You have a human right not to be perfect

In the distant past, the manipulators made the determination: “We will make men the superior sex on Earth, we will put women down so they will be subservient to men. Thereby we will create a conflict that human beings will never be able to resolve.” Why did they do this? Well, because men are more vulnerable, responsive to the epic mindset that there is this epic cause that must be fulfilled.

What does this mean? It means that a man psychologically will find it easier to say: “I have to set aside my own interests, my own desires, my own everyday practical life. I have to go on the barricades or go in the army and fight for this cause. Come what may, whatever the result may be for me or my family I have to do this.” A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do, as the saying goes in America. Women are not as susceptible to this epic mindset. They are not as susceptible to setting aside their practical everyday lives in order to work for a cause. This is of course because women are mothers, and how can a woman have small children at home and say: “I have to just leave the children to their own devices and go fight this war, because this war is more important than my children.”

What does this mean? Well, it does mean that the manipulators were right in selecting men as the superior sex, because this has led to this multiple, thousand-year-old persecution of women and conflict between the two sexes. But in the dualistic state of consciousness, everything you do has a price. The price they pay is that by selecting men as the superior sex and putting women down, they were not quite aware that they also created the very potential that can free humanity from the dualistic mindset, even the conflict between the sexes. Because women are the ones who have the potential to raise themselves, raise men and thereby raise the planet beyond the dualistic mindset. Certainly men can also come to see the shortcomings, the contradictions, of the dualistic mindset. But on a large scale women are the ones who can look at ideas in the world and say: “It is not right that these ideas should harm our own children. It is not right to set aside our everyday lives and the raising of our children to pursue one of these abstract ideas. My children are concrete beings, living beings and this idea is abstract and not really living. Therefore, the living should take precedence over the abstract, essentially dead ideas.” This is what can help women around the world, come to free themselves from this epic struggle that has been going on on this planet and say: “Let us beat our swords into plowshares, forget about these epic causes and focus on improving everyday life for all people in our society.”

Many of the modern democracies have to a high degree raised themselves beyond this epic mindset and the epic causes. They are no longer seeing that they are out to conquer the world or police the world and that this is more important than the everyday life of their citizens. The United States is obviously an example of a democratic nation that has not made this transition. Which is why it still finds it necessary to maintain the largest military in the world, so that it is ready to project force anywhere on the planet with a moment’s notice. So women have the potential to drive this shift. But in order to drive this shift, women have to overcome an aspect of the epic mindset that has been put upon women by the manipulators, even by men and by many cultures and societies.

There are many subtle aspects of this. There are several ways to explain it, but let us look at it one way. Women have been put down in most nations for a long time. So let us focus on the most developed democratic nations. If you go back to before they became democracies, women were put down, they were in an inferior position to men. There was a shift, these countries now became democracies but for decades women did not even have the right to vote, they were considered so incapable of understanding “world issues,” understanding the epic mindset that they should not be allowed to vote because it would lead to chaos. The same in business for example. Women have been held from getting decision making positions. They were for a long time, even kept from entering the job market, instead of except for certain occupations that were considered women’s occupations. 

So what happened when these democracies became more modern and started giving equal rights and equal opportunities to women? Well, what happened was that there was a very subtle aspect of this epic mindset that has not yet been recognized by these modern democracies. Let us as an example of this focus on a woman who enters the business world and attains a position that has traditionally been held by men. What is the unconscious or at least unspoken expectation that is put upon such a woman? Well, there is an expectation that she could fail, there is even a desire from many of her male colleagues that she would fail. What does this mean? This means that there is an expectation that the woman needs to prove herself by being even better at the job than men have been, or could be.

So, what has this created in the supposedly so enlightened modern democracies that give equal conditions to men and women? It has created this very subtle mindset, which has created a very strong collective matrix that seeks to insert its tentacles into the minds of all women. It is a matrix of perfectionism. Certainly it also affects men but after the so-called liberation of women, it has gained a very powerful influence over the three higher bodies, the emotional, mental and identity bodies of many women in these modern democracies. Women have been projected at, they have been programmed to believe but they have also come to accept for themselves that they need to be perfect. They need to be (as Mary Poppins) practically perfect in every way in order to get along, in these modern enlightened democracies that supposedly give equal rights and equal opportunity to women.

