The Warrior Mentality

We will now consider another aspect of the hidden causes of war. This one may not be so hidden for those who have paid attention to world history and world events.

The mindset of gaining honor from war

For a very long time, going back into the mists of history, there has been a culture, a mindset, that has seen war as desirable, as something from which you could gain honor. You can see in many different parts of the world a warrior culture, the Samurai in Japan being but one example. Many other such cultures have existed and are still existing today. There are many people who have seen it as desirable for young men to go to war in order to prove their valor. Some have sought to gain self-worth by going to war and proving your ability to kill other human beings. 

How do you gain self-worth from killing other human beings, from being good at killing? You cannot do so when you see yourself as connected to those other human beings, can you? You can only see this as desirable when you are trapped in the consciousness of separation and duality. That is when you go into the “us-versus-them” mentality that has played such a dominant part of the mindset found on this planet for a very long time. 

“Us” versus “them.”Consider this mentality. This is the essence of duality. Not only do we have a division between “us” and “them,” but we also have the value judgment that “us” is better than “them,” that we are locked in a struggle against “them” and that we have to prove our superiority by physically defeating “them” in battle or in a war. 

Consider how this idea of gaining honor, self-worth or status in your society through war has played a part in the thinking of human beings in different cultures and in different time periods. Where did this warrior culture come from? It did not come from what we could call “human beings.” When we talk about human beings, we talk about those who have been created specifically for the earth. 

The beginning of the warrior culture

Each planet in the material universe has had a certain group of lifestreams that were the original inhabitants of that planet. They were meant to grow in self-awareness by co-creating their planet, taking it to the point where it could ascend with the rest of the universe when the universe was ready to ascend. Because of free will, there is always the possibility that the inhabitants of a given planet can take that planet into a downward spiral instead of the upward, ascending spiral intended. This is not necessarily wrong or a big sin because it can also become an experience. When people have had enough of going into the downward spiral, they can come back to creating an upward spiral with a different experience. They can do this with an inner knowing that duality truly does not work. 

It can be very difficult for a teacher to explain to lifestreams who have not experienced it, why duality does not work. Innocent lifestreams tend to look at going into duality as just another experience. In a sense, it is just another experience. Only, it is not just another experience because it so easily becomes a self-reinforcing spiral from which it is very difficult to extricate yourself. 

The point is that the original inhabitants of the earth did not invent the warrior culture. The warrior culture was invented by the manipulators. They came up with the idea of wanting to prove God wrong, and from this followed the desire to cause other lifestreams to misuse their free will. The simplest way to get people to misuse their free will was to deceive them with the duality consciousness and create the “us-versus-them” mentality. This led to the idea that there had to be a physical struggle to the death between “us” and “them.” 

The warrior culture and the great struggle

This is the essence of the warrior culture. A warrior spends his entire life – all of his attention, all of his time, all of his physical strength – developing the ability to kill other people in battle, using whatever weapons and methods are there at his time and in his society. The warrior is always adapting to the development of new weapons, always seeking to have the latest, the most lethal and the most effective when it comes to killing other people. The warrior sees this as part of some great struggle. Throughout history, many different philosophies have been used to justify this struggle, but the idea is always that it is justifiable for “us” to kill “them.”

There may even be ideas that make it seem desirable for “us” to kill “them.” This warrior culture, this war mentality, has sometimes been justified with the idea that there is some grand struggle between two opposing polarities, such as God and the devil. We are on God’s side; those other people over there are on the devil’s side. Therefore, it is justifiable and necessary for us kill them. But you have also seen the Omega polarity of this, which is that there is no reason to justify the struggle by some epic mindset. The warrior mentality says that just the fact that we can defeat the enemy gives us the right to do so. We are warriors. We go to war. We fight the enemy. We defeat the enemy. Thereby, we gain honor, self-esteem, self-respect. 

