Brief thoughts about Relationships

Male and female relationships in the Age of Higher Awareness

What really is the suppression of women? It is not actually to suppress women. The manipulators, the elite, are not specifically targeting women and seeking to suppress women; their greater goal is to divide human beings. On the outer, they seek to divide men and women so that they cannot form the correct polarity of the figure-eight flow between, for example, husband and wife. On a greater scale they wish to divide all human beings within themselves.

As a man you cannot be a unified being if you follow the model espoused by the monotheistic religions where you deny the feminine aspect of your own being. You cannot be fully a man if you put down women instead of recognizing your potential to become one with a woman in a relationship. Of course, you cannot be whole as a woman if you either deny the masculine aspect of your own nature or if you – as some feminine leaders do – deny the feminine and instead magnify the masculine. In this way, you actually seek to end the suppression of women by forcefully taking power away from the men in society. Such women cannot find wholeness in themselves and therefore cannot enter into a relationship and therefore cannot find balance.

This is not saying that a man cannot find balance without being in a relationship with a woman or that a woman cannot find balance without being in a relationship with a man. Many people with higher awareness have proven throughout the ages that this is possible through attainment, but it is not possible, not desirable, for the majority of the population. They need a male-female relationship in order to find balance within themselves. Indeed, in the Age of Higher Awareness it will be seen as the primary purpose for a relationship to help each other grow, overcome psychological wounds and limitations, and find the balance where you magnify and support each other, not as perfect beings but you support each other’s growth. There is no such thing as a perfect human being and there is no such thing as a human being who cannot grow and transcend itself as long as it is in embodiment. Of course, beings of higher awareness are also constantly transcending themselves.

Even beings of higher awareness need that masculine-feminine balance in order to fulfill their missions in the best possible way. Such beings are, of course, not bound by these human concerns of ownership. They do not have the sense that you have on earth where you think you own your spouse. This is not saying that in a relationship on earth you should freely shift partners and go from partner to partner. This is not practical for life on earth. Yet the ownership issue has been transcended by those who attain higher awareness.

Certainly, you can also have situations on earth where, for example in a work relationship, a man can have a relationship that is professional with women and vice versa and it does not interfere with the people’s personal relationships. In order for the Age of Higher Awareness to truly begin to manifest, it is necessary that as many people as possible understand the perversion of the masculine and feminine. They understand that it is a perversion of the masculine element if you seek an ultimate and absolute truth that can be expressed in words. The ultimate and absolute truth is the higher awareness that bloweth where it listeth and therefore never takes on a final or ultimate form.

War and the Interactions Between Men and Women

Consider the topic of the interaction between men and women. There is scarcely a topic that is more important on planet earth. You may look at world events and think that wars and the economy and other things are more important topics to talk about. Yet war starts in the relationship between men and women.

You will say, of course that most wars have been started by men, and you are right, in the outer. Yet physical events are not caused by causes at the physical level but at the level of the three higher bodies, the identity, mental and emotional. Before a war becomes physical, there has to be a conflict in the three higher bodies. This goes all the way from the emotional and mental to the identity body where both men and women have been programmed over thousands of years to have a distorted view of their own identity. This distorted view of the identity is precisely what comes through as the current conflict between the two sexes.

You have seen this at a very subtle level for a very, very long time. This is an engineered conflict because on a natural planet there is no conflict between men and women. On planet earth this conflict has been engineered by forces who want to create such a basic conflict that hardly anyone can raise themselves above it.

This is a topic that will need much debate in the more developed countries for the decades to come. There is no quick-fix to this problem. A problem that goes so deep must be resolved over time. Of course, you can do much already and much has already been done since the 1960s and even before, going back to when the women’s movement started to demand that women be allowed the right to vote.

