Brief thoughts about the power elite

Why the elite cannot win

The manipulators can attain a certain degree of control. It is the same as the energy sources you have today, namely that in order to get energy out, you have to put something in so you have to have something to put into the process. As humankind is beginning to realize, the material universe in its current condition has limited resources. The manipulators cannot win in the long run for they will run out of energy. 

The power elite limits itself

The reason for this is that when you go into the dualistic mindset, anything you do creates an impulse. You can do something on earth, you can take power and you can manipulate the people. You can do what seems to be a very impressive feat, such as create the Roman Empire that had great power in the ancient world. It actually had greater power in the ancient world than any power has had ever since. When you consider the technology that was available at the time, then the Roman Empire had greater power than the United States has today or that the Soviet Union or China ever had. But everything the Romans did sent out an energy impulse into the universe. When it came back to them, it was an opposition to their expansion. At the same time, the Roman Empire was built on the fact that the empire itself was not producing enough energy to sustain itself. 

That is why the Roman Empire had to expand, not only to take physical resources from the new provinces but to take energy from the people that were conquered. They had to expand in order to maintain their power. They could not stay still because they had not created a society that was able to produce enough energy internally to maintain itself so they had to expand. 

Yet their previous expansion had created an impulse that came back to them from the universe and opposed their expansion and therefore there came a point where the Roman Empire simply stagnated. It could not expand anymore and since it did not produce enough energy from within, it started to collapse. This is also what happened to the Soviet Union. This is also what today is to some degree happening to the United States, which instead of allowing the state to take control has allowed corporations to take control.

There is a limit to how much you can expand, so the only way to get beyond this is to get energy from a source beyond the material. That is why a completely realistic evaluation of the situation will show you that the power elites are losing and they were losing from the beginning. The moment they started taking aggressive actions, they actually started creating the opposition that will inevitably defeat them. 

The Age of Higher Awareness can be now

The question is of course: “How long is it going to take before their self-created opposition defeats them?” As you saw with the Roman Empire, it took quite some time. Do you have time to wait for that? The more aware people can accelerate the cycle, as it has already been accelerated by people who have grasped on to a higher vision. You can say: “Why should we wait two hundred years to have an Age of Higher Awareness when we can have it now?”

You can make the shift: “I am now living in the higher awareness and therefore I am living in the Age of Higher Awareness. The Age of Higher Awareness is where I have control, which is my own mind and energy field. I am not concerned necessarily about the rest of the planet, but where I am, there is the Age of Higher Awareness.” That is what you can all say, what you can all determine, and you can all live it. 

You can hold the vision for the planet. What does it mean to hold the vision of what is going to happen and how the people are going to awaken? What it means is simply this: In your energy field, in your mind, you are deciding that you are living in the Age of Higher Awareness. This does not mean that you are blind to what is going on in the world, but it does mean, very simply, that you have raised yourself above the level of fear and the level of doubt.

Look at so many well-meaning people in the world. They have a vision of a better age, they have a desire for a better age, but then something happens in the world and suddenly they go into a vibration of fear and think that now it is all going downhill, now we are no longer moving forward. Or they come across some conspiracy website or other website and all of a sudden they become so focused on a problem that they go into a vibration of doubt. This can be overcome by accepting that the Age of Higher Awareness is here now.

How the power elite uses normality to stop progress

The average human being on this planet – the “normal” human being – truly has no conception whatsoever of what is real and what is unreal. People have indeed been programmed to think that this material world and the conditions that you see right now are real and normal, and therefore should be preserved. 

This, of course, is the programming of the power elite. They want people to uphold the status quo that maintains their privilege and their power. Once they have set themselves up in those positions of privilege and power, their main concern is not to lose it. That is precisely why they seek to stop progress, they seek to stop new inventions, new ideas, new philosophies, new concepts. When they cannot stop the emergence of new ideas, such as new ideas in spirituality and religion, they seek to prevent the population from embracing those ideas by using the weapon that you have to be normal. They say: This new idea is not normal. It is a cult, it is bad, it is dangerous.

