Democracy cannot be based on the force-based mindset

Christianity has become a destructive force in the progress of America and why is that so? Because too many Christians, especially the leaders, have fallen prey to the satanic consciousness. thinking that you know better. Now, this is a consciousness that is not exclusive to Christianity. It is of course found all over the world in many different contexts.

The consciousness that you think you know better

The essence of this consciousness is what? You think you are right, you think you know better, you think you know all you need to know. What is the effect of this psychologically? It closes your mind. It closes your mind to anything beyond what you already know. First of all, because you think that you know everything you need to know, so how could there be anything new? Secondly, because you think you are absolutely right in the way you look at life, and that means anything new might actually go against what you know, might challenge what you know and therefore you feel threatened by it. The net effect is, what? You are closed to any new ideas. Take a simple look back at the history of humankind and ask yourself this question: What has driven progress? The answer is undeniable: new ideas.

Sure, you can look at earth and say: “But there have also been some new ideas that did not bring progress but brought immense conflict and suffering.” But is that actually true? Let us take an obvious example, Marxism, communism. It was a new idea, at the time at least. Did it bring progress or did it bring immense suffering and conflict? Well, from an outer perspective you could say that it brought conflict and suffering, no question about that. But now, go back and look at the consciousness of humankind at the time when Marxism was brought into the physical. What was that consciousness? People were very much trapped in the duality consciousness. What is it that happens when you are trapped in the duality consciousness? Well, you take one relative viewpoint, you take that towards the extreme and as you go towards that extreme, you elevate it to a higher and higher status until it reaches an absolute status in your mind. You are now trapped. You think you know better. You know all there is to know, you are absolutely right. It means you cannot grow on a personal level and a society trapped in this dynamic cannot grow either.

How progress happens in duality

What is the law, the absolute law on earth? It is perpetual growth, perpetual self-transcendence. When you have trapped yourself in one dualistic extreme, how can you be free so that there can be progress in society and on an individual level? A dualistic polarity cannot exist alone, it must attract or even produce an opposite that is on the opposite side of the spectrum where the one dualistic polarity is. In duality there will always be two opposite sides. If you go towards one of those sides, you will actually magnify the other side. It is inevitable that at some point there will be an opposite, a challenge to your unbalanced position. This is the only way progress can happen when people are trapped in duality. We can say that given the fact that people have been trapped in duality for a long time, how has progress happened? New ideas challenged the old ideas.

It was, as the philosopher Hegel discovered, the dialectics of a thesis versus an antithesis that creates a synthesis. The synthesis attracts another antithesis, which creates another synthesis so there is at least some movement. It can be called the School of Hard Knocks. From this perspective, when people are trapped in duality, progress still happens through new ideas. It is just that those new ideas oppose old ideas. Now, of course, this is not highest possible scenario and progress can happen in another way. Progress can happen through new ideas that are not dualistic and therefore do not create an opposite, an antithesis. They are not a thesis, so they do not create an antithesis. What does this mean? Is this not just some philosophical mumbo jumbo? Well, that depends on your understanding of higher awareness.

When an idea comes from the mind of duality – the mind of antichrist, the mind of the consciousness of Satan – that idea is a thesis. It is not reality. It is an unbalanced, incomplete view that then is elevated through the value judgment to an absolute status and this must create and attract an antithesis, it can be no other way. Higher awareness has, for a long time, been attempting to help people overcome this dualistic mindset. The Buddha brought forth his teachings about the pairs, about overcoming suffering through the path of right living. Jesus brought forth another non-dualistic teaching. Of course most Christians, certainly most Christians in America, do not see Jesus as giving a non-dualistic teaching. But if you read carefully between the lines, you see that many of his statements were non-dualistic in nature and they were precisely aimed to help people overcome the dualistic mindset of “us versus them.” “Do unto others as you want others to do unto” you is a non-dualistic statement. “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my little ones, you have done it unto me” is a non-dualistic statement.

A society based on force

What is it that the dualistic state of consciousness does to people? It makes them blind. They cannot see the beam in their own eye. Why not? Because they are always looking outside themselves, and they are always looking with a judgmental mindset based on right and wrong: “I am right because I know better. Therefore, those who do not agree with me must be wrong. And once I have identified that they are wrong, I can then direct my attention at them, seeking to change them or force them to change because there is no need to change myself.” This is what people say subconsciously when they are in the duality consciousness. This is what most Christians in America are saying today. This state of consciousness is profoundly and fundamentally anti-democratic. Democracy is based on what? It is not based on force. What is force? It is the outcome of the duality consciousness, the consciousness that “I am right, therefore others must be wrong and therefore, because these others are wrong in some epic sense, it is acceptable that we force them.”