Many women have done tremendous work to shift the perception of society. But many men have also done important work. The shift that needs to happen cannot be accomplished by women alone, nor of course, by men alone. It must be accomplished by those who have stopped identifying themselves so much with the outer roles that they realize they are universal, spiritual beings, regardless of the sex of the body they are temporarily wearing on this planet. Only then can you avoid being trapped in seeing yourself as a man or a woman and seeing men as something that is in opposition to women, or women as something in opposition to men.

This is the fundamental shift that needs to happen. Once again, those who are the more spiritually aware people are the only ones who can bring this about. Even though progress has been made in the interaction between men and women in some of the more developed nations in the world, it still has not gone deep enough to even begin to look at the fundamental conflict.

The fundamental conflict between men and women ties in with the dark forces that are basically dualistic. Therefore, they will see that any kind of polarity becomes a conflict, a struggle between two opposing forces. There is at the spiritual level no conflict whatsoever between the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine. They see each other as complimentary forces and they do not need to struggle to be one.

Receiving the love of higher awareness

It is a very unfortunate state of affairs that so many children in the world grow up without knowing higher love, because it puts you at a disadvantage from the very beginning. It sets your life on a track. And for many people, it becomes a downward spiral from which they cannot recover in this lifetime. Many people have created such a spiral and sustained it over several lifetimes and it makes it more and more difficult to pull themselves out of it.

Higher awareness wishes that it could give you the kind of childhood you deserve to have, but it cannot change what you have experienced on earth. What higher awareness can do is offer you assistance to help you overcome the childhood you have had. If you will use some of the tools and teachings that appeal to your heart, then higher awareness is fully capable of working with each and every person on this planet.

Higher awareness will be able to assist you, if you are willing to tune in to it. There is nothing you cannot leave behind. There is nothing on earth that has stained you permanently. There is nothing that could ever have happened to you on this planet that has changed who you are as a unique divine being, who deserves the love of the Divine Mother.

So many people have been burdened by such a difficult childhood that they have come to accept many of the subconscious beliefs that are deliberately engineered by certain dark forces to sabotage your path. So many people feel they are unworthy, because of what has happened to them. So many people have gone into blaming God, or even the Divine Mother, for why certain things have happened to them on earth.

But the more aware people can come to understand that everything on earth is a result of the free will decisions of the people who are in embodiment. The beings of higher awareness can give intercession when people ask and when they are willing to change themselves, to look into their own psychology and see what is hiding there in the subconscious. If people do not ask, the beings of higher awareness cannot interfere; for contrary to the dark forces, the beings of higher awareness do have ultimate respect for free will.

You need to understand that this earth is a very treacherous environment. You need to understand that you have been brought up with a woefully inadequate view of what is really happening on this planet. Higher awareness has attempted to correct this through many of the teachings given. Attaining a deeper understanding of who you are and how this planet works, will be an essential part of your healing.

What higher awareness can do is give you the impetus that you are a unique child and that the beings of higher awareness love you with a love that is unique to you personally. Do not bother your linear mind with how this is possible. For higher awareness is fundamentally different from the consciousness of those of you who are in embodiment. It does have the capacity to love each and every one of you personally and this is its great joy and its great privilege.

Love and Life Cannot be Forced

The biggest problem on earth is that men and women cannot receive love from a source inside themselves and therefore believe they have to receive it from each other. And when they do not receive it, they go into various control games in order to supposedly force others to give them love. But you see, love cannot be forced. There is no mechanical scheme on earth that can force another person or God to give you love. Why is this so? Because love is the force that is beyond anything on earth, and that is why all people want it.

Do you not see that most people on earth are completely overwhelmed by life? Many feel that life is something that has been forced upon them, that they did not choose. They feel they are forced to react to circumstances over which they have no control. But, you see, nothing has been forced upon you, in the sense that at some point in the past you chose to be on this planet. You made choices, many choices, that have put you in your current situation. This is not said to blame you, but to empower you. Because only when you begin to acknowledge that your situation has something to do with choices you made, will you be able to start making a new kind of choice that will change your situation.