The exposure of the power elite

Power has, of course, been misused greatly on planet earth. Scientists who studied Danish society determined that there are five million people in Denmark, but there are only a little over four hundred people that actually run the country and form a power elite. They even used the word power elite and the title of the book was Power Elite. This, of course, is the same in every country, even though in some countries the power elite that runs the population is even smaller compared to the population. The people need to wake up and realize that, regardless of the fact that you have a democracy, there is still a small elite of people who have too much power for their own good and for the good of society.

What does history show you? There is an old saying: “All power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The simple equation is that nobody who is in a dualistic, separate state of consciousness can handle having too much power. This is very simple. There is nobody who can handle having unlimited power over others. Why do you think Jesus and the Buddha did not take a position of power in society? Because they had realized this and had realized that their mission was to show a different state of consciousness. This is not judging or condemning those who have accepted positions of power and have wrestled with it. For many people it was necessary to experience that. In some cases, our exercise of power was better than the alternative of having a manipulator ascend to the throne of power. 

Nevertheless, it is a fact that power that is concentrated in the hands of a few people will be misused. This does not mean that power is misused malevolently or with negative intentions. The fact of the matter is that in many modern societies, such as Denmark, there is nobody who has a direct, conscious, malevolent intent. The people who form the power elite are not all manipulators. They are not necessarily all completely blinded by the dualistic consciousness. It is not that they have a lust for personal power, but they can only exercise power through their vision, and why have they made the effort to attain those positions of power? That was because they had a certain vision. 

It may not be a malevolent vision but it is still an individual, subjective, limited vision. This is the only thing you can have while you are in embodiment. The people are not necessarily exercising power in a way so you would consider them evil or manipulative. They are, in many cases, doing what they think is good and they are doing it to the best of their ability, but they can only do it to the limitations of their vision. It is almost impossible to want to have a position of power without thinking that you know better than the people how the country should be run.

You may look at almost any leader in history, even those who have been manipulators and who have later come to be seen as evil. You may look at Adolf Hitler, and most people body today clearly sees him as evil. Nevertheless, he still thought he was acting for the betterness of society and even mankind.

The privileged elite

The manipulators have always wanted to set themselves up in positions of privilege. They have had to concede that they could not maintain, what was in many ways for them the ideal society, namely the society you saw in Europe during the feudal age. You had a very small noble class that lived comfortable, affluent lives because the majority of the population were the slaves of the noble class. They would love to maintain some kind of society like that, but they have not been able to do so in the developed nations because the people started to revolt against it and they started becoming too educated and aware. 

The manipulators have had to allow the creation of a situation where you now have a number of nations where the population at large has been raised up to a comfortable lifestyle. They have still managed to maintain this unequal distribution of resources that keeps hundreds of millions of people in poverty. They know this is not sustainable in the long run because the people in the richer nations are already beginning to revolt against it. They know in their hearts it is not right. The manipulators are desperately trying to maintain this state by putting out the ideas that the planet simply cannot support it, that there are not enough resources and that therefore the population should be limited.

This is a complete lie! The more aware people need to accept that if the manipulators were successful in drastically reducing the population of this planet, then planet earth would actually cease to have justification for its existence. This would be based on the evaluation of what helps the entire universe progress, and this means that the planet would actually disintegrate. If the population was reduced to the level that some manipulators propose, the planet would simply fall apart because it would have no justification for existing as a platform for the growth of souls. 

The only way the planet can actually justify its existence is that the population continues to rise until it will stabilize around ten billion people. This is the number that the planet is designed to sustain, and unless some completely insane measures are taken, the population will continue to increase until that number is reached. It is the only practical way to force people to reconsider the current distribution of resources and the current use of technology.

The origin of the consciousness of inequality

The beginning of change is the realization that life on earth is not the way it is meant to be because life on earth is not geared towards giving people equal opportunity, equal rights, equal worth. The reason for this is that there is an elite who is always seeking to set itself up to have privileges and power over the population. The elite does not have the mindset that all people have equal worth for they believe they are worth more than the ordinary people.

