Brief thoughts  about the Economy

Unfathomable economic growth

If you look at a country like the United States today, this country prides itself and loves to promote itself as the richest nation in the world. How is it the richest nation when 2% of the people control 90% of the wealth? The United States is the richest exclusive, elitist club in the world but it is not the richest nation because it cannot even afford to give basic health care to all of its citizens, which most nations in Europe can afford. If higher awareness would spread in the United States, leaders would see that it is their responsibility as a democratic government to prevent that 90% of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of 2% of the people. And then, there would be such a freeing up of resources that the economy in a matter of a couple of decades could grow. 

The national economy could grow to ten times its current size and if that money was spent to benefit all of the people, then you could say that the United States is the richest nation in the world. The United States has to be very careful that it is not overtaken by some of the other nations that also have a large population. If a nation with as large a population as India could implement some of these ideas, then simply because they have so many more people and they currently have such a low standard of living materially and would like to come up to a higher standard, then the Indian economy could quickly become larger than the economy of the United States—unless the United States really allows tremendous new growth to happen.

Those countries who are willing to implement these principles will be the ones who prosper the most. The question is: “Will it be the countries who today are affluent but are often controlled by a small power elite or will it be the countries who are not so affluent and who have perhaps a greater willingness to increase the economy in order to allow their people to reach a higher standard of living?” China, of course, could also become a very, very rich country if they could throw away the last remnants of the communist mindset and certain other aspects of the national psyche of always wanting to isolate itself, standing apart from the rest of the world in order to feel superior. 

The potential for economic growth in the Age of Higher Awareness is simply unfathomable to most people. If you go back to the 1800’s and if you had taken people back then, for example people who knew something about the economy, and if you had transported them into the modern age and shown them how the economy has grown in 150 years, they would scarcely believe their eyes. They would scarcely believe that such an incredible increase in wealth was possible. When some of these ideas begin to break through and are implemented, then the economy can grow much faster than it has done in the last 50 or 100 years. There can be a growth in the economy that even the most advanced economist today would scarcely be able or willing to accept because they would think, as they are programmed to think, that this would simply lead to such inflation that the economies would overheat and collapse. But the inflationary cycle is a product of the power elite and the debt-based economy.

When you transcend this, you can create an economy that can grow much faster without producing inflation. When you have a better money system, there will be no inflationary factor built into the money system. Therefore, there is no limit to how the economy can grow without creating an inflationary spiral. A free economy cannot overheat because in a free economy you do not create money artificially. You create money only to pay for goods and services. If the money is backed by something that has real value, how can there be inflation, how can the economy overheat?

Economic equality without socialism

If you compare the society you have in the United States today to the feudal societies of Europe 500 years ago, you will see that the amount of wealth that was present and available in those medieval societies was much, much smaller than the amount of wealth that is available in today’s society. Unfortunately, you see that the unequal distribution of wealth has not improved all that much from medieval times to today. When you begin to question the concept of ownership, you have some considerations that apply to society as a whole. Is it possible to have a different sense of ownership, a more collective sense of ownership, meaning there is a limit to how much wealth or property can be owned and controlled by one single person, or by one single entity, such as a business or an organization?

It is precisely the sense of separation and the desire to gather possessions for the little self that prevents the Age of Higher Awareness from manifesting, for it stops the flow of the River of Life. When you overcome that sense of personal, separate-self ownership, then the floodgates will be opened and abundance will be streaming forth. It will not stream forth for the good of one individual but for the good of the all so that the entire society, eventually the entire planet, can be raised up. 

It is necessary to work on two fronts. The most important is, of course, the raising of consciousness, which will set the stage for a reevaluation of ownership. It is also necessary to work on a political level. It is indeed appropriate that a society that is beginning to move into the Age of Higher Awareness – but has not yet fully made the transition – will set up certain limitations for how much wealth or property can be controlled by one individual or by one corporation.

