Brief thoughts about religion

Religion in the Age of Higher Awareness

What will happen in the field of religion as we move further into the Age of Higher Awareness? Well, actually religion (when you look at official religion, such as the Catholic church or Islam) will continue its decline. There is very little realistic possibility that the Catholic church or Islam or any other of these large religions will be willing and able to reform themselves.

As people become more and more aware of the possibility of raising consciousness, they will see that these religions have very little to offer in this field and they will simply withdraw from them. These religions will go into an even greater decline than they have gone into and they will simply, as they say, “fade away.” They will fade into insignificance and the simple reason for this is that when you know that the purpose of your life is to raise your consciousness to a higher level, you do not need an external religion that tells you what to believe about life.

The only way to raise your level of consciousness (not to raise your knowledge because this can be done intellectually) is to expand your intuitive faculties. Well, when you expand your intuitive faculties, what happens? You look at life, you look at some of the questions you have about life, and two things will happen. Firstly, you will attract to yourself a teaching that can give you some answers. Secondly, you will begin to get answers from inside yourself. When you can get answers from inside yourself, why do you need a traditional religion that instead of giving you answers gives you doctrines and dogmas and tells you to have blind faith or you will go to hell? This kind of approach to religion will simply have no meaning for people and they will not need to listen to some Pope or potentate or Imam who will tell them what to believe; and so the religions will fade away.

What will begin to happen is that people will in much greater numbers than you see today seek a more mystical explanation and do this on an individual level. There will not be one main religion that will dominate the Age of Higher Awareness. People will be finding this in a much more individual way and the advantage of this is very, very simple. You have seen in past societies, and you see it even today, how one of these big monolithic religions cannot simply help themselves from trying to have a direct influence on society and the political process. You have seen the very unfortunate effects of this throughout history.

You have seen that in most democratic constitutions it is written in that there should be religious freedom in the country. Some countries in Europe have chosen to have a state-sponsored religion while America, for example, took the revolutionary leap at the time of having no one state-sponsored religion but allowing this to be up to the choices of the people. It is necessary for the functioning of a democracy, the full functioning of a democracy, that there is not one religion that dominates that society. It simply is not possible to have a truly free democracy if the thinking is dominated by one religion.

In the Age of Higher Awareness, there is not one true religion

It was the previous age where one organization was supposedly the only one. This is the Age of Higher Awareness where we are about awakening everyone to their Life plan. There are many different people who have many different talents – many different Life plans – for many different things must happen. Many shifts must occur for this planet to go through the transition into the Age of Higher Awareness.

It is not realistic to create a new religion and spend all of your efforts and attention on converting everybody to that religion. This is a dream of the old age. All spiritual people need to fully and finally let go of this dream and realize that it had its place in the old age, but it no longer has any place in Age of Higher Awareness. We are talking about an age of freedom, of spiritual freedom, where every person is under his own vine and fig tree of his  or her higher self. You do not need one centralized organization in the Age of Higher Awareness. You need a universal awakening. You need a universal awareness that is not focused on any particular individual, institution, doctrine or philosophy. It is about people everywhere waking up and realizing that they have a mission to raise the consciousness in some way­—and then they do it! 

If many people come together under a certain teaching and find inspiration in that teaching, then that is good. Do not let the outer organization, the outer guru or the outer teaching become a hindrance to the expression of your higher awareness. Do not feel that you have to force the expression of your higher awareness into a certain mold or a certain matrix.

Religions impose a standard for what is normal

Even the area of religion has been influenced by the mindset of defining what is normal, to the point where most religious and spiritual movements, even most New Age movements, define a standard for how you are supposed to behave in order to be saved—however they define salvation. 

Virtually every religion on this planet has fallen prey to the dualistic consciousness of setting up a norm for what it means to be a member of that religion. That is why so many people have felt unwelcomed and unaccepted in particular religions. There are many, many people who have rejected religion – whether it be a specific religion or even all religion – precisely because they did not feel welcomed. This is not necessarily because there was anything wrong with these peoples’ state of mind. In fact, in many cases these people have the inner attunement of knowing that in the Age of Higher Awareness, religion itself is supposed to transcend itself, to transcend the old judgmental mindset.

No outer religion needed

Nations need to realize that you can never get beyond a certain level of abundance by human, physical, material power. You can only do so by the combined power of the minds of the citizens, which then opens up for a connection to higher awareness. Jesus said: “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them” What he meant was very simple. If you are not at peace with yourself and cannot get along with anyone else, you cannot magnetize higher awareness.

You can, of course, magnetize higher awareness as an individual, but what he was saying is that if two people can get together in some state of harmony and cooperation, then the higher awareness is there to multiply their efforts. This does not mean that those two people have to have the fullness of higher awareness. What he is saying is that if people – at whatever level of consciousness they are – can set aside their differences, their conflicts, and come together behind some goal, then there will be the multiplication from higher awareness.