Most people are in a catch 22, because they believe their situation is not the result of their own choices. And therefore, they feel powerless to do something about it. But the only way that you can do something about your situation is if you can make choices that change your situation. And that is why the shift you need to make is to acknowledge that your situation does have something to do with choices you have made. And that any choice you have made in the past can be changed by making a higher choice in the present.

This has something to do with love. Because there is no force on earth that can control love. And the reason for this is that love is always flowing, love never stands still. That is why you cannot own love and that is why you cannot own other people and you cannot force other people to give you love. Love cannot be forced but it can be received freely, when you begin to realize that it comes from a source that is beyond earth and you cannot control this source. But this source gives love to you unconditionally. And you can control your own psychology and the mechanism that has, so far, caused you to reject love. And when you begin to unravel that mechanism and, bit by bit, remove the illusions that caused you to reject love; then you will begin to feel that life is not so overwhelming, that life is not forced upon you.

And when you then begin to use the many tools given, whereby you invoke higher awareness; then you will lighten the load of energy you are carrying with you. And this will begin to make you feel that you are a being who is not identified with the body and with your outer situation. And that is when you will begin to not only believe what is said, but experience that you do have choices. And that there are choices you can make that will fundamentally change your outer situation.

Relationships Between Men and Women

It is a great tragedy that the conflict has been created between men and women. When you look at all of the warring that is going on on this planet, you might be confused and think that the cause is outside the home in big political issues.

Yet, all warring and conflict starts in the home, in the relationship between the man and the woman, the father and the mother, which has such an influence on the children and the world view that they grow up with. You need to understand that if conflict and war is going to be stopped on this planet, part of the process is that men and women develop a new relationship, a new way to look at each other.

How could such a new relationship come about? Well, there are many people who, over the last several decades, have experimented with new ways of relating to each other beyond the traditional family structure. But there is no way to truly renew the relationship between men and women without having a spiritual understanding of who you are as a spiritual being.

You also need to have an understanding of the history of what has been going on on this planet for thousands of years. You need to be aware that there is a force, a very aggressive, a very active, but also a very deceptive force that is seeking to create war and conflict on this planet. This force will use all means available to them, but the primary is always deception. The primary means is to create some idea and get people to believe in it to the point where they never dare to question it.

Where does the present relationship, the present conflict, between men and women start? Well, it begins in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. And it begins in several other creation myths found around the world. What does Genesis say? It essentially says that women are to blame for the fall of the entire human race. This claim is an outright lie. It has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with historical reality. But, this claim that women are to blame and that women therefore deserve to be treated differently from men is very old on this planet. It is very ingrained in the consciousness of many cultures, including your own, even though, there are certain cultures where it is even more predominant.

If you are to have any chance of freeing yourself from this very old culture, there is only one way that you can do this. And it is to recognize the reality that you are not your physical body. You are more than the body, which means that regardless of the sex of your physical body, you are not a man or a woman. You are not and exclusively masculine or an exclusively feminine being. You were created as a spiritual being that has both masculine and feminine qualities. Which means that you can, over several lifetimes, embody in both male and female bodies. It is absolutely necessary to recognize this.

And you can only come to fully accept this by following a very gradual path, the path to higher awareness, that allows you to reconnect to your true identity. So that you not only understand intellectually, but actually experience that you are a spiritual being that cannot be limited to any of the conditions or labels found on planet Earth.

Roles of Men and Women

Sisterhood is essential for the growth of this planet, but sisterhood cannot be just among women. It must include men, as well. This, of course, requires men to be open to a different kind of interaction with women than they have had in the past.

Basically, the masculine energy is outgoing, or expansive; whereas, the feminine energy is ingoing, is balancing. However, what you see is that because of the long history on this planet of suppressing women and suppressing the feminine energy; these roles are not as clearly defined anymore. And that is why you have a situation today, where when you look at the planet, and especially the Western world, you will see that women are much more open to the new spiritual ideas that can bring the planet forward.