This is not the same as socialism or communism that replaces individual ownership with state ownership. There is a middle way where there is a limit to how much can be concentrated in the hands of the elite – thereby taken out of circulation – and thereby taking the entire society to a lower level, which actually even limits the elite. The members of the elite do not care because they are not really concerned about the amount of wealth they have. They are concerned about the difference between the amount of wealth they have and the amount of wealth that the average person has. They want to be better than others, and they are perfectly willing to keep the entire society at a lower level. 

There is a power elite on this planet who, if they could, would have been perfectly content to keep the total amount of wealth available in the Western world at the level that you saw in the feudal societies. They do not care about expanding the total amount of wealth as much as they care about staying ahead of the population. There is, of course, a few members of the power elite who are trapped in another spiral where they are not even concerned about having more than the people. They are only concerned about having more and more and more, for they have been trapped in a never-ending cycle that can never be filled.

Limiting the power of corporate entities

One of the consequences of these thoughts is that it is necessary for a society like the United States, Europe and other nations that are catching up economically, to consider that at some point it becomes necessary to limit the size of corporations. They cannot become so large that they lose touch with the human element. The corporation cannot become an entity that is ready to suppress and control the entire world if it could.

Instead of allowing corporations to enter into this never-ending quest for power and control, a corporation should be a tool for the greater good of raising the abundance for all. When it comes right down to it, which corporation can exist in a vacuum? A corporation must in many cases use raw materials in order to produce goods that can be sold. It must have workers who can produce those goods. Surely, the shareholders are not going to stand on the factory floor and earn a living by the sweat of their brow, are they? It is not a problem that a group of shareholders own a corporation if they are willing to do the work. If they need other people to do the work, then can you really say that the shareholders can have and claim full ownership of the corporation? If that corporation uses raw materials found in the environment, who owns these United States? Is it General Motors? Or General Electric? Or Halliburton? Or is it the American people? Is this nation not one nation under God that is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people?

The people have a right to stand up and say: “Stop! We question the right of the elite to own and control 90 percent of the wealth of this nation. They have gathered that wealth by using the resources that belong to all of us and by taking advantage of the labor of all of us. Thus, we have ownership and we have a say so that the wealth of these corporations will not be used to increase the wealth of an elite that already has far more than any human being could possibly spend. Instead, we have a right to demand that the wealth of those corporations is spread among all people in society—including the workers of those corporations.”

In the Age of Higher Awareness, we will not see these huge monolithic corporations that transcend national borders. We will see many smaller businesses that have a form of ownership where the employees have part ownership or even full ownership of the business itself. This is creating an entirely different dynamic where people do not simply come to work at a certain time and sit there mindlessly doing mind-numbing, mechanical work without feeling any sense of responsibility or even ownership – in a positive way – of what they are doing. Instead, they are invested in the business and they realize that what they do has an impact on the whole and ultimately benefits themselves. There is an entirely new business model and there are already people in embodiment who are aware of this and who have started to bring forth these business models. The more aware people can hold the vision for this transcendence of the concept of ownership into a new and higher awareness.

Dealing with the elite that will not pay taxes

Changes need to happen in the economy, not only with the money system. There is not one particular solution to this. There is a tendency to think that when you become aware of a problem, it is necessary, first of all, to define the problem very clearly, in a very succinct way, in a very black-and-white way: “This is right, this is wrong about the problem.” Then, you need to define a cause of the problem, a scapegoat, and then you have a simple solution. You do something with the scapegoat and you have solved the problem. 

This form of thinking (this epic mindset, this black-and-white thinking) is the creation of the manipulators. In reality, life is far more complex. The economy is an extremely complex topic. It need not be complex, but it is still a topic that cannot be defined in very succinct black-and-white terms. There is not a single solution that can be pointed out that will suddenly solve all of your problems.

The Age of Higher Awareness is not a fixed creation. There is not a fixed matrix, and when the earth has reached the matrix, then the Age of Higher Awareness will remain the same for a thousand years. The Age of Higher Awareness is a continually unfolding process and the economy will also be continually unfolding. 