When all people in a nation (even if they do not have a particularly spiritual awareness) come together and stand behind a certain decision, such as: “We want universal health care for all people,” then higher awareness will provide the insights necessary and the multiplication of the energy that makes it possible. Of course, the higher the awareness that the people have, the more the multiplication factor can be increased and the more can then be manifest. 

It is not necessary that a nation has a particular religion or follows a specific spiritual teaching. It can be done by people having a vision of certain principles, a vision of certain conditions, having compassion for others, respect for other people, and desiring to manifest a better standard of living.

It is not necessary that they have a spiritual understanding. It is necessary that some people have that understanding and can therefore pull up on the collective consciousness, but there are many that can be motivated towards a higher vision without having the fullness of this understanding. There is something that motivates them. Some people are motivated by compassion, motivated by equality, motivated by giving other people an opportunity, motivated by a higher principle, by a dream of a better society. Whatever the motivation is, if people can come together behind it, there will be the multiplication.

Higher awareness will multiply the efforts whenever people fulfill the condition that they set aside their differences to some degree and unite behind a higher vision. They do what Jesus said: “What is that to us? What are these outer things, these conflicts? They are no longer as important to us as moving towards our higher vision, our higher goal. And therefore we set them aside. We walk away from them.” Then, there is the opening for the multiplication. Whenever people can find some motivation that opens them up to giving service to life, then there is multiplication. Then things can happen.

The manipulators deliberately oppose spiritual progress

Many of the more aware people do not understand that the false teachers on this planet, the manipulators, are quite aware of what higher awareness is seeking to accomplish in raising the conscious of humankind, especially the top ten percent. Many people do not understand and acknowledge that there is a false hierarchy on this planet that is deliberately trying to counteract every positive development that happens on this planet.

The manipulators see what higher awareness is doing, and they are trying to do everything they can to counteract every move. This is not said to generate fear. The very fact that humankind is no longer living at the caveman stage proves that the false hierarchy cannot counteract higher awareness. But, as you can see from the dark ages, they are able to delay the progress of humankind, sometimes for a very long time. One of the primary ways in which they delay progress is through information, by either withholding information or by putting out so much disinformation that people either accept the lies or shut down and do not know what to believe.

How Christianity, materialism and agnosticism control people

For a very long time in the western world, their primary means for controlling what people knew and believed was the Christian religion, specifically the Catholic Church. It was one of the most effective and successful mind control machines created on this planet. For over a thousand years, it dominated the thinking of people in the western world. It still has a tremendous influence, not only the Catholic Church but the offspring of the Catholic Church in the form of all other Christian churches who, for the vast majority of them, are building on the foundations set by the church fathers 1600-1700 hundred years ago.

For a very long time, western thinking was dominated by the Christian claim that there is only one true religion, there is only one true road to salvation, there is only one true doctrine: We have the absolute and highest truth because we have the highest authority of God and Christ. For a very long time, the false hierarchy on this planet were able to use the Catholic Church and the Christian religion in order to control people.

When there is an established power elite of manipulators that have attained control of the population, there will inevitably be an aspiring power elite of other manipulators. They may claim that they want to free the people, but they really want to take the position of the established elite so that they themselves become the established elite. This aspiring power elite started using science as their means to counteract and take down the control of religion. They, therefore, turned science into an entirely materialistic endeavor that also claimed to have an absolute truth, namely that there was no God and that all spirituality was just subjective illusions.

The net result of the battle between these two approaches to life is the modern state of agnosticism. So many people have gone into a mindset where they see the fallacy of the orthodox Christian claim. They also have a sense there is something missing from the orthodox materialistic claim, yet because they do not know what is missing, they go into a state of mind of not knowing what to believe. They accept the subtle ploy, also promoted by the false hierarchy that there is no absolute truth, there is no higher truth, there is nothing to really know and believe. Therefore, they don’t accept any authority beyond the human level.

What is the underlying plot? You may look at mainstream Christianity, you may look at scientific materialism, you may look at agnosticism and say they are quite different from a certain perspective. But, if you step back and look at them all, they are all based on the same mindset, which is precisely the mindset of the manipulators, namely that the duality consciousness can define truth, can define what is real and unreal. This is the underlying belief of the manipulators. This is what they want you to believe.

Mainstream Christianity was a man-made religion that took a set of man-made doctrines. Yes, they were built on the teachings of Jesus, but they were distortions of the teachings of Jesus as anybody can see by reading the scriptures and reading the Nicene Creed. They took these man-made doctrines and elevated them to an absolute truth. Scientific materialism is based on taking selective findings of science and elevating them to an absolute truth. Agnosticism is based on the mindset that says there is no absolute truth, there is nothing beyond the material world.

Orthodox Christianity said the separate mind, the dualistic mind, can define the doctrines of Christ. Materialistic science says scientific measurements and conclusions can define what is real and what is unreal, what exists and what does not exist. The agnostic mindset says the dualistic mind can define that there is no absolute truth, no higher truth, and therefore, no idea or statement is more valid than any other. But, it is all the same mindset where you – in separation, in duality – you are defining what is true. This is the plot. It has, of course, been used in every area of society.