The power elite and the consciousness of separation

Why do the members of the elite not want people to become aware of this? First of all because they do not want to be exposed, they do not want to be seen for what they are. They know that if people see the elite and see that they actually are like the Emperor who has noting on, then they will not be willing to submit to them. Why would you submit to the elite if you see that the elite has no power? How can you see that the elite has no power? You can see this when you recognize that you are more than a human being. You have the potential to reach a higher level of awareness, and therefore you do not have to submit to any power on earth.

You can attain a state of consciousness where you can walk the earth in a physical body, but you will not be subject to any power on earth. You are willing to be the open door for higher awareness that cannot be controlled by the power elite. They cannot maintain their power over the people when sufficient numbers among the people begin to see themselves as non-material beings with the potential to be the open door for the power of higher awareness.

The last thing the power elite wants on earth is for people to follow the examples of people who have attained higher awareness so there are suddenly 10,000 people with higher awareness on earth. Why is it they are actually so afraid of this? Because when there are people who have attained a degree of awareness, they will not be subject to the consciousness of the elite. The essence of this consciousness is actually that you see yourself as a separate being, separated from higher awareness and separated from other people.

The consciousness of inequality

What does this lead to? It leads to the consciousness you see on earth, the consciousness of inequality. The essence of the elitist consciousness is the exact opposite of higher awareness. When you have higher awareness, it is obvious that all people have equal worth and they deserve equal opportunity. The consciousness of elitism is based on a fundamental inequality so that all people are not created equal, they are not all endowed with inalienable rights that no power on earth can take away from them. The power elite can have power, they can have a privileged position, only if they are not equal to a majority of the population. They must find some kind of philosophy that puts people down and divides them into distinct categories. This is what you have seen in all past civilizations and you have seen it today as well.

You see how even the Christian religion, even the teachings given by Christ, were used to create, sustain and support an elitist society where the king, the noble class and the church hierarchy formed a privileged class and the majority of the population were literally the property or the slaves of this privileged class. You have seen this under communism, even though the comment was made that all people would be equal and that there would be no classes in society. Of course, there was a class for those who ran the communist system. The promise was also made in the democratic nations that all are equal under the law, but as you see in the United States and in other nations, clearly there is an elite who rules through economic power, rules behind the scenes.

This elite can rule only because the majority of the population are also blinded by this illusion of separation. This is what makes it possible that you can see such incredible inequality on earth between, for example, the rich countries, such as the United States, and some of the poorest countries that you see in Africa, Asia or Southeast Asia.

When you begin to attain a degree of higher awareness, you first of all have the Alpha realization: “I am not a human being, I am more than a human being, I am more than an evolved animal, I am a non-material being that descended from a higher realm.” As you begin to truly integrate this realization, you will come to the point where you look around you and you say: “Well, if I am a non-material being, then where did all other people on earth come from? Are they not higher beings as well?” This leads you to the obvious realization that: “Yes, all human beings originated as non-material beings.”

This leads you to a state of consciousness that is characterized by oneness instead of separation. There is the vertical oneness of you knowing you are one with your higher being instead of separated from your source. There is also the horizontal oneness where you know that you are one with all other human beings instead of being separated from them. This is what Jesus expressed when he said: “I and my Father are one” and: “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” This is what you begin to feel when you attain a degree of higher awareness.

The toxic ideas of the manipulators

What the manipulators have been doing, for a long time on this planet, is to seek to entrap the people by radiating certain ideas into the mass consciousness that have much the same effect in consciousness as nuclear radiation has in the physical body. Where the radiation breaks down the very structure of the atom itself; the very building block of the physical body is rent apart by the nuclear radiation.

And yet, you have a parallel in the emotional, in the mental and in the identity realm, where you have certain ideas that spring from the unaware mind that have the same effect as physical radiation. They shake apart the fabric of the emotional body, of the mental body, of the identity body. And thus, you lose that inner sense that you are more than mechanized man that you are more than a mechanical robot, more than a human, material being. You forget; you do not dare to believe—and thus you come to doubt your origin. And you believe that these toxic, nuclear, radioactive ideas have some kind of power over you or your society, or that you owe them some kind of allegiance.

There is no argument, there is no reasoning that could be presented that would counteract the effects of this radiation, this fallout in the mind. The only antidote is the light itself, the light of higher awareness so that people experience directly that they are more than human beings, as “human being” is defined by these toxic ideas.

