Brief thoughts about capitalism

Why capitalism is failing

How can you be an open door for higher awareness, if you are seeking to keep your fellow brothers and sisters in bondage? How can you be an open door for freedom, if you are not willing to give that freedom to all? Surely, it cannot be done! It is impossible, and thus there are those who claim that they want to set people free – be it through a communist system or a capitalist system – yet they cannot set people free through either system. In fact, there never has been, and there never will be, any system that will set people free.

For freedom cannot be forced into a system. Freedom is freedom! Freedom is spontaneity, freedom is unpredictable. And what is the very purpose of a system? It is to make everything predictable, so that it fits in the system, so that it always produces the desired outcome that those who are in charge of the system want to see happen. They may have good intentions, yet is it not said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and indeed it is so.

Why the capitalist system is failing

It is not a truly good intention, if you think you want to set people free, but you think this can only be done by forcing them into a system. Higher awareness does not have a plan for the coming golden age that is a closed system. It is not the goal to get everyone to follow a certain system, even a certain outer teaching. 

The flow of higher awareness cannot be predicted by the linear, analytical, human mind, it cannot be fit into any system created by the analytical, linear, human mind. And thus, those who seek to come up with the ultimate system, will simply fall away from attunement with higher awareness. And thus, they will be left behind, when more and more people become willing to flow with higher awareness.

What is it you see in the financial crisis that is rolling around the world (2008)? It is simply this: the capitalist system is no longer working. Neither, of course, could the communist system have solved the current economic problems. There is no system that you can apply, for you must flow with higher awareness without knowing where you are going next. And this is, of course, what the power elites of the world do not want to see happen.

For what is it they have been trying to do now, in the capitalist world for so long? They have been trying to create a hidden system, whereby they could control the economy, they could control the stock market, they could control the currencies and make them go up or down at their will. So that they had control: when there was an upswing, when there was a downswing—and thus they could profit from both the upswing and the downswing.

In fact, they could only profit by creating these artificial upswings and downswings, for they – the power elite – do not profit by a steady growth that is indeed the highest potential of the economy. And thus, those economies, those nations that seek to hold on to the old ways will indeed find it almost impossible to solve their financial situation, to solve these problems. And only those who are willing to think beyond the old patterns, who are willing to flow with it, will be able to weather this financial crisis and come out stronger in the end.

The economy of higher awareness

For of course, when the systems fall, then the power elite will always cry out. And they will try to make the people believe that the systems are too big to fail so that they must be propped up with the money from the people in order to avoid some calamity or other. It is all a smokescreen. For when the systems created by the power elite fall, then higher awareness has room to flow. And there is no better economy than the economy of higher awareness. That is: there is no better economy for the people than the economy of higher awareness. For it is, of course, not the best economy for the elite—for they cannot predict where it will go. They want something for nothing, and that is a principle that does not work in life—nor does it work on the path to higher awareness.