You see in so many spiritual movements, and in society in general, that it is women who are open to new ideas. Whereas, men, in general, are much more conservative and closed-minded towards a change. This is, of course, unnatural and very unfortunate. And it requires, first of all that the men who are spiritually inclined and who are considering themselves to be part of the spiritual growth, the spiritual movement of this planet, change their attitude so that they realize that in this day and age they need to allow the feminine to take more power, more presence in society. This does not simply mean that women must come to the foreground; although, it does mean that. But, it also means that men need to discover the feminine energy in themselves.

Men are not exclusively masculine and women are not exclusively feminine. In fact, the main problem on the earth is that both sexes have become imbalanced and many women have too much of the feminine energy in the sense of the contracting aspect of the feminine energy. But, when this is taken too far; then you limit yourself and your ability to take part in the growth of society. And this is what you see in many nations where women have been suppressed. The women have accepted this suppression and have, therefore, suppressed the positive qualities of the feminine energy. And have, instead, taken on this desire to control their immediate environment, especially their families. This has, in many cases, caused women to become far too focused on the little things, the daily things, and not open to the larger ideas of society; which they traditionally should have been, if the suppression of women had not taken place.

It is not only men who are open to new ideas. There is an aspect of the feminine energy that is always open to new ideas. But, you also see, of course that men have taken on a role where they have suppressed the positive qualities of the masculine energy; which is also an openness and a willingness to experiment. And instead, what you see in so many nations is that the men are the ones who hold on to the old traditions, the old ways; who resist the fact that the roles between the sexes is changing and that the old religions, the old world views, based on a patriarchal culture, simply must go for the new age to come in.

And so you see that instead of embracing the change; too many times, both men and women are resisting change in different ways. And that has one overall effect. Namely that in most nations it is very, very difficult for men and women to communicate openly and trustingly and to have the acceptance of each other, based on a recognition of the fact that both sexes are essential and that both have positive qualities.

The Only Conflict between Men and Women is in Our Minds

Why is it that men and women cannot give and receive love to each other? You cannot, of course, give and receive love when you are in a state of war or competition. There are many who will say that there is a war between the sexes on this planet, but there is no war in the real world. Men and women are both created by higher awareness and as extensions of higher awareness. The biblical creation story is not correct. Men were not created first and women as an afterthought. As the Tai Chi more accurately depicts, men and women were created at the same time.

Why do men and women have bodies that need to come together in a physical union in order to produce new life? It is a symbol for the fact that only when men and women come together in harmony, can the human race fulfill its highest potential on both the personal level and on the level of society. How can men and women come together, unless they can give and receive love? How can they do this, unless they understand that there is no real conflict? That the conflict is artificially created.

Many of you have seen an old movie called The Matrix, which presents the idea that human beings are living in a world of illusion and that there is a real world outside of it. What is not correct in the movie is that the artificial world is not created through technology; it is created only in the mind. There is a parallel world to the physical/material world. In fact, there are three parallel worlds. One parallel world is the emotional realm, where there are beings that seek to control human beings and create conflict between the sexes through your emotions. Another parallel world is the mental realm, where there are beings who are seeking to control you through your thoughts. And finally, there is the identity realm, where there are beings who are seeking to control you through your sense of identity.

Men and women are not really men and women. You are universal souls who are only in this lifetime expressing yourself through a physical body that has a physical sex. So, you need to ask yourself: If there is no real conflict, where does the conflict exist between men and women? There are forces in the three other realms that are seeking to control you; but they do not have physical power to control you. So, how do they control you? Only in your minds.

This means that the conflict between men and women exists only in your minds. It also means that it can be resolved only in the mind. Of course, it is important to do things in society to create greater equality. But, you will not truly resolve the conflict until a critical mass of people begin to awaken to the fact that most people live in a state of illusion; because they do not understand the basic dynamic of planet earth.