Elitism is based on borders in the collective consciousness

Envision that you are looking at the earth from space, from a distance. Not so far that you cannot see the individual nations and borders, but imagine that you are looking at a globe where the borders between nations are drawn. You see that even at the physical level there are borders.

You can go to certain areas, such as the European Union, and you can see that those borders do not necessarily have a physical demarcation. They are not clearly marked. If you go to the borderline, there are many places you can walk right across the border without there being any fence or barrier. You may even be able to drive across these borders many times without even having to stop and show your identification papers and so on. You also know that there are other areas of the world where there are much more physical borders.

Now, step back and look beyond the physical. What is happening in the collective consciousness of the people is that there are also borders erected in the collective consciousness. Many types of borders are created in the collective consciousness of humankind. There are, of course, some of these collective borders that follow national borders because the people on one side of the physical borderline have a certain attitude towards those on the other and vice versa.

You also see other borders that are erected purely in the consciousness based on the attitudes, the mindsets. For example, you see clear, very definite borders between people who belong to different religions and these do not follow national borders. You will see, for example, if you go to some smaller villages in the United States that you can have a Central Square there. On each corner of the square there is a local church, a church with its own congregation. They are all Christians but there are different varieties of Christians. If you could look at the consciousness of even such a small village, you can see borderlines between those who belong to the different churches. Even though these people live in the same village and are in many cases related to each other and their families have known each other for a very long time, there are still borderlines in the collective consciousness.

When you take that up to the scale of humankind, you see how there are so many borderlines created based on religion. There are, of course, other borderlines based on religious affiliation and there are some very clear borderlines that are built between those who consider themselves to be part of the elite and who see themselves as separated from the people, “the people” as they often call them. They even think that it is “their people” but they have nothing but contempt for those people. You can see that there are all these borderlines created around the planet based on very artificial criteria.

Naturally, you can look at national borders between countries and see that even those are artificial criteria that often are due to a political situation that may happened hundreds of years ago, or some war that happened hundreds of years ago and established a border there, but there is really no logical, rational reason for it. You will see that all of these lines in the collective consciousness are all artificial, based on some, in most cases, dualistic criteria. They clearly spring from the consciousness of separation where people love to set themselves apart from other people.

The greatest force of anti-freedom

What is the greatest force of anti-freedom on earth? It is precisely this consciousness of elitism, with the alpha of the elite thinking they have a right to rule and the omega being the idolatry of the people who think they need the elite in order to have a functioning society. Does any nation or group of people need an elite in order to have a functioning society? The vast majority of people on earth, if you asked them this question, would say yes. Even people in democratic nations will say: “Well, surely we need some elite who has the experience, the know-how, of how to run the country.”

Is not the entire idea of a democracy that you do not have an elite who was born to that position and who can never be questioned and gainsaid? You have, of course, people who are in government and who have a certain experience but they can be exchanged for other people who can then take over and still make the government function. So why do you need an elite? Why do you still, in many democracies (in fact, in all democracies) allow the existence of an elite that is influencing the country behind the scenes even though they were never elected by the people?

This is one of the challenges for the democratic nations because many people in democratic nations will say: “Well, we do not have a dictatorship. We have a free democratic government, therefore we are not run by an elite, by a hidden power elite.” In all democratic nations there is a power elite and they do pull the strings of the puppets in parliament. This is not always done in a malicious way. It is not done necessarily in an illegal or unconstitutional or deceptive way. It is done by simply having connections and being able to influence people’s thinking through those connections, but it is still a form of elitism.

There are so many nations on this earth where they think they are free but they are still controlled by a small elite. Consider the President of the United States. Here, you have a people who are facing a choice between two candidates for President (2016), one they have come to see as being part of the established political elite and they want something different. So they elect the other candidate, who presents himself as a more populist candidate who is not part of the political elite—and that is true. But was he not a billionaire businessman before he was elected? And is there not an elite in the United States of billionaire businessmen, who do not even respect the political elite, the political apparatus or the political process but think they are entitled to run things the way they want to, as they do in their companies, where the CEO is a kind of god who has almost godlike powers? So how do the American people think that this person can free them from elitism?