When you are connected to the reality that all life is one, when you see yourself as connected to a reality outside yourself, then you see yourself as a co-creative being. You know you are co-creating along with this greater reality. When you see yourself as a connected being, you gain honor, self-respect, by co-creating something. Do you see the essential difference? A connected being is directing all of its attention towards co-creating something new, something higher, something that benefits the All. A warrior is directing all of his attention towards destroying other human beings. Do you see that a connected being cannot come up with a warrior mentality? Only those who have gone into separation can do so. 

Getting people to accept the warrior mentality

The warrior mentality has its origin with the manipulators. Not all of the manipulators were in the warrior mentality. The manipulators in the identity octave are not trapped in the warrior mentality. They only use the warrior mentality to get human beings in embodiment to fight each other. They do not care about the warrior. They know there is no honor in killing other people. They just see it as a means to an end because, to the manipulators in the identity octave, there is no concern about what is real, what is unreal, what is true, what is false, what is right, what is wrong. There is only one concern: How can we get human beings in embodiment to fight and destroy each other? What will appeal to them? 

The manipulators discovered very early that the warrior mentality will appeal to those who have gone sufficiently far into the duality consciousness. Once you have created the warrior mentality, you can get people to direct their attention and their physical efforts towards being good at fighting. 

Just look at almost any culture in the world and see how this ability to fight, this proficiency in fighting, has been and still is an important part of the culture. Not so long ago it was considered normal in some parts of the world that a man carried a sword and that he was able to use it. The slightest insult could release a duel to the death where people were ready to kill each other over their perceived honor. On an even grander scale, male children were brought up from a very early age to be proficient in using weapons. They were playing war games. They were playing with warlike toys. How many of you, who are adult men today, started out playing with various forms of war toys when you were children? 

The closed circle of the warrior mentality

Today, they are not so common in the western world, but there are other parts of the world where they are very common. You may say that, not so long ago, there were many parts of the world where it was necessary to be able to fight in order to survive. You may say that there are parts of the world where this is still necessary, but do you not see that the warrior mentality becomes a closed circle? 

A warrior must, by definition, have an enemy or he has no justification for developing his proficiency to fight. Surely, you can go into a training room and get one of these punching bags, and you can pound on it with your boxing gloves for a time. The whole idea of putting on boxing gloves is that you go into a boxing ring, and there is an opponent who is trying to punch you in the nose, as you are trying to punch him. The warrior mentality without an opponent falls apart very quickly. 

Is it really necessary in the modern age to bring up young boys to be warriors, to fight, to look at war as something desirable and necessary? Many men in the Western world have not developed the ability to fight, and they have no intention of fighting others physically. They have still taken in an aspect of the warrior mentality because they think it is good that their nation has a large army, has trained soldiers, has superior military hardware. Just look at how many nations in the Western, so-called developed world that still have this large military where all of the people who are professionally involved with the military have the warrior mentality. Look at how many people in the population take pride in their countries having this military capability. Take the United States and how the warrior mentality sneaks its way through all aspects, all levels, of that society. From the so-called people on the street to the highest levels of government, you find the idea that the United States is the greatest country in the world. Therefore, it must have the greatest military so that it can fight for freedom and democracy and turn back any threat. 

Did the military or the threat come first?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg, the threat or the military? Do you not see that when you have millions of people in a nation who direct their attention towards being able to fight any opponent, then they feed their emotional, mental, and identity energies into this matrix? Do you not see that they create an energy impulse that they are sending into the cosmic mirror? What can the mirror do but reflect back at some point what is being sent out? Are you a warrior because there is an opponent or is there an opponent because you are in the warrior mentality and you are projecting out that you want an opponent? 

