Brief thoughts about nations

Nations looking at their national psyche

In the Age of Higher Awareness people will stop blaming their misfortune on the matter realm and instead realize that it is a product of consciousness. This begins at the individual level, but there will come a point where nations can begin to look at it collectively and say: “What is it in our collective consciousness that has manifested the current limitations and problems we face, and what can we do to shift this? How can we change?” 

You may think that this is way beyond what the nations are willing to do, but is it really? Have not many nations already started this process to some degree? Why is there greater affluence today in many nations than there was a generation or two ago? Is it not because something has changed in the collective psyche of that nation that has set the stage for the emergence of greater physical prosperity? Could we not take this further? Why is there more political freedom? Why is there more tolerance? 

Could we not become more aware of how we react to certain conditions? Could we not consciously change that reaction and realize that thereby we could manifest a higher degree of freedom, prosperity and tolerance? Could we not recognize that when we are faced with external challenges, such as terrorism or refugees, it is because there is something in our consciousness that we have not resolved. Instead of focusing exclusively on the outer crisis, we can focus on that element of the national and even international psyche and thereby we can transcend the problem rather than solving the problem or destroying the cause of the problem. The manipulators can see no other solution than to destroy the physical cause of the problem or to somehow find a solution that is in the material world where the problem is. In the Age of Higher Awareness it becomes obvious to many there is no solution to material problems in the material world. There is only the solution of the transcendence of consciousness. 

Equality among nations

When you envision the tremendous economic growth of the Age of Higher Awareness, you can begin to think about what ramifications this will have on societies. For example, you can see that right now there is such an unequal distribution of wealth in the world that it is scarcely fathomable that people can actually live with this. Of course, you cannot be concerned about every issue going on on the planet. But how can the more developed nations accept this. As the economy begins to grow, you come to a point where you simply have no excuse for not raising the standard of living in other nations. In fact, you can come to a situation where new ideas will be released in the nations that need it the most rather than the ones who no longer need it.

You can come to a situation here where very quickly the rest of the world will be brought up to a material standard of living that is closer to what the most affluent nations have today. This, of course, does not mean that the affluent nations will stagnate. They will also grow but there will still come that point where there is less of a distance between the rich and the not so rich nations. This will change so many things that you see in the world. There will be less disease. There will be no starvation. How could you even accept that there are children dying of starvation every year? There will come a point where the world will simply wake up and say: “How could we ever accept this? We certainly cannot accept this anymore.” And many other things like this.

There will be a huge shift in the focus, in the sense of purpose. Why are we here on earth? Why are we actually here on this planet? Is it just to fight with each other and destroy ourselves in either a war or some environmental collapse or do we have a higher purpose? Well, when you begin to see that you have a higher purpose individually, you can, of course, see that you have a higher purpose as a whole, as the human race. Suddenly, you begin to see that at least in the short term one of these purposes is to give all people equal opportunity to raise their awareness and live a fulfilled life where they feel good about themselves. Think about how many people in the world live in such poor material conditions that the concept of feeling good about yourself just seems like a complete pipe dream, as a luxury they could not even imagine. When you are hungry, what does it matter whether you feel good about yourself or not? There will come that point where it is seen that it is our collective responsibility to create a planet where people have this opportunity.