Brief thoughts about the Human Potential

The unrecognized potential of consciousness

When you start looking at what does it take for people to feel good about themselves, then you end up investigating the role of consciousness and the potential of consciousness. When people start honestly looking at the potential of consciousness, you will sooner or later end up with the realization that this potential is far greater than anyone has seen before. You will come to the conclusion that it is possible to raise a person’s consciousness to a distinctly higher level than what most people have today. You will even scientifically discover that there is a systematic process whereby people can raise their consciousness to higher and higher levels.

What really makes you feel good in the long run is that you work on actualizing yourself and manifesting a higher state of consciousness. However, in the short run what makes you feel good is a very simple thing: that you are not manipulated by any force outside yourself. There are, of course, inside forces, namely your own ego. The first level of realization is that society begins to realize that for people to feel good about themselves (which is more than an emotional feeling, but also a mental and identity level feeling of feeling at peace with who you are and your life), this will require that people are not exploited by any external force. This can open up for the recognition that if we are to explain the more severe forms of mental illness, we need to recognize that there are certain energies or beings that are not material but that can still influence the human psyche. 

In the beginning, it will be difficult for scientists to put words on this, but they can gradually develop a universal language where they can explain that there are certain forces that are not in the material realm, but they can influence human psychology and manipulate people in various ways. This will first be discovered by looking at mental illness, and the more severe cases of mental illness that are all caused by the person being open to these forces. Once society begins to recognize this, it begins to recognize that if we are to overcome mental illness, and actually overcome the epidemic of mental illness, then we need to start looking at this and finding ways to help people overcome this and protect themselves from it. This may seem like a far-flung development but it is actually quite realistic, quite within the range of what can happen in a matter of a few decades. Of course, many people around the world have already started recognizing this, many psychologists, many healthcare professionals. They need to be emboldened to step forward and say that we need a new approach to mental illness because our present approach is not helping people. 

What is the goal? Find out what works. Find out what helps people. Find out what makes them feel better about themselves and their lives. This is the ultimate responsibility of a democratic society and a democratic form of government. It is the ultimate responsibility of the people in democratic nations to hold their governments accountable because who else will do it? You cannot expect that the government itself would hold itself accountable. This is the job of the people whether you have representative democracy or direct democracy.