hasn’t been that sense of togetherness, of oneness, that: “We are part of a whole and we do not destroy or take from the whole in order to enrich ourselves.”

Oligarchs and corruption

This, of course, goes all the way up to the oligarchs where you have a system of people who have managed to insert themselves in positions where they seemingly cannot be touched by the state. Now, many of these oligarchs have lost a lot of their money, a lot of their influence because of the war. But you need to be very determined that you do not, after the war, recreate the situation of elitism and privilege in the economy and in the political system. But this can only be done if the people shift so that even at the level of, so to speak, ‘ordinary people’, there is not the willingness to engage in corruption. There is the willingness to fight it, to expose it, and to overcome it. This will, in a sense, be made easier by the fact that in order to reconstruct a nation, you cannot allow someone to take from the whole because everything will be needed to rebuild the whole. But you still need to be very, very alert that you do not allow some of these business people, these oligarchs, to again create a state of monopoly and privilege for themselves in the rebuilding process. You do not need a few very rich people to rebuild Ukraine. You need many, many people who are not in a position of power and privilege.

You need to be very focused on this because again, what is the way to combat corruption? Well, one way is mercy. This may seem at first glance as not being very likely, but what is ultimate mercy? When you have mercy, what do you see? Well, you see other people as yourself and you see that you are part of the whole and that all are part of the whole and if you therefore want to do what is best for the whole, well then that is mercy.

These are ideas that have gone into the collective consciousness in the identity, mental and emotional levels. They will begin to work their way towards people’s conscious minds. Quite a considerable number of Ukrainians, both inside the country and abroad, are ready to grasp them right now and to at least begin to process these thoughts and ideas and many more will become open to it as time moves along. There can come a point where the nation decides: “We have had enough of war. We have had enough of anger and hatred and we have had enough of being tied to people who have no respect for us and our right to live in a separate nation and determine our own future.”

Distancing Ukraine from Russia

Now, there can also come a point in Russia where they become tired of war, tired of being oppressed and tired of being seen as oppressors by the Ukrainian people who many of them have considered as a brother people. There can be a shift also in the Russian collective consciousness, but you as Ukrainians, cannot allow yourselves to wait for that to happen. You need to forge ahead and forge as far ahead of the Russian collective consciousness as you can, because this is in the best interest of yourselves and your nation.

You basically need to adopt the attitude that you do not hate the Russians, you are not angry with them, you do not want to punish them. You do not want to destroy Russia. You do not want to break anything down in Russia. You want to build something new in Ukraine and that is why you simply let go of all feelings towards Russia and Russians. They are not your brothers, obviously you cannot see them as your brothers. They are just people who did what they did, but you are moving on without them, leaving it up to them what they will do. You have no opinions and concerns about it, other than you, of course, need to distance yourself from them. You may say you need to defend yourself, and you will need to defend yourself for a time, but the quicker you can distance yourself from them, the shorter will be the time where you have to defend yourself.

As long as Putin is in power, and it might surprise you to see how short that time will actually be, but as long as he is in power, Russia will be a backwards-looking nation. Not all of the Russian people obviously, as there are many who want to look forward, but Russia as a nation will be backwards-looking.

But this is not your concern in Ukraine. Your concern is Ukraine and moving forward, becoming a forward-looking nation. What enabled the Eastern European and Baltic nations to break free from their Soviet or Soviet dominated past? Not all of them have broken free to the ultimate extent, but they have broken free to a higher extent than Ukraine. What enabled them to do it? They said: “We do not want to be like the Russians who oppressed us. We want to change. We want to be different. We want to rise higher in consciousness, to a higher level of humanity.” Few people said this consciously, but this is what happened. They transcended the consciousness of the Soviet Union. They left it behind. Surely there will be a need to process it. But still, they left it behind and moved forward and that is what Ukraine can do and that is what it must do if you want what is best for yourselves and your own nation.

Transcending human mercy

Many people have a human view of mercy. What is the greatest mercy towards people who are oppressed and limited? It is to free them from the oppression and the limitation, is it not? How would it be mercy to withhold a truth and a statement that could free them in order to avoid hurting their egos? Would that be merciful? Would it be merciful to say: “Oh, you have been so violated by the Russians, you should crawl into a hole and feel sorry for yourselves for the next 20 years and then we can talk about progress in Ukraine.” Would that be mercy? Nay. Mercy is: “How can we move forward from here? This has happened. It was not ideal. It was in fact a terrible atrocity. It was even an injustice. It was whatever you want to call it. But how do we move forward?”

Mercy is freedom from the past. Think about those words. Freedom from the past – this is the future of Ukraine. For if you do not gain freedom from the past, you will remain in the past and that was not freedom.