Planet earth is a reality simulator

One of the core teachings of Buddhism is that everything is the Buddha nature, or one might say that everything is higher awareness. What does this actually mean? Many people have been confused by this. Many sincere well-meaning followers of Buddhism have speculated on this, have come up with various theories and interpretations. 

If you understand that everything is the higher awareness, it means that higher awareness must be beyond form. You look at form in this universe, you look at a chair, you look at the carpet, you look at a window, you look at a table; can you say that table is higher awareness? You would not say that, but what you could say is that the table is made out of higher awareness. In other words, if you could see behind the form, beyond the form, there would be higher awareness. This is something that was difficult for people to understand 2500 years ago.

It has become a little easier for people to grasp this with the mental mind today because you have been brought up with a concept that this chair, this table is made out of smaller units called molecules, atoms, even subatomic particles. So, you might say everything is atoms. Therefore, this chair is also atoms. This of course doesn’t mean that atoms look like the chair. You know that atoms are invisible to the naked eye and therefore, atoms do not have what you normally call form. They do not have the form of tables and chairs. They may have some form as you have been brought up to think, but it is not what you see with the senses. You can therefore make the leap of saying that, as the chair is made up of atoms, atoms are made up of higher awareness. But the difference is that higher awareness has no form. It has no conceivable form, no form that is conceivable to a mind that is still focused in this material universe.

What you can say is that higher awareness has the potential to take on form. But if higher awareness has no form, why do you need higher awareness? You need it because if there was no formless nature that could take on form, how would form be created? What can you deduce when you look at the findings of science? You take a visible thing, a visible form such as a chair and you realize that this chair did not suddenly appear out of the blue, out of nature or out of nothing in its present form. It wasn’t that there was a point where you could say, “Now there is no chair, now there is a chair. Bam it just happened like that.” That is not the way things are made. You know this, you know that a chair is made out of metal. This metal started out as different kinds of ores in the ground, they had to be dug out, they had to be melted, they had to be turned into iron and this iron that had to be processed to take on a certain form to become the legs of the chair. Then there was some wood that had to be manufactured and put together. There was some covering, there was some padding, and all of this had to be made in order to make the chair.

But all of these raw materials as you call them also did not appear out of the blue. The iron ore that lay in the ground is made up of iron molecules. But the molecules are made up of an even smaller unit called atoms. The atoms are made up of subatomic particles and even the subatomic particles are made up of energy waves. So as you go to the different stages of what it takes to produce a given form, a visible form, you go towards finer and finer levels. In a sense you could say that you go towards more simple forms. A chair, or an even more elaborate construction like the entire building is very complex. But molecules are less complex, atoms are even less complex, subatomic particles even less. So, you’re going towards a state of lesser and lesser complexity and less and less pronounced form.

So, is it so difficult to take that leap and say, you must come to a point where there is a basic substance, at least the basic substance we can conceive of from this universe, and this basic substance has no form, but it has the potential to take on any form, this we can call the Buddha nature or higher awareness. Higher awareness is in a certain way more than this, but we can at least, to give you some way to visualize or conceive of this, say that higher awareness is the basic substance out of which all form is fashioned.

Now, there are those who will say that this is not according to the current scientific paradigm, but this is because the current scientific paradigm is based on cognitive dissonance. Science has proven that you can go towards these deeper and deeper levels beyond the visible forms. The logical conclusion is there must be some basic substance out of which everything is created. The problem with science is that it is so influenced by the materialistic paradigm, saying that there cannot be anything beyond the material universe. And the way materialists conceive of this means that there cannot be a substance that has no form, because that would be nothing and nothing cannot appear out of nothing they say. It’s perfectly true, nothing appears out of nothing, or rather, no thing appears out of nothing, all things appear out of higher awareness, the basic substance. The idea of a basic substance that has no form, but is the source of all form, is actually perfectly in accord with scientific findings. Maybe not with the materialistic paradigm, but the materialistic paradigm is simply one possible interpretation of scientific findings and the materialistic paradigm cannot even explain all of the current scientific findings and thereby you can see see that it is lacking.