We have talked about cosmic cycles, the transition from Pisces to Aquarius. You can look back at the last hundred years and see the large military conflicts that have taking place. They have taken place only because humankind has not transcended the warrior mentality. If you will not voluntarily transcend the mentality based on the teachings given by the beings of higher awareness who are the primary teacher for your age, then you must outlive that mentality to more and more extreme degrees until you begin to see the futility of it. How far does a country like the United States have to go before it discovers that it no longer wants to be in the warrior mentality and, therefore, needs to start behaving as if it is not in the warrior mentality? 

Overcoming the addiction to the warrior mentality

There is an aspect of the warrior mentality that is very much tied to the emotional octave, and it becomes an addiction to war, to fighting, to the adrenaline rush, to the excitement, to the sense that you are in a situation where it is a matter of life and death. This can even give some people a certain sense of meaning. You can see soldiers who grew up being bored with their lives. Then, they go to war and now they have a sense of meaning and excitement because there is always a threat. When they come home from war, they no longer know what to do with themselves. They miss the adrenaline rush. They feel that life is empty and has no meaning and they start falling apart psychologically. 

Once could say that they were never really together psychologically before they went to war. How can you grow up in the most free society the world has seen for a long time, a society with so many opportunities and yet you are bored with life? How can you fail to find meaning in life when you have the freedom to do almost whatever you want? You can fail this because you are trapped in the duality consciousness, and there is no real meaning there. 

This is not because you are not a developed lifestream. There are millions of people in today’s world, especially in the Western world, who have reached a point where, at inner levels, they are ready to step away from duality, to step up to being connected beings. Because they have no outer teaching about this, they do not know how to make the transition consciously, and that is why their lives feel empty. They look at the world and what it has to offer materially, and they cannot find any meaning in seeking material gain or other material goals. 

The reason is that they are at the point of their evolution where they need to step up to serving the whole, to serving others. When they cannot do that, their lives are empty. They do not know what to do with themselves, and they deteriorate into various personal downward spirals. This can be drugs, alcohol, materialism, suicide, or the feeling that life is empty because there is no longer the outer situation where you are constantly forced to be alert for the enemy’s attack. 

There are people who are in physical battle and who are addicted to the adrenaline rush. There are also people who are not in a physical battle situation but who are still addicted to an aspect of the warrior mentality, namely, the feeling that they are the best warriors. These are people for whom war has become a form of contest, almost like a sporting game. When you add to this national pride, you have the idea that your country is better militarily than any other country, that your soldiers are better than any other soldiers. 

Look at how, not so long ago, in the British Empire, they thought one British soldier was better than ten or twenty foreigners. How realistic is it that one soldier, no matter how good, could fight off twenty other soldiers? Look at how the German army during Nazism felt that they were superior to any other army. Look at how the Russians, the French, and now the Americans have felt or are feeling the same way. 

National pride has nothing on

Where does this idea of national pride based on the ability to kill come from? Again, it comes from the manipulators. Where else could it come from? Do you not see that nationalism has been used by the manipulators to create this contest of war between nations? “Our nation is so superior to that other nation. We are superior to them. We are willing to invest billions of dollars (or whatever the currency may be) into military hardware and training so we can feel sure that we can beat that other army.” 

How could this be a source of national pride? Does anyone ever question this? Yes, a few people do question it but not enough people question it to have an impact. This needs to change. That is why the more aware people need to energetic work for this mentality to be punctured so that the illusion is shattered, much like the old fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson about the emperor’s new clothes. Everybody is seeing the clothes that do not exist until a young boy suddenly punctures the illusion by saying: “But the emperor has nothing on.” Someone needs to say: “But the emperors of war have nothing on. National pride has nothing on.” 

Shattering the warlike mentality

What is the Olympic Games, what has it deteriorated into? The original idea was to unite the nations and the peoples by bringing them together. This, of course, still works to some degree at the individual level. Look at how it has become a contest for national pride which nation wins the most medals. Is this not simply the war game in a non-lethal version? Is this really necessary? Do we really need to gather the whole world every four years in order to allow a few nations to prove their superiority once again? This is not saying there should not be Olympic Games, but the mentality could change. 