Here is Jesus, walking the dusty roads of Palestine, giving a teaching that is non-dualistic, that is entirely peaceful, that is not force-based. Where in Jesus’ original teaching, do you see force? Turn the other cheek, forgive 70 times seven, love those that hate you, it is not force-based. Why did Jesus allow himself to be captured by the authorities and crucified? He was not using force and he was trying to set an example of what can be achieved when you are not using force. This was meant to set the foundation for democracy. Because when you look at history, you see that all of these empires of the past have been force-based empires. Most notably at Jesus’ time, the Roman Empire, which became the largest empire on earth entirely through force. You cannot deny this when you look at history. They did not even have a certain ideology that they were trying to spread. It was just force, taking from others what benefits ourselves because we are stronger. Might is right. Jesus gave forth a teaching that was meant to be non-force-based, that was meant to help people escape this force-based mindset of “I am right and others are wrong.”

Now, what happened? Well, what happened was that first the force-based empire, the Roman Empire, attempted to eradicate Christianity and then suddenly the Emperor Constantine decided to embrace Christianity and turn it into the Roman state religion. But did Constantine have any notion whatsoever that he was going to fundamentally change the Roman Empire into a non-force-based empire? Well, of course he did not, anybody can see this by looking at history. Constantine was a force-based person. He was in the force-based state of consciousness. His intention for creating a new religion was to use the Christian religion to solidify his control of the empire through force. Therefore, from its inception the Roman Catholic church was a force-based religion. Why did they have to pervert the teachings of Christ? Because you cannot take the original teachings of Christ and create a force-based religion, you have to pervert them before you can do this.

Look at the history of the Catholic church and how it used force again and again and again. There was physical force, banning as heretics those who, for example, talked about reincarnation. There was violent force in the Crusades, the Inquisition, the witch hunts, but there was also psychological force in the whole concept of original sin and that you will burn forever in hell if you do not obey the earthly hierarchy of the church—as if any authority on earth could condemn someone to hell or, for that matter send them to heaven. You see here, that Christianity became a force-based religion. First, there was the split between the Western church and the Eastern church. Then there were the Crusades and the confrontation with Islam, then there was the witch hunts and the confrontation with women. Then there was the Inquisition where Christianity was at war with itself, with its own members. Then science came up and now Christianity was at war with science. Oh, yes, then there was Luther and the Reformation and now the Catholic church was at war with the Protestants and the list goes on. What you see is seventeen centuries of a force-based religion, splitting itself into various factions but still force, conflict. And still they claim: “We are right, we are the only ones who are right, the others are wrong.”

How can you create a democratic nation if you are in the force-based mindset? What is democracy? Well, it is meant to be an alternative to the other forms of government that you have seen throughout history. And what about them? They have all been force-based. A dictatorship is a force-based empire. Look at Putin’s Russia today—force-based. Force against his own people, force against Ukraine, he even forbids his own people to talk about what is going on in Ukraine. Democracy is by its very nature an alternative to the force-based form of government. But in order for democracy to work, people cannot be in the force-based mindset because then even democracy, like the teachings of Christ, will be turned into a force-based endeavor. You go back to the 1700s and the early American founding fathers and pioneers and patriots. And how did they create this separate nation through force? By fighting the British, which of course is another primary example of a force-based empire that became the largest empire on earth, through force.

America as a force-based nation

America has not shaken off this attempt to use force. That is why the Civil War was precipitated over an issue of slavery that was also based on forcing others, thinking you can own other people. Which, of course, is profoundly anti-democratic. You see how America has been at war in many different wars. You see in Europe how there was an emergence of democratic nations but there have still been two world wars that originated in Europe and now there is another war with a force-based empire. You see here that if democracy is to be resurrected, not only in America but worldwide, there needs to be a shift in awareness where at least some people in society who grasp duality, the effect of duality, the psychology of duality and how it leads to force. And how the real dynamic that has been going on in human history is this dynamic between those who are willing to use force to enslave or suppress the population, or manipulate the population, and those who are not in a force-based state of mind.