The elite that pays no taxes

There is no point in considering how the economy will be two or five hundred years from now because we cannot bridge the gap from here to there. We are meant to start where we are now and then gradually transform the economy through a series of steps and stages. The real concern is on the next step that humankind can take. One such step is the publication of the Panama Papers.

What all people in all nations have the opportunity to become aware of here is that in every nation there is a group of people who have managed to attain great fortunes, greater fortunes than the majority of the population. Despite the fact that they have more wealth than they can possibly use for personal consumption, they are not willing to pay taxes. They are not willing to pay to the whole. 

What does that say to the people? It says that there is a power elite, which is taking advantage of the freedom that their society has given them, but they are not willing to give anything back. This can be built upon to make people realize that there is a power elite for whom the economy (the financial world, the stock market, the commodities markets, the currency markets) is just a tool to enrich themselves by stealing the value of people’s labor, by stealing the value of what the population has brought forth by doing the actual physical work.

Extracting money from people’s labor

What is it that brings greater wealth to a nation? It is that there are people who are doing something. They are producing goods, they are providing a service but they are doing actual physical work. It is this work that produces value, but what the manipulators have done is that they have created a situation where the value produced by actual labor is immediately measured by and transferred into money. Therefore, when a person performs physical labor, that labor is measured as a certain sum of money and this allows those who are in control of the system to extract some of the money for themselves before it is given back to the people. 

How is money given back to the people? First of all through your salary, through your pensions but also through paying taxes to society so that it goes to the benefit of the all and to upholding the infrastructure and the institutions of society that benefit all people. What the power elite has done is to create a situation where not all of the value of people’s labor goes back to the people or to society but they can extract a percentage. They have actually created a situation where they are extracting a greater and greater percentage by manipulating every aspect of the economy, not only the money system but also the entire banking system, the currency markets, the stock markets.

The gambling economy

The stock markets and other markets have created a gambling economy where you are gambling that things will go up or down but you don’t know if they will go up or down. What needs to be seen is that there is a power elite that has taken this gambling economy beyond the gambling stage. They are not gambling; they are driving the market. 

If you go to Las Vegas and play the slot machines, you might get lucky and win a lot of money. If you step back from your own situation and look at all of the people who go to Las Vegas and play the slot machines (or other forms of gambling), you can see very clearly that how would these great hotels be built unless people leave more money in Las Vegas than they take out of Las Vegas? You know they say: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” and that applies to your money too. You can see that the gambling system could not exist unless those who are in control of the system take more money out than is being sent back to those who play. The same goes for the stock market, the currency markets and all other aspects of the economy. The same goes for the banking sector. 

Are banks needed?

Do we need banks in the modern age? Would it not be possible to say that when we were dependent on physical money, it was reasonable that we had an institution that created a safe storage place where we could store our money so it could not easily be stolen? Would it not be possible for some institution, whether government or private, to provide this Internet security so that you had an account that was not associated with a bank? Would it not be possible to create a non-profit organization that could store your money electronically and give you much the same services as banks do today, but without allowing the banks the possibilities of manipulating or taking your money by doing what they have been doing: increasing the fees, by making the interest off the money that they lend. Is there not a different way in the electronic age so that banks could either be completely transformed or that new institutions could be created for managing money?

Why is the entire dealing with money done through the banks that are making a profit off of doing this? The greatest problem in the economy is that you are allowing some people to make money off of money but it is not just money. It is also stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities. 

Why are you allowing people to speculate when it can be proven that this lowers the economy for the whole? It gives advantages to the few who know how to manipulate the system, but the cost is that it takes money out of the economy that benefits the general population and the nation. You are allowing the few to take money from the many. Why are you allowing this? Why should this be allowed? Certainly, it will not be allowed in the Age of Higher Awareness.

The immediate step towards an improvement of the economy is to raise the question of why nations (modern developed nations that are based on democratic principles of the greatest good for the greatest number of people) are continuing to allow a small elite to steal money from the population? Why? This makes no sense and it should be possible to have an awakening where people like a wildfire would wake up and say: “This must stop. It is time to stop this madness.”