Planet earth is an educational institution that is designed to give you a specific experience. You start out as a being who thinks that you live in a real world and that this world has power over you; not only physically, but also power over your mind. This is the illusion that is still blinding most people on this planet. Those of you who are more aware people are beginning to awaken from this illusion. And you can do much to awaken yourselves faster by making use of our teachings and tools that are designed for this very purpose. There is a need for both men and women, a critical mass of them, to awaken themselves by taking responsibility for your own state of mind, by overcoming systematically the illusions that separate men and women from each other by separating them from their higher selves. This is the very key to bringing in the Age of Higher Awareness on earth.

Ego and the Divine Masculine/Feminine

Let us take the topic of the shadow side and relate it to the topic of men and women. It is essential for men and women to realize that you are truly a universal spiritual being and you are beyond the sex of the body you are wearing right now. But, you also need to step back and realize that you have been brought up to look at the relationship of men and women through the roles that have been defined by society in a patriarchal culture for thousands of years.

So, you need to recognize that the godhead has a masculine and a feminine side. But, this is far beyond the limited roles that you have defined on earth. Whether you are a man or a woman; you have in your higher being, what many call your soul, masculine and feminine qualities that are the original qualities of God. These qualities can never be in opposition to each other, can never be mutually exclusive. They will supplement, compliment, each other. And they are both necessary in order to create a sustainable creation.

Therefore, in order to create a sustainable society; it is necessary that a critical mass of men and women in that society have found a personal balance, where they allow both the masculine and the feminine qualities of God to be expressed through them. This, of course, is what has not been allowed in a patriarchal culture. This is a deliberate ploy of manipulators to prevent men and women from reaching their personal goals and to prevent society from going into the Age of Higher Awareness.

Anything that is denied becomes part of your shadow side. So, when a man denies the divine feminine qualities in his being; then there is a perversion of those qualities and it becomes part of his ego, or shadow, or whatever you want to call it. Of course, when a women denies her divine masculine qualities; the same thing happens.

What is denied becomes something that lies underneath. It lies in the subconscious mind. And it often sabotages you. And it is one reason why so many spiritual people have become aware of what you call the dark night of the soul. It is simply that you have not found that balance.

You all have an ego. And yes, it is important to have the concept of an ego and to deal with the ego. But, part of the ego is not necessarily something that is bad or evil and should not be there. Part of what you call the ego is the suppressed divine masculine or divine feminine qualities. And it is not a matter of getting rid of them, or somehow throwing them out or destroying them. It is actually a matter of looking at them, recognizing the reality behind the perverted role, and then, allowing yourself to express that quality so that you can be whole and have your own individual, personal, masculine/feminine creative polarity. This is the key to your personal growth, to your personal fulfillment, and to your growth in awareness.

There is no opposite sex

There is nothing more important on earth than to harmonize and make more aware the relationship between men and women. That is precisely why the dark forces have done everything they could think of to complicate and dis-harmonize that relationship.

You need to be aware, as spiritual people, that there are different levels. Humankind is engaged in a process of becoming more aware of the differences and the similarities between men and women. It is perfectly valid and very necessary to go through the process of making more and more people aware of what men need, what women need, in order to feel fulfilled in a relationship. This is perfectly valid and necessary.

You, as the spiritual people, can do yourself a favor by thinking a little bit beyond what is commonly available in society. It is not just a matter of knowing what men and women need. It is actually important for you, as spiritual people, to realize that you are not a man or a woman, just because you are in a body of a particular sex. As you become more awakened on the spiritual path, you begin to become more and more dis-identified with your physical body and with the sex of that body, which is not only anchored in the physical body but also in the emotional, mental and identity body.

It is therefore important for you realize that if you are in a male body, you will not become fully complete without discovering and harmonizing with the femininity in your own being. Likewise, of course, if you are in a female body, you need to harmonize with the masculine aspect of your being. You cannot become fully whole while denying the opposite of the sex of your body, the opposite polarity of the sex of your body.

