The attempt to recreate a Russian empire (2014)

NOTE: This is a continuation of the following article: Why totalitarian societies eventually fail

The current leadership of Russia, including Vladimir Putin, has a distorted view of what caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. This distorted view causes them to hold on to the belief that Russia is threatened by an external enemy and, therefore, must allow the arising of an internal power that controls the people. Too many among the Russian population also hold on to this view, and this is what makes it possible. Therefore, Vladimir Putin and the people behind him, at least some of them, are seeking to re-create an empire that will have the respect that they think the Soviet Union had. 

These people actually believe that the Soviet Union was a viable empire that could have survived if it wasn’t for the interference of an external enemy. They also believe that the Soviet Union and the military might of the Soviet Union gave the Russian people respect from the rest of the world. They believe that respect comes from fear. They believe that the way to get other people to respect you is to make them fear you. This is because the Russian people still have a tendency to respect only the kind of leaders that they fear. 

There are cosmic forces that no empire on earth can stand up against. No matter how powerful, it cannot stand up against the karmic return of its own deeds. No empire can do this for the simple reason that the more powerful the empire becomes on earth, the more powerful of a force-based impulse it sends into the cosmic mirror. The cosmic mirror not only reflects back what you are sending out, it reflects it back multiplied. The more powerful of an empire you create on earth, the more powerful of a karmic return you create for yourself. The more power you have, the more you hasten your own destruction. The only thing that can prevent this is that higher awareness deliberately holds back your karmic return for a time, but this will happen only for a time. 

What are Vladimir Putin and the leadership behind him seeking to do today? They are seeking to create a Russian Empire that has power and enjoys respect from the rest of the world because the world fears not just the military might but also the unpredictability of Russia. Yet, does Vladimir Putin have an ideology? He does not. He is not seeking to recreate a Communist Empire, for even he does not fully believe in Communism. 

No delay of Russia’s returning karma

There was a time where it was allowed karmically that ideological empires could arise. This time is now over. What is Putin seeking to do? He is actually reverting back to the earlier cycle of the creation of empires through raw force alone, but this cycle ended a very long time ago, meaning there is no setting aside of the karmic return for your force-based impulses. 

The karma for aggressive actions taken by Russia will not be set aside, whether it be in Ukraine or elsewhere. There is no grace period. There is a certain delay in that it takes a certain time for your force-based impulse to cycle through the four levels of the material universe, but there is no setting aside of this karmic return. 

What Russia did in Crimea generated a force-based impulse. What they had already done earlier in supporting the Yanukovych government in Ukraine generated a force-based impulse. What they are doing in creating unrest in the Eastern provinces of Ukraine is generating a force-based impulse. Anything they do from now on that is an aggressive act will generate a force-based impulse, and in a relatively short amount of time, it will come back multiplied by the Cosmic Mirror, and it will hit Russia and the Russian leadership with full force. 

Unfortunately, this means that it will also hit the Russian population who, through their unwillingness to know, are allowing this to happen. They have silently sat by and allowed the erosion of a free press in Russia. They have silently sat by and allowed the rise of corruption to a level that is even beyond what it was in the Soviet Union. All of this has happened under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, even in the years where he was not the president but was the president behind the scenes.

You will, therefore – within a few years – see dramatic changes in Russia. The more aware people can hold the vision that these changes will be as peaceful as possible. Hold the vision that Russia will avoid being involved in a military confrontation that can only be disastrous for Russia. Hold the vision that Russia can make the transition away from its current downward spiral without major internal unrest and uprisings. This is possible, but it will require a shift in the collective consciousness, and this shift must be, as always, spearheaded by the most aware people. 

The Russian people have a potential for creativity and respect

The higher potential for the future of Russia and the Russian people is a creative potential; not a potential based on force. The Russian nation can potentially rise and unfold its full creative potential and where the Russian people will gain the respect that they so deeply desire—not through force, not by making other people fear you, but by making them admire you for your creativity, your culture, and your humanity. 

The Soviet Union was an inhuman empire. The Russian people have endured much inhumanity, but those who endure much inhumanity have a potential to make a shift and rise in their own humanity. This is the real potential of all people who have been suppressed and persecuted. It is (in parenthesis) the higher potential of the Jewish people, which has not yet come to fruition due to the fear-based elite ruling the state of Israel. Again, you have a fear-based elite ruling Russia, and it is holding back the unfoldment of the humanity of the Russian people. 

If you will look realistically, you will see that Russia desires to be respected by the West, but it does not understand that the West is based on a respect for the individual rights of all human beings. It is not based on a respect of the force of an elite but the rights of all. If you come out as a force-based elitist society and think that you can make the West respect you through force, by forcing them to fear you, then you are simply mistaken. 

The West will respect you when you respect the principles of individual rights and freedom upon which they have based their societies, now in some cases, for centuries. This they will respect, and they will respect you for who you are because the entire Western mindset is based on respect for the individual human being as having inherent value. The West is based on a belief in the goodness and the creativity of the individual human being. When you, the Russian people, begin to express freely that goodness and that creativity, then you will instantly have the respect that you desire. Seeking to force people to respect you through fear will never work. It will only cause you to lose respect and, thereby, also lose self-respect when your force-based adventures collapse in upon themselves, as they inevitably will. 

The potential changes Russia will face

You may see in coming years the current Russian government be seemingly successful in taking over territory and establishing itself as a power that no one can ignore. But in the slightly longer term, you will see this collapse in upon itself and have severe consequences for Russia’s standing in the world, for the Russian economy, and for the average Russian citizen. Things will not improve until Russia begins to espouse freedom and equality for all, thereby doing away with the power elite, with the control of the press, and with the corruption at all levels of Russian society. 

This will require a major change, but higher awareness holds the immaculate vision that this change is possible. It is possible. You who are the spiritual people both inside and outside of Russia can hold the vision and to make the calls that this change will not only be in the identity and the mental level, but will also be brought into the emotional and the physical realms. 

There is a need to make calls for the purification of the emotional body of Russia and former Soviet Republics from all of these remnants, all of these beasts and spirits, generated during the Cold War. There is a need for the calls for the arresting and the consuming of the spirals of fear that have right now been brought up to the surface, not only in Russia but also in many of the former Soviet Republics.

The collective consciousness of Russia

Consider a mystery, or at least what seems like a mystery for the people from the West who do not understand the Russian mindset. You have people who have lived outside of Russia in other nations for generations. Many of them are born in those nations. Why then do they still identify themselves as Russians and not as Ukrainians or Poles or Lithuanians? This is a mystery to ponder, but the cause from a higher level is that these people have not freed themselves from the collective consciousness created in Russia.

This is because the collective spiral, the collective consciousness, created in Russia was spread beyond the borders of Russia during Soviet times.

Those of you who are concerned about the situation in Russia, in Ukraine and potentially in other former Soviet nations, would do well to focus your spiritual work on consuming these spirals. Especially those who are the spiritual people of a Russian descent might consider here that these spirals of identification as Russians are not the highest potential of the Russian people. They are an artificial construct, again created during Soviet times where the Russian people were used to put the whole world in an artificial conflict.

The Russian people – some among them – are so attached to being a powerful nation and having the respect of the world that they actually want these spirals to continue. They do, as Putin himself to some degree does, want to go back to the Soviet era where Russia was feared by other nations. They think fear leads to respect and that there is no way to get respect without being feared.

This, of course, is what people who have grown up in the West, in free democratic nations, cannot understand. They cannot understand why anyone would think that by making they fear them, they earn their respect. They know, of course that that is the surest way to lose their respect. Certainly, other people can make you fear them but this will not lead to you respecting them, will it?