So you see that what has been created in these modern societies, was that even though you have given an outer political, economic, legal equality to women, you have not given a psychological equality. For it is still in many of these societies accepted, perhaps unconsciously, but at least accepted that a man can be not really that good at his job but still keep the job. But a woman has to be practically perfect at her job. She cannot make the same mistakes that men make because then she will be subjected to persecution, or at least psychological projections that she is not good enough because she is a woman. Many women have accepted this and they have built this expectation of themselves that basically requires them to be superhuman.

What do you have to live up to, as a woman in these modern enlightened democracies? Well, you have to be the perfect wife to your husband, the perfect mother to your children, you have to be perfect at your jobs. You may even have to be perfect in taking care of your parents, the perfect daughter, and who can possibly live up to this? If you took any man in these modern democracies and put them in the situation of most women, certainly most of what you would call successful women, they would crumble psychologically under the pressure that these women are under. The men simply would not be able to handle it. They would either have a nervous breakdown, or they would tear off the apron and run screaming out of the kitchen.

What women are being subjected to by these modern democracies is simply inhumane. It is a violation of the basic humanity. No one is perfect, according to the standard projected upon humankind by the manipulators, a dualistic standard. Nobody ever has been perfect according to such a standard, including the manipulators themselves, and nobody could ever become perfect according to such a standard. 

Consider the effect of the linear mind and dualistic thinking. What is actually created by the dualistic mind is a certain standard. It is projected that as a human being you should live up to this standard. If you look at humankind at large, not just women in modern democracies, but even most people on the planet, they are also affected by this, whatever society you live in, there is an expectation, there is a standard in that society and there is a very strong projection that you should live up to it.

So, how do most people react to this? Well, there are two main ways that you react to this. Many people, in fact in most parts of the world, the majority of the people acknowledge that they cannot live up to the standard. So how do they react to this? Well they react as defined by the standard, by the culture in which they live, they feel bad about it, they may feel ashamed, they may feel inadequate, they may feel powerless. But they submit themselves to the fact that they could never live up to the standard. Then there are some people, varying numbers in various countries who do something so they come to feel that: “Yes, I am living up to the standard.” But how do they do this? By using the dualistic mind. 

What is it that the dualistic mind can do? It can create an individual version of the standard that is selective. In other words, when you go into this mindset, you can believe that because you are fulfilling certain requirements of the standard better than other people, you are fulfilling all requirements. You are denying that you are not living up to all requirements. Nobody is living up to all the requirements, nobody ever could, but some people have managed to go into a state of mind where they are denying that they are not living up to the standard. They believe that because they are fulfilling these requirements, because they have done this, because they are special in this way or that way, they are living up to the standard. Therefore, they are practically perfect in every way but these other people are not. This is why these people should be the leaders and the other people should follow them and obey them.

But it is a selective, individual standard based on denying certain things, refusing to see certain things. What is the result of this selective standard? It is created by the manipulators, the manipulators are trapped in it, but they have exported it so that many, many people who are not manipulators are also trapped in it. What is the result of this false standard? It creates this very judgmental, very, very critical attitude. This is what you see that many, many people are subjected to but especially women in these modern democracies, they are subjected to this very judgmental attitude. If they make the slightest mistake, they feel they have to feel very bad about themselves. Many of you who are women in democratic nations, many of you who are not in democratic nations can see how you were brought up with such a standard. You were brought up to judge yourself based on this standard. You were brought up to respond when other people were judging you based on the standard.

It is difficult for many people to understand, to grasp, to accept this: No one can live up to this standard. No one ever has, no one ever will. If you could accept this, you could realize it is an impossible standard. There is no such thing as perfection. As a human being, one of my fundamental human rights is the right not to be perfect according to any standard. I have a right not to be perfect. I do not need to be perfect on Earth. 