You need to realize that you are a spiritual being. You have embodied many times on earth. You have not always been in a male body or in a female body. Therefore, you have gone back and forth and you have experienced, so to speak, both sides of the coin. If you are in a female body, it is not a matter of behaving like a man, like you see many women do in the business world in order to be successful there. If you are in a male body, it is not a matter of doing many of the tasks that women have traditionally done in the home or with the children. This is not enough. It is a step in the right direction, but for you, as the spiritual people, you need to go beyond this and realize that you cannot be fully whole unless you connect to the higher identity that is neither male nor female, but transcends both.

The Conscious You that is the core of your being is neither male nor female. It can play both the male and the female role and it has done so in many past lives. When you begin to realize this, you can stop identifying yourself with the roles of man and woman that have been defined on this earth and reinforced over many thousands of years. Even though it is helpful to know the different roles and the different needs, if you focus too much attention on them, you will actually cement yourself in those roles and that is not leading to the ultimate spiritual growth.

You only get that growth by transcending the roles. This is a very big challenge in the current climate on earth where these roles have been so locked for so long. That is why you who are the spiritual people are the true spiritual pioneers for forging a new way to look at yourselves and to relate to those of the, so-called, opposite sex. The way to do this is to realize there is no opposite sex, for they are two sides of the same Divine Being.

Taking Sex to a Higher Level

Higher awareness has no reluctance to talk about a topic that is so important for so many people and that is so important to the dark forces who seek to manipulate you and steal your energy. Anytime there is a topic that is important to people but that they are reluctant to talk about, you can be absolutely sure that the dark forces have manipulated that situation. There is nothing they like better than creating a situation where there is a problem between two groups of people and then setting it up so that they are not able to talk about it. Therefore, they can never solve the problem, or can never even become conscious of what is involved in the problem.

What has been going on in the Western world is that more and more people have become more conscious of the topics of relationships and sexuality. This is, of course, perfectly good. Of course, the dark forces have not just sat back and watched this, whatever you call it, sexual revolution. They have attempted to guide it in the wrong direction and they have done so in many different ways, too many to list here.

One of the ways they have done this is to create a situation where the greater openness about sexuality that replaced the very closed attitude that you had before, has been taken advantage of by, not so much men, as the forces who are using men. Many men may think that they have been liberated sexually and that they now have a free license to have sex with as many women as possible. What they do not realize is that this comes at a very heavy cost, energy-wise.

You cannot disassociate your feelings from sexuality without having your energy stolen by dark forces. It cannot be done. If you are having sex and you have no deeper feelings for each other, whether you are a man or a woman, your energies are being stolen by dark forces. This will cost you in the long run. You will see that there are people who have lived the sexual revolution, and also the freedom of experimenting with drugs, who look ten or twenty years older than their physical age. If you could see the energy fields of these people, you would see that many of them have become empty shells that have no vital energy within them.

If you want, as spiritual people, to transcend this pattern where you are being manipulated by dark forces, you need to have respect for yourself and, of course, for your partner. There is absolutely no way that you can avoid having your energy stolen, if you have sex based on a superficial, sexual, physical desire. It cannot be done! 

You need to decide, as a spiritual person that this is not the way you want to live. You do not want to be a cow that is milked for your energy by these dark forces, who have no respect for you, or any other human being. This then, necessitates that you get serious about a spiritual path. This is not telling you not to have sex. It is telling you to take it to a higher level where you do not disassociate it from love.

There is really no spiritual meaning in having sex unless there is genuine love. What most people do, when they seek sex from a lower motivation, is that they seek to cover the emptiness inside themselves. This is precisely what the spiritual path is all about, namely discovering your true inner essence so that you do not feel empty inside because you know who you are as a spiritual being. Therefore, you no longer need to have sex in order to cover emptiness. You can have it without having a deficit and you can have it in a much higher way that would be much more enjoyable and fulfilling to both parties.