People need to see that democracy was born out of this non-force-based state of mind but it can only survive and be renewed if people transcend the force-based state of mind. There needs to be a beginning awareness of this, otherwise there will just be more and more conflict, more and more division as you see already some divisions between various democratic countries. And of course, you see the division within the United States between two groups of people. What do you see on the extreme left in America and on the extreme right, in America? You see two groups of people who are both trapped in the consciousness that: “We are right. We don’t need to change ourselves. It is those other people that need to change and it is important, so important that they change that it is acceptable to use force to change them.”

There are more people on the right that feel this way because the entire Christian community in the United States is trapped in this state of consciousness, the force-based state of consciousness. They feel that they are right, that it is so epically important that their viewpoints come to govern America, and therefore it is acceptable to use force. January 6th was obviously the use of force. You cannot deny this, unless you are trapped in a state of consciousness that is out of touch with any kind of reality. You cannot deny that this was a use of force. You do not break down doors— locked doors—without using force. You do not overrun people who are doing their job of protecting a state institution without using force. What you see here is that there was a group of people who were willing to use force to attack the very democratic institution itself, democracy itself.

Spurred on by whom? By Donald Trump, who is also, and has spent his entire life, in the force-based mindset. He is so obsessed with winning—he is so obsessed with being right, not being proven wrong, that he is absolutely convinced that he is always right. He could never be wrong. Therefore, these other people must be wrong. His entire life has been a struggle with other people because he wants to prove himself right and prove other people wrong. That is why he ran for president. Not that he had a vision of what he wanted to do for America. He had a vision of what this would do for himself and his own self-image and this is still the forced-based mindset. The entire fantasy of the election lies and the stolen election is an example of force. It can only spring from the force-based mindset. But of course, if people are trapped in that mindset, how can they see that? How can you make them see it? But you see, you do not have to make them see it. You have to transcend the consciousness yourself and help those who are open, transcend that consciousness and that will shift the equation in the collective consciousness.

When January 6th happened, shockwaves went through the collective consciousness of America. And those shock waves had an effect on many different people, but it had an effect on many people who have been lifelong Republican voters. They saw, some of them for the first time, some of them had already seen it, what Donald Trump was really about as president and how his entire political modus operandi was in complete contradiction to the traditional values of the Republican Party. Some of these Republican voters were awakened by the January 6th event to see the contrast between Donald Trump’s behavior and his words and traditional Republican values. This shifted them in their minds to where they realized that it is a question of: What are you loyal to? Are you loyal to these higher values and principles that the Republican Party has traditionally been standing for? Or are you loyal to a particular person, or a particular group of leaders who says this person should be our presidential candidate? And many of these decided that should Donald Trump run again, they would not vote for him. What percentage of traditional Republican voters do you think have to go through this transformation before Donald Trump has no chance of being reelected, even if he ran?

Surely, what enabled him to win in 2016 was among other things, that there were some people in the middle who were attracted to him and what he promised but now those people in the middle who are fairly balanced, are not going to be in Trump’s camp again because they see how polarizing he has been and they do not want the polarization. With this, and the falling away of traditional Republican voters, do you really think Donald Trump has a realistic chance of winning if he runs again? And what will he do if he loses? Will he spin another, “the election was stolen” lie and try to perpetuate this? Or will he accept that he lost? Well, as you can see he is not prone to accepting loss. He wants desperately to turn it into something that does not look like a loss, and he has no concern whatsoever for how that affects the country or other people. And this is another effect of the force-based mindset.

Americans need to see the basic humanity, the essential humanity. Well, when you are in the force-based mindset, you cannot see the basic humanity in other human beings because you do not see those other human beings as human beings. You see them as opponents, as those who are working against you and the truth that you stand for—the epic cause that you stand for and that is why they can be burned at the stake, nailed to a cross, tortured in the dungeons, shoved into the gas chambers and any other things that have been done by force-based people throughout history. It is a state of consciousness that is fundamentally undemocratic because the essence of democracy is that every person has one vote and every person has the freedom to decide, and has the best possible information to decide how he or she will cast that vote. That is the essence of democracy. Anyone who interferes with that process through force is anti-democratic. There is no other way to look at this when you are not blinded by the force-based mindset, in which you think might is right.