So there is a basic substance called higher awareness out of which all form is made. What does that really mean? Well, you have a concept that many human beings are very attached to and think is very important. It is the concept called “reality.” Some thing is real or it is not real. But if everything that you see in the material universe is conceived out of a basic substance that has no form, can you really say that all of the forms you see are real? They do not have an existence of their own, they do not have an independent existence. If there was no higher awareness, if there was no basic substance, there could be no form. Every form you can see, the table, the chair, the sun, the stars, is made out of the same basic substance. Now that basic substance that makes up this chair could be transformed or rather it could be returned to its formless state and then it could be used to fashion an entirely different form such as a flower or a distant star because in that higher awareness, in that basic formlessness there is no time, there is no space, there is no locality.

Once the form, once the substance that makes up this chair, is returned to formlessness it could instantly (or beyond time) be used to form a star millions of light years away. So can you really say that this chair is real when it has no independent, self-sufficient existence? It has a dependent existence because it is dependent, ultimately on higher awareness but the chair could not exist on its own. What would be the meaning of a chair if there wasn’t a floor for the chair to sit on? Or if there wasn’t a person to sit on the chair? Would the chair ever have come into existence if it wasn’t for human beings who conceived of a need to sit elevated from the floor? So it is true, no thing can appear out of nothing but higher awareness is not nothing.

So you see every thing, every form, has a dependent origination, an interdependent origination. It doesn’t appear in a vacuum, it doesn’t appear out of nowhere. It is made out of a basic substance but it is made for a purpose, for a reason. It could not exist without the floor, without the walls, without the roof, without human beings, all of these things. It could not have been made if there wasn’t an earth where there was iron ore, if there wasn’t trees that grew and became wood and so forth. So what you see is that nothing, no form, no thing can be considered real in an ultimate sense. No thing exists by itself, exists independently. Everything is connected. Everything is interdependent. The entire universe is one interconnected, interdependent whole. This is actually in accordance with the discoveries of science. Scientists have discovered that locality, separateness does not exist. Non-locality, interconnectedness is the deeper reality. The reality that you see when you reach what is called “enlightenment” is that there is no separate thing anywhere in the universe. Everything is interdependent. Not only that, you see that no thing is permanent.

What has science shown that many religions did not show? They have shown that there is a long process that gradually brings forth different forms. There is no instant creation. There is a gradual creation where that which was created before or that which came into existence before, becomes the foundation for that which comes into existence after, so again interdependent originations reaching very very far back. The linear mind will say there must have been an ultimate beginning, but let us set that aside for now, let us just consider that as far as we can see back in time, in this gradual process, proves the interconnectedness of everything.

So what is the purpose of this entire process of these interdependent originations where the deeper reality of higher awareness takes on all of these different forms? What is the purpose? Materialism says there is no purpose, it just all happened by chance. What is chance? Can they explain what chance is? What is randomness? Define it. You cannot. Why? Because true randomness can have no form and in a materialistic paradigm, only that which has form is considered real. Cognitive dissonance. You claim to have a worldview, but this worldview in order to explain how things could have originated must rely on something called chance, randomness. Your worldview says that only things that have form are real, but chance and randomness have no form so how can they be real? And if they are not real, how could they have created all the forms that you claim are real? Cognitive dissonance.

Another level of cognitive dissonance: Who are you that claim there is only the material world and only that world exists. Who are you? You are self-aware beings. The only reason you can say there is something that is real and something that is unreal is because you have self-awareness. Where does self-awareness come from? Can you explain how chance and randomness could produce self-awareness that looks for order everywhere? How could this occur? Can you explain it? If you cannot explain it, perhaps your explanation is not complete, perhaps it is not even real. So, if people are open to looking for an alternative explanation, here it is.

All of the forms you see, in this visible, physical, material world were created for one purpose: to give self-aware beings a particular experience. You human beings consider yourselves to be the most advanced life form on earth. Again, cognitive dissonance. You claim, you think that you are one of the latest, if not the latest life form to emerge on earth. What sense does it make that the most advanced life form on earth was created last? Does it not make more sense to say that everything that was created, every form that has appeared is centered around the most advanced life form on earth in order to give those self-aware beings a particular experience? 

You may look at a theater, what is the purpose of the theater? To give the audience a certain experience. Well, would the theater ever have appeared as the result of a random process? Would it ever have built itself and then after the theater was built, somehow the audience came into being? Would it not make more sense that the theater from the very beginning was built with the audience in mind?

