Brief thoughts about Germany

Inferiority/superiority in Europe

How long ago was it that the Führer stood here in this city of Berlin and shouted to the masses, who shouted back mindlessly when he shouted: “Deutschland über alles?” They would shout back: “Heil Hitler.” Do you not see this as an extreme example of superiority? Of course you do. But do you see behind it and see that it was also an extreme example of the superiority/inferiority dynamic? For one cannot exist without the other.

Why was it necessary to stage these mass rallies? Why was it necessary to build this huge army? Why was it necessary to conquer the world or attempt to conquer the world? It was to cover over the deep-seated inferiority of the German people. And why do they have this deep-seated inferiority? Because they are afraid to accept God’s love for them.  For there is no other cause of inferiority, than an unwillingness to accept that God loves you unconditionally.

When you know this, you transcend the inferiority/ superiority dynamic. For you know you are not inferior, and when you know you are not inferior to anyone, you do not need a demonstration of superiority. And thus, there is indeed a potential here that the German nation can rise beyond this, can leave behind the momentums of the past. And they can now – instead of seeing themselves as being superior to all nations in Europe – they can see themselves as the servant of all. Not in the sense that they are the ones who have, through their hard labor, to bail out Europe but that they have to recognize what is enlightened self-interest. And what is enlightened self interest? It is indeed that instead of seeking to raise yourself in comparison to others, you seek to raise the all. For that is the only true way to raise yourself.