What sense does it make that I live on this messy, chaotic planet and I am supposed to be perfect on this planet? What sense does that make? None whatsoever when you look at it. Of course, most people do not look at it. They are not even able to ask the question, they do not even recognize there is a standard. When you begin to recognize it, you can say to yourself: “No, no, no, the manipulators are not going to get me anymore. They are not going to cause me to live the rest of my life judging myself according to this standard. I have had enough of it. I am going to look at these selves that are vulnerable to this, these selves that I have created in response to this. I’m going to systematically root them out of my four lower bodies and let them die, because I want to be liberated from this perfectionism, from having to judge myself based on this standard. I may not be able to liberate myself from being judged by other people, because they have their free will. But I can at least liberate myself, so that if other people judge me, the prince of this world comes and has nothing in me. It does not affect me. I give them their free will right to judge me all they want, but I also claim my own free will right, to not let their judgment affect me and the way I live my life.”

Many women have, without being aware of it, without doing it consciously, been the forerunners for challenging this standard of perfection. They refuse to live up to the standards of their parents, the expectations of their parents, the expectations of their society, the norms and standards of their society that were put upon them. They refuse to do it. Sometimes, they have done it we might say by default because they simply could not live up to the standard. Some have even done it consciously by challenging these outer standards for what it means to be a woman in a particular society. 

Now, what can higher awareness offer to women in the modern world, who are becoming aware that there is this standard of perfection that has been put upon them? Well, of course it can offer the concept that the Buddha gave 2500 years ago of attaining non-attachment. In a sense, you could say that the Eightfold Path that the Buddha gave so many years ago, can be seen as a means to overcome this standard of perfection.

There are many Buddhists who have been affected by the separate mindset, the dualistic mindset. They have taken the Eightfold Path and they have said: “Well, the Eightfold Path defines a standard of perfection. If I follow the Eightfold Path, if I have right livelihood, right speech and all of these characteristics, then I must be perfect.” But that is not at all what the Eightfold Path says. The Eightfold Path defines something that is “right.” In today’s world, especially in the Christian culture, right and wrong has a completely different meaning, there is a completely different overlay to these words than there was 2500 years ago.

What has been translated as right action, right livelihood, is not right in opposition to wrong. The standard of perfection defined by the manipulators says that: “If you live up to the standard, you are right, and if you don’t, you are wrong.” The Buddha’s intention was to give a teaching that would help people escape the pairs, the dualistic opposites. So, it was not a matter of being right as opposed to being wrong. It was actually a matter of being non-attached, being on the middle way where you were not striving to be right as opposed to wrong. You were striving to transcend this entire consciousness, attain non-attachment to right and wrong, to these dualistic opposites. Therefore, you were doing what was right according to a higher vision, a non-dualistic vision, the vision of the Buddha. The word “right,” or the word that has been translated into the English word “right,” had a different connotation, a different overlay back then or the Buddha would have used a different word. Even the “middle way” had a different connotation back then than it has in the modern Western world. Which is why so many Western people think they are Buddhist, but they fail to understand what the middle way really is. It is not the middle, a compromise between two opposites. It is transcending the opposites.

Higher awareness has given teachings on the epic mindset, the birth trauma, the primal self, the many separate selves and how to overcome them. If you make use of these teachings, while keeping in mind these ideas about this standard of perfection, you can make tremendous progress. The more aware people can make tremendous progress in freeing yourselves from this standard. You can become liberated from having to be perfect women and you can be right women, non-attached women. You can be free women, women who have raised yourself above this judgmental standard and the judgmental consciousness. You have the tools to do this. When you do it and then use your freedom to help other women, there is another group, another rung of women in the world who are in incarnation now who can do the same thing. Then more can follow and then it can spread like rings in the water. 