Consider what would happen if this warlike mentality was shattered. What if nations began to realize that your ability to fight a war does not prove the superiority of your nation? On the contrary, the more military hardware and capability you have, the more you prove your inferiority when it comes to all of the values that make modern, democratic civilization work. What if the mentality would shift so that those who are able to defeat someone in a physical battle are seen not as the superior nations but as the inferior ones? 

What if the mentality was to shift so that people begin to recognize that separation and duality is the cause of the world’s conflicts? What if people were to begin to realize that a new set of values need to be developed, based on the underlying reality of the oneness of all life? In that case, those who are able to fight an enemy would be seen as primitive, as backwards, as behind the times. Those who are able to work together, to negotiate, to come up with solutions that benefit all parties, would be seen as not necessarily the superior ones but certainly the ones who are more developed in terms of the values of oneness. The values of oneness—consider that idea. 

What is the outcome of the warrior mentality, the warring culture? Is it not what you see in many nations today where the military becomes an end in itself? Look at most of the large nations in the world. If you were to go into the parliament, of say Russia, Great Britain, France or the United States, and suggest that they disband their military, what would be the reaction? The first reaction would likely be: “Oh, but we could not possibly do so, as long as that other nation maintains a large military. If we did not have the ability to defend ourselves against that enemy, they would take over the world.” If both sides are saying this, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Was it our military that came first, or was it the military of the enemy? Do you not see that the military has become an end in itself? 

Perpetuating the military indefinitely

The military on both sides are simply using each other to justify their existence. There is a certain military mindset that does not actually want to go to war. Certainly, there is a mindset behind the military that wants to use the military, but there is a mindset in the military itself that does not want to go to war. It just wants to maintain the military indefinitely. It wants to keep nations locked in spending money on the military. It wants to keep millions of soldiers and other personnel locked in training and perpetuating the military capability. 

There is a certain fear in many military circles of actually going to war because then that might disprove the sense of superiority that they have developed based on their capability, a capability that has not been tested and proven in war. There is, of course, also a mentality that wants to go to war in order to prove their capability, but there is a deeper, unrecognized mentality that sees the military as an end in itself and simply wants to perpetuate the existence of the military indefinitely. 

When will a critical mass of people begin to question the need to maintain and perpetuate the military indefinitely? It has been said that there was a point during the height of the cold war where the West and the Communist Block had created so many nuclear missiles that they could destroy the world and kill all people several times over. The term “overkill” has been used. When does there come a point where one has enough military hardware? According to the mentality we are talking about, that point never arrives. Do you understand why that is so? Do you really understand why that is so?  

Imbalanced creation through duality

The very mechanics of the duality consciousness is that there is always an opponent. How do you create a situation where there are two opposing polarities? Everything in the entire universe is created out of the two forces: the expanding and the contracting. When these two forces are in balance, they are not opposite polarities. They do not oppose each other. They work together. They supplement each other, and then you have a sustainable creation. When you go into duality, you are still using the two basic forces of creation. There is nothing else, but now you are using them as opposites. This means you create an imbalance. Duality is based on a fundamental imbalance that can never be stopped, that can never be balanced. You can only transcend duality and start co-creating again, but you cannot ever, as long as you are in duality, create a state of balance. 

What that means in terms of military hardware is that you can develop some kind of weapon, but there will always be a counter measure. You may develop a tank with thicker armor than any tank has had before, but someone will develop a cannon, a rocket or another weapon that can penetrate that armor. What do you, then, have to do? You have to develop a thicker or stronger armor, and then someone else has to develop a stronger cannon or missile. Do you see that there will never come a point in duality where you have developed the ultimate condition? Whether it is weapons or anything else, there can never be an ultimate condition because there will always be an imbalance. This means that for anything you develop, there is an opponent that can destroy it. 

