The freedom of nations from the former Soviet block

Higher awareness does not want to recreate the Soviet Union, but wants the people in all nations involved with that experience to be free to determine their own destiny in their own nation. When the Iron Curtain was drawn, it was not just that some human beings sat down and drew lines on the map. There was actually a fairly exact correspondence between the “physical” curtain, so to speak, and the state of consciousness of the people. The people who were part of the Soviet Block were drawn into that experience because they were not willing, sufficiently, to make their own decisions.

They were not ready to be self-determining to a sufficient degree that they could be West of that boundary. You still need to step up and be willing to determine your own destiny, to make your own decisions. This is necessary for all countries who are concerned about the latest developments in Russia. You need to step up and you, who are the more aware people, need to step up as well and make your own decisions in your personal lives and about your personal path.

The responsibility of the more aware people

It is extremely important that the more aware people show the way. If the general population in a country does not have leaders to follow, how shall they move higher? You may say: “But nobody knows us, we are not in leadership positions.” You are not in leadership positions in a worldly sense, but you are in a higher sense.

This is not said to give your ego’s an excuse to over-inflate their importance. Most who are willing to hear this will be able to tell the difference between the ego and the higher self. You need to recognize that in order to make your own decisions, you need to be willing to first of all decide that you are worthy to make your own decisions. You are worthy to know from within and even if you make a so-called wrong decision, you are willing to learn from it and therefore it was not a wrong decision. Higher awareness does not think in “right and wrong,” but only in terms of what helps you rise to a new level of consciousness. There is nothing else that really matters. What matters is what helps you grow, what helps you see your former limitations and let go of these limitations.

So many people have asked: “But when I make the calls, when I say a prayer, when I do decrees, why don’t I see an immediate manifestation of what I am calling for?” It is in most cases because higher awareness is not “Santa Claus.” It is not here to give you anything you ask for. If what you ask for blocks your growth, then higher awareness cannot give it to you. The Law of Free Will does not mean that you get whatever you want with the lower human will. It means that you get what you have decided with your higher will that you want for this lifetime.

If you are now in a situation where you are frustrated because of some condition on earth and you are asking for a specific outcome, but that outcome does not help your growth and your Life plan, then of course higher awareness will not deliver it. It will, however, in many cases deliver what will help your Life plan. Higher awareness can only do so when you make your own decisions and do not see higher awareness as being there to clean up your mistakes or to prevent you from making mistakes. Higher awareness doesw not clean up after yourself because doing this is part of the experience that helps you grow. Higher awareness does not prevent you from making mistakes because if doing this (what you call a mistake but is an experiment) helps you grow, then it is part of your life experience. It is all an experience.

It is only the experience that matters, and therefore higher awareness wants the people, who were part of the Soviet Union, to have the freedom to create their own experience. As long as they take that freedom and are willing to make their own choices (are willing to experiment, are willing to learn from their mistakes), then they will be protected from any aggression whether from Russia or elsewhere.