What is best for the people

Many Christians in America would object to this and say: “We do not believe might is right.” But you do believe that you are right. You do believe that it is of epic importance that the nation follows your Christian ideals and beliefs and you are willing to use force because you are using force to manipulate other people, even scaring them with hellfire and brimstone. So how are you not believing that might is right? You wish you had the power to enforce your Christian beliefs in America and make American policy conform to those beliefs. That is “might is right.” You believe that if you had the might, it would be right of you to use it, and this is not democracy. 

Democracy is allowing the people to vote, experiencing the consequences and then shifting their consciousness based on that experience. You allow people to do something that may not be the best for themselves. But then again, how do you actually determine what is best for the people?

Putin is absolutely convinced that he knows what is best for the Russian people. In reality, he does not care whatsoever about the Russian people, as no leader like him has ever cared for their people, but they often claim to care for the people. But what is best for the Russian people? Well, the best is that they raise their consciousness and if this is the only way that can happen, then that is in a sense what is best for the Russian people. So in a democratic nation, they must be allowed to make decisions that force them to confront certain issues in their consciousness so they can shift their consciousness.

What do you think happened when Mahatma Gandhi did what he did to demonstrate to the British Empire that they were in a force-based mindset, but that he was not? Non-violence caused this force-based empire to suddenly look at itself and say: “We cannot really accept this about ourselves because we claim to have certain ideals, but we are clearly not living up to them.” So you see the power of demonstrating a non-force-based approach and how it can, at least in some cases, transform a force-based empire. Now, it would not have transformed Hitler, or it would certainly have taken infinitely longer. It would not work with Putin but nevertheless over time, this is the only way. To transform the world is to demonstrate a non-force-based approach.

It is critically important for America that there are people in America who grasp the difference between the force-based mindset and non-force-based mindset—and they begin to express this in all kinds of ways. They begin to speak out, first of all against the power elite, who have been using force since the inception of this nation to manipulate the people, and that they begin to investigate this. There are already historians, philosophers, political philosophers, political scientists who know the history. It is just a matter of a slight shift where they put this together and say: “Let us trace the influence of elitism on American history and for that matter world history, let us trace this, let us write about this and help people see the difference between force-based empires and non-force-based nations for surely, democracies ideally should be non-force-based.

You can say, of course: “Is America, a non-force-based empire?” And certainly, many people around the world would say: “Nay, it is not because look what they have done here and what they have done there and why do they maintain the largest military in the world if they are not a force-based empire?” But nevertheless, America has the potential to become less and less force-based. And America is less force-based than Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Putin’s Russia and other dictatorships. And it is less force-based, because you at least have a democratic process where the people vote.

The cycles of opportunity and the School of Hard Knocks

What you have in America is not enough. Why is that? Well, partly because the law is perpetual self-transcendence. However, the ultimate law is free will. But free will does not exist in a vacuum. You have a right to do whatever you want but the purpose of your existence is growth in consciousness. You can determine how long and arduous of a path you want your growth in consciousness to be but you cannot stand still indefinitely. There is a saying that: “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood leads on to fortune.” But you could paraphrase the bard by saying that: “There are cycles in the affairs of men, which when they are not taken leads to misfortune.” In other words, there are certain cycles where there is an opportunity that is given and if that opportunity is not taken voluntarily, there will be the dialectic that kicks in—the thesis versus the antithesis that results in a struggle that leads to a synthesis, the school of hard knocks.

Higher awareness is releasing certain energies, certain ideas that create this tide in the affairs of men and women and if people take advantage of them, multiply the talents, then of course they will enter a positive spiral. But if they do not, if they neglect or ignore the opportunity, then they enter the school of hard knocks and now it is just a matter of how hard the knocks need to become before people wake up and acknowledge: “We have to change. We have to change ourselves, not others. We have to pull the beam from our own eye and let our brothers worry about the splinter in their eye.”

The sense of anger, hopelessness and dissatisfaction

For decades, many of the more aware people have used various teachings and tools to raise their consciousness. Obviously, this has had a positive effect in terms of giving America an opportunity to transcend itself. It has been taken to some degree, but not to the maximum degree. This is what creates the tension—the tension that exists. And what is the effect of this tension? Well, it is partly that people feel anger. Not only Christians in America feel anger, many other people feel anger. But they also feel discouragement, hopelessness, despair, nothing matters, nothing makes a difference. We cannot get ahead. And why is this? It is because people have not taken the opportunity to transcend the force-based mindset and therefore, they cannot see that America is being ruled by an elite who is in the force-based mindset. How will the people identify the elite, if they are in the same mindset as the elite? You cannot see them.