The fallacy of the ultimate weapon

Do you understand the dynamics here? When you are connected, when you are using the expanding and contracting forces in balance, they supplement each other. There is no opposition there. They are complementing each other, and you are creating more by combining the two forces. When you go into duality, you make the two forces into opponents, but no force can ever be the ultimate force. No force can ever be decisive. No force can ever be absolute. 

Even when you are in balance, no force is absolute. You may say the masculine force, the outgoing force, is the force of the Father, therefore, it should be stronger, but it is not. When you are connected, it does not matter that one force is not the strongest because you are not seeking something ultimate. You are seeking to always transcend the previous state, and it is precisely because no force is ultimate that there will always be the possibility of transcendence. To higher awareness, this is the essence of growth. To the dualistic mind, this is the ultimate threat. 

The manipulators have from the day they rebelled against God’s plan been trying to create some ultimate state in the material world that God cannot override or break down. They believe – in their illusion, in their pride – that one day they will be able to come up with something so ultimate that it cannot be broken down by the beings of higher awareness. They do not acknowledge that the beings of higher awareness do not need to break down the creation of the manipulators. As soon as you go into duality, you are creating the opposition that will break down what you have created. It is not the beings of higher awareness that need to break down the creation of the manipulators. They are doing it themselves. 

The question is: How much destruction and how much suffering is caused in that process? The question is whether all this suffering actually is necessary for people to grow, or whether there comes a point where they can just look at the suffering and say: “No more! We do not want this anymore. We have had enough of the suffering. We have had enough of having our lives destroyed by the misguided quest of the manipulators. We have had enough of this arms race that has been so prominent in the world in the last hundred years and even beyond.” 

Someone can always build a bigger bomb. Whatever you do to increase your military capability, there is a counter measure. There always has been. There always will be. Yes, you can look at modern technology. You can look back at the cannons and sabers they had a few hundred years ago. You can see how much more sophisticated are the weapons you have created today. You can believe in the illusion that, because you are so much further along technologically today, you will be able to create the ultimate weapon. 

Sophistication does not depend on war

Surely, you can continue trying to do what no other civilization has done before. You can try to boldly go where no man has gone before. Wherever you go, some man has gone there before and proven that it did not work. There is nothing new under the sun. There is nothing new in the duality consciousness. It has all been done before. 

How meaningless that peoples’ lives are swallowed up in this impossible quest for the ultimate weapon, the ultimate military capability. How meaningless that the finances of nations are swallowed up in this. Imagine the sums of monies being spent on the military, and then, look at what would happen if they were used for other purposes. 

There are children that starve to death every day. There are millions, if not billions, of people who do not have clean drinking water. There are millions of people, by some estimates two-thirds of the world’s population, who live beneath the poverty level. Yet, the nations that consider themselves the most sophisticated in the world continue to spend huge amounts of money on developing their ability to kill other human beings. 

Is this civilized? Is this sophisticated? If you think this is not a sign of sophistication, then you could do the energetic work that will allow the beings of higher awareness to step in and remove the beings in the four levels of the material realm who will not let go of the warrior mentality and the other thought forms and ideas mentioned in this discourse. This is a mentality that has been hanging as a cloud for a very long time over this planet. It has been hanging here since the very first manipulators embodied on earth. It is time and high time that it was punctured by some people going out and saying: “But the warlords have nothing on.” 

Have you had enough of war

When the more aware people do the work, one day, not too long into the future, more and more people will begin to wake up and suddenly see what they have never seen before, suddenly dare to question what they have never questioned before. They will look around and say: “But how can we continue to do this? We no longer want to do this. This is not right. This is not who we are. We want to transcend this entire mentality. We want to look at those warriors and say: ‘You have no more place on this planet. Your warrior mentality has no more place on this planet. You must either abandon it or find some other planet for we will no longer allow this one to be destroyed or to live in constant fear because of your war games. Enough of the war games. Enough of the war. Enough of the warriors.’”