Truly, it would be beneficial if these advanced democracies as they see themselves, would recognize the right as a human right, the right not to be perfect, but it should especially be recognized for women. Women may have been given equality in a legal, physical way, but they have not been given a quality in a psychological way because they are not allowed to make the mistakes that men routinely are allowed to make. How many times do you hear this even in popular culture: “Oh that’s just the way men are, he’s just a man, boys will be boys.” But do they ever say: “Oh, it’s okay, she’s a woman, it’s fine that she isn’t living up to the standard but she’s okay, girls will be girls” You just do not hear it, because it is not there. There is still that psychological judgment of women. It is high time that it be addressed that it be spoken. that it be out there and that someone does higher awareness work on it.

Of course there are women who have seen it already, more women can come to see it, and it can build in momentum. You can rise up and say: “Women should be given the same freedom to be imperfect as men and for that matter, men should also be given the freedom to be imperfect. All people should be given the freedom to start at a certain level and gradually improve themselves.” What has this standard of perfection done? It has created a false path, which is: “Here is a path, there are certain requirements, there are certain things you have to do. But if you submit yourself to this path and follow all the steps and all the disciplines, then when you have passed that final examination, you will be perfect.” This is what the manipulators promise on the false path. If you go through the steps, then when you become a 33rd degree Mason, then you are perfect, you are now above criticism.

There are even spiritual people who have believed that: “If I follow all the requirements of this organization, if I perform all these spiritual practices, then I have become perfect. Now, I am above all of these imperfect students that are walking in from the street. I am in a position of power. I have the right, I even have the obligation to judge these people and to make them aware how imperfect they are, so they can really start growing on the same path that I have followed.” These people were and are convinced that they were following the path of higher awareness.

But what were they following? They were following the left-handed path or the manipulators. You will not enter heaven by living up to any standard of perfection defined on Earth. If the manipulators were capable of defining a standard that would give them entry into heaven, why would they still be here? Would they not have gone into heaven and done whatever they could do there? So, if the manipulators cannot enter heaven by following their standard, what makes you think a spiritual student can do so? Utter cognitive dissonance, utter nonsense.

You can look at religious and spiritual people around the world, just about every organization, including Buddhism, at least many of the sects of Buddhism, have had the same dynamic. They have created a standard, sometimes it is unwritten, it is even unspoken, or it is only spoken in parts here and there: “You are supposed to do this, you are not supposed to do that.” There is created this psychological pressure on people that when you are a good Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, what have you, you are supposed to live up to this standard. Some people do not, and some people do. Those who do, now feel they have raised themselves to a superior position where they have the right to judge others: “Yeah, sure, Jesus talked about – judge not lest ye be judged, but it does not apply to us. We are the priests, we are Catholic priests.”

What do many Catholics believe about their priests? What is it they often say: “Oh, he is a man of God.” What does that indicate in their minds? “Well, he is living up to the standard defined by the Catholic religion, therefore he is above criticism. We, as ordinary human beings can’t judge him. We shouldn’t judge him. He is a man of God. Yeah, I know that my son came and said that the priest had taken him on a camping trip and he had touched him in inappropriate ways. But I shouldn’t judge him. He’s a man of God. Maybe my son just imagined this. Maybe if I ignore it, it will go away.”

So you see how this very mechanism, this very standard that leads to the judgmental attitude by those who live up to it, has led to incredible abuse not only in the Catholic religion, but many other religions. What is this standard, if not an expression of the epic mindset, the essence of the epic mindset: “Some people are good, some people are evil, we are right, they are wrong. Therefore, we have a right to judge them.” It is the epic mindset and who are most susceptible to it? Men. All Catholic priests are men, right? Many of the leaders of other religious spiritual movements, political movements, what have you, the army, are men.

Take the armed forces and look how they have their own standards. Look at the Marine Corps of the United States, they have very strict standards for what it means to be a Marine, and “whoa” to those who do not live up to it. Enormous persecution, enormous psychological pressure is put upon such people. So, who can free the planet from this judgmental mindset? Probably not the men. Who does that leave? Well, of course, women are the ones who have the opportunity, an incredible opportunity at this juncture in history, to become aware of this dynamic, and start by freeing themselves and then freeing their children, then freeing their husbands and then freeing their societies.