What is the world? You have a concept in today’s world, based on technology (brought forth by science certainly) of a reality simulator. You can put on goggles, you can go into a certain specially constructed room and all of a sudden you are seeing before your eyes an artificially created environment. What is the purpose of creating a reality simulator? It is to give the person who uses the simulator a particular experience. Now, you may say that experience is not based on reality, the person is not experiencing a real world. But the person thinks it’s a real world, experiences it as if it was a real world and therefore from the person’s point of view, the person is having a real experience and because it has that experience it may change its consciousness, shift its consciousness—have a different world view. It may feel saturated by a certain experience until it eventually decides that it has had enough of that experience. Now it wants a different experience.

There are some that would be cynical and say, “Well, this is all nonsense, nothing that the person experiences is real so what makes you sure that what you experience in the world is real?” Is it so difficult to make the leap and say, what I can experience in a reality simulator seems real while I am inside of it. So could it not be that planet earth is a more sophisticated reality simulator than anything built by man? Certainly you would say that when you are inside the earth, inside a physical body on earth, what you experience through that body and the senses seems quite real, does it not? And you might say if you are materialist: “But what is the value of having an experience that is not real?” Well, it doesn’t matter whether the world you experience inside a reality similar is real or not. What matters is, how does the experience you are having, the temporary experience you are having, affect your consciousness? The experience is temporary but your consciousness is ongoing and a temporary experience can have an effect on your consciousness that sets your consciousness on a new track, gives it a new direction, gives it a new sense of self. This is the purpose of a reality simulator.

All you need to do is make that leap and realize the earth is a reality simulator. You might say that because everything is higher awareness, everything could be returned to its pure formless state and changed into another form. No form on earth is ultimately real. Even scientists know that the earth has not existed forever, will not exist forever. So according to a scientific definition, we must say nothing on earth is real. But does that matter? What matters is that for the billions of self-aware beings who have entered the reality simulator called earth, the world seems real, and because it seems real, it gives them an experience that shifts their consciousness, their ongoing sense of self. This is the entire purpose.

So we might say that planet earth is a reality simulator that is designed to give self-aware beings a specific type of experience. What is the experience that planet earth is designed to give you? Well, there are two types of experiences, two types of quite different experiences that the earth is designed to give you. One is an immersion experience, where you feel that you are living in a real world. You are completely identified with your physical body with your mind and you are identifying yourself as a real being, living in a real world and this world has an impact on how you see yourself. In other words, the world defines you. This is the immersion experience—the vast majority of people on earth are still in this type of experience, they are still in the immersion phase. They think the world is real, they think the experience they have is real and they are convinced not only that they are in a real world, but that their perception of the world, their idea of what kind of world they are in is also real.

This is the uniqueness of the earth reality simulator, that it can contain 7 billion self-aware beings who are all in the same environment, although they are different outer environments around the planet, but they are on the same planet, yet they are all having an individual subjective experience of that planet. In other words, the outer environment is the same for large numbers of people, but the inner experience they are having is different for each one. Why is that so? Because the entire purpose of the world of form is to give self-aware beings a particular experience. How do they have that experience? Well, they don’t have the experience outside their minds. You cannot, as even philosophers have said, experience the world as it is because you are experiencing the world through your own mind and this means that the characteristics of your mind influence how you see the world.

Even quantum physics has proven that the mind of the scientists influences the measurement. So each human being is having a particular experience. Each human being is convinced that his or her experience is real.

But where does that sense of reality come from? If everything really is created out of a basic substance and no form is permanent, no form is independent, there is no reality outside of people’s minds. So the sense of reality must come from inside people’s minds—where else would it come from? How then, is it possible that two people can live in the exact same environment, but have very different experiences of that environment, where one person might be a devout Christian, who is convinced that the environment is and functions the way it is described in the Bible, and another may be an equally devout materialist, who is convinced that the world functions the way it is described in the materialist bible? Well, it is because each person has in his mind, what we might call a filter that filters out some of the signals that come to that person through the senses. The mind filters out some of them. The mind superimposes a certain image upon what comes through and therefore to the Christian, the Christian worldview seems real and to the materialist, the materialist world seems real. 

None of the worldviews are real in any ultimate sense. It is not even meaningful to discuss whether one is more real than the other—more correct than the other. They are simply worldviews created inside the reality simulator on earth and a reality simulator is a simulator. It isn’t reality, it simulates reality. This means that no worldview that could be produced inside the simulator is real. It only seems real when you look at it from a certain perspective through a certain mind filter, a filter or a state of mind that filters out some signals and superimposes a certain interpretation on the other signals. When you do not question that filter, when you do not even realize it is a filter, then what you experience through the filter seems real to you. This then is the “immersion phase” of the reality simulator called earth.