The people in medieval Europe, the peasants who had been brought up as peasants, could not see the noble class as oppressors because they were brainwashed to believe that the king was anointed by God and that God had put the noble class in place to rule over the people. They could not, many of them, see any problem with this, as the Romans could not see any problems with their emperors, as many in Russia could not see a problem with Stalin—still today cannot see a problem with Stalin, and therefore cannot see a problem with Putin. When you are inside a certain state of consciousness, you cannot identify the elite that is oppressing you. Even if it is physical oppression, you cannot see it.

What changed the equation? What opened the way for democracy was that some people used either the teachings of Christ or the teachings of the Buddha or other non-dualistic teachings to transcend the force-based mindset enough that they could identify that there is a group of people—there is an elite who is oppressing us and we have had enough of it. We do not want this anymore.

Gandhi had transcended the force-based mindset enough that he could see what many Indians could not see at the time, how the British were oppressing the Indian people. This is the shift that needs to happen in America. Knowledge of the power elite, the manipulation that is happening in America, needs to become common knowledge. This has not happened because people are still trapped in the force-based mindset and therefore cannot identify their oppressors, they cannot see them. That is why they are still believing in the lie perpetrated by the elite, that the elite is the savior of the people. That is why so many people believe that Donald Trump is the savior of the people, the greatest president since Lincoln, anointed by God to lead the nation and that is why they cannot see that he has, throughout his life, striven to be part of the elite and that he does not care about those who are not in the elite, as nobody in the elite does. You see here again, people cannot see it. They are dissatisfied. They are angry. They cannot see it.

The power elite and “divide and conquer” strategy

What is the main issue in America today? Gas prices at the pump are too high. Well, of course gas prices are too high compared to what it costs to produce gasoline and transport it to the pump. But why do people feel that gas is too expensive for them? What if their income was doubled? Would the price of gas be a problem? Nay. Do you think that for the power elite that gas prices are a problem? Of course not, they could care less. It could cost $10 and it would not affect them whatsoever. The problem is not that the prices are too high. The problem is that salaries are too low. But why are salaries too low? Because for the past 40 years, as proven by the study by the RAND Corporation, LINK money has been siphoned away from the people towards the elite. That is the reason why you are having problems, not only at the gas pump but paying rent, buying food and all of these other things.

Many people in America are struggling after two years of the corona pandemic and now the war in Ukraine raising gas prices.  The reality here is that you are struggling because you are not willing to see what should be obvious to you by based on the cycles that have been initiated. It should be obvious by now, that the problem in America is the power elite and their manipulation of everything. The people should not have to be angry at someone else who is part of the people. Republicans should not have to be angry with Democrats. Christians should not have to be angry with non-Christians. They should all, if they are angry at all, be angry with the elite and demand that the government does something about it. But they are not, because of what? “Divide and conquer” the old strategy of the elite. Divide the people up, set them against each other and then they will not be able to unite against the elite.

When have the elite been overthrown? When the people have united. Go back and look. Look at the birth of the American nation. Look at the birth of other democratic nations. Look at what Gandhi did in India, he managed to unite the Indian people to a high degree, to not attack the British, not use violence against the British and that is why the British had to recede. You see here again and again, when the people are united, the elite must retreat and that is why they do everything they can to prevent the people from being united. Did Trump unite the people or did he divide them even further? Well, the answer should be obvious to those who are not blinded by the force-based mindset thinking: “We are right about Trump and Trump is right about everything.”

Force will create opposition. Force comes from the dualistic mindset. It polarizes people towards one extreme and there must be another extreme so it polarizes other people towards that extreme. There will be tension. There will be struggle. There might even be open fighting and violence until people have had enough. There is mentioned in the Bible, that after fighting for a long time, people suddenly beat their swords into plowshares and they started focusing on tilling the ground and doing something constructive instead of killing each other. Why? Because they had enough of the force-based mindset, they saw the futility of it and they just decided enough is enough.

Well, when will the American people have had enough of the power elite? When will they be willing to start by looking at themselves and saying: “We cannot allow ourselves to be divided because that is how the elite can control us. We must set aside these petty differences and stop being divided along party lines and seek that middle way, that middle space based on seeing each other’s humanity and deciding to work together, to cooperate rather than use force.” 

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