A society where nothing is hidden

As we move closer to the Age of Higher Awareness, societies begin to move out of the fear-based mindset. Here is where we come to one of these subtleties precipitated by the manipulators. What is the essence of the fear-based mindset? It is the sense of lack. There is a sense of lack about the resources available in the material realm. 

Therefore, there is a sense of competition about those resources and there are groups, even nations, who want to grab for themselves as much as possible. This is a fear-based reaction. The other element of this fear-based mindset is that because there is lack, if you have something, there is probably someone who wants to take it from you. Therefore, you need to protect yourself, and one of the ways you protect yourself is to hide what you have, to keep something hidden. For centuries, even thousands of years, many societies have been based on this sense of lack and this sense that it is perfectly natural, unavoidable, and legitimate that people, even institutions and governments, can have secrets, that they can keep something hidden from public view.

This consciousness has infused many societies. The Soviet Union, of course, was one example of how the leaders found it absolutely necessary to make sure that the people did not know what they were doing. At the same time, they wanted to know what the people were doing. You will see also in western societies – even in those who call themselves free democracies – that the governments believe that it is necessary and legitimate that they keep certain things secret from their own people. Many corporations believe that they have a right to keep their production secrets and even keep secret from their own employees the decisions made by the leaders of those companies—even though they could have a great impact on the lives of the employees. 

Abusing the right to privacy

This has filtered down to where the manipulators have been very, very smart at using this consciousness to manipulate the situation so that most of the population in free democratic nations actually believe that it is necessary and legitimate that there are secrets kept at all levels of their society, including in their personal lives. One of the basic human rights instituted in many constitutions is the right to privacy. The challenge that came with the release of digital technology was the necessity to question: “Do you actually have a right to privacy?” You may say: “Well, I certainly don’t want anybody to put a camera in my bathroom and stream it live to the Internet.” But that is not the issue. 

Do you actually need to live in a society where people can keep secrets from each other? You may think that the rest of the world wants to look at that live streaming of what you do in your bathroom, but most people would not care. What you are doing is upholding the right to privacy in order to protect certain elements of your private life that really do not need protection. The price that societies pay is that this focus on the right to privacy and the right to keep something secret is the absolute perfect cover for the manipulators and their manipulation of society, even their manipulation of governments. As we move closer and closer to the Age of Higher Awareness, people need to start questioning this entire consciousness.

Is it legitimate and necessary to have a society that claims to be free, but at the same time allows people to keep secrets and do things that affect other people, but the people who are affected do not know about it? Is that truly a free society? The average good-hearted, honest citizen really has no secrets that he or she needs to keep from the government or the public. Naturally, you have a right to privacy in your own home. That is not the same as being able to keep secrets. 

There are so many aspects of society where the manipulators have abused the right to privacy in order to cover up how they are manipulating the people. This, of course, cannot be sustained in the Age of Higher Awareness. There were two ways society could have responded to the 9/11 event. They could have responded as they did, or in a higher way where they said (as some people did say but very few acted upon): “We cannot allow these terrorists to get us to compromise basic democratic rights.” Many of the governments in the West said this after 9/11 but they still followed right along and built the surveillance society that all western nations have today.

Because they did this, we are now in the School of Hard Knocks. There is only one outcome of this, and that is that the new surveillance and digital technology is used to the extent where nobody can hide anything. You already know that when you go on the Internet, the moment you log on to any website, you are being monitored by the NSA, the CIA, Google, and Facebook. You decide which one is the worst of those. 

Is hiding something a right?

You know that the moment you step into virtual reality, well, you have no privacy. You will see how this will be extended as society becomes more and more digitized. There will come a point where it will simply be recognized that we cannot put the cat back into the bag, we cannot turn time back, we cannot get rid of this technology. We have actually moved into the information age and we have established information societies. We need to take the only logical consequence, namely that we do not allow anyone to hide anything that affects other people.

If you are in your own home doing things that only affect yourself and your family, naturally you have your privacy. When you are doing something that affects other people, you do not have a right to privacy. You do not have a right to keep this secret because the people who are affected have a right to know what you are doing and how it affects them, what your motives are. This, of course, is not a threat for the average citizen. Are you cheating anybody? Are you manipulating anybody? Nay! But who are manipulating others? Well, the power elite, the manipulators, the hidden elite that is seeking to control society. They are the ones who have something to hide, and they are trying to use your right to privacy to legitimize that they can continue to hide something. 

In the Age of Higher Awareness, there will come this shift where the logical consequence of the information society is that you have to give up secrecy. This will then change the equation in many, many subtle ways because, suddenly, individuals, companies, and nations, governments, armed forces, spy agencies will realize they cannot do anything for which they cannot be held accountable. 

The desire to escape accountability

The very modus operandi of the manipulators, and of the power elites you have seen throughout history, is that they want to be able to do whatever they want without being held accountable? Well, this can only happen in a society where there is secrecy. In a society where there is full information, you will always be held accountable for your actions and that is one aspect of higher awareness. Naturally, to higher awareness, nothing is hidden. 

Even the more aware people still see a distance between themselves and the beings of higher awareness, and they have various things that they often want to hide. Yet only when you give up this desire to hide something, can you step up to greater oneness with higher awareness. Naturally, in oneness there can be nothing hidden. How can you be one with a higher being if you want to hide something? It cannot be done. What will actually happen is that within the not-so-distant future, there will be a shift in the collective consciousness that will lead to the release a new type of information technology so that society will be able to read the energetic records of everything that happens. 

They will be able to do it to the point where they can go back in the relatively near past and they can read the actions, or display them on a screen, exactly what happened at a given place. It is somewhat similar to what you can do now with a surveillance camera. It is just that here you do not need a camera because the recording takes place in the energetic records. When you can access this, you can go back, for example, to the scene of a crime and you can replay what happened and see what people did what. 

This, of course, will in the beginning meet a lot of opposition and resistance. It is clear that in the beginning it will be used specifically to solve crimes but the real effect of it will be to prevent crime. Because if you know that you cannot get away with committing a crime, well, then most people would not commit the crime. It is only because they think they can get away with it that they break the law. 

In the longer run, this can also be used to expose all kinds of hidden manipulations in society. It truly will turn the tables on the manipulators and the power elite. They will not be able to hide anything and so this can lead to a shift in the attitude.

There is a famous American author, called John Steinbeck, who wrote a series of stories about a small village on the Californian coast, a small fishing village. There is a merchant in one of the stories who has spent his entire life seeking to cheat and con people out of their money. He has been the embodiment of dishonesty, but one day he has a revelation and suddenly realizes that the ultimate con, the ultimate way to cheat, is complete honesty. If everybody is honest, then you cannot cheat somebody else, but nobody else can cheat you so you do not need to live in this constant fear of being cheated. 

We can go even further and recognize that when a society becomes based on trust and honesty, and people are not seeking to cheat each other, then there will be an increase in the multiplication from higher awareness. The economy of that society will rise to an entirely different level that people can scarcely imagine today. You have already seen this in some nations where they have created greater transparency, greater honesty in the business world because everybody has realized that there is value in co-operation. If nobody is seeking to cheat anybody, everybody prospers from it.

As this shift begins to filter down to all levels of society, people will recognize that they have to let go of this consciousness of lack because there is no need to be dishonest in a society where there is abundance. It is often more trouble to cheat or steal from others than to make the money yourself. That is not the way many people perceive it in the present society, but in a society with greater affluence, that is the way it will be. You will, in fact, see that those nations who have raised the material standard of living have overcome a certain type of crimes because it was actually easier and safer for people to get a job than to steal—and they felt better about themselves.