What is the other phase? It is the “awakening phase”. You are now beginning to awaken from this sense that you live in a real environment, and that everything you experience in that environment is real. But how do you awaken from this sense? By coming to the point which happens after time, of being willing to question your worldview, your filter. The filter that filters out certain signals and imposes an interpretation on the ones that it is letting through. When you begin to question that worldview, that is when you begin to awaken. What is it you see on planet earth? You see that people have created many different worldviews. If you go back in time, you see that there were civilizations that existed on earth, but separated by distance—separated by oceans. There was a Mayan civilization that had a worldview that was very, very different from the European worldview of the same time but because they were separated by the Atlantic Ocean, none of the two worldviews knew of the others’ existence. So therefore civilizations could live perhaps for centuries without having any challenge to their worldview. All of this is perfectly in order. It is perfectly in alignment with the purpose of the reality simulator.

There was a time when it was necessary that there were these separate civilizations that were dominated by a particular worldview and they didn’t interact so there was no challenge to the worldview of a particular civilization. There was a certain time where people were meant to live in the reality simulator called earth and there was no challenge to their worldview. They were allowed to have the experience that they were having through their worldview for a very long period of time. But you see, the human mind is restless. A human being is a being that is not created in a static state, it has a very deep, an in-built, an inherent desire to grow.

Because of this desire to grow, it is impossible for a human being to have the same experience for an indefinite period of time, being fully immersed in that experience thinking “what an experience!” Is this real? You cannot have that experience forever. You cannot be in the same experience forever because there comes a point where you are saturated with that experience. You want more. There is a period where you are saturated with one type of experience and now you want another type of experience. You want something different. That is why you could see people who incarnated in one civilization for many lifetimes, then switched and incarnated in another civilization so they had a different experience but still on earth. There also comes a point where now you do not simply want different types of experiences that are possible in the reality simulator of earth, you want something that is more than what you can have on earth. That is when a lifestream starts the awakening phase.

What guides what type of experience people are having, how long they should have it? Well, it is free will. However, what makes it possible to have the type of experiences you can have on earth? Well, the chair does not appear out of nowhere. One human being does not appear out of nowhere. In order to produce the kind of experiences that are possible in the reality simulator of earth, many people are needed. So you can see that there is a certain civilization with perhaps millions of people and the experience they are having depends on all of the people being there and interacting. This creates a certain connection between these beings.

You can say that each self-aware being starts out with a point-like sense of identity. If you were alone in an entire universe, it would be difficult to expand that sense of identity. It would certainly take a long time. But because you are not alone, because there are other self-aware beings in your world, then by interacting with those other beings you can expand your sense of self more quickly because you are challenged somewhat, you see that there are other ways to look at life, other ways to explain the world. This is what actually facilitates the purpose of the reality simulator, which is the growth in awareness, the expansion of the sense of self of the beings who are inside it. So there is a point where a certain group of people need to live together in some group form, but they need to live isolated in order to build that sense of identity that they had created in that group.

There also comes a point where the desire to experience something more becomes more dominant in the minds of at least some of these people, but how can that happen? How can you experience something different or something more if everybody is trapped in the same worldview? In some cases people can question their worldview, but that only happens when you start moving into the awakening phase. That is when you begin to voluntarily, and from inside yourself, question your worldview. But it is difficult to make the transition directly from the immersion phase to the awakening phase. There is sort of an intermediary step where now a civilization can no longer remain isolated, it comes into contact with another civilization that has developed separately for a very long time. You see that for example, the Mayan civilization had taken centuries to develop to the point it was at in the 1500s. The European civilization had also taken a long time to develop. But now the two were brought together and this was an opportunity for both of them to transcend their previous state. Some will say that it had disastrous consequences for the Mayans as their civilization was brutally suppressed by the Europeans. Nevertheless there was still that opportunity that both of them saw that there was a different way to live, a different way to look at life and this was an opportunity for growth.