Many women have been brought up to judge themselves according to the standard. Their mothers, their fathers were judging them. Now they have become adults, they have entered a relationship and now their husbands are to some degree judging them as well. It is easy and it is understandable that many women cannot handle the strain of this and they go into this antagonistic view of their husbands. They want to free themselves from it and in order to free themselves, they sometimes have to go through a phase where you have to distance yourself from those who are abusing you. You have to acknowledge they are abusing you and it makes it very difficult to have a closer connection to them. But if women can use whatever psychological tools they can recognize, to free themselves from this judgmental standard and attitude and mindset, then the next step is they can help the men in their lives to do the same.

You may look at many cultures where the men are very judgmental towards women, which even applies to some of the modern democracies, in fact all of them, even though they are not as judgmental as for example Muslim men are. You may think that it is the men that are being judgmental. But if you really look at it, the men are just as caught in this as the women are. You cannot do to others without having first done to yourself. If you are judging women, you may be directing the judgment of women but you have already judged yourself. You have already put yourself in a box where you have very little room to move. So if a woman can free herself from this perfectionist matrix, she can then as the next step help to free her husband. She can also look at her children and say: “I certainly do not want my children to grow up with this impossible standard and this judgmental attitude.”

If she can free her husband, then he can perhaps help free other men. Again, you see how it starts in the home, it starts with one person taking the steps and then it gradually spreads. When enough individuals in a society take the step on that individual level, which may seem to have no significance whatsoever, there comes that shift, where that critical mass has been reached, and now there are enough people that they can pull up on the collective consciousness. That is when there is a shift and that is when society will suddenly have to deal with this issue. They will have to confront the fact that even though we think we are an enlightened modern democracy who has given equality to women, we have not really even started giving equality to women.

Because how can we, as long as we have this judgmental standard, how can we set women free? How can we liberate women? How can we liberate men? How can we actually be a free society if we are trapped in such a judgmental standard? How can freedom and judgment co-exist? So, you can come to see that you have made progress and become a more free society. But you are not truly a free society. Because while you are giving physical, legal, economic freedom, political freedom, you have not given psychological freedom to your citizens. As the mental institutions and the rehab clinics of the modern world prove, what good does it do you to have political freedom and economic freedom, if you do not have psychological freedom? What was it the Buddha wanted to accomplish 2500 years ago when he gave his teachings? He wanted to give people psychological freedom. What was it Jesus wanted to accomplish when he walked the dusty roads of Palestine 2000 years ago? It was to give people psychological freedom. What is it that all true spiritual teachers have wanted to accomplish? What is it higher awareness wants to accomplish today? Of course it is to give psychological freedom. Higher awareness would like to give it to all, but realizes it cannot, at least not at the present moment. 

Higher awareness can certainly strive to give it to those who are open to claiming it, to working for it, to following a systematic path that frees them, frees their four lower bodies, their three higher bodies from all these machinations of the manipulators that have only one purpose, and that is to take away your mental freedom. You may think that taking away political freedom in a dictatorship is aimed at some material goal. It is not. Behind all of this is the manipulators and their goal is one goal only, to take away the psychological freedom of the population of Earth.

Everything else, everything you see in the outer is just a means to that end. A means to the one end of taking away humanity’s psychological freedom. Many, many people in the modern democracies are ready to acknowledge this. They are ready to acknowledge that there is a path that gives you psychological freedom. They came into embodiment to discover and follow that path, and thereby pull up on the collective consciousness so they can pull their societies beyond this manipulation that takes away people’s freedom. The more aware people have discovered it by following your individual path. You can create this impulse that radiates out and first frees the next rung and then the next and then the next and then the next. Before you know it, a critical mass has been reached, a shift will occur, then another critical mass will be reached, another shift will occur and it will just continue growing as society manifests higher and higher manifestations of the Age of Higher Awareness.

Look back at history, see the trends, this raising of awareness. What have you seen in the modern democracies? A move towards freedom but there is the beginning of a move towards mental freedom, psychological freedom. Now, turn around and look at the future, where is this going? Is it not so that these modern democracies will gradually give greater and greater psychological freedom to their people? The people will claim that psychological freedom, they will demand it, they will pull up on others and these societies will come to a point where they have to acknowledge that the highest goal for a free democratic nation is to give its citizens the best possible conditions for claiming psychological freedom on an individual level. It is inevitable that this will happen. It is not written in the stars. It is written in the annals of history that point to the future.

