Brief thoughts about the difference between real and unreal

Discerning from higher awareness

The very essence of the message that Jesus came to bring is discernment between what is real and unreal, what is of higher awareness and what is of the duality consciousness. What is it that will enable the people to take back their power and stand up to the elite, realizing that they do not need an elite to govern them, rule them or give them access to heaven? Well, it is only that the people recognize the very fact that the elite has ruled through illusions and lies that spring from the duality consciousness. There is an alternative to that consciousness, namely the discernment of higher awareness whereby you can know what is ultimately real and what is ultimately unreal.

Another of the subtle beliefs, the subtle mindsets, that you have been brought up to accept without question is that there is nothing beyond what human beings define as truth. You have been brought up to not question the basic paradigms of the authority figures of your society, be they in church, state, media or wherever. For 1700 years the Christian church, the official Christian Church, has been a tool for the power elite to pervert the teachings of Christ. Instead of setting the people free, they have been used to oppress the people even more.

This is a state that must be acknowledged and addressed by the people in this age. There are enough people in embodiment who know the reality of this at inner levels so that they can wake up and demand change, not only in the religious life but also in the political life and in all aspects of society. What needs to be recognized is simply this: There is a higher truth beyond the dualistic so-called truth. Every human being has the potential to acknowledge that truth in their hearts, if they are willing to seek that truth in the only place it can be found, namely in the kingdom within. Thereby, they find the key of knowledge that allows them to divide the real from the unreal.

Those who are the forerunners, those in the top ten percent, need to awaken to this reality. They must dare to begin to exercise their discernment, and dare to express that discernment by stating the truth that they see (even if it is not the highest truth, it still will be a higher truth than what is promoted by the elite). When you dare to express that truth, you will see the beginning of a chain reaction that will spread. All the foundations have been built; it is simply a matter of providing the final push that creates the breakthrough.

Knowing the difference between reality and unreality

The greatest gift you can give to humanity is knowing the difference between what is real and what is unreal. Indeed, there are many people on this earth who do not know the difference. This does not only apply to those who may seem to be obviously disturbed and have issues about knowing what is real and unreal from a normal perspective. There are many people who seem normal, but yet do not have any clue as to what is real and what is unreal.

In a sense, it is better to be confused about what is real and what is unreal than to be in the state where you are absolutely sure what is real, yet what you think is real is not real at all. Thus, you do not even have an opening to work with—for these people do not think they are facing a crisis. They do not think they need to change, that they need to learn anything, that they need to change their perspective, that they need to be healed, that they need to rethink what they believe is real. They are unreachable for a teacher of higher awareness, for they have become so convinced by the false teachers that they are sure that unreality is real. Yet many are ready to rise higher in consciousness by being willing to re-think everything.

The greatest threat to your freedom

What is the greatest threat to your freedom and to the freedom of humankind, the greatest hindrance to the bringing forth of the Age of Higher Awareness? This is a factor that has always been the greatest obstacle for the spiritual growth of humankind, for the awakening of people.

It is the very subtle, very insidious, programming to which you have all been subjected from the very moment you first took embodiment on this planet, and certainly for your entire lifetime. It is the programming that you are supposed to be normal, a normal human being. What does it mean to be normal? Is it not an attempt by the manipulators and the power elite to put you in a box? You are so focused on following the norms defined by your society that you do not dare to challenge those norms—and therefore do not dare to challenge the status quo that keeps the elite in control. As long as you fit into the mold of a normal human being, you will not dare to fulfill your Life plan, and certainly you will not dare to express your higher awareness. There has yet to be a society on this planet – at least in recent history – where being higher awareness in action was considered normal by the powers that be.

Those who have come into embodiment at this time to help bring the Age of Higher Awareness into manifestation, certainly, part of your Life plan is to speak out about conditions in society and to challenge the lies and the illusions. The very deepest thing that you can help with is by being willing to challenge the ultimate illusion, the illusion of normality. If you will look at the life of Christ, you will see that he too was challenged to be normal, even by his own mother and his brothers and sisters who came to him while he was preaching, being disturbed by the fact that he had shattered their conception of what it meant to be normal.

It is so easy to look at those who do not follow the norm of your particular society and label them with some fancy medical term, be it bipolar, insane, schizophrenic, depressed, having boundary issues or this or that. There are people in mental hospitals who are actually more in touch with reality than the average person. Certainly, there are also people in mental hospitals who are out of touch with reality and do not know what is real and unreal.

If you are to fulfill your Life plans, if you are to manifest your higher awareness and do what you came here to do – namely help bring in the Age of Higher Awareness – then you have to take a long, hard look in the mirror and say: “Where am I attached to being normal, to following the norms defined by my society, my family or even by my own outer mind or my ego?” You must evaluate whether you are more concerned about being seen as being normal by society or whether you are concerned about fulfilling your Life plan. This is not about manifesting something that is clearly insane, for being higher awareness in action does not mean that you are insane in any sense of the word. It does mean that you are willing to go beyond the norm, even to do things that for “normal” people might appear to be a little bit “out there,” as the popular saying goes.

This is not asking you to be “out there,” but asking you to be “in here,” in your heart where you know what is real for you and for your mission. You do not allow any outside force to cause you to abort that mission, especially not the force of normality. You cannot put higher awareness in a box. It is not easy to come up with a standard for how higher awareness should express itself in this world. Now you see an even deeper understanding, for when higher awareness flows, it seeks to set people free from their mental boxes, and thus it must challenge their standard for what is normal. You are who you think you are. You are projecting an image based on your current sense of identity into the cosmic mirror, and the base energy takes on the physical manifestation that corresponds to your image. When a critical mass of people in a society, or on the entire planet, have come to believe in a certain standard for what is normal human behavior, well, then it will be very difficult for them to go beyond that standard. They need to see someone who is willing to defy the standard of normality, not in an insane, crazy way but by shattering the boundaries, the limitations, that are set up by the norm.

Challenging the concept of a “normal human being”

What does it really mean to be normal? Well, it means that you accept boundaries for who you are, what you can be and how you can express yourself as long as you want to be an accepted member of society. The job of people who embody higher awareness is to challenge people’s sense of what is normal, which is what you saw Jesus do with his miracles and his words. Look at how, even in the scriptures, it is portrayed how people wanted him to be normal, to follow their standard, to not go too far beyond, to not push the envelope, push the limits for what was considered possible for a human being. 

Consider the incredible depth in the statement of Christ: “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” With men – with their human consciousness, with a standard for what is normal – when you are in that state of consciousness, you must accept that there are boundaries and limitations for what can be achieved. That is precisely what the power elite uses to maintain status quo by getting people to believe in the lie that there are certain problems that cannot be solved, or even certain conditions that you have come to believe are natural, are normal, because nature simply is that way and there is nothing that can change it. 

In reality, there is no norm, there is no standard. Why is this so? Because higher awareness has created billions of expressions of itself, each one of which is unique. If everyone is a unique individual with a unique individuality and identity, well, then how can there be a standard? How can there be a norm? How can there be norms in individuality? How can there be a standard in uniqueness?