Now, of course you can say that when two civilizations with different worldviews suddenly come together, what will inevitably happen? Well, both civilizations have the sense that their worldview is not a worldview, it is reality. It is based on some higher authority, some ultimate truth. Therefore there is an inevitable conflict, there are clashes, people feel their worldview is threatened. What is the purpose of this? Well, the purpose of this is that when a particular group of lifestreams (such as the billions of people that are associated with the planet earth reality simulator) have grown to a certain level, then there will be some that are closer to the awakening phase than others. But there will be others who will cling to their worldview and their sense of reality that it gives them and therefore refuse to question their worldview. If these beings who cling to their worldview were left alone, they might stay in the reality simulator for a very, very long time. In fact, they might become stuck in a certain worldview. So because all people, all lifestreams who live in a certain reality simulator are interconnected, it is actually within the law of free will that some pull up on the others. 

More than that, there is a certain experience you can have by living in an isolated civilization that has a particular worldview. But what happens when your civilization clashes with another civilization that has a different worldview? Well, is it not just another experience, another type of experience you can have in the reality simulator? First you have the experience that there is only one worldview and that is the one held by your civilization. Then you have the experience that there are other worldviews. For that matter, there are many other worldviews and they are all different. They all claim to be real, to be based on some higher authority. What happens when people see this? Well, some people will cling to the belief that theirs is the only true one and they must force other people to adhere to that worldview. But other lifestreams begin to say, “If there are so many different worldviews that all claim to be real, then logically they cannot all be correct. They cannot all be real if they are so different, even opposite.” Well, this is when the being starts the awakening phase. It starts consciously questioning these various worldviews and eventually it comes to a point where it starts questioning “why do we human beings create these worldviews? Why do we need them?” It starts questioning “Is it that all of the worldviews on earth are limited, they do not tell us the whole story of how the world works? Is there perhaps a higher worldview that hasn’t been manifested on earth yet?”

Then there comes that even further advanced stage where people start saying, “What if there is no worldview on earth that is ultimately real and what if it is meaningless to talk about which worldview is real or which one is the ultimate? What if I should just stop feeling threatened by the fact that there are different worldviews? What if I should realize and recognize that a worldview only has one purpose? That purpose is not to define reality, not to describe how the world absolutely works. The only purpose of a particular worldview is to give a particular group of people a certain experience so why should I be concerned about other people having different worldviews than myself? Why should I not say, ‘Let me focus on my worldview and the experience that I can have through that worldview. Let me enjoy that experience, let me immerse myself in that experience, let me have that experience until I’ve had enough of it and then when I feel I’ve had enough of that experience, what are my options? Well, I can look for a different worldview that can give me a different experience.’” Nothing wrong with that.

You might even switch in one embodiment but otherwise you can certainly switch from lifetime to lifetime to different worldviews. 

You can eventually come to the point where you can realize that if the earth is a reality simulator, what if there is something outside the simulator? What if there is another world outside the simulator? When you go into a specially constructed room on earth that projects a simulated environment, you know there is still what you call the real world outside the simulator. What if what you have so far seen as real is just a bigger simulator that project planet earth? What if there’s something outside that simulator? And what if that something is actually more real, perhaps even actually the real world outside the simulator?

Nevertheless the option you have is to come to a point where you realize, “I have had enough of the simulator of earth, I have had enough of the kinds of experiences I can have in this simulator. What if I could graduate? What if I could permanently exit the simulator instead of just reincarnating time and time again?” Well, how do you then do that? You must come to realize that every worldview, any worldview you could possibly have inside the simulator called earth, is not ultimately real. It is given to facilitate a certain type of experience, or it is created, generated, to facilitate a certain type of experience.

Now you may look at earth and you may say, “But what about all the warring, all the conflicts? What is the purpose of that?” Well, the earth is a special type of reality simulator. When you consider the fact that self-aware beings are created with a point-like sense of identity and are given free will as to how they will expand that sense of identity, you realize that when you have a point-like sense of identity, how is it possible for you to realize that everything is interconnected? How is it possible for you to realize the truth about the interdependent originations? There you are, you appeared as a self-aware being, you experience yourself as a distinct being different from other beings. You live in a certain environment. You are different from that environment. So how do you start building a sense of identity? You must start by seeing yourself as a separate being. This is what a reality simulator like earth is designed to facilitate, only it is designed to give you a special type of experience as a separate being.

There are natural planets and on natural planets you also start out with a point-like sense of identity. You see yourself as somewhat separate beings, but you realize there is more to your identity than that point-like sense of self. That is why on natural planets you do not have the conflicts between self-aware beings. On earth you have the conflict because as an ultimate consequence of giving beings free will, it must be possible that you can explore all of the realms of what kind of choices you can make. This means that it must be possible for you to have the experience of what it means to be a completely separate being who can do whatever it wants regardless of what the consequences are for other separate beings. You can do whatever you want and you can have the belief that you can get away with it.

Planet earth gives you that experience, where you have no sense of connection to your own higher being. You have no sense of connection to other beings. You can deny that your actions have consequences for others or that it matters that they have consequences for others, or that it will affect you. On a natural planet where beings are aware that everything is connected, they know that everything they do affects the whole. That is a different type of experience than what you can have on earth. On earth you can have this experience that you are not connected to the whole, you are a separate being living among other separate beings and therefore what you do may have a visible physical consequence, but it does not have any consequence beyond that, it does not affect the whole.

The thing is, once people have gone into this sense of being separate beings, again they have a strong sense of reality,“This is real. We are really separate beings. We are really living in a separate world. We are the superior beings on earth. We are more important than anybody else. Our religion is the only true one therefore it is justified, it is necessary that we kill all those who will not follow our religion.” This is an experience you can have in the reality simulator on earth and it is part of the full range of free will. But what if people got stuck in this type of experience? Well, the safety mechanism is that even though they are experiencing themselves as separate beings, they are not actually separate beings because they are interconnected with all of the other beings who are in the same reality simulator and therefore, when some people start waking up, it will pull on all the others.

That is why you have seen there has been an evolution in humanity, in human society. New technologies have been brought forth that allow separate civilizations to now start interacting and you can see how the world has become more and more connected, with the internet becoming the latest stage of this. You see that people’s worldviews will now begin to clash more and this is because human beings collectively have entered that beginning of the awakening phase. There are some that are still holding on to the separateness but it is perfectly within the law of free will for a particular reality simulator that they are having their worldviews challenged by other worldviews so that they can get an opportunity to question them.

You may say, “Well, many people are not taking advantage of this opportunity.” That is of course correct for this lifetime, perhaps for many lifetimes but nevertheless the earth is constructed in such a way that in the phase that the earth is in right now, or that humanity is in, you cannot live on this planet without being aware that there are other worldviews and without having your worldview challenged. There will come a point, there will come a time for almost all beings, where they become open to questioning their worldview. This will especially happen because you will not incarnate in the same worldview for an indefinite period of time. Many people shift between different civilizations and different worldviews from embodiment to embodiment so all get this opportunity to question their worldview. This is perfectly within the range of free will because all human beings on earth are connected and so when some people start awakening, it is perfectly in order that they pull up on the rest, and therefore challenge them to also start to question their worldview.

Based on this, we can say, “Does it give any meaning to try to get other people to question their worldview?” Look at how religious people have become convinced that they have the only true religion, or communists have been convinced that they have the only true political system, or materialists have been convinced that they have the only true worldview and they have become missionaries who are seeking to convert others. Does it give any meaning? Well of course it gives meaning because this is another experience you can have. In the range of experiences possible in the reality simulator on earth, you can have this sense that I have the ultimate worldview and therefore I need to convert all others to this worldview. You have that for some lifetimes until you have had enough of that and then you step up to a higher view. Now you are focusing on experiencing your own worldview, your chosen worldview and eventually you step up to where you start questioning the worldviews that are currently on earth, looking for something higher.

This is where there can come this shift in people’s minds because the next step up in awareness is the realization that the earth is a reality simulator. But what you see in the reality simulator on earth is that there is the machine, there is the room that you go inside, but it doesn’t function by itself. Outside of the room is an operator and the operators that operate the reality simulator on earth are the beings who, for the most part, have been inside the reality simulator of earth and have graduated. They have had enough of the experiences you can have there, then they have exited the reality simulator but instead of moving on they have dedicated themselves to working with those who are still inside the reality simulator.

So the option you have at a certain point is to look at many of the worldviews that exist on earth and realize they were created inside the reality simulator. Perhaps some of them had some input from outside the simulator but then people took their current level of consciousness, projected that onto that impulse coming from the outside, and they created a new worldview that was created inside the simulator. So once you begin to realize this, you can say, “Well, what if I could get something directly from those operators outside the simulator?” When the student is ready, the teacher appears. That is why throughout the ages some people have become ready to receive something from outside the simulator and they have received it.

When Gautama Buddha walked the earth in a physical body 2500 years ago, did he come up with the teachings of Buddhism all by himself? Was he a being who was still inside the simulator, but who came up with this teaching? Nay. He realized the limitations of the worldviews that he saw at the time and he opened his mind to reaching out for something from beyond the simulator and he received it, and that became the teachings of Buddhism. They were given from outside the simulator but of course since then, people who did not have the direct contact with the operators outside the simulator, they used their current worldview to superimpose ideas upon this teaching and created what you today call the religion of Buddhism. Some have maintained a certain level of purity to the original teachings. Others have imposed an interpretation that is quite different from the original teaching. But what very very few have done is to take the original teachings of Buddhism and use them to connect to the operators outside the simulator.

When Jesus walked the earth 2,000 years ago, he had also reached that level of consciousness, where he had questioned all of the worldviews that he had seen on earth. He had realized that many of those worldviews were entirely created inside the reality simulator. They were based on the experiences people were having inside the reality simulator. They had superimposed those experiences upon those worldviews. This is perfectly fine because it gives people a certain experience and the sense that that experience is real. The problem is, if it is a problem that a worldview created based on the current conditions of the reality simulator cannot help you get out of the reality simulator. It will keep you in it.

So Jesus reached the point where he was willing to see this. He saw this. He saw the limitations of these worldviews. He was willing to question them. He was willing to come to the point where he said, “Is it possible that I of my own self can do nothing? Or is there something the Father outside of me can give me, a different perspective, than I can receive from inside this world?” Then Jesus reached out and as the law states, when the student is ready the teacher must appear and Jesus was then given a teaching from outside the simulator. What have people done to that teaching? Well, they have completely distorted it.

What he called the “consciousness of Satan” is what we can call the “consciousness that exists inside the reality simulator.” This consciousness may be able to conceive that there could be something from outside the simulator but once it has made contact with the outside, it wants to force that experience to fit inside the worldview that is created inside the simulator. In other words, instead of using that contact with the outside to transcend the simulator, it uses it to reinforce and validate the worldview that keeps you in the simulator.

Could you not say, “Well, isn’t that just another experience people can have, where they feel that their worldview is validated by some ultimate authority whether they call it God or something else?” And of course it is, it is another type of experience, but again because all beings inside the simulator are interconnected, it is also perfectly in order that some people reach for a higher experience and therefore bring forth something that can challenge the existing worldviews. Based on this, you can say, “Well, there are some worldviews on earth that say that something has gone wrong with God’s creation and that is why you see all the misery and suffering and conflict on earth.” But based on the perspective given here, nothing has gone wrong.

The earth is a reality simulator designed to give the beings inside a certain range of experiences. They have free will to choose what kind of experience they want. In a sense they are not even choosing between pre-existing experiences, they have a certain freedom to define their own experiences, which is what they have done by creating all these clashing worldviews. 

Nothing has gone wrong. The only question is, “Have you as an individual had enough of the experiences that you currently see on earth?” Then you can do two things if you have had enough. You can seek to make contact with the operators outside the simulator, bring forth some impulse that can help you to define another worldview that gives you an experience that nobody has had on earth before. This is also perfectly valid. But the other option is to realize that you have had enough of all of the kinds of experiences, the type of experiences, you can have on earth, the type of experiences you can have as a separate being. You want to step up to that deeper realization that although you started out as a point-like being, you have now expanded your sense of identity where you can realize that you are not a separate being, you are part of an interconnected whole. Instead of experiencing what you can experience as a separate being, you want to have that experience of being connected.

So when you come to this point, that is when you can start the ultimate phase of the awakening process that can lead to your permanent exit from the reality simulator of earth, which can be called the ascension. Could it be called other things? Of course, but higher awareness is giving a teaching that is specifically designed to help those who are willing to exit the simulator as quickly as possible. For many people it can be done in one lifetime because you have already done other things in previous lifetimes. So that is the only purpose. We are not having the purpose of giving you an ultimate truth and the reason for this is very simple. The purpose of these teachings is not to give you another type of experience you can have in the reality simulator of earth. The purpose of our teachings is to help you permanently exit the simulator.

Could there be other teachings that could help you exit the simulator? Certainly. Buddhism is one teaching that has helped some people. Christianity in its pure form has also helped some people. Even Islam has helped some people when they took the mystical approach to it. Other teachings have done so. But what the beings of higher awareness are giving today is based on the collective consciousness as it is today. So it is designed for those who have reached those higher levels of awakening and are ready to take the final steps.