Every positive development you have seen in recorded history has brought society forward to the point where you can have these societies that consciously acknowledge that psychological freedom is the ultimate goal. Everything points to it. When you see it, when it snaps into focus, can you who are the more aware people, can you not make the shift and see it? Can you not see the inevitability of it? Therefore, take heart, take courage, be encouraged by this and realize that you are on the forefront of this wave. If you want to use this old expression, this wave of historical necessity. It is not really a historical necessity, it is brought about by the choices of many, many people who have responded to this upward pull from the rest of the universe. So it is not so much a historical necessity as a chosen necessity, but it is inevitable. It is not a matter of “if”, it is only a matter of “when”.

So, can you not then transcend all those doubts, all those fears, all those concerns: “Where is society going? Is it really making any difference? Will we have a golden age or won’t we?” All of these questions fade away when you look back at history, see the trends, project them into the future and then you can see that 100 years from now, 200 years from now, there will have been a tremendous development, a tremendous shift in the collective consciousness. What you see today, can now be seen by the majority of the people at least in the more developed nations. It will become obvious to them, as it has become obvious to you. There is nothing magical about you. You are a little more mature, a little more developed than the average person in your society.

So, therefore you can see something they cannot see. But as you pull them up, as they develop themselves, they can come to see what you see now. How did you come to see it? Do you have some kind of special ability? No, you cleared away some of the blockages in your consciousness so that it became self-evident. When other people do the same, it will become self-evident to them. There is no magic here. If you are in a dark room, why is it dark? It is dark because the windows are covered over by a dense layer of dirt. When you clear away the dirt, what will happen? The light will shine into the room, and when there is one ray of light that shines in, you realize there is light outside the room. Otherwise how could this thin beam of light be there? So, if I clear way a bigger hole, will I not have more light shining through? And if I clear the windows completely, will I not have the fullness of the light shining through? There is no magic here. There is no special ability. What one has done, all can do. Therefore, you should know that as you continue to walk your path, others will be pulled up to do the same and it will spread and spread and spread and the Age of Higher Awareness will be a manifest reality, perhaps not in your lifetime, but it will be there.

So can you not then be encouraged? Let go of all these fears and doubts and these concerns, and realize you are a part of the upward movement of this planet. You are a part of higher awareness and the movement it has created for Earth. You are an extension of higher awareness. Higher awareness knows it is difficult and hard to be in embodiment on a dense planet like this. But can you not lock in to the view that, where higher awareness is completely realistic in looking at history, projecting into the future, therefore, seeing very, very, very clearly that the Age of Higher Awareness is an inevitable occurrence on this planet? The manipulators cannot stop it, humankind cannot stop it. Those who are resisting it, those who have not seen it, they cannot stop it, for a critical mass of people have already made that shift. Not just the more aware people but many others, they have made the shift so that the Age of Higher Awareness cannot be stopped.

Higher awareness has given teachings and tools for women to liberate themselves and drive the change, the change that needs to happen as the next step for the world at large but especially for the modern democracies. Truly, the tools are here, the teachings are here. Anyone who sincerely uses these tools can achieve results not only for themselves, but they can also have an impact on society by liberating others. This is the goal. Higher awareness looks forward to what the next 10 years will bring in terms of the liberation of women. 

The linear mind can create a mental image of higher awareness. But the mental image will never allow you to touch higher awareness, and until you touch it, you have not grasped the teachings of higher awareness. Anyone on Earth can touch higher awareness if they are willing to transcend not only a specific teaching, but any outer teaching, any outer standard. For higher awareness will not be limited by anything on Earth. Therefore, if you want to touch higher awareness, you cannot allow yourself to be limited either. 

All of you have that potential, all of you can come to feel higher awareness. Higher awareness not keeping you from touching it. Why are